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Found 118 results

  1. And here is the original reference image from LEGO: (more images later today or tomorrow) Find out more on set's official webpage: http://lego.queryen....otypes.php?j=en
  2. Commander Beltar

    Blacktron Intimidator

    Name: BTo1WallBreaker Alias: The Intimidator Functions: Ramming into walls and doors, two heavy laser cannons (with a total of 6 barrels), 4 back missiles. Modular Functions: The back vehicle can detach. Crew: Classified, Beltar, Classified MSRP: 100,000,001.001 Blacktron Currency Inventor: N't'n De Bl't'r of D'v'sh'rm Other Notes: CLASSIFIED =========================================================================================== The build: More pics in the spoiler! Hope you like it! Was it something we said? C and C are welcome! I built this guy for the CiBt Contest, but I think it turned out really well, so I thought I might as well post it. Blacktron’s are gonna break some doors down with this one… ~Beltar
  3. Brickthus

    New Monorail

    I have been developing the new Monorail system suggested by Masao Hidaka on LEGO Cuusoo Folder when moderated My layout has straights, curves and slopes well proven. The sizes are 1.5x the original - 48M curve radius and 6-wide (or wider) trains. I also tried a figure-eight with the crossing. So far I have a 5-car train with 2 motors, LiPo battery and IR Receiver. Top speed is a bit more than the original but it is also variable with the train remote. I am working on a flat crossing, which TLG patented for the original monorail but never released. Shown here is the rail-flattening version but I also have a turning rail version. I am also working on the motor switch function using a PF pole reverser on the train. I have yet to do points but Hidaka has started on these, as well as a crossover. All tracks are made from sustainable basic parts. TLG can't take away our monorail again - as long as there are basic parts there will be monorail! There is also more variation possible. I have an 80M/10-brick slope and two 48M/5-brick slopes. Both use the same angle modules at the ends, calculated not to strain parts and each joint fixed with two clip/bar hinges for robustness. I got into 0.1M offsets to make the angles! The black and yellow colour scheme fits with Blacktron quite well but you can vary the colours to suit your chosen theme. TLG will never make the original monorail again, no matter how much we might wish for it, because it is not commercially viable. I believe this system presents a sustainable future for LEGO Monorail. That's why I decided to help develop it. Please try it yourself and support it on LEGO Cuusoo Mark
  4. narbilu

    [K - E10] - The Traig Society

    :: The Traig Society :: Junali 3815 Hovering over the mountains of Traig, a strange anomaly triggered the scanners. It seems that there is some sort of life on Traig, and it appears they are intelligent enough to use metals and electronics. Something worth exploring. Fey drops the ship to the hard rock soil and Narbilu exits the vehicle in his newly obtained walker. Only a few clicks north before he encounters some sort of entrance. Narbilu was already spotted. A few manlike spacesuited figures guide him to their leader. Kawashita are the first visitors they could actually speak to in over a millennium. The content of the discussion won't be reported in this log, it seems to be secret and board members eyes only. What will happen and what is discussed???
  5. Anybody want a Blacktron fan-girl torso?
  6. slacker int

    [MOC] Blacktron Strix Patrol Ship

    Back with another ship for my expanding Blacktron 3 fleet. The Strix Patrol Ship has some very complex futuristic magnetic hovering propulsion engines lining its underside, allowing it to perform intricate maneuvers with ease. (They're so complex I don't even know what to call them ) This little guy fits one pilot and is used for surface patrol on Blacktron occupied planets. As with most of my models I planned the ship in LDD before building in 'real' bricks. Hope you like it - more on flickr - comments and feedback always appreciated! LDD concept
  7. keiththelegokid

    [SPC] Cat C - Blacktron Freighter

    So I was thinking, Blacktron were the original space pirates so why not make one for the contest? Well here it is If i do win please pick the Picture named Blacktron Freighter for the judging. Thanks for Looking:)
  8. Xand0r

    Neo Blacktron Stuff

    Hi everyone! Having been inspired by Matthias Riedel's Blacktron MOCs, I've been making some builds using the same colour scheme. Namely Black, Dark Bley and Trans Neon Green, which is inspired by the Rench minifig from Raid VPR (5981-1) and the Space Villain minifig (8803-6). I want to say in advance that I was very unhappy with my photography. Sorry about that! Some Notes! - The halftrack is originally by Matthias Riedel: - The crawler is based on a Nova Crawler, which is an alternate build of the Exo-Force kit, Supernova (7712), inspired by Matthias Riedel's blacktron MOC of same: - The racer is a recolour of the Agents kit, Infearno Interception (70162). - The walker is an updated Sub Orbital Guardian (6878-1) from Blacktron II. - The fighter is a recolour of the Ice Planet 2002 set Blizzard Baron (6879). - The submersible is a MOC with it's main design forms coming from the Aquazone set, Crystal Scavenger (2160-1). Many more pics in my Flickr album: I've also ordered components for 8 more Neo Blacktron minifigs, and am eagerly anticipating their arrival! Comments welcome!
  9. Orange Leader

