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Found 115 results

  1. If you're living in a town with a marina, you should have a boat. Actually a SHIP would be even better, and then you can already choose to go luxury. Check out my new SUNREEF 100 classic luxury sailing catamaran. For the colors i chose to do a version for my friend's divecenter Thailand Dive and Sail which fits the boat very nicely You can see the full model gallery here: SUNREEF 100 - Thailand Dive and Sail colors LEGO replica catamaran My friend assisted the build process and documented everything with his camera, so there's a complete WIP article with tons of construction phase photos here: Sunreef 100 lego WIP – How To Build A SHIP In 18 hours I hope you enjoy both, the model and the WIP blog Yours Alex
  2. SteampunkDoc

    HMS Dark Tan Beauty

    [pid][/pid] 150A HMS Dark Tan Beauty (For lack of a more original name.) Yep, this is what happens when you combine a recent viewing of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie with the "Sorting" of an old Indiana Jones set that just happened to have boat parts in it. Of course, I also had to find a way to integrate some dark tan parts. I'm quite proud of the overall smoothness and sleekness of this ship, so I hope you like it! It's my first true ship MOC, and Jack is thrown in rather randomly, but it's always fun to try something new. Hope you don't mind the sup-par picture quality. C&C welcome, and as always, more pics over on my photostream. SteampunkDoc
  3. [pid][/pid] 150B Ahoy mates! I be Cap'n Redshanks, mighty pirate, and for many years now I've been a regular visitor of these fine forums - but nary a post have I made. My meager collection of pirate LEGO hasn't produced much worth sharing. Now that I be home for the summer, it's time to set sail in my first completed MOC: the "Sea Chantey", me flagship. Enjoy! Most of the techniques and parts I utilized came from TLG ships, like the POTC Black Pearl and 2009 Brickbeard's Bounty. The sails are made of cardstock paper, and the reef points are (very poorly) hand-drawn. Here are some more views: A view from the port quarter. From dead astern. Dead-ahead, bow-on. A closer view of the stern. Nothing fancy here; the gold cutlasses came from the Pirate Captain in TLG's Minifigs Collection. The main cabin. Apologies for the blurry picture. The doors are a wee bit close to the mainmast, but I couldn't move the mast forward too much or else it would ruin the proportions of the ship; it'll just be a tight squeeze for the captain A closeup of the quarterdeck. See how close those doors are? I will probably change that later... Closeup of the winch over the gun deck. It can rotate in any direction. The gun deck. She can mount three guns per side, unless you clear out the cabin and stick cannons out the windows...improvisation, after all, is the art of a true pirate! A very blurry shot of the figurehead, a parrot. It seemed to fit with the aesthetics of the ship... That's it! Please leave your comments, criticisms, insults, and angry exclamations below. Fair winds and following seas, me buckos! - Redshanks
  4. Hello! Seems I am newbie, Anyway First topic RC lego boats Seems Very interesting, you can do that easy with many kinds of lego Boat Hulls. But that was a bit hard to buy (I don't know it is only happen to me ) So, I tried to make boat without boat hulls. In april, I made something, which is Very Slow, Just float a bit, Also Can't turn. And, I just tried to make something turn, But with NXT, that was So Slow, just Turning... (first part of this video) Now, Starting again, I wonder you can give me some tips, and suggestions. Thanks!
  5. Umbar was once the chief southern port of Gondor, but after the fall of Numenor and ages of strife, Umbar became an independent rival state under the control of the Haradrim. The Corsairs of Umbar were nominally privateers, though their fleet included more than 50 capital warships, more interested in destroying Gondorian vessels to exert dominance than raiding them for the sake of simple profit. I've been meaning to do a ship for some time now, and I've also been on a bit of a LOTR kick of late, so the Corsairs of Umbar seemed like a good way to kill two birds with one brick. I debated for some time as to what the ship should look like. The Peter Jackson film envisioned a boat with strong eastern influences, like a junk or a dhow but I know many history buff and fans of the books who firmly avow that the ships are clearly dromonds while still others avidly argue in favor of caravels. After much internal debate, it suddenly dawned on me that, while Tolkien's work was clearly informed by history, it was in no way constrained by it and that, rather than trying to cram an accurate model of an historical ship into Middle Earth, I should just build something with lanteen sails (the only feature all the candidate ships and the text itself had in common)that looked both cool and intimidating. Hopefully it's pretty clear that this is a warship, long keel, narrow beam, battering ram just below the waterline; why even pretend to be a cargo ship? I was really going for something that looked like it could slice through a ships hull as easily as it cut through the waves. The raised afterdeck is so the helmsman can line up a clean shot over the heads of raiders waiting to board the enemy vessel. The top of the ram's base is just visible above the waterline on the bow. A bank of oars (11 per side) helps to put on the extra head of steam for ramming speed (and backing away afterwards) The elevated stern affords a commanding view of the surroundings. The rigging (or entire lack thereof) could use some work, but overall I'm happy with how things came out. Happy sailing....
  6. mifody

    MOC: Sea transport

    Hi, everybody! I bring to your attention two types of sea transport - the police boat and a usual tow. These models aren't prototypes of real models. Their images are collective of different types of boats, tows, the ships! And so, we will pass to our boats. The first model - a tow. This model serves for towage not big vessels, boats. Also helps to plunge small (generally single) to civil submarines and other small underwater equipment. General views: Tires are sideways fixed in order that it was possible to push and direct the large ships! As you can see, by the ship there are many lifebuoys: On a tow nose, near a searchlight, the seagull - on team beliefs it to good luck was attached! On a roof there is an observation deck. Also there are loud-hailers and marker lights. Entrance to the ship cabin, ladder on an observation deck: The device for a raising lowering of underwater miniboats, etc. equipment. Ship team - quite ill-matched, but friendly and harmonious staff. At the head of team there is skilled captain! Let's glance to the cabin of management of a ship: Inside we can see the various navigation and coherent equipment, a steering wheel and control levers: General views without team: And again with team: Now we pass to the police boat. It is used for interception and detention (and in case of need and destructions) a various type of boats. General views: The boat is armed with a large-caliber machine gun: From above you can see loud-hailers, sirens with flashers and communication antennas: The management cabin with a radar and the other equipment: Group of sea police: General views without team: Now both ships together: As you can see, both ships are constructed on the general base. But the police boat looks more high-speed at the expense of small height, and the tow, in turn, looks quite large at the expense of a high cabin! On it at me all! I wait for your comments, councils and wishes! Excuse for my bad English!
  7. Hi all, made this one up a few weeks ago and finally got around to uploading some pictures and thought I might share it with you. Tilting roof for easy driver access. A sun lounge on the bow complete with girls, wine and cheese (- the cheese) As always, lots more pictures can been found here. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks to everyone who entered! There will be prizes for the 2 entries with the highest number of votes. Prize Pool 1st place 3673 Steamboat 2nd place 3710 Peter Panda Takes a Bath Voting closes on Wednesday April 17th 2013 at midnight GMT/UTC. Voting Rules - You have a total of 5 points to award - You may not give more than 3 points to a single entry - Post your votes in the voting format shown below (list entry number, builder, and number of points awarded) - You may not edit your post, edited votes will not be counted - Votes that do not comply with these (simple) rules will not be counted - You must have joined Eurobricks prior to the voting period starting, Tuesday April 8th, 2013 Examples of Correct Votes 7. Pandora - 2 19. Rick - 3 7. Pandora - 2 15. Ricecracker - 2 19. Rick - 1 7. Pandora - 1 15. Ricecracker - 1 19. Rick - 1 21. Hinckley - 1 22. Phred - 1 The Entries In no particular order. Click on an entry to see more pictures. 1. Pedal Boat - Pilili Cuicui 2. The Fabusea Sailor - Damaximus 3. Bonnie Bunny's Speed Boat - dr_spock 4. Captain Crow's Yellow Submarine - Cecilie 5. Sailboat - Oky
  9. Finally got my old minifigs back and can start doing more Brickfilms again! Captain Redbeard's fallen on some hard times out on the open sea, and is about to lose the plot altogether... Lemme know what you think?
  10. My entry for the Fabuland Boat contest. A small family from Fabuland enjoy their holiday on the sea in a small sailship. I don't have much experience in bricking sail ships, so I hope it works out fine There are 2 Fabuland pieces incorporated in the build, hope you find them C&C ofcourse welcome!
  11. Bunnies have a need for speed. It also floats and works as a bath toy. (not that I bathe with my MOCs).
  12. BlueCaret

    Comic: Boat Bail

    Hi! Here's my second comic strip. Just a quick something I put together. Still trying to think up more creative stories to do so for now a simple one: Boat Bail:
  13. Hello again everybody! Here's my next Fabuland contest entry, a sailboat. There have been many rowboats and steamboats in Fabuland, but none that sail. With this, the Fabulanders can go out to sea to go fishing or to just enjoy themselves. Fabuland Sailboat by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Fabuland Sailboat back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Fabuland Sailboat side by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr It even has a compartment at the front to keep things like fishing nets or paddles. Fabuland Sailboat interior by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Feel free to leave comments or criticisms.
  14. Swifty118247

    MOC: Marvel SHIELD Boat

    I loved the film Avengers (I mean who doesn't!!) and was so exited to find out they were making lego sets of them that I bought them the day they came out!! I loved the sets but I really wanted to build some extra vehicles and building as well as characters (which I will post on another topic) to play with and put on display with my other sets. This is the first MOC that I have made that (I think counts as most of the other ones were a bit... well... rubbish) and I hope that you enjoy my work. It didn't take that long (20 mins + time to sort out decals) as most of the pieces that I used can from LEGO Agents so most of the Dark Blue pieces were there for me. I was originally making a submarine but I ran out of time. So here it is (I understand the decals aren't that fantastic but the printer that I use isn't that good!!) Side View: This is the best view (in my opinion!) as it shows of the whole of the boat and the shield logos on the side. Top View: I tried to show all of the interier. This is still a WIP (work in progress) so the interier will be improved!! I decided to write a little story to go along with the set (like the description in the lego catalog): The evil members of H.Y.D.R.A have stolen the secret information about the Avengers! Chase them down with the high speed S.H.I.E.L.D boat. Use the jet at the back to propell your self into the enemys base or chase them down on the waves. Who will win? You decide.
  15. 3 months in the making, my ship is finally done. This is a Canadian Coast Guard midshore patrol vessel. The first of 9 Hero-class patrol vessels, this one was launched in May, and the rest are to be completed sometime in 2013. The model is built to a scale of 1foot:1stud flickr Here is the real thing: Starboard: Port: Bridge: