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Found 307 results

  1. SkywardBrick

    [MOC] New Modular Building

    I'm glad you all like the design! New Post with completed model: A new modular building MOC which I have nearly finished, including interiors. Just need to add a few things, mainly to the rather sparse sidewalk. Will make instructions for the design in the near future. It is a shopping center with 5 shops: butcher's, cheese shop, wine shop, produce shop and bakery. Let me know what you think.
  2. Hello fellow EB members; My latest MOC is called Astrid and Associates Architecture firm. This building is the new head office for the firm as a showcase of the firms abilities! It's taken quite a while to build as I've struggled to find the right direction to take the building. After finding the right proportions to using the large arch pieces surrounding the windows on the ground floor the rest of the building took shape from there. I wanted a good mix of colour and texture, using inspiration from 1920's/1930's buildings with perhaps a touch of middle eastern influence. The interior is modern as I wanted to do something different from one of my many older themed buildings and timelines. Anyway on with the pics, 8 in all; You can also find them here on my flickr page if you prefer and it bigger sizes. Comments and questions welcome! Cheers
  3. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modular Disney Store

    The first shop along the main street of V City is a small one with a big name. The new Disney Store offers different products of its several franchises, including PIXAR and Star Wars. The client (of course I am making this up) wants a small modern building, but contains some essence of its brand. Undoubtedly the castle becomes the starting point for my design brainstorming session. My initial idea is a little box with a castle, and I began to break down the important elements from the castle to form the design language. I converted the moat into the planters by the sides of the entrance, and created a frame to signify a portal to the magical worlds. That can be seen from some castles where you will have a big portal at the bridge across the moat. The facade profile of the building comes from the two side towers above, and I only extracted the cut-corner shape. This slightly chamfered entrance also helps the portal stand out better. The building interior is simple, and is divided into several themes. First it is the Star Wars zone, where guests can find a lot of Star Wars toy and apparels. You can also design your own lightsaber at the “Build Your Own Lightsaber” shelf, and I made reference from the existing shops in Disneyland. Another side is the traditional Disney products, from traditional Disney stories. You can find girl items and dolls (you may ask about teddy bear, and yes Disney has one called Duffy and Shelliemay!), and also some cups and bottles. The deco is simple with wood planks, with the famous clock of Cinderella. Up the stairs will be 1/F, where you are greeted by the Toy Story shelf and the Lightyear figure. You can try the 3-eye Alien headpiece! Turning around is the much anticipated Frozen shelf, with all the icy items you can purchase! See that girl who is in love with the Snowgie cushions? You can also meet Elsa, Anna and Olaf and take pictures with them! Then you will see the little food corner, facing the staircase to the roof top. I spent quite some time to work out the fixtures, and I am happy that they look very much like the real thing inside Disneyland. The roof is a little green playground for kids, and you can meet the two iconic characters of Disney, Mickey and Minnie! Kids are queuing up to take great pictures with them, and later you will see even more other characters around the year. While I can design a simple hinged door on the rooftop, I created this version so that the panel can be folded up once more to avoid visual intrusion (if it is one big panel, it will stand up and be seen behind the tower on the front elevation! Not good!) Of course, I need a photo with my wife, Mickey and Minnie! Let's have a group photo, all the Disney characters with the shop! (okay, Buzz forgot to come out as he is still inside on the 1/F!) Hope you all enjoy it!
  4. Jody Meyer