    [MOC] Neo Blacktron Allied Invader

    What do you get when you fuse the Blacktron I Invader with Blacktron II's Allied Avenger? The Allied Invader. More than a nuisance than a dangerous treat in dogfights, the Allied Invader is an incredible speedy craft with weak firepower. Due to It's speed, It's not a very steerable fighter and needs broad space to manoeuvre. It's sometimes used as a kamikaze attack, delivering a deep piercing attack that might burst any vessel.
  10. Horatio-Caine

    Review: 6987 Message Intercept Base

    I wasn't expecting to review anything, and this is the only review you'll most likely see me do, however given the set it is then I'd be only happy to review it. Some facts: Released: 1988 Pieces: 569 Minifigures: 5 Build time: Around 2-3hrs Price paid: Just over £50 The set is the all time classic Space base from my favourite Space subtheme, Blacktron. It is the one and only 6987 Message Intercept Base. The best space base made in my opinion and pretty much the peak of Lego space. Many say that the bad guys got the biggest base, but in a sense when it was released in 1988 for its first year it was kinda a good guy base too, it was only in 1989 when Space Police came out that Lego changed the space story/canon somewhat and made Blacktron become outcast in a way and splitting away. Either way that doesn't stop it from being amazing, the Star Trek: First Contact of Lego space bases. And sometimes its good to be a little bit bad. The story goes that a while ago I managed to get a new example of this set, however the box wasn't great and was missing the front flap/lid, I managed to get another empty box which also wasn't great in other areas, but had the lid. I carefully took the lid off and carefully glued it to the new examples box successfully. I still had somewhat of an original box left though, so I decided to buy a complete set unboxed with instructions to pair with it so I can sell it back in better more complete condition than before. However that gave me a great excuse to make it and while I'm at it post a review. So let's get on with the details. It looks like this new. The Building Process With all that out of the way, time to empty the parts, get out the instructions and start building the detailed model. First, the set comes with some pretty nice parts, some of the more special ones that stand out are shown below. The trans yellow windscreen parts as always look great, there is even a 4x6 trans yellow plate, which rings back to the old classic space days. A nice use of castle wall pieces too, as well as the large black panel piece with the iconic Blacktron logo. The Minifigures/Crew The base comes with 5 classic Blacktron astronauts, sporting the mostly black body with grey detailing, and the intimidating pure black visor, becuase not being able to see your face is just cooler and so much more badass. It has a good amount of crew, however an extra figure or two would have been nice for a base this large and detailed, but oh well, at least its better than a lot that came after where the numbers seemed to go down to about 3. Instructions Being released 25 years ago now, the instructions that came with the set were harder to follow than now, less pages but more work on each step, I like that though. The front cover shows the base opening and closing as well as two of the four alternate models that can be built. A massive walker (basically a much larger Alienator) and a spaceship, which looks a bit like a much more fearsome Spyrius Saucer Centurion (6939) released some years later. The Baseplate This is pretty much the last big space base set that still used a flat surface studded plate before the raised baseplate came along afterwards. It actually consists of two plates, one large flat one, next to another one the same size with some cool crater detailing, another nod to what was used in classic space. These two together as you are about to see makes for one hell of a large home. Vehicles The base comes with two vehicles, a small but nimble buggy and an agile spacecraft. While not as large as separate models like the Battrax (6941) or Renegade (6954), they are still cool and give the base a sense of being complete. The buggy doesn't contain a lot of parts, however despite that it is the little details that make it rather nice. Those large tyres make it compensate for the not too many parts it has, and it just looks so space like. Even the transparent red rocket piece at the back with the transparent red cone at the front while only being as few pieces just make it look sleek and a lot of fun. It could totally ace the car chase scene in Star Trek: Nemesis. The spacecraft is one of the gems of the set, it is a small Vic Viper like craft. The wings can be adjusted to fold up and down, in some ways it resembles one of those mini Klingon fighters from Star Trek Into Darkness. Very clever design, even the thrusters are neat and it has enough firepower at the front and on the wings. It resides in the hanger of the base and actually stems around one of the main functional features of the base which will be revealed. It must be great being him. Ready to boldly go...where no one from Futuron has gone before. Space... The Base Itself Now onto making the big part, the base itself, what a joy it is to make. Here's a shot of part way through making, to show how this set is full of detail, this actually feels like a base, a place where if you are a Blacktron astronaut you really can chill out here after a hard days work. Control stations, tool/weapon holders and the spacecraft launchpad, plenty of stuff to do. The base is now complete in all of its glory. As you can see, there is a control tower to the right, which quite cleverly using a sort of gear piece below it can move backwards and forwards connecting to the base or separating on its own and making things look bigger and more spaced out. When separated it allows you to open up the walkway/corridor in between. Another part that uses the same method is the hanger itself, which again through the use of a rotating gear piece opens the hanger right out, to allow, yes you guessed it, the spacecraft to jet off. It also makes the unique and rare yellow 3x3 dish pieces at either side open out. One small flaw with this mechanism is that it is a bit fragile if you aren't careful. The Blacktron astronaut not in the craft can only just about hide his jealousy that he's not in it. And now back to work, can't be long until its is my turn to fly it, or mine. Another load of excellent interior detail this set offers. Dammit, I want the car! Well at least I have this weapon. The detail just doesn't end, revealed in the middle towards the rear of the hanger is a small and cute control booth that can be accessed via ladder, just below is another control area. Going back towards the right end of the base are more control areas, including another raised area with a yellow seat, although how the guy gets down is anyone guess. I may find it hard getting down, but I'm still higher up than you are. Relax, I know what I'm doing. And now my final and favourite part of the base, the corridor/walkway in between. This may not seem like a big bit, bit it is so nicely detailed and feels really realistic. You can lift the two windowed areas up via the hinges to put someone in the staring or walking down the corridor. In order to lift the one up at the front of the base you have to move the control tower forward a bit, otherwise you won't be able to get your hand in, it's a bit annoying but doesn't take much to do at least. I gotta get to that craft now! Well that's it, to sum up this is a fantastic base and my favourite, so many nice touches that overall make for a sweet build. It does have some minor flaws, like as mentioned no stairs to the top part in the control tower and no way of getting up to the base itself from the outside, but this is Lego so I'll just use my imagination. A bit flimsy in places and an extra minifig or two would be nice, however that could be solved easily now. As a whole it makes for an amazing space base that could even be modded to make even more detailed, while its obvious the colour scheme is also classic too, can't beat mostly black with some yellow highlighting. It gets my seal of approval, and it was fantastic having the chance to make it again. Pros +Amazing design and detail +Superb colour scheme +Nice vehicles +Many nice compartments +Great playability Cons -Flimsy in some places -One or two more minifigures would have been nice Overall: 95% Anyway I hope you enjoyed my review, thanks for reading.
  11. Hello everyone! So every now and then I look at this page and get inspired by many illustrations presented here or just try to remember them, and it inspires me to think about how would I reboot the "classic" Space themes, such as Blacktron, Ice Planet, Space Police, Spyrius... These thoughts has led me to some results that are posted here. And today I want to show you some of my ideas of how would droid/robotic helpers would look like in a rebooted space? Ice Planet Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr The Ice Planet robot was the first that I made. The role I had in mind is a fast-moving scout/courier. Space Police Patrol and Apprehension Unit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr For Space Police robot I had a more specific role in mind. This droid is for patrol and apprehension, which means it must have a sturdy frame and be mobile enough to scale the distance between itself and perpetrator. It hovers above the ground and uses it's shoulder boosters for steering. Blacktron Intruder Bot by The Mugbearer, on Flickr The latest robot I made is the biggest among them all, and there's no surprise since it's an intruder battle droid that disguises itself as a recon probe. It's armed with plasma circular sawblade and a laser gun, and it's sole purpose is to sabotage the work of M-Tron's facilities. That's all for now, enjoy!
  12. HorcikDesigns

