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  1. With the weather warming, Lady Gwenllian decided to travel about to meet her neighbors. One of the nearest settlements was just down the coast from Prenmôr, the small fishing village of Flewd. Upon meeting with the town elders, Lady Gwenllian found that this village had been particularly hard hit by the drow raids (a terrible chapter in Avalonia's history that Lady Gwenllian was just learning about), losing almost half their population and over two-thirds of their buildings, including an ancient shrine to the sea-god, Neptune. Coupled with several seasons of poor fish harvests, the villagers had no money to rebuild and were beginning to starve. The sight of starving children and townsfolk broke Lady Gwenllian's heart, and she vowed to help the people of Flewd. Conferring with Lady Seren on the spot, she devised a way to help. Speaking to the village elders, she laid out her plan: Lady Gwenllian would help the villagers rebuild their homes in exchange for their work. She could afford to pay them to fish the waters around Prenmôr, and if the fishing was not good, they would have work as laborers helping to build her castle. They would use the money made from their fishing along with help from what coffers she had brought with her, to build new homes. Lady Gwenllian offered to let the villagers build new homes in Prenmôr as residents, or would rebuild their homes in Flewd, as they chose. The elders gathered a council of the entire village that evening, and Lady Gwenllian was invited. The villagers were grateful of Lady Gwenllian's offer, and after some discussion, the villagers were excited about the offer to move a short distance down the coast to continue their trade under the protection of a lord and a fortified town. Flewd held too many bad memories of loss, and its vulnerable position was highlighted by the drow raids. Most importantly, the villagers voted to move the ancient shrine to be rebuilt at Prenmôr. Lady Gwenllian agreed, and offered to find a dwarven sculptor to cut the main statuary out of stone and an elf to decorate the site surrounding the statue with copper scrollwork.
  2. On the Eastern edges of the Mitgardian Tundra a Guard Tower is being rebuilt. Although it suffered minor damage the importance of this watchtower requires it to be refitted and put back into operation as soon as possible to protect Mitgardias Eastern border. In the middle of a heavily wooded area an elevator is used so as to ease the lifting of the masonry required to rebuild the structure. PS I apologize for the background it was the best I could do. Eastern Guard Tower 1 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 2 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 13 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 4 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 11 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 5 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 12 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 10 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 9 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 8 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 6 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 3 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Eastern Guard Tower 7 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. Deep in the dry fields of the Wastelands a selection of skilled hunters started to build a settlement, not far from their native towns. The Sand Orcs decided to make a trading post, which they call Grahark, near the road connecting the mountains on the east with the Gnomish towns on the west coast. Walls of stone and wood, tents, housing, chicken farms and storage, all which is needed to successfully build a tribe. The Khaor family and Bran’s old friend Jacob Nion invested in this settlement by supplying knowledge and materials as well as a helping hand to speed up the process. Throll is dedicated to open up this post by the end of summer, so the new natives can inhabit their homes before the cold winter nights fall.
  4. Era 2 Chalenge 1 Cat B2: A Volcano Extract of the personal log of Fernando de la Izquierda : "After a little ascension we managed to understand where the smoke was coming from. Our men helped us to build some little wooden platform (with, again, grumblings from Bernardo...) to reach the edge of what appeared to be a volcano mouth !" "The chimnea itself is not very high nor large and could be a small part of a bigger lava network running underground. It would explain the discovery of hot water pools in the vicinity... The lava is slowly running to the river downside through a breach at the south part of the chimnea and seems not very fluid. It is surely indicating a regular but somewhat calm activity. Well, for a volcano, of course... But no risk to see the island explode on a big eruption here..." Here is my 2nd entry on Cat B. It is linked to my first entry and they are built to be one next to another. In the spoiler I am showing the 2 builds together :
  5. Era 2, Challenge 1 Cat B 1 : Dangerous flora and new species Extract of the personal log of Fernando de la Izquierda : "Our progression through the jungle of Celestia was difficult but we managed to follow the stream of a river for few miles now. It eased our walk for a while. Of course, Bernardo had found the way to grumble after every new plant or dangerous situation. His last recrimination was after a carnivorous plant that tryed to eat Sancho Panacea. Obviously, no need to worry for my man ! He swiftly unsheathe his sword and the carnivorous plant was no more than fresh wood for our next fire." "Suddenly, our scientist, el senor de la Verdad, took me appart of the carnivorous plant action to make me remark a strange flower. He said it was an authentic Cactae Purpurescens, a totally new variety of flower. The flower is a normal cacti bush at it start but with a solid appendice presenting a purple petal base toped by a florishing brilliant carmine head where the reproductive parts of the plant are. El senor de la Verdad decided to cut some samples from the flower and we continued our way to the high spot we've seen smoking earlier. We are expecting to discover the origin of this smoke on the top of the next highs..." This is the first part of a 2 entries build. The second part can be found at my Cat B2 entry ! I hope it is not against the rules, as each build is 32x32 and clearly shows 2 different features. In the spoiler I am showing the 2 builds linked together :