    [O-E03] Listening post on Ertauq

    Title: Listening post on Ertauq Tags: Civil, Building, Land vehicle, Octan So some new recruits have been ordered to set up a listening post on E03 Ertauq, so.. 20170115_0035 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0039 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0042 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0040 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0041 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0044 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0045 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0046 by Meyerj, on Flickr Thanks for looking Comments always welcome good or bad Jody
  5. Hi guys, Here's my latest MOC - Grand Central Terminal! Hope you enjoy the detail jam-packed into this MOC. It's up on Ideas. Dozens of photos and a time lapse video here Grand Central Terminal on IDEAS. PS - Why is the max total size for an image upload set at 100KB??? At that limit, I can barely get one thumbnail in.
  6. Old Ben's Gallery is my take on taking Pet Shop's concept to the max. (Loosely) based on Casa Amatller and Casa Batlló in Barcelona. Includes exactly 3000 bricks, quite funny.... If you feel like it's worth it, support it on Ideas: It's even hard to know where to look here! There's stuff everywhere! To save space, notice how the staircase goes through the outside. Second floor. Quite cosy, not much to showcase though, appart from that beautiful painting made out of custom prints. Detail of the two very different but complimentary roofs. The five minifigures. Close-ups of porcelain table, hat-hanger, painter painting MS, IV & TIH, painting, mini models... Together with Italian Villa and The Iron Horse! Together with Magic Shop! Along with Assembly Square, they're quite complimentary, I think!
  7. So I have been having a bit of back problems and was wondering, how you guys build Lego? For me most of the time it was sitting on the floor, surrounded by bricks, but I am now in process of putting all on a large table, and sitting on a chair. What works for you? P.S. I'm a technic builder, so usualy the building process is a bit trickier than classic Lego.
  8. This is my first try in this forum, so bear with me if I'm doing something wrong At some point in 2012, I stumpled upon the Micropolis standard created by members of TwinLUG, and thougt it might be a theme for me. Since then, I have focused my creativity on this, and one of my latest creations is this City Hall: City Hall_2 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr It started with 4 storeys, but seemed kind of small compared to some of my other buildings. So I went for a 5th floor, and the tower also gained some additional heigth. City Hall_1 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Comments and constructive criticism are welcome
  9. Jody Meyer

    [O-H04] Return to Crofter's ridge

    Title: Return to Crofter's ridge Tags: Civil, Building, vehicle, land vehicle So Illustria ended up to be nothing more then a giant fishing trip, with the engineering division starting to get new processes in place, it was time to get the mobile mining group together and moving. PANEL 20a by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL 20 by Meyerj, on Flickr Cheers Jody The picture in the spoiler leads you to a very small movie clip I was working on but ran out of time.
  10. Jody Meyer

    [O-F04] The Big Fish...

    Title: The Big Fish... Planet: F04 Tags: Civil, Building, vehicle, Submarine, exploration Well Hans and Bob have been shipped to Illustria to help out with an exploration rig in one of the many vast oceans... PANEL18 by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL18a by Meyerj, on Flickr The Fish is from Atlantis set 8080. The smaller sub is a work in progress but started from set #6559 Platform also work in progress, started from set 4210 Cheers Jody
  11. As SvenF shared his awesome entires to the ReBrick Modular Contest, I thought I'd do the same! Remember, maximum is 16x16, yellow-faced minifigures only and must add to any of the existing modulars. Having said that, let's begin with.... Donatello's Art Studio: An old-style art studio, with all sorts of details and painings. Talking of which, there are three of them reminiscent of real ones: A map of Europe on the back wall, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer and The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Donatello is the blonde guy's nickname, honouring Donatello the Renaissance Italian painter, the other two bearded minifigs are the judges; they'll decide whether Donatello's work is worth an exhibition or it's just a mere copy of old work... . Would be located on the 1st floor of Pet Shop's brown building. Right now it is at 5th position of the most liked entries, with over 350 views! Jean's Bakery: A modern, sleek bakery, with a vintage touch! White bricks, chequered floor, palet tables are jst some of my favorite details in this one. Jean, as you can imagine, owns this bakery in the south of France, there would be a crêpe-o-maker, but there was no space availabe for that. What there was space for, though, was Jean's second favourite thing: music, and not any sort of music, but classical music. That's why he has the today unused machines there were to play it: a grampohone and a record player. Would be located on Assembly Square's blue building ground floor, instead of that rather boring café. Jean's Bakery is clocking 31 likes with only 300 views, and at 3rd position! Thanks for bearing with me and my long speech, leave comments if you liked it!
  12. kritch

    [MOC] - Antique Shop

    A small antique shop specialising in maps, sea faring books and other nautical antiques.
  13. Recently i made some expansions on my Modular Square. Within a few months, i have to fit in the Lego 10255 Assembly Square as well, but i'll find a way! I used 20 modular sets to create this square. For the square itself, i used over 16.000 parts for tiling, trees and benches! Enjoy my HD YouTube video, that i made last week and get inspired!:
  14. I long ago promised I would post some pictures of the finished Modular Pharmacy and Soda shop, the directions for which are included in Brian and Jason Lyles "the Lego Neighborhood book. " Unfortunately after I bought all the parts, life happened, and I needed to step away from them for awhile. I finally got the creative bug again and worked through both the Brick Bank and sat down and completed my long unfinished Pharmacy. The results look quite impressive in my shelf city. (sorry about the picture quality, I just did some fast phone pictures when I finished around 2am. I will break out the real camera for some better shots later.) The included plans are designed to make a nice old school Corner Pharmacy/Soda Fountain with an Apartment above. The basic building is largely a redress of Brickcity Depot's Corner Hardware Store (Brian and Lyle are Brickcity Depot.) The building and particularly the interiors have a nice period charm and fit in well with the official Modular series. There are a ton of wonderful micro builds in it such as the Apothecary Cabinet and the Soda Counter. Upstairs is a very nice bathroom, a living room with classic upright piano and old style console radio, kitchen and bedroom. And some well designed signage on the roof. pro's; It's just gorgeous. The colors have nome nice contrast and it has good distinct texturing. The signs in particular really draw the eye and make it pop. con's; This is a non Lego build designed by and for AFOL's. So it is not as well engineered as some Lego tested stuff. Some of the details and structural points use minimal connections, which can make them fragile. Particularly the floor of the second floor by the stairwell is held together with a single stud. The colro scheme downstairs inside the Pharmacy itself is a bit...brown. If I were to it over I might mix it up a bit. This will be the third Modular Building I have built and Bricklinked from scratch using either third party plans or my own designs. Lessons Learned; 1. You always forget to order one crucial group of parts that will stall the whole thing at half finished for a week or two... ALWAYS! 2. You always seem to accidentally under order certain parts, such as tiles. I am not sure if this is a glitch when importing XML lists to Bricklink, or if I'm just a fool. I find it is easier just to slightly overorder most smaller items by a couple. This way when you lose that rare colored tile to the carpet monster, you know the one that you are positive you don't have any of packed away somewhere, you will have another. 3. With third party instructions you will need to work a bit more than with normal Lego ones. Depending on what software the designer used they may or may not rotate to change angle of view, which can leave you struggling to work out what is on the backside of a wall. LCad designed stuff is notorious for this. You just need to map it all out. (Brickcity Depots instructions are probably the best of the third party ones in this regard. Very easy to follow.) 4. You will always order some critical part in the wrong color, without realizing just how visible it will be. ALWAYS! 5. The damn thing will always cost more than you were planning. So never ever tell the wife. (And no, I honestly don't know what the final cost on this one was. I ordered most of the parts a year and a half ago. My Liberty Comics MOC and The Winchester were each somewhere in the $250-$300 range, but I was not using Bricklink as efficiently as I could, opting more for bulk expediency than price.)
  15. Do you like stories about secret rooms, hidden maps, the secret signs and ancient treasures? I will tell you one such story. Once upon a time lived a famous architect. He even built palaces for kings. He was fabulously rich and famous. He was very fond of gold and jewels. And all the money he spent on them. But when he died, left a very strange Testament. The old architect wrote in his testament that he hid all his gold and jewels. The map and the key to the treasure he left for storage to the Admiral Carl Jonson who was a close friend of the architect. It seems that everything is simple. But the admiral died 10 years earlier than the architect. Therefore, it is impossible to ask the Admiral, where the treasures are hidden. People says that the treasure has not yet been found. Maybe you can find them? Good luck! So I made a little comic about a treasure hunt. This story happened on this pedestrian street. If you want to see all images of this set, please click here: If you liked the story and the set, please SUPPORT this project on!
  16. Hi everyone!I just wanted to show you my latest work. It's a LEGO Modular building, a Zara Clothes shop with three floors and a working elevator. It is divided in three floors/departments:-Accessories / shoes on the first floor -Woman’s Department on the second floor (a little bit more crowded than the rest ) -Men’s Department on the third floor. You can access the three floors through the working elevator with sliding doors. Second and third floors have fitting rooms and all floors have lots of accessories and clothes to dress up your minifigs in a fashion way. You can see more photos here. I hope you like it and feel free to comment and give ideas to improve it
  17. Black Jade Pavilion This model presents a typical scene in Chinese royal garden. It is based on a corner view of the famous Summer Palace in Beijing, China. There are two buildings in the scene. The single-level one is named Moyu Xuan, and the other one is called Danxia Ge in Chinese, Which means black jade and rosy cloud. The rockeries in the middle of the model along with lotus in the lake, the whole model represents peace and harmony in Chinese culture. Some features: Build on a 32x32 baseplate. All doors and windows can be opened. Flare angles of the cornices are fixed by hinge plates which connected to a 1x4 plate with 2 knobs. they are very stable. All buildings and the tree can be removed easily. moyudanxia01 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia02 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia03 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia04 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia05 by ElviN, on Flickr moyudanxia06 by ElviN, on Flickr For more images and my other creation, please visit my Flickr page: C&C are welcome! One more thing... Please support Black Jade Pavilion at Thank you!
  18. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade

    Hi everyone! I got this interesting idea of a fire station some time ago, and built this in two weeks, the fastest building I have done so far. I have no intention to get the now-expensive 10197 Fire Brigade, which doesn't really appeal to me. However, I am thinking, if I am to build a fire station, what design should it be? All fire stations have the distinctive feature of the big gates for fire trucks and the walls that separate them, no matter what the buildings look like. I took that idea, and thought about extending these bays to the second storey. At the same time, what if the interior walls grow so big that they grow outside of the facade walls? And so I turned the sketches into real thing. I choose dark red as it is less prominent than bright red, giving a more sophisticated color scheme for the city. Inside, you have everything a normal fire station would have: parking bays and equipment racks on the ground floor: Captain talking to the staff... On the second floor, there are pantry, resting room and toilet on the top. There is even a ping-pong table for the firemen! "Hey why are you two playing table tennis on the street, huh?" One of the play features here is the light. I put the red light brick at the corner and so when there is alarm, you can light it up and the firemen will be ready to go! I hope you like this modern building design, thanks!
  19. My former LEGO Ideas project Medieval Micro Modulars seems to have gained some popularity on Pinterest (although it has expired some time ago). I created instructions for it now so anyone can build this although it hasn't become an official set! The Medieval Micro Modulars are a line of detailed microscale buildings in a medieval setting. This can be expanded any time with new buildings or maybe a market place, a town wall or even a castle! Each of the five parts I designed consists of a building based on an 8x8 plate and an equally sized street piece. The streets are populated by trees, wells, market stalls, animals like donkeys (can pull hay carts), sheep or goats and colorfully clothed microfigures (including a guard with a lance)! Each building consists of about 200-250 pieces (including street and accessories). You can download the PDF instructions (for free) on my website Hope you like it! Also feel free to design your own additional buildings and post them here if you like!
  20. Vanocean117

