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  1. The Storming Legion: The new Thirteenth Legion of Ulandus is made up almost exclusively of heavy infantry, though there are a few cavalry and light troops sometimes used on scouting missions. There suits are dark brown and gold. Besides other exploits, such as capturing a High Council supply train, finding a Desert King spy, catching a jun-away jester, and taking a High Council fortress by storm, the Thirteenth Legion carried a strongly fortified stone wall held by the Desert King's troops, thereby gaining for themselves their title: "The Storming Legion!" A close-up: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. It began like this: The Ulandians had no realistic estimate about the population size of the Nestlands, therefore the Blazing Swords Legion was dispatched in full force for the invasion. That was their mistake. The Ghuin Nol High Guard at Skywatch Perch spotted the army weeks out, and were able to warn the Clans right away. Most of the non-combat citizenry (children, pregnant women, the aged and infirm) were evacuated to the deep hiding places south of the Nols. It was decided by the High Ministry that the defense would be a retreating line. Warriors were ordered to make only a token resistance, then to disappear into the forests. The main force of the Nestlands Clans would gather in the tunnels and caverns of Edst Nol and Dun Nol. From there they could send out raiding parties to strike back at the invaders, once the bulk of the Ulandians were forced to move on. The Blazing Swords did exactly as expected. Once the major towns were secured, the occupying Ulandians set about inventorying what remained. They found precious little food, and no drinkable water (all the water distillers had been dismantled and removed). There was no choice, but for the bulk of the Blazing Swords Legion to move on to a more livable location. Several small units remained, supplemented by a unit of Guardians of the Garden, to catalog and examine all the interesting little devices made by the Nestlands Clans. ------------------------ It was decided that Skywatch Perch had to be retaken. Ghuin Nol High Guard Captain Gorgd MkTavsh, the new commander of the late Hugh Hos' unit, and Olik Funrirr, Bloodmane's apprentice, were afforded the honor of first strike. Using secret tunnels that the Ulandians has missed in their search, Gorgd and Olik made it all the way to the cavern beneath Skywatch Perch without encountering a soul. There they found a fireplace with eagle feathers and bones littered about. This sent Captain Gorgd into a rage, causing him to rush up into the main outpost. There was only one Ulandian inside at the time. Restus Solus, a Guardian of the Garden officer, had only microseconds to respond by crossing his blades. This did little to deter the furious Captain, and with his first blow sent Restus' right arm and his blades into the outpost foyer. The rest of him was smashed backwards into the cavern below. Mitus Dolum foolishly left his pilum inside while he examined the skyviewers. Olik made his way quickly to roof. The Leoparder slave had no chance. Grhiishir didn't even manage a mewl before his treachea was severed. Olik takes a moment to wonder if Leoparder might taste like mountain cat. "Grabbagh na bollagh, Sassenuk!" roared Gorgd. A blast of pain. Mitus' screams could be heard for miles, as his wrist is shattered and his hand barely remains attatched. The major artery in the wrist bleeds profusely before Mitus falls down the mountain dead. Thus Skywatch Perch was secured. --------------------- Some overview shots. Detail shots: Architecture Skyviewers Plants and rocks ------------- I may do some figless and bloodless shots later. CCC
  3. Here is my Guerrilla build against the High Council (at F12 Edit: changed to H6). The Ulandian advance guard cuts off a supply train, presumably sent with stores for Messahmuk: A closeup of the supply wagon: I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Anthropology - life in Kaliphlin and Trade and Law - shipping by land Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  4. In a mansion in the north western parts of Kaliphlin, a group of councilors from the High Council have barricaded themselves, fearing for their lives. Outside, a band of brigands are preparing an assault on the mansion, and a retinue of soldiers have vowed to protect the councilors. The Prey by Beorthan, on Flickr Outside, the attack has started and Beorthan, our knight in shining armour, is leading the defense of the mansion. The attacking force carries no distinguishing marks, giving no clues as to who may be behind the attack, be it Ulandus, the Desert King, or simple brigands. The Battle by Beorthan, on Flickr Left to right, the warriors are: Beorthan, Lord of the Trifork; his bodyguards, Cassius and Marcus; his friend Lord William Drake; and Tauro, his tracker and scout. In the back, the marksman Brogar is taking shots at the enemies. These seasoned warriors are holding out against the superior numbers of the attackers, and everything points towards a victory for our heroes. The Warriors by Beorthan, on Flickr An overview of the build: Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr
  5. (Early one morning in the middle of Kaliphlin. The Ulander advanced guard patrols the area.) Soldier 1: This is the most boring job ever... they could have at least positioned us closer to the river. These reeds are pesky enough to drive one mad! Captain: Ahem! What's that? Would you quit maltreating the reeds and keep a better look out already! Soldier 1: Alright, but there seems to be nothing to look at but reeds and- Soldier 2: I spy... another coconut! Captain: Would you stop that already!? You've been doing nothing else for the last ten minutes! Soldier 2: By the way, captain, do you have any idea what that gigantic coco- Captain: Arrgggg! If you mention a coconut again I'll- Soldier 2: No, seriously, check it out for yourself. (points toward to palm tree) Captain: Hmm! That does look odd, let me see (pulls out telescope and looks at the tree. After focusing it he jumps nearly his own height into the air and then rolls over laughing) Soldier 1: Well? What is it? Captain: (still laughing very hard, hands over the telescope) look at that for a second! (A little later, creeping up to the tree) Captain: Shh! Sounds like he's talking to himself. Mummy: (sipping his coconut juice, enjoying the swaying motion of the tree) Ahh! This's the best spy mission I've been on for a long time! Slurp! Quite a nice vantage point as well, ha! I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Landscape Design - trees (3) Geography - grasslands If I win I would pick L8 as the next battlefield. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  6. In the lush, dense undergrowth of the Arkbri Valley, the easiest way to manouver is often through the streams and irrigations canals crisscrossing the valley. There, vegetation and rock outcroppings are not hindering movement, although leeches, bugs, and the occasional crocodile can make it an unpleasant experience. Sand King Patrol by Beorthan, on Flickr This morning, a Desert King patrol is scouting for hidden routes to the Quenscross, as part of a concerted effort to covertly move forces towards the expected battle of that strategic chokepoint. Little do they know that their patrol is a about to meet an abrupt and violent end... Ambush by Beorthan, on Flickr With a marksmen posted on the cliffside and two seasoned fighters on the ground, Beorthan reckons the ambush will leave the patrol with little chance. Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr My entry for the High Council to Warzone 1: The Arkbri Skirmishes, in Guilds of Historica Book II, Challenge IV I shall await coordination with my faction before chosing which zone to attack next (should I win). Edit: Next warzone: E8, Queenscross On a side note, the description for this area reminded me of the "green zone" around the Helmand river in Afghanistan, so that was my inspiration. The patrols there often walk in the channels.
  7. Traitors at Trade Day (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 5) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Traitors at Trade Day sandsend by skaforhire, on Flickr sandendonmap by skaforhire, on Flickr Lady Phlici Maderni of Sand's End stretched as she exited the Crown Inn. This was what was left of the Maderni fortune, her husband, killed at Queenscross during the battle against Revolword’s forces, had spent most of it trying to rebuild Sand’s End and defend its people. Now, the current drought in southern Avalonia and Northern Kaliphlin left the region a ghostly semblance of its former self. All her money was tied up in this Inn, that nobody ever visited. She was still the Lady of Sand’s End, and she still sat on the Council of Lords of Kaliphlin, although her husband had once been a High Lord. However, by the look of today’s trade day, perhaps Sand’s End would no longer qualify for even a spot on the lower council. One the first defense against northern aggression, Sand’s End had lost that importance and the council money for defense, when Northwall – a smaller, yet more fortified town to the north -- was annexed over a hundred years ago. Now the guild soldier called that town home, and kept the borders safe from bandits. Except… they weren’t. The Revolword War, the drought, the Drow, and now the Great Disturbance had taken a toll on Kaliphlin. The council sent less money and soldiers to Northwall, not at all to Sand’s End. The Lord of Northwall, Pryor Rhodes, barely sent the troops at his disposal out on patrol, and now Avalonian raiders, Centaurs from the Cedrican plains, and sand bandits cropped up all over Northern Kaliphlin. Her own men, the few she could afford, had to stay within the formable walls of Sand’s End to keep order within the town – they could not be spared to save the countryside. The Trade Day was the most recent casualty to the ongoing troubles in the region. DSC_1540 by skaforhire, on Flickr DSC_1533 by skaforhire, on Flickr As she strode out the door she was met by her Clerk and Mayor, Ronalo Suarn, a Varlyrian immigrant. He was always asking her to tighten her wallet, or else “the city will surely fall without due frugalness.” Today was no different. “My lady,” he said without bowing, “The payment for the guards is overdue!” W “I know, you will find we have this month’s wages in the strongbox in the inn.” She walked past Stelvin Crow, the last farmer within her domain. Stelvin was still trying to sell his gigantic carrots, but everyone in Sand’s End was sick of Carrot stew. When she ignored him, he almost attacked Ronalo. “Sir! These are the best Carrots in all of Historica!” He shouted in the mayor’s face. She tuned them out and noticed a strange pale man bowing to her. She had never seen him before. She moved to talk to Olgie Artsonbrose, the local fine craftsmen and jewler. Every week he swore he was not coming back to the market day. “No customers worth a grain of salt! And I haven’t seen a ducat in weeks, so I would be happy to receive salt!” He claimed last week. She looked around the market, nobody had even rented the large wall stalls and many tables were empty of wares– this was getting bad indeed. DSC_1543 by skaforhire, on Flickr She finally noticed her one-eyed guard captain, Smaley Al’Green, behind her. He was her only bodyguard nowadays. Olgie’s wares were fine, but also the same wares she had seen last week… and the week before… and the week before that. It looked like he really hadn’t moved any merchandise these last few trade days. She turned to Smaley, “Do you know who the man with the funny hat was? Where is he selling from?” “M’ladee” he said in one drawn out word, “ I am’nt aquainted wit da place he claims to call home, Ulanta I think?” he cleared his throat, “ But there’s ‘nother merch from tha place too. He brings books.” Books? She thought, incredible! She had not had a new book in her hand since her last visit to Petraea. She next went to Nelva’s table. DSC_1545 by skaforhire, on Flickr Nelva’s pitch was new. “I’ve got what this town needs, a baby mummy! He is the son of the risen Desert King!” She exclaimed. “ Only 100 Ducats! Think of the power you will bring to this town My Lady!” IF Only Nelva knew that Phlici barely had 100 ducats left, and by the turnout today, it looks like nobody would be staying in the inn tonight, and the receipts from table and stall rentals will be almost non-existent. Instead of answering Nelva directly, she turned to Ronalo, who was still being harassed by Stelvin, and said “Check if Nelva has the proper permit to sell ‘mummies’ within Kaliphlin Borders.” Nelva breathed quickly, an audible snort and blurted “well, maybe it is not a real baby mummy.” Phlici moved on to the Avalonian selling wine and beer. She hated that the only trader making money today was from Avalonia. She knew that Kendrick had free passage from the Avalonian raiders who now controlled the Cedrica Road. The same raiders that have kept her from making the last two council meetings. She turned to Smaely and said “Make sure that we collect all the taxes from this one.” DSC_1546 by skaforhire, on Flickr She bypassed the funny man with the weird hat’s table, it was basic prettys, but nothing she desired, and moved to the book cart. DSC_1553 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Greetings M’Lady, a caped man with a hook said with a very heavy southern Kaliphlin accent. “Are you a fan of the great works? I have many indeed.” He gave her a quick smile, but she was already thumbing through the titles. Edwin Kalphrate’s Seven Great Battles of Kaliphlin --- first edition!!!! Kaliphlin Proverbs and other short stories, author unknown. 1001 Tales of Princess Ali’De Shek Curlzon’s Greater Plane of Existence Smaley interrupted her. “I don’t like his slave.” He whispered to Phlici. Smaley didn’t like slaves in general, and Phlici refused to let them be traded within the town limits as her own distaste for the institution was widely known. However, they were allowed to come into the city. She glanced over and noticed a Leander man staring down Smaley – He had many scars, and did look on edge. However, she went back to look at the titles. Finally she asked “ Where are you from?” “I am one of First Centurion’s subjects.” He replied. “Who?” “I am from Ulandus” She looked at him hard now. “The sunken city?” “Much more than a city my lady, and we were never sunk, just lost. But that has all changed.” He smiled. Well, wherever this fool came from, he had some great books – many that had dates of publication hundreds of years ago that she had not heard of! He glee was then interrupted as Smaley threw her to the ground. DSC_1555 by skaforhire, on Flickr From the copse of trees came a very quick man, Phlici could not get a good look, but she was fairly sure he was Avalonian. Smaley parried the man’s blows as the Leander Slave jumped in front of his master who hit the ground also. Before she knew it the would-be assassin was dashing away with Smaley in pursuit. DSC_1556 by skaforhire, on Flickr Ronalo grabbed her and got her back inside the inn, where they bolted the door – definitely not making any money today, she thought wryly to herself. choose by skaforhire, on Flickr
  8. The Serpent’s Crawl. (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 4) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 The Serpent’s Crawl. Fred’Ae Farsin was praying that this strong wind kept its force throughout the rest of the afternoon, he had not sailed this quickly between Berigora and Ras-el-akhen since the time he was caught with a typhoon to his back. With the time he was making, he almost sailed north to check out the wares at Mpya Stedor, but he did not know what effect the Great Disturbance had had on that city, and decided to stay his present course. It was odd, a minor tsunami had hit the region known as Peregrenis, but the bay that Berigora is settled in received minimal damage. However, reports had already flooded in from the mainland stating that not only was the Tsunami much greater there, but volcanic eruptions and an earthquake that lasted for hours had decimated much of the Kaliphlin landscape. Well, that was unfortunate, but good ol’ Fred knew profit where profit could be had, and natural disaster screamed gold duccats. He had loaded up his PGTC vessel, the Walrus, with foodstuffs, and decided to sail right for the middle of Kaliphlin in the hope to unload quickly before others took up the task too. This wind was a true blessing. It was getting to be late afternoon when one of his sailors screamed “Land Ho!” This was strange, as Fred had cut out wide from the mainland, hoping to just skim the Void Tide – The no man’s land of the Southern Ocean – and still take advantage of the off coast winds. This meant that he should be out of sight of land. Perhaps his Crossstaff was broken? He ran to the helm and gasped. crawl by skaforhire, on Flickr Across the water in front of him from north to south, as far as his eyes could see, lay a large piece of land. The rock formation seemed covered with fresh grass, as if it had been there years, and the formation twisted and turned, but remained north and south oriented. It reminded Fred of a large snake made of rocks, cliffs, and sea caves. As he sailed closer he noticed a wrecked ship among the rocks. The poor saps in that crew must have approached this area at night and missed this new formation altogether. Although he was unsure of it, he knew that this formation had something to do with the Great Disturbance. If he had to make a wager, he would say that all of this had to do with some sort of ancient magic. His thoughts turned to his current predicament. DSC_3867 by skaforhire, on Flickr He sailed closer to cliffs to investigate the wreck. There were no survivors. It was at this point that he saw what seemed to be the last light of day shining from within the sea caves. There must be a way through!!! Fred’Ae Farsin swallowed hard and gave the order to sail for the largest cave. If he found a navigable way through the caves, he would be a very rich captain indeed. DSC_3872 by skaforhire, on Flickr And so it was that Fred’Ae Farsin was the first man to navigate the Serpent’s Crawl, the new land bridge that must have been created by the Great Disturbance. Not only had the University of Petraea credited him as the first navigator of the sea caves, but he also has been credited with naming the new formation. Of course, Ol’ Fred soon quit his job and became a pirate in that same sea cave. That is truly a way to make money in this dire time. ------------------- On a OOC note... I had to put together a build to introduce the next story portion. I am not the best Micro builder, if anyone else wants to do a take on this story, I will gladly add your builds too! Oh yeah! NM's Map! kaliphlin-south-east by Map, on Flickr
  9. Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Food Shortage Barqa is located far enough away from the epicenter of the large earthquake that struck Kaliphlin to have been spared the worst of the destruction. However, all along the usually fertile Arkbri valley crop failures have happened for mysterious reasons, leading to widespread food shortages and famine. This has caused food prices in all towns and cities dependent on that food to rise dramatically. Reports of riots have made their way to Barqa, where the emergency supplies in the city's granaries and it's strong city guard has been able to keep major riots from happen. The only resort for many of the citizens is however to wait in long lines outside one of the city’s granaries, where the city council has authorized the city guard to start handing out some of the supplies stored inside. A sizeable force of guards is deployed around the granary to keep the peace and make sure that everyone keeps in line. Unfortunately, some of this food ends up on the black market even though the punishments for such offenses in times of crisis are very harsh. As food gets more and more scarce throughout the land, Gideon and the other officials of Barqa are increasingly worried that a refugee crisis might be growing as the rumor spreads around Kaliphlin of the still filled stores of the city. The fear is that people will start to flock to Barqa from smaller places where the granaries, if any, are rapidly emptying... Citizens waiting patiently in line, or at least they know that they will get thrown out of the line by the stern guards if they try to step ahead... Is this guy happy because he knows that his family will have food for the coming days, or for the money he will get for the food his “family” has received for free?
  10. Across the winding paths of the Rakath mountains a group of three picked their way cautiously. Two were explorers from Petraea University - a Doctor and his assistant - the other was their guide. "Here we are, sirs," began the guide. "But I beg of you, do not enter! Legend has it that there is a curse upon the remains of the dead king entombed here, a curse that will be lifted if he is disturbed!" "It's just superstition, man!" the Doctor replied. "Lead on." Trembling, the guide advanced into the dark cave, holding his torch up before him. After him came the assistant, and as he stepped before the coffin, he drew a lever from beneath his jerkin. In a low voice the Doctor exclaimed, "At last! Open it, that we may be sure we are the first." The assistant drew near, but just before he laid the tool to the crack in the coffin a cry of terror rang out from their guide. "Look!" he faltered. They all looked - and there, in the corner was a lurid orange light, coming undoubtedly from the head of the coffin itself. Awed, the assistant stepped backwards, but the guide was not waiting. Dropping his torch - which flared up breifly and then went out, leaving only the faint glow from the coffin - he rushed past his companions out into the air. They were not long to follow suit. "Surely it was merely our imaginations!" exclaimed the Doctor, as they stood outside looking at each other's frightened faces. "It had to have been," his assistant replied positively. But neither seemed inclined to return, and when the guide, still trembling, began to descend the slope they glanced at each other and followed him. A shot of the entire tomb interior: Comments and criticism welcome!