  6. Challenge I Cat A : The Colonist Inn, Jameston Extract of the personal log of the Eslandolan explorer Don Fernando de la Izquierda : "When we arrived in Jameston after a terrible trip by boat where we nearly sunk by three times, the main reason we arrived so late in town by the way... Well, When we arrived in Jameston, we took our quarters in the fancy inn called the Colonist Inn. It is a very nice building with all the best Corlanders commodities and not frequented by smugglers and pirates of all kinds... The success of such a fancy arrival was due to our donator, el Senor de la Verdad. This Gentlemean scientist made his classes in a Corlander academy during some years and knew who to contact to prepare comfortably our arrival. I wished he had known also some good navigators, our trip would have been better... Anyway, We settled in this fancy Inn with our team composed of el Senor Diego de la Verdad, our scientist in chief, of Bernardo, his always grumpy servitor, of Sancho Panacea, my own first man, a veteran of the Mardieran war, very talented with a sword, and of course, Myself, Don Fernando de la Izquierda, Gentleman explorer." "Our arrival was marked by sailors songs and some drunken singing men... Strange fact for an Inn of this standing... We had to gather around little tables in front of the bar... once again, not what I was expecting of such establishment... And finally, Bernardo had to grumble against the owner to find a fourth chair available... We learnt by the owner that Jameston was invaded by too much adventurers and scientists in seach of the marvelous orchid, so he would not be able to give us all the attention he usually gives to gentlemen of our rank... Our delay made us begin on a bad starting point ! Well, at least, he had food and rooms for us to prepare our expedition." The Team : Don Fernando de la Izquierda : Noble man of Eslandola, faithful to the crown and Explorer in chief : El senor Diego de la Verdad : Man of science, formed in Eslandola and Corrington academies, he is interested in all kind of mysteries the Nature offers : Bernardo : The grumpy servitor of Diego de la Verdad. Fernando secretly wishes him to be tongueless, just to stop hearing his constant recriminations : Sancho Panacea : The first man of Fernando de la Izquierda. He is really skilled with a sword and his strenghth compensates his lack of judging : This is my entry for Cat A. I hope you'll like it ! And thank you Gamemasters for extending the deadline and for the good work !
  7. After studying goats and frogs, the group had reached the further inward parts, which - while still verdant and mostly in jungle - were less humid than the westward facing mountainsides. "So what exactly are we looking for again, noble lads?", the doctor grubmled when they sat around a small campfire that Luca had just lit. "The hidden secrets of this island...", Luca do Figino replied. "And so how exactly does that help anyone, if we find secrets here in the wilderness?", the doctor insisted. "You as a doctor ask me, like... you really ask me what the purpose of doing research... exploring secrets... you must be kidding?!", stuttered a confused Luca. To which the doctor just frowned. Most conversations had been like that. The doctor, sceptical, critical and ill-mooded, while Luca acted like they alone were to save the world with their journey. Lady Ludovica remained rather silent, obviously struggling to keep up with the others on their voyage. And Barlo did all the dirty work while hating it, because he kept insisting that's his role in the company of the rich and noble. It was about time Juan changed some things about this. "My friends. We have journeyd far, further than anyone we know before us. We have seen much in those past weeks. We have come closer. And yet still I have a secret to share. I have not only come here to explore the flora and fauna of this island. Well, the flora, yes, but I can be more specific. I am certain you have all seen more orchids on this island than we are all used to seeing. Well then, I have heard rumours that the most beautiful orchid of the world is to be found on Celestia! And that is mostly why I am here: To find it! The most beautiful orchid, that ever was, or ever had been! So what do you think? Are you with me on that one?!" Juan Alfonso Fontonajo thought he had done a great job of motivating his group, but not in the slightest. Soon after a massive dispute erupted among them, to which The Doctor and Lady Ludovica were the only two to remain at their camp at the foot of some ruins which they had discovered. Stupid Fontonajo. All this expedition for what? An orchid? A flower? Hundreds and thousands of flowers were grown in the greenhouses each and every day. And this young fool ventured all the way up the mountains through the dangerous jungles of an unknown island... just to find one single flower? The Doctor had not thought that Fontonajo was this stupid... To forget some of his anger, he soon took his chance to explore the ruins more closely, and was quite astonished by the fact that he soon found footsteps. Most certainly of leather boots. Humans, civilized humans - most likely Halosians - had been here. The Doctor was no scout, but he guessed the footprints were no older than two days. Now where were his companions to share those thoughts? Interested to find who left those footsteps? Maybe @Bregir will be able to tell you more about it? Luca do Fignio had walked away. Stupid Fontonajo! He had come to Celestia to find the orchid, and take it away! And then what? Plant it in Nova Terreli so that it would perish there, in bad conditions? What a moron! The world was full of bad people, and he had once again joined one of them. And The Doctor, always in the worst mood. And Lady Ludovica never even said a word, and let it all just happen. And here now he walked, on that narrow path through those ruins, and... WOW! His mind stopped for a second, when he saw the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. In a valley, in the highlands of Celestia, surrounded by the ruins of an ancient civilization, grew hundreds and thousands of orchids, in all the colours he could possibly imagine. That was... noone would ever be able to steal this beauty from Celestia. And right so. And he stood there in pure amazement, just staring at all those flowers which in their beauty would even cheer up The Doctor. And he was so caught by the beauty of what he saw, that he did not even notice the big yellow cat striding by further down the vale. Barlod had joined him when Juan had left the company in anger. Why would those fools keep arguing? Had the height made them dumb already? Was there not enough conflict in the world already? His life had become so much easier after he and his father had decided to withdraw from politics, and from their ambitions at the same time. He even had time to travel the world now. And he didn't even intend to take the orchid from Celestia. "Not even if it was made of pure gold", he thought, when Barlo touched his arm. And right there it stood, and Juan was most certain he had found it - the most beautiful orchid in the world - though he did not believe his own eyes. In a lowered department of the ruins of an ancient temple complex, in a masoned pit, here in the highlands of Celestia, there stood the statue of an orchid, certainly more than 6 metres in height, gleaming golden in the sun. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo had found it. Right here in the jungles of Celestia. "This is... beautiful! I will get us a shovel, mylord!", Barlo said. "We should better take a quill and write a letter to Queen Annetta, telling her about the orchid, and congratulate her to her choice of Celestia...", Juan replied. "And write to the Royal Society so they can protect it from the potential greed of Corrish statesmen?", Barlo said, with some uncertainty still n his voice as to whether he was allowed to say such things. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo just smiled at him and nodded. Finally Barlo started finding his confidence. The confidence, that in a new and free world everyone was allowed to voice their opinion, regardless of both origin and wealth. If it took weeks of travel through the jungle and a golden orchid in the ruins of an ancient civilization deep within the mountains to start changing the world - then it was all worth it. Some more pictures:
  8. Starting from their house in Jameston, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo and his expedition had travelled into the inlands of Celestia. Their journey through the verdant and often humid jungles, up the mountains, had come with a lot of struggle. Fortunately, their company had been saved from harm of any sort, except some minor scratches from vines, or some bites from mosquitos. The trees had become smaller and smaller, and the jungles less dense and less wet, the higher they had come. That was somewhat relieving, and also gave great sight onto the lands around them and all the secrets they might be able to unveil. Yesterday they had followed some strange sounds, only to find that those were coming from two goats, running up and down the steepest rocks as if they were the most even grassland. Luca do Fignio raise from his daydreams and kept writing his report to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. "... must be the most astounding animals I have met in my entire life. I would tend to call them mountain goats but am afraid that simple name will not do their skills justice. A slope full of lose rocks may descent almost vertically, yet still those small runners will be able to just run it down, without ever doubting or without ever stumbling in the slightest. I do not see how a tiger, a jaguar or any other of the wild cats that are rumoured to wander the jungles of both Cascadia and Celestia - and rumoured I say because I will yet have to see one myself - might ever be able to catch pray on one of the mountain goats." "The small yellow frogs still leave me confused. I assume the first one I have seen must have been at a height of what I approximate to be roughly 2000 ft. above both Jameston and the sea level, not calculating the impacts circularity of Terra, which, for a rough estimation as mine, would not account for much anyway. The frequency in which we saw those frogs increased with increasing height, however we have never seen more than one in the same spot. Some of my companions have joked that it is the same frog following our ascent, but I highly doubt this. Neither does this frog make loud noises, nor did it show any other signs of special skills or treats, that would differentiate it from normal frogs. On my journey back I intend to catch one to continue my studies in further depths - whether those frogs carry poison, or excrete any fluids, and most specially why we have only seen them over a specific height - because I do not yet see any reason for this to be, except the fact that it is what we have witnessed. For now - with no further observations - I will continue and call this unknown species the Yellow Highland Frog, until I come up with a better name for its unique abilities, which I am most determined to unveil." And while Luca do Fignio kept writing his essays, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo was already planning the next steps of their voyage in his head.
  9. Basement House, Montoya Street, Jameston, Celestia Jameston had attracted many foreigners over the past few weeks. Rumours had gone around of an orchid to be found on Celestia, an orchid so beautiful that everyone in the world would stop in silent adoration and just want to watch it for the rest of their lives. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo had assembled a small group of people around himself to lead an expedition into the inner parts of the islands, up the mountains. He had recently been to Cocovia, to get an impression of what might be the future of land based mobility: The Wagonway. And impressed he was, though also certain that this was not what it should be in final perfection. When he boarded a ship to Celestia with his servant Barlo Forga, he met a group of people who shared his same goal: Finding the most beautiful orchid in the world on Celestia. They decided to join forces and set up camp in Celestia first. Fontonajo hired a group of builders to construct the house that one of his new found companions, Luca do Figino, had designed. They dug about a metre deep into the ground and made a half open-basement - half of which soon became a barn, while the other half became a workshop. As it was rather warm and moist on Celestia, this was the perfect way to keep the air fresh while working on the preparations for their journey. They had even planted some of the native Celestian flowers, with lightish blue patels. And they planned to add more of the things they would find on this beautiful island. Hence also the barn, which might soon be home to some of the island's native anmials. Fontonajo's expedition group: Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, heir to Román Esteban Fontonajo, fromer member of the Eslandolan Colonial Council and still official mayor of Nova Terreli (though other family members are doing his duties during his absence. Lady Ludovica Grande from Mardier, born rich, married into nobility and a widow for more than 15 years after her husbands mysterious death. After the end of the long-lasting Mardierian Civil War she decided to leave Londa and discover the world with her friend - whereever they might end. Luca do Figino, craftsman, inventor, visionary - from Terraversa. He had left his home in young years and sailed to Mardier in the old world - where he found nothing but hostility towards him, because he was from Terraversa. It was Lady Ludovica Grande who left him into her home and may well have saved his life during the end of the Civil War. "The Doctor", a man from Corrington in his fifties who refuses to reveal more than his profession about himself. He has been with Lady Ludovica for a while, and the two are said to be a couple. Barlo Forga, the bad-tempered servant of Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, who complains that that he has to do all the work. To which Fontonajo replies not with words but with a decent weekly pay.
  10. Native Outrigger Canoe This is my Challenge I category A entry. In the waters around the newly discovered islands there are already some smaller crafts sailing. One common type of vessel is the outrigger canoe, used by the natives for fishing and for travelling between the islands. A number of sightings of these craft have been reported by the early explorers of Oleon. So far the natives seems peaceful…
  11. First Chapter: The Heart of Darkness (Land Ho!) I am on the run. The Realm of Hades is real for I have seen it. I witnessed the demons that lived therein and now I run. What have we done to earn this curse from the Gods? Like many others we set out to discover new lands, which we eventually did, but it was not at all as expected. Together with several other men I was sent out to forage and explore our surroundings by my Lord and Commander of the expedition: the blessed Henri Antoine La Valette, de la Rocheforte. May the Gods watch over this noble man. We should've known this land was cursed from the start. At first sight it looks and feels like home. The cold, the snow, the pine trees. Yet around every corner there lurks something new and it changes our entire experience of this land. Above all, though, the desolateness and primeval wildness gives me the creeps. All one can hear is the creaking of trees, the howling of the wind and the movement of nature in general. These forests are alive, but we know not with what. Our group hit a small body of water and decided to take a break. We heard the singing of birds, which we had not heard before. We admired the sounds, but they were like the sounds of the mythical sirens, only meant to enthrall us. Before we knew it, several of our troops fell down and arrows whizzed around us. Out of the tree line they came, painted devils, servants of Hades. Cruel heathen dogs. I scurried away and saw them slaughter and enslave my comrades. They cut off their scalps and proudly displayed them as trophies while yelling bestial shrieks. They stole our blue coats and wore them to mock us. Despite the cold, many were dressed in nothing but leathers and some even went bare-chested. Their head was shaven, bare for a spiked ridge across their skull and their faces and bodies were festooned with hellish markings. I was lucky to be able to scurry away. Who knows what my fate would've been? May Zeus bless my journey so I can make it back to Henri and recount what I have witnessed. Two unedited pictures:
  12. Tensions rose and excitement grew as the most powerful nations of the Old World set out to discover new lands in the East. Like many other, so too did Henri La Valette leave his domains in northern Oleon and sailed off. First, he visited his holdings on LeBellan and gathered some more men there and then finally went on to discover the unknown. Crossing the Sea of Storms however, both of Henri's vessel were struck by a powerful storm. Battered by heavy rainfall and blown off course by violent winds, Henri and his men were lost at sea. Having great difficulty assessing their position in these uncharted waters, they nevertheless pushed forward, dreaming of gold and newfound riches. Finally they found land, but it was not what they had in mind at all. It was nowhere near as tropical as LeBellan. In fact, it was cold and it reminded them more of home than some other place. Henri sent out a foraging party, but when they didn't return after a great amount of time, he decided to go out by himself and some of his men to try and find his lost soldiers. The undergrowth was thick and the air was cold. Patches of snow dotted the landscape and the party experienced a lot of difficulty trying to make their way through the pine trees. On top of that, Henri felt like he was being watched with every step he took on this Gods-forsaken island. What madness lies within these forests? So here's my build for the first Challenge. It's not that big, I know, but it's been a while since I had my hand at some landscaping so I wanted to try that here. I tried making an irregular base, but the result isn't completely to my liking. I hope it's okay that the island is more snow-y and winter-y, or does it absolutely have to be more caribbean style?
  13. Here is my entry for Challenge 1 Category A : A juicy meeting So, Felipe de la Manzana and his first officer and trustfull friend Basil passed the Portal they saw in the jungle when they first touch ground in the island that seemed to be Berelli, the one Ivo Fortesque himself found east to Nelissa. They walked some time in the jungle following a little pass made of paved tiles. Felipe was very enthousiastic with that because it was another proof of a human presence here ! Exactly what he was expecting when he found this tribal stuff with a note at sea few days before. This discovery made him sail east and by now he never had be disappointed ! Perhaps those natives could know some interesting legend and why not some with a golden apple that would worth the effort ! Lost in his dreams, Felipe did not payed attention where he went and after passing a bush, Basil hold his arm saying : - Hey ! Felipe ! Be careful ! Here are the famous natives you expected to see ! Erh... I think we bothered them in the middle of some funerals... Ah ! Hold on ! Felipe ! They saw us ! But it was to late ! Felipe walked through and disturbed the ceremony enough to anger the priestess - Hey ! Que faites-vous ici !? She said surprisingly in Oleander ! - Sorry, we are explorers from the west and we try to find some of the native people of the island. Answered Basil, better in Oleander than Felipe. - Ah ! Again ! Some of the man from the west ! You are not the first ! Are you bringing the Thunder-Fire with you ? Basil and Felipe tryed to find what it was and found it was guns. - No ! Not at all ! we are here to find a rare fruit ! a golden fruit ! said Felipe. - Ah ! let me finish these funerals and we will talk. After a while, once the ceremony finished : - Welcome men of the west ! I am the high priestess Zumo de Kapayas. You are very welcome in the tribe of Ténotclaxca ! We are pleased to see you are not carrying your terrible weapons. Are you coming in peace ? We first met some men dressed with blue and with priest. They teach us their language and then they tryed to hunt us from our land ! so they brought their... what are you calling that... ah ! yes ! Guns ! But they where too few, so we killed them or send the survivors at sea. Unfortunately they killed our chief Saginga, the one we burried today ! - We are not like those Oleanders ! We are here to offer you some products to trade and to gather some informations concerning a golden fruit we are trying to find ! - Ah ! Yes ! Of course ! We've got such a fruit ! - REALLY ! shouted Felipe. - Yes it is that fruit. And a native brought a shiny yellow Banana. - Argh... No ! That is not the fruit I am looking for ! This is this one, but a golden one. Said Felipe showing to the Ténotclaxcans an apple. - No, sorry, we don't have that. Answered the young native. But if you want, we have some legends talking about strange magic and some are about mother earth and a fruit. You are welcome to seat with us and listen to those stories but you will need to learn our traditions. - Of course, of course... Answered Felipe. The hope is not lost to have some informations ! Hold on Felipe !
  14. This landscape was the setting for Scene 4 of Lenny's story. Instead of a flat and shiny beach, for variation, we have an island surrounded by cliffs with heavy vegetation. Nice and lush :) The raised baseplate came from an old (and dusty) Enchanted Island set. Front and back views. (sea section attached for anchoring of ship)
  15. Here is my entry for the Challenge 1 Category B : Land Ho ! Ruins in the jungle Sailing East, according to the note Felipe de la Manzana found in a drifting chest with some tribal stuff, was effectively a good idea ! The Appleseed rapidly reached a strange Island covered with dense jungle ! - Nah, we meet again Jungle... Thought Felipe. I really have to deal this dense forest in this island too ! I must claim this land for Eslandola if I want to develop more apple trees orchards here ! He was lost in his thought when the crow nest man on duty shouted : - There is kind' buildin' here Cap' ! There was effectively a strange building, a doorway, a portal or something like that near a rocky formation covered by the jungle. - Let's see that ! I have to land on that island ! I am not sure it is a place our charters have recorded. We must investigate. Declared Felipe. The row boat was put on the sea, and they touch land. Basil updated the map meanwhile the sailors were preparing the claiming ceremony. - No ! No ! Esteban ! I said no weapons ! Leave your gun in the row boat ! I don't want you to afraid any native if they are here ! you should have brought an axe instead... Grumbled Felipe to his man. Felipe Planted the flag and the King's officer on board registered it : - I, Senor Felipe de la Manzana, claim this land in the name of the king of Eslandola, for the country, and for gold ! I am naming this place : Portal Cove and I want it registered as property of Eslandola, of the Crown and of MAESTRO ! After the ceremony was finished, The Crown's officer returned into the rowboat with his "official stuff" (mainly a pupitre with ink and paper) and Felipe took Basil with him in order to look at this strange building and also in order to plan the jungle cutting and the orchards planting... - Be careful Felipe ! I heard something ! Basil said to his friend. - Yes, that's why I will go forward to see... They passed the portal and what they saw is... For the next build ! Thank you for reading. Enjoy ! and see you for the next Challenge 1 MOC for the continuation of the story.
  16. Presenting the Traig IV splibble, eating fruit from an obunga tree (technically a giant bush).
  17. Now that M.A.N.T.I.S. operatives have begun to be issued with Mk.1 Assault Drones, Myra has sent her old recording probe to search for valuable resources on Hunston. Report: Scans reveal most of the water would need major treatment to be fit for human consumption, and the abundance of potable water on Yallorn makes this logistically unfeasible. No accessible form of awesomium, gold, mithril or copper detected. Large quantities of biomass detected, both in the form of flora growing in the fertile soil around long-dormant volcanoes, and in the form of fauna, particularly the large flying creatures, fittingly decorated with black and green feathers. Some kind of enormous, spiny aquatic creature also observed, though the water has prevented a detailed scan. Conclusion: Biomass present and worth extracting, water present but not worth extracting at this time.
  18. //"Log date 350, This is Dr. Long reporting from the O.C.S. Axle, in orbit F10. I have assigned one of my new Tech specialists; a fresh hire by the name of Kodan Black, to perform sub-surface analysis of water samples in a highly promising region of the planet. I needed him to adjust a few of our Aquatic science drones for the F10 missions. With such a massive planet, there is much work to be done... So many lifeforms to analyze and catalog and categorize... So many drones to be deployed to observe it all and quantify it. It's good to have an extra hand on deck... I just wish he would stop sniffing my hair... It's beginning to become a nuisance. Dr. Long signing off."// //"Status update. Shallow water drone observation is coming along well. I have dispatched a few of our high pressure sub drones (modified A30 models) to observe the deeper reaches of the planet. Initial reports indicate that this planet, much like earth, has active hydrothermal vents along the sea floor, which may be capable of sustaining life."// //"Status update. I finally got a chance to look at one of the relay screens from the A30 drones. Fascinating. Life always finds a way... even in the darkest depths of an alien sea, life, of some kind, still fights on for survival. I am, of course, referring to the myriad of xenobacterial specimens the drone is collecting from the vent. There is a fish-like alien, but that is much less important. Now... I need to attend the unveiling of a newly commissioned drydock on one of the Axle's dropships. Afterwords, I will relax in my office with the day's paperwork. Dr. Long signing off."// Sorry for the shit picture. I'll try to get better ones tomorrow, but I just needed to meet the deadline today. Initially I hoped to make more of the anglerfish aliens, but, as always, ran out of time. I have a lot of work to do IRL this week, so I couldn't afford to go crazy with my builds. I did anyways. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  19. soccerkid6

    [Challenge 1] Asteroid Belt

    Location: D02, Barker's Folly Tags: Exploration It's hard not to be impressed by the natural beauty of this asteroid belt, all the awesomnium ripe for the picking doesn't hurt either... I don't do many all LEGO scenes, usually opting for a complete 'model' rather than an immersive picture, so this was rather fun
  20. Location: Hunston, Sector C02 Tags: Challenge 1, C02 (Hunston) Log_M_2: Flying over Sector C02, also know as the planet Hunston, I couldn't help but notice the amazing nature growing on this planet... On a side note, I'm feeling a little lightheaded........ End_Log AG: Peaceful Life by Andrew JN, on Flickr I finally managed to use my new water technique! I think it looks pretty cool.
  21. Location: A06-Guinevere Tags: Exploration My first sight of Guinevere was of its rolling sand dunes. There appears to be rock formations protruding out of the sand, I'll have to take a closer look at them. This was a fun build, getting the rocks to stick out of the sand at an angle was a bit of a challenge, but I think it turned out pretty well. C&C very welcome
  22. Start of automatic transmission #01 from probe exploring Arium Major. Initial recipient of the message, Octan Corporation explorer Wick Nole, did not provide the confirmation on receiving this message for five standard days. In this case, according to standard Octan Exploration Protocol, the message is transmitted via unsecured channel on open frequencies. In case you are receiving this message, please forward it to planet Farmolis, AG sector H06. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The probe had prepared first pictures from Arium Major. Flora is abundant here and fauna is reach. Thick air allowed for evolution of probably one of the largest flying creatures in southern sector of Andromeda. The probe was able to capture one of these on top of the huge tree. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of automatic transmission #01. The build:
  23. Location: H09 Tags: Exploration, Science As we all know, Dr. Danielle was asking Guy to get a few samples on Wastyria - and a whole host of other places, of course. But how do you eat an elephant, if not one bite at a time? So Guy took a peek at what was waiting for him on Wastyria.... and then decided to offer to take over the laundry jobs for the Octan executives. A few views of just the rock: Since I made it to be viewed from all size, I had to get pictures of that, of course! Thanks for checking this MOC out! I think this is some of the best rockwork I've ever done. As for the snake... well, I'm not much of a creature builder. But I tried!
  24. Location: E01, Donwarr Tags: Challenge 1, AG, Octan Donwarr, a planet in the Andromeda's Gates galaxy. The planet consists of large mountain ranges, covered with trees. At the foot of those mountain ranges, where the rocks make place for grass, live the Donwarrian mountain goats. These three legged creatures hop around the loose rocks looking for edible plants. Well, Z thinks, three legged mountain goats... That's a first. He looks at the pictures on his computer. This is really something else.
  25. Here is my entry for “Into the Wilds...” challenge. It's set on Traig IV with the description "Small mountainous islands separated by large areas of oceans." I don't have a story (won't lose out on any point, right?) It's just waves agenst a mountain. The idea was to make it a micro build but than I added the plants so now its probably around minifig size. Waves on Traig IV 1 by EpsilonEta, on Flickr The build is full of SNOT and tiny (half plate and quarter plate) offsets but would work in LDD. (except the elf hair, it's slightly forced but it's rubber)