    [MOC] Rover&Rover&Rover&BlackRover

    Hi, Here are my entries for Febrovery. (hope you like them ) Full album:
  13. Elephant Knight

    Pulsar Requin

    Presenting my largest SHIP to date, measuring 260 studs long, or 6 feet, 9 inches, the Pulsar Requin. Took about two months to build. Pulsar Requin 000 by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Pulsar Requin 003 by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Pulsar Requin 011 by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Pulsar Requin 013 by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Pulsar Requin 015 by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Comments and criticism are welcome!
  14. Hi everyone, I had exhibited at Legoworld the Netherlands with a Space layout. It has been 6 years since I have done something with my Space collection. The last time I had everything in one landscape, but this time I wanted to separate all the sub-themes in different landscapes. The landscapes are also in time sequence. In the landscapes you can see the overlap of some subthemes. One other idea was to connect the worlds with each other with a monorail. The monorail set 6990 was the set to connect all the worlds. The first set is from 1986 and the time line ends at 2011 (Alien Conquest). I do have Space Police III, but I did not have the bricks to create one more landscape. I do not have Mars Mission or Roboforce, because of lack of interest. The link to the pictures: I hope you like it. Sander
  15. My modest entry to the SHIPtember 2014 challenge: the Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee Length: 126 studs (101cm) Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr The Common-class Star Hauler vessels were designed as modular and easy to assemble ships able to transport a lot of different cargo across long distances. Their modular conception allowed for virtually unlimited capacity as modules can be added or removed upon needs. The Blackbee is a nice example carrying 3 container sections and two power rings. Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr [/url] Blackbee - Out of Nowhere by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee in orbit by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee near Saturn by Veynom, on Flickr [/url ]Blackbee orbiting Earth by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee Power Ring by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee Engine Final by Veynom, on Flickr Common-class Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr
  16. whitswj

