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Found 5 results

  1. I've come across lots of techniques for removing printing online, but I'm not sure which is the best. It seems that all I've seen remove some of the shininess from the plastic. I'm working with a pair of legs from the CMF line, so they aren't that shiny to begin with. The techniques I'm the most familiar with are Brasso, toothpaste, and a pencil eraser. I'm wondering which of these is the best for leaving the plastic in good shape, and wearing off as little shininess as possible. I'm also open to other techniques. EDIT: OK, I did it with a pencil eraser and it worked pretty well. It took about 5 minutes. The shininess is nearly the same as before. I would recommend this method because you don't have to go out and buy anything and it's not too messy.
  2. Hello everyone! Searched the forum for an answer about this, but could not find an answer. So before I read up on the Brasso/ toothpaste/ eraser technique, I made a mistake by trying to remove paint from a torso with a Swiss Army blade (I know, I know bad move) and it left behind some scratches and is no longer glossy. Is this part ruined? Can I use some kind of polish compound to bring back its shine or maybe use a spray clear coat? Thanks so much for the help, truly appreciated :)
  3. Hammerstein NWC

    Destiny Figbarf

    A desiny figbarf. Warlock, Hunter, Titan Center fig is by "soldbrix Studios" :) Do you like the game? I've only watched a friend playing it so far but it does seem to have Bungies usual attention to detail!
  4. My inquiry from 26 July 2013 and response today 05/08/2013 Hello I would like to buy this product, Brasso Metal Polish 1ltr Price: £10.50 can it be delivered to Portugal, I've been having trouble finding a source that will send it to my address. Best regards José Hello, Yes we can. Our web site is primarily for people who live abroad. Just visit our website and add items to your basket. When you have chosen all your items just click on the checkout button in the top right hand of the screen and it will give you the order total. Choose your country and delivery option and the total cost including shipping will be displayed. Then payment can be by credit card, PayPal, or you can choose to send a sterling cheque. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us. Your order is not completed until you click on the Done button at the end of the process. Regards, Richard Price, Tel:0044 (0)1304 206069 Britstore Ltd 15-17 Elms Vale Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 9NZ United Kingdom --------------------------------------------------------- So apparently thats that, problem solved on the Brasso buying issue, good price too for 1Lt. considering amazon prices and such delivery costs (and peace of mind). If they can deliver it here then that covers Continental Europe and probably other places If anyone has dealt with them and can give some testimony it would be appreciated. I also sent a request to know what other geographic areas they can cover, let's hope it's worldwide. I'll cover alternatives to brasso and other chemicals for custom work on some other topic later on.
  5. Hammerstein NWC


    Displaced by a Magical Monsoon the Hillarwi Tribe were uprooted from their homes in the plains of AfriKania and transported thousands of miles to the other side of the continent. a Band of around 100 warriors, women and their kin were thrust into an alien environment. Navigating by the stars they are desperate to reach home. Forced to live as Nomads everywhere they go they chant their infamous battle cry "We're the Hillarwi! We're The Hillarwi! Trying to get home! We're the Hillarwi!" Left to Right Mkhungo -Zulu Brave Intontela - Musician Isangoma - The Witch Doctor Shaka Diiygane - Chieftain Ubulawayo - Standard Bearer Mbube - Champion -- The Brickarms uclips and brickwarriors scrolls make great tattered flags and sails too! I moced a small raft which then got cannibalised for parts but I hope to rebuild it. It's particularly effective with a mix of black and white scrolls and uclips. :) Plenty of themes used in this one PotC Chima Agents Harry Potter Super Heroes Indiana Jones LOTR CMF Series 10 Priates Custom Houses Brick Warriors Brickarms Christo V&A Steamworks