    Dieselpunk Style Floating City

    You may have a city made of Lego, but what about a Dieselpunk style floating city? I really love the early 20th century, I love art deco and early modern art, I love those vintage cars and trams. I love giant airships floating on the sky. I wonder, what if I mixed all that elements with a sci-fi city theme. That's why I build this project. I want to explore the possibility of an alternate reality. The floating city could be a series of products, just like the Lego city products. This project here is a core piece of the floating city, we can introduce new sets to expand the city. What includes in this set are a floating 3-story house, a flying tram, a flying taxi and a few figures. The figures are kind of random chosed from my figures collection, I will update the figure's design if this project is welcomed. The 3-story house is a modular build with interior, which includes a pizza take-out window and an hot dog take-out window. The flying car included with the set can stop by and buy food from the windows. There's a tram stop at the door, a figure can stand there and wait for the tram. If you like this, please support me on the LEGO IDEAS site. Any suggestion are also welcomed, thanks.
  21. wooootles

    MOC: Azure One Hotel & Suites

    Here's my latest creation, something I've always wanted to do since I was... 8 years old? I'm getting it ready right for Brickworld 2016. With 18 stories, measuring over 6 feet tall and more than 9,000 bricks, this is by far my largest creation. Since it's an absolute hassle to move around, the interior shots will come in later (though you might have seen a few already in my WIP thread). But for now, enjoy the exterior shots. Stay tuned for the interior shots! And this won't be the last skyscraper in the Wasabi District; I'm already planning a second tower adjacent to the One Azure!
  22. With the recent concert tour of "A Head Full of Dreams", Coldplay's popularity has risen drastically, therefore why not create a project of a popular group. The set is a concert stage, so the builders will be able to use it for their own customs and other play features. This set will include 4 exclusive minifigures of the group: Chris Martin Jonny Buckland Guy Berryman Will Champion Additional features include: Upright Piano Electronic Keyboard Drum set 2 Guitars Amplifiers 4 Beat boxes (green, red, blue, black) microphone I invite you all to be a part of this project, support and make something incredible become true.
  23. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] Off Topic

    Some times you have to actually make profit for your company. This week Col. Brik is visiting a vehicle assembly plant at a city on Sorn. If you forget making the money to keep the corp alive you cannot extract revenge. Sorn seems to be a constant location for profit for Kawashita. The production has slowed in recent weeks as all the top executives have focused on the attempted assasination of Raven. Things seem to be running smoothly, scab labor at minimum wage is maximizing profits. End "Yes, this build is in my normal city display, after finishing it a week ago I set it up and didn't want to try and move it out of the spot I put it in."
  24. Hello, all. I thought I'd share a creation of mine based on the Niceland Apartment from the Disney animated film, Wreck-it Ralph. This was made in LEGO Digital Designer and rendered with Bluerender. It consists of 2357 pieces, and can be taken apart for play on the bottom floor and the penthouse. The top floor features a multicolored dance floor, a DJ Booth, a potted plant, and a small stage with a green balloon on each side. The bottom floor features two crates to store ammo for a play feature, another potted plant, an abstract sculpture, a staircase, and the 30th anniversary cake. I also included three little catapults to put on top of the building, so Ralph can launch bricks at Felix to dodge. The set includes three minifigures: Wreck-it Ralph, Fix-it Felix, and Vanellope. This project can be supported at LEGO Ideas: Thank you for checking this out, and please don't hesitate to make suggestions for improvement, as I hope to make updates in the future! I rarely build original stuff, so I kind of new to this "MOCing" thing.
  25. I need a LEGO program that alows me to create building instructions for my models, but not LD, not only because the building instructions aren't good, but also because my build have an RC buggy motor that is not on LDD, and I'm making a car contest in which the winner get building instructions for a LEGO bmw Isetta, and I want to give high quality stuff. The builder who suggest the program that works better for me, will also get BUilding instructions of it for the collaboration. Please help me with this, it would be really appreciated! Link to the contest if you are interested: