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Found 109 results

  1. A counter to LordDan at K3 Not all citizens of Easterbroke believe that treason is the best way to earn their right to join with Avalonia. Therefore, these loyalists have manned small, fast patrolboats to intercept the smugglers running weapons to fuel war and pain on Easterbroke. ______________ 1) Sorry for the photoquality, but light was getting dim... 2) This was a surprisingly complex technique for building a boat, but quite fun! 3) I have tried to recreate LordDan's rock technique 4) C&C welcome
  2. LittleJohn

    Nice Day For A Swim

    This was my first time building a ship and I'm quite pleased with the result: More pics here: Link Let me know what you think, all C&C appreciated
  3. This is not pirates per se, but it's about sail ships so i thought it fits here best. If mods think it should be moved to other section of the site, please do so. But we can pretend one of the ships is actually pirate ship ;) General look: It all started on Pyrkon convention Poznań/Poland in 2014. We got some free bricks and among them there were horse hats (sorry, don't know the proper English word) for old horses that were replaced with new design. Someone said the piece is really useless for anything than putting in on a horse. Someone else joined in and said that the piece is as useless as speedor'z bodies from Chima. O'rly? I wouldn't be myself if i didn't accept the challenge and prove them both wrong. So the Sea Horse steam boat was born: Once i had it i had to build some other sailboats. Then my LUG was in need of sea themed dioramas for our exhibition that is now taking place in Swarzewo/Poland, so i built a scene for it: One of the elements i'm most proud of is the Lightouse:: And the windmills: But the main feature of the scene are ships: And some more detailed look at the ships: For more photos please go to You can also see my other new NPU creation here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107970
  4. Cecilie

    [MOC] Norwegian sørlandssjekte

    I built this as a xmas-present for my grandmother this year. It's modeled after a typical old style "sørlandsjekte" which is the same as my grandparents used to have before my grandfather passed away. I could not find a name for this type of boat in english. In Norwegian it's most commonly referred to as a "sjekte" in the south of Norway, and a "snekke" elsewhere. The style and construction method of this type of boat is the same as viking ships used to have. Just modernized with an engine. These boats are not built to go fast though, they cruise along slowly, and make a very characteristic sound. Norwegian sørlandssjekte by cecilihf, on Flickr Norwegian sørlandssjekte by cecilihf, on Flickr Norwegian sørlandssjekte by cecilihf, on Flickr More pictures here:
  5. Here's my creation for the C-Model contest: Made from set 42026 and 42007 Inspired by the "side wheeler riverboats" of old found on the Mississippi river, I made this boat. If they had powerboats in the 1800's on the Mississippi river, I think this is what it would have looked like A grand total of 401 parts (including spare parts) to play with this is the result: Since I had some parts left over I added some details on top of the fake 2 cylinder engine. To utilize the springs I decided to make a little "bumper" out of the bow of the boat. Nobody likes their Lego crashing into walls after all, so this softens the blow a little. I think this is the first model I made where I didn't have enough black pins (as if any AFOL doesn't have enough of those ), luckily both sets provide plenty of blue 3L pins, but to not ruin the look of the model I tried to hide these as much as possible in the bottom of the boat. The "cloud of smoke" coming out of the exhaust pipe can move up and down. The "side paddler" wheels are attached to the mechanism that lowers and raises the "cloud of smoke". I also made a (very) short video demonstrating the model: In the end I had 22 parts (including the spare parts the sets provide) left over: Hope you guys like it and had a little laugh like I did making and playing with this
  6. Rudo Villano set out with something a little more robust to take on the rough waters of the river. He wants that extra edge to get to the gold and jewels and grab the choicest loot. With a mount for his machine gun, rivals should think twice to try and cross him. This is another MOC from my Adventurer's refresh that is a new take on an old set. The Jungle subtheme set River Raft was one of the few Jungle sets I was able to pick up as a child. I built this boat as a raft seemed a trifle flimsy all told. This Rudo is a brand new build. The old face print was too faded, so I tried to keep with similar looks and expression. The new hat is still black, but not the old style, it struck me as better suited. I stayed with the rough-cut look, though there was nothing exactly like his original torso I thought this one fitted the bill. Printed legs and a new gun make this guy a little more threatening too. Comments etc appreciated.
  7. Sen. Palomar's boat is lovely for smuggling artifacts along the river. Mister Pit has a good eye for navigation and the cargo will fetch a good price for no-questions-asked collectors. McClucksy is good luck too, or a helpful distraction to anything chompy that gets on the boat... Another Adventurer boat, again not a straight refurbished set but something in the spirit of the theme. I used the cruiser hull, not my favourite sort of thing to work with but the parts needed to perfectly brickbuild a hull weren't about for me to build with. The cargo crane spins and the winder moves the hook up and down. Senor Ekaitz Palomar took over the family business from his brother after the elder took to smuggling things slightly more noticeably illegal than jewels and artifacts. He's a sharp dressed man with a taste for fine gemstones and rare artifacts. I used a suit from the LEGO Movie theme for a dapper look, Lone Ranger Hat and gun to refresh the older elements of the original Senor Palomar and the Space Hero head, which always looked a little too smug for my tastes so it fits perfectly on this 'gentleman'. The sort of unexpected bad guy any adventurer might come across; a genial host who takes in the explorer to his fine estate so they might sleep under a roof of a night, then the adventurer finds themself shouting "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!!" At him as he sails away downriver with a craftily thieved artifact a number of days later. Mister Pit is a thug for hire who happens to know a little about river navigation and steering a boat. There is plenty of gold out in that jungle and he's happy to take some off the boss's hands for a simple river trip. Generic thug really. I made him as a back-up to any number of more talented villains. The schemer always needs someone who treads heavily and carries something smashy. And stabby in this case too.
  8. Some time ago i started toying around with the idea of building a LEGO sailboat. After watching a video of Sariel where he mentioned doing it with LEGO-sails, I really started thinking about the approach i'd take. Building a LEGO sailboat is not as easy as you might think because LEGO hulls leave a lot to be desired, weight is obviously a crucial factor and if you want to go for performance, then there are a lot of stresses the build needs to handle. Also, LEGO does not make sails that offer the performance i was looking for, so i had to make those myself. Purist may not like my MOC because of the amount of non-LEGO parts (rigging and sails), but I am mostly interested in performance. And perform it surely does, the MOC took its maiden voyage yesterday with a stiff breeze in open water and it performed beautifully, good speed, stability and sailing close hauled was no problem. Unfortunately I wasn't able to film it, as controlling the boat especially with the high wind took all my focus. And there was a huge problem, which i had feared before hand. The range of the PF remote outdoors was really poor, only 2-3 meter which was not near enough to properly control the boat. So i am desperately waiting for either the SBrick or somesuch to become available so i can make a proper video. The functions of the MOC are: two remote controlled rudders and a remote controlled sheet for the mainsail. The jib is self-tacking. There are still quite a lot of improvements i am planning to make, so far is was mostly a proof of concept. The link offers a small video of the main RC functions.
  9. Always remember to set your drag! Just muckin' about with boats. by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr This is just a scene in a much bigger layout (96x96) that I'm hoping to display next month.
  10. Hello everyone, This topic will be about designing and hopefully the build of the Smit Zwarte Zee. The Zwarte Zee was launched in 1963 and was the most powerfull ocean tug from Smit internationale sleepdiensten for a short while. It was wrecked in 1984 after several attempts to sell it, (to be converted into a yacht) did not succeed. For a lot of Dutch people this is one of the most beautiful tugs ever build. As a 14 year old I had build the wooden model of Billing Boats and turned it into a RC version. It was far from perfect but I was very happy with. I don't know what happened with rhe ship but I don;t own it anymore. Somewhere in march 2012 I started with the wheelhouse. The reason for that is that I had not build a ship that was longer than 1 meter at that time. Besides that I did not had any idea how to build a smooth hull of 2 meters long and about 32 cm wide. In April 2012 I had this: Bridge of the Smit Zwarte Zee by Konajra, on Flickr A good start. At the end of april 2012 I had the wheelhouse finished. Zwarte Zee WIP (3) by Konajra, on Flickr But then I still had no idea how to start with the hull. Other projects came around and I put the Zwarte Zee at hold. But after building my larger ships, the Fairplay and the Grampian Don. I had discovered new techniques how build a smooth looking hull. But stil I wasn't looking forward to desinging the hull. So I started to build the wheelhouse in bricks after I had broken down the Calypso. That ship has been displayed across europe and it was time to take her apart. WIP Zwarte Zee by Konajra, on Flickr WIP Zwarte Zee by Konajra, on Flickr This is the situation at the moment. Some other things came by and I haven't come any further yet. Until the beginning of januari this year when I finally started with designing the hull in MLcad. First attempt failed badly zwarte zee by Konajra, on Flickr zwarte zee Ldraw WIP by Konajra, on Flickr Normal slopes and curved slopes did not work here as good as they did on my Fiona coaster. After four restarts I have yet a great looking hull: Zwarte Zee Ldraw Wip version 4.0 by Konajra, on Flickr zwarte zee WIP by Konajra, on Flickr
  11. sidekick2461

    New Member and Lego Fan

    I've just got back into Lego after many years, I find it very relaxing, apart from when you stand on it. I've created a Lego Ideas 66 TV Batmobile including Bat Boat and Trailer. See Link: Any support would be much appreciated. Best wishes to everyone on this forum.
  12. Entry for Book II Challenge II Category B for deGothias side. The plague devastates Avalonia. Even the avalonian island Moria wasn't spared by the wave of illness. So Sir Moriartus called Mitgarda for medics, because of the good relations between him and some of the lords there. Aaron lost his wife and children in the last cruel war in Mitgardia and decided to study the old scriptures of medic. He wants to save other people from the dolor he got and save as much lives as possible. But the habitation of other people always reminds him of his dead family, so he lives solitary from the village on a small rock in the sea. In his small home he has everything he needs. Every day he paddle to the coast to heal people from the plague. The fight seems absurd, but Aaron tries his best to save the inhabitants of Moria. The free time Aaron has in his home, he spends on reading and rearing of swans. Explore all the details on MOCpages! I hope you like it and feel free to post your thoughts about this creation. :) Jonas
  13. Yesterday I posted to flickr this creation of mine influenced by Buddhist and in turn Hindu art. Specifically the statue is meant to represent a bodhisattva like Ksitigarbha and Avalokitesvara. Each of the ritual objects held by the bodhisattva's many arms has a religious significance: the bell to punctuate the recitation of mantras, the staff with jingling rings to announce the coming of a traveler, the trident to represent the three jewels and three poisons of Buddhist philosophy, the axe to symbolically behead ignorance (one of the poisons), and the round orange vessel is meant to represent a wish-fulfilling jewel or cintamani. Click the image for a link to the flickr photo page. I feel bad posting these other things because some are almost a year old, but I'm not sure that new topics would be appropriate either. Anyhow, I exhibited this model at Brickfair VA last year and it's based on the library on the Island of Myst that sets the adventure puzzle game Myst and appears in some of its sequels. These boats I also assembled for the con as my small contribution to last year's Apocalug cyber city. The one in the middle is based on the airboat from the episode "Ganymede Elegy" of the anime Cowboy Bebop. Finally, the oldest model I never posted here isn't very refined as I built it only to photograph for the banner of a flickr group, but I think some of you may appreciate it. It's designed after a meeting house or wharenui used by the Maori people of New Zealand. Once again I have linked the image to its flickr page. Thanks for looking through all these, Nathan
  14. woofmcmoose

    Review: 30071 Police Boat

    Police Boat Set #: 30071 Year Released: 2012 Piece Count: 35 Minifigs: 1 RRP: $3.99 (US), Free with the Sun newspaper (UK). Here we have one of the 2012 City Polybag promos, which was available in Walmart in the US, free with a 'news'paper in the UK and part of various other exclusives across Europe. The set is part of the 'forest police' line rather than your regular city cops. The Box Bag Despite being a 'forest police' set the bag art shows our cop speeding through the water in front of silhouetted city skyscrapers and out onto the usual City blue 'L' which contains the LEGO logo, age range and set number. Already you can see the much griped about neck issue with the new style life preserver. The back of the bag is full of multi-language 'small parts' warnings, a small promo for the lego club and gives you a sneak peek at the parts through a transparent strip down the centre seam: The Minifig Here you get a standard forest cop. He has a nice front and back print khaki shirt, with badge over his left pocket and a handheld mic clipped to his right pocket connected to a radio in the back of his waistband. Dark blue legs, a tan 'park ranger' style hat and the smug pilot head complete the figure. The Parts There aren't many, but you get a few interesting bits: two flavours of 4-wide wedge, some trans-blue cheese a 2x1 cheese grill, a black 1x2 brick with two studs on both sides and printed blue 'POLICE' tile. You will end up with a single trans-blue cheese left at the end of the build too. The Instructions Look how cute when folded; almost minifig size! Here they are unfolded, they have a good contrast light blue background and the set colours are sufficiently dissimilar that you won't easily be confused. The steps are simple with only a couple of parts added at a time. The lower half of the back page shows a promo shot of the other 'forest police' sets. You can see their downtown bretheren across the bridge in the background: The Build and Model The build is done in 2 parts, the boat and engine. It starts pretty much as any other 4-wide boat/plane with a combination of plates and wedges: Then, add some more plates and wedges! I think given the size and price of the set the red/green nav lights are a nice little touch by the designer. The stacking of the two wedge angles also gives a more streamlined look to the bow: Finally the engine and it's pretty huge. I think perhaps the older style plate, grille plate and lever/arm with 3 fingers used trhoughout the 90's may have been more suited: And we're done so lets have a look around. First from above; you can see just how big the engine is and how far it sticks out. Whilst the clip-on arrangement gives a minor 'play feature' allowing the engine to be raised/lowered/removed, I can't help but thing it should be closer to the boat: Rear quarter and again you see the giant engine dominates: From the front quarter though she looks good and fast. Though the cop is having a bad neck day. You cant really spot in the photo but there is a 2x2 inverted dish under the bow for riding wave in the carpet without snagging: The Verdict Build & Model: The build was simple yet enjoyable given the small piece count. The nav lights were a nice touch, though insufficient to distract from the likely issues of centre of gravity vs centre of buoyancy are policeman is about to encounter: 6 Parts: A reasonable selection of bits for say, making boats? Might also be good as a parts source for aircraft MOCs or general policey bits. Let down only by the lifejacket: 7 Figure: Very good, I do like the forest cops, I suppose you could want some leg printing, but I'm not sure what. Lifejacket I have scored in parts, so as to not be unkind to the minifig: 9 Playability: It will happily splash (what is the boat equivalent of 'swoosh'?) around your carpet pretty fast. You could say the engine adds playability but that might be stretching it a little. Get another boat or fig and there are plenty of scenarios to play out: 7 Overall: For a promo polybag I think it fulfils it's purpose well. It shows off some good design elements, has a good fig, reasonable playability and would entice kids into the police product line. For AFOLs it's still a nice little impulse set and with slight modding to the engine area I think would look good in most settings: 8
  15. Hello, I have created a MOC of the Orca from the classic Steven Spielberg film, Jaws. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts, opinions on it? I have tried to be as close to the original ship as possible, including getting the sheer and camber of the vessel. Some bits were quite difficult to put in, such as the curved railings heading down to the bow from the pulpit. I also couldn't find a rope on LDD for the barrel on the transom, so I decided to use a chain. Thanks for viewing!
  16. SevenSeas

    MOC: Small Trawler (Cuusoo project)

    So, here comes another Cuusoo project of mine, this time a professional fishing boat at a reasonable scale, 600 pieces. I added this to Cuusoo since there has never been any real fishing boat in Lego, like ever! There are several play features, and the trawl is supposed to be possible to trawl with like with a real fishing boat. Please check out this Cuusoo project! At the link you will be able to see more pictures of all the features and interior, and perhaps even vote for it... Also feel free to add a comment, either here or there or both...
  17. Hi! This is my new Cuusoo project, a river paddle steamer! It has an interior and several play functions, like an automated paddle wheel without any motor ("push driven"). Please check it out at the link, and perhaps vote for it, or leave a comment! Thank you!
  18. Farnheim

    MOC: 4wide water rescue unit

    Hello all! The next one (of my 120+ firetrucks, containers and trailers ) I want to show you is a water rescue truck in combination with a boat on a trailer. This unit carries rescue divers and a lot specific equipment to the scene. The truck is highly recommend for rough and/or weak terrain. The boat (which features a solid aluminum hull) carries a powerful outboard motor and a lot of equipment for the first responders. It's quite basic-built, but features the typical bicolor paint scheme and the drive train as a little more detail under the car. Like every MOC of mine this truck also features some epuipment like the divers' suit, a respirator and a special platform to rescue people from thin ice. Finally a picture of the complete a water rescue squad that will be released when an incoming emergency call is indexed by the dispatchers with the word "water". It features from the right: incident command van, pumper (also equipped with stuff for the technical assistance, water rescue truck (divers truck), boat truck and a crane and a rescue van. Hope you like it. C&C are welcome as usual. Thanks in advance. Regards, Farnheim
  19. Two Norsemen introduce a couple Mitgardians to the clans' traditional summer Ice Haddock fishing activities off the Isles of Solitude. Ice Haddock serves as a protein staple in most Mitgardians' diets--fresh in the summer and salted or cold smoked in the winter--and as a major trade item with Avalonian and Kaliphlinite merchants. The Norsemen did not, however share that Ice Haddock makes excellent bait for luring in Western Sea Serpents... I've had this idea since CCCX and the MOC has been in work in some stage or another since probably April, but I finally was able to knock it out over the past few weeks. This is my first try a multi-level build, brick-built boat and a big honkin' monster. Let me know what you guys think, C&C appreciated! Flickr link:
  20. If you're living in a town with a marina, you should have a boat. Actually a SHIP would be even better, and then you can already choose to go luxury. Check out my new SUNREEF 100 classic luxury sailing catamaran. For the colors i chose to do a version for my friend's divecenter Thailand Dive and Sail which fits the boat very nicely You can see the full model gallery here: SUNREEF 100 - Thailand Dive and Sail colors LEGO replica catamaran My friend assisted the build process and documented everything with his camera, so there's a complete WIP article with tons of construction phase photos here: Sunreef 100 lego WIP – How To Build A SHIP In 18 hours I hope you enjoy both, the model and the WIP blog Yours Alex
  21. SteampunkDoc

    HMS Dark Tan Beauty

    [pid][/pid] 150A HMS Dark Tan Beauty (For lack of a more original name.) Yep, this is what happens when you combine a recent viewing of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie with the "Sorting" of an old Indiana Jones set that just happened to have boat parts in it. Of course, I also had to find a way to integrate some dark tan parts. I'm quite proud of the overall smoothness and sleekness of this ship, so I hope you like it! It's my first true ship MOC, and Jack is thrown in rather randomly, but it's always fun to try something new. Hope you don't mind the sup-par picture quality. C&C welcome, and as always, more pics over on my photostream. SteampunkDoc
  22. [pid][/pid] 150B Ahoy mates! I be Cap'n Redshanks, mighty pirate, and for many years now I've been a regular visitor of these fine forums - but nary a post have I made. My meager collection of pirate LEGO hasn't produced much worth sharing. Now that I be home for the summer, it's time to set sail in my first completed MOC: the "Sea Chantey", me flagship. Enjoy! Most of the techniques and parts I utilized came from TLG ships, like the POTC Black Pearl and 2009 Brickbeard's Bounty. The sails are made of cardstock paper, and the reef points are (very poorly) hand-drawn. Here are some more views: A view from the port quarter. From dead astern. Dead-ahead, bow-on. A closer view of the stern. Nothing fancy here; the gold cutlasses came from the Pirate Captain in TLG's Minifigs Collection. The main cabin. Apologies for the blurry picture. The doors are a wee bit close to the mainmast, but I couldn't move the mast forward too much or else it would ruin the proportions of the ship; it'll just be a tight squeeze for the captain A closeup of the quarterdeck. See how close those doors are? I will probably change that later... Closeup of the winch over the gun deck. It can rotate in any direction. The gun deck. She can mount three guns per side, unless you clear out the cabin and stick cannons out the windows...improvisation, after all, is the art of a true pirate! A very blurry shot of the figurehead, a parrot. It seemed to fit with the aesthetics of the ship... That's it! Please leave your comments, criticisms, insults, and angry exclamations below. Fair winds and following seas, me buckos! - Redshanks
  23. Hello! Seems I am newbie, Anyway First topic RC lego boats Seems Very interesting, you can do that easy with many kinds of lego Boat Hulls. But that was a bit hard to buy (I don't know it is only happen to me ) So, I tried to make boat without boat hulls. In april, I made something, which is Very Slow, Just float a bit, Also Can't turn. And, I just tried to make something turn, But with NXT, that was So Slow, just Turning... (first part of this video) Now, Starting again, I wonder you can give me some tips, and suggestions. Thanks!
  24. Umbar was once the chief southern port of Gondor, but after the fall of Numenor and ages of strife, Umbar became an independent rival state under the control of the Haradrim. The Corsairs of Umbar were nominally privateers, though their fleet included more than 50 capital warships, more interested in destroying Gondorian vessels to exert dominance than raiding them for the sake of simple profit. I've been meaning to do a ship for some time now, and I've also been on a bit of a LOTR kick of late, so the Corsairs of Umbar seemed like a good way to kill two birds with one brick. I debated for some time as to what the ship should look like. The Peter Jackson film envisioned a boat with strong eastern influences, like a junk or a dhow but I know many history buff and fans of the books who firmly avow that the ships are clearly dromonds while still others avidly argue in favor of caravels. After much internal debate, it suddenly dawned on me that, while Tolkien's work was clearly informed by history, it was in no way constrained by it and that, rather than trying to cram an accurate model of an historical ship into Middle Earth, I should just build something with lanteen sails (the only feature all the candidate ships and the text itself had in common)that looked both cool and intimidating. Hopefully it's pretty clear that this is a warship, long keel, narrow beam, battering ram just below the waterline; why even pretend to be a cargo ship? I was really going for something that looked like it could slice through a ships hull as easily as it cut through the waves. The raised afterdeck is so the helmsman can line up a clean shot over the heads of raiders waiting to board the enemy vessel. The top of the ram's base is just visible above the waterline on the bow. A bank of oars (11 per side) helps to put on the extra head of steam for ramming speed (and backing away afterwards) The elevated stern affords a commanding view of the surroundings. The rigging (or entire lack thereof) could use some work, but overall I'm happy with how things came out. Happy sailing....
  25. mifody

    MOC: Sea transport

    Hi, everybody! I bring to your attention two types of sea transport - the police boat and a usual tow. These models aren't prototypes of real models. Their images are collective of different types of boats, tows, the ships! And so, we will pass to our boats. The first model - a tow. This model serves for towage not big vessels, boats. Also helps to plunge small (generally single) to civil submarines and other small underwater equipment. General views: Tires are sideways fixed in order that it was possible to push and direct the large ships! As you can see, by the ship there are many lifebuoys: On a tow nose, near a searchlight, the seagull - on team beliefs it to good luck was attached! On a roof there is an observation deck. Also there are loud-hailers and marker lights. Entrance to the ship cabin, ladder on an observation deck: The device for a raising lowering of underwater miniboats, etc. equipment. Ship team - quite ill-matched, but friendly and harmonious staff. At the head of team there is skilled captain! Let's glance to the cabin of management of a ship: Inside we can see the various navigation and coherent equipment, a steering wheel and control levers: General views without team: And again with team: Now we pass to the police boat. It is used for interception and detention (and in case of need and destructions) a various type of boats. General views: The boat is armed with a large-caliber machine gun: From above you can see loud-hailers, sirens with flashers and communication antennas: The management cabin with a radar and the other equipment: Group of sea police: General views without team: Now both ships together: As you can see, both ships are constructed on the general base. But the police boat looks more high-speed at the expense of small height, and the tow, in turn, looks quite large at the expense of a high cabin! On it at me all! I wait for your comments, councils and wishes! Excuse for my bad English!