    Blacktron-1 fighter

    Lego Blacktron Concept by whitesidewjw, on Flickr This is a blacktron fighter concept I have been working on for a while. It started out as a redo of the Invader and I kept making modifications.
  17. whitswj

    aerial intruder 2.0

    Building on the MOC I submitted yesterday, here is the aerial intruder 2.0. This turned out a bit larger than I originally intended. Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 Front by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 Vehicles offbaord by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 Engines by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 Back by whitesidewjw, on Flickr
  18. Alkinoos

    [MOC]Blacktron starship fleet

    Têta Fleet of the Alki's Corp. have an opponent in the Legoxie : the Blacktron Fleet. The technology of these starships is old in comparison with the Alki's Corp one, but his firepower is great. So is experienced the crew of the ships. The main ship is the battleship with many gun, in particulary 3 triple turrets guns. 2 cruisers with a smaller firepower but greater mobility surrond it. 2 fighters and a "beetle" complete the Fleet. =>Yamatorax battleship: => 2 Blacktron cruisers => 2 fighters assits the fleet
  19. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Blacktron II

    If M:tron is my favorite theme, then they must have a sufficient enemy. My expansion of Blacktron II was done to keep in step with the sets and MOCs of M:tron. There are more pictures at my Flickr showing play features and such. "Starwing" (wingman to 6832) "Striker" "Transport" (this is a mod of the ship from set 6988; I wanted a VTOL for troop transport similar to my M:tron "Space Huey") "Interceptor" (tried to base this one off of 6981) "Armored Rover" (let's face it, the M:tron Mega Cor Magnetizer 6989 was an awesome set, and Blacktron II had nothing like it; I tried to keep the style of 6933)
  20. Hello all, I am attempting to rebuild the Blacktron Message-Intercept Base, and have sorted every party except for the "Trans-Yellow Panel 10 x 10 x 12 Quarter Dome" I am willing to trade one or maybe two Series one zombies for this piece. Please PM me at if AT ALL interested... i am only short this piece to complete my set. Thank you very much, legozebra
  21. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Blacktron

    All right, I posted Futuron, so now Blacktron I. Obviously the Futuron theme had a lot more sets, so that means I didn't feel the need for as many Futuron MOCs. But Blacktron never had enough more MOCs. And sorry, I haven't gotten around to photographing any of the Blacktron MOCs yet, so just renders. "Defender" "Cargo Pod" (based off set 6894) Alternate build 1 for set 6876 (back of box) Alternate build 2 for set 6876 (back of box) "Batwing" (cockpit from set 6941 with new wing section) "Hyper-Cruiser" Base extensions on set 6987
  22. Horatio-Caine

    [MOC] Blacktron Demon

    My next Blacktron ship is ready to show, this time it forms off one of those general Vic Viper/starcraft cockpit design ideas that is pictured on FlickR somewhere, with some added folding wings thrown in. Rather fittingly it is the Blacktron Demon, fast, powerful and dark/sleek enough to launch attacks on unsuspecting craft. Given the name and backgrounds, this is one of those crafts that lurks around in the darkest, deepest places in space. A nebula might look fine to explore, but behind it or lurking in the dark near it you never know what is there. Original Yellow Space Shots Enjoy!
  23. DuckBricks

    Blacktron Invader 2.0

    Hi everyone, This is my first MOC post on Eurobricks! Any feedback/comments suggestions is great! I first decided to build this after one of my teachers (knowing I love LEGO), gave me a huge bin of LEGO to sort for her robotics class and gave me free rights to take anything I wanted. There was a lot of interesting classic space and castle stuff in there, but the thing that struck me the most was this (http://www.bricklink...m.asp?P=2345p44) piece. I asked if I could have that and some classic space torsos, and immediately was inspired to build a Blacktron MOC! Here it is! I drew my sources mainly from 6984 Invader ( and embellished on it. Here it is! I tried to make it more streamlined than the previous incarnation, so unfortunately I had to use a trans-black windshield instead of trