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Found 30 results

  1. Excerpt from the logs of Captain Carter: Date: 19 Junali 3815 Time: 0906 hours Location: En route to Terrial Major Comments: The pilots tell me we'll arrive at Terrial Major in approximately 2 hours. Our mission is to map the surface since no one has been here since the first Gate explorers. As usual, their description of the planet is brief: "A massive, freezing planet. The entire planet is basically a ball of frozen pure water. Vicious local wildlife." --- Time: 1138 hours Location: Skies of Terrial Major Comments: Well, the description was accurate, save for the fact that there doesn't seem to be any wildlife at all, let alone anything dangerous. There's just vast, almost entirely featureless snow, as far as the eye can see. The tedious landscape is doing nothing to distract me from the stomach troubles that have been plaguing me all week. --- Time: 1443 hours Location: Skies of Terrial Major Comments: Just as I was about to order to crew out of the atmosphere, having seen nothing but snow for hours, we spotted a small patch of tan on the horizon along with a thin line of blue. At last, something that wasn't white! As we approached the tan resolved itself into a small forest of sickly looking trees, around 10 metres tall. The blue line was in fact a crevasse with liquid water at the bottom! I suspect the presence of the trees near liquid water is no coincidence, though how they can gain any benefit from it is beyond me - the crevasse must be at least 30 metres deep. On even closer approach we finally spotted the wildlife. Camouflaged in white, two titanic reptilian creatures engaged in a territorial battle! The early explorers were right to call them vicious, but I'm amazed they didn't mention the sheer size of the creatures - they tower over the nearby trees! These creatures definitely warrant further study, and could make a valuable asset for the glory of MANTIS! Excerpt ends. I have to congratulate the judges for this competition - it was a great stimulus for me to build outside of my comfort zone. Comments and criticism of the result welcome! More pics in the spoiler:
  2. Location: G03 - New California Tags: Challenge 1, AG, Octan ++Pombe, personal log, start recording++ Eshey and I meet with legendary explorer extraordinaire Lu Caslaug-Hing to discuss exploration targets and resources that Octan needs. She explains that water is critical to our overall mission here in Andromeda, and that my previous missions had focused solely on finding awesomnium and biomass. I checked my mission history, and to my surprise, she was right! No wonder she is famous and I am not! I thanked her furiously and told her that I would focus on finding water for the next mission that Eshey and I would undertake. Fortunately for us, our probes had detected water on the nearby planet of G03, also known as New California. Initial surveys found that the climate was mostly desert, with all the water hidden underground which would spring up as seasonal oceans. Eshey and I tuned into the live stream that was being broadcast by our probes on New California. We found one probe whose visual feed showed that it had landed near flora, indicating a source of water! I determined the coordinates of that probe and told Eshey to prepare for our next mission. She told me to wait and observe the cactus-like plant on our viewscreen for a while longer; she swore she saw it move. Preposterous. Ever since our last mission on Arium Minor (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110681), Eshey has should I put it...high strung. I'm not even sure why. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. We found plenty of awesomnium without incident. The worrisome part is that she claimed to have seen an giant alien snow monster throwing boulders at us during the mission, but I saw no such thing. Perhaps she needs to visit the veterinarian again? Anyways, just to humor her, I stared at the cactus for another 30 minutes. Nothing. Eshey continued to swear that she saw the cactus move. I just shook my head at her and left her in front of the viewscreen so I could schedule another meeting with Lu Caslaug-Hing to discuss mission specifics. ++Pombe, personal log, stop recording++ Meanwhile, as the sun sets,... The pseudo "double" MOC: Next: Unedited pics under the spoiler tag.
  3. Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: Challenge 1, Kawashita, Guinevere Challenge 1: The Leviathan of Dindrane's Solitude Deep within the sands of Dindrane's Solitude a creature of immense proportions lurks...
  4. Captain Settle

    Category B: Black Spire Fortress

    The hardest part of this build was definitely trying to make the ground seem barren, but still detailed enough. C&C welcome.
  5. hello you guys, this is my entry for challage 1 of book 2 in GoH, i hope you like it in the swamps of nocturnus there is a shrine, and infernum found it, but it is protected by a nocturus tribe man and a Mage of the Black Spire Here it is from a few different angles now the figs here is a Nocty i came up with, a new tribe ( at first he had wings, but that looked weird) Here is the sigfig of Infernum, (i used him because i had his parts) hopefully he will survive and here is the mage, he is based of the figures in the story of Jodocus, but he is an outcast that was banned for usage of dark arts, so he joined the black spire i hope you liked it, criticism is welcome so i can improve next time for the university of petrea doctorate i am looking for the credentials on the following themes extreme environments, acid pools minifig posing geography, swamp edit: i removed two pictures because there is a maximum of five per entry, sorry for the people that havent seen them, i will reupload them when challenge 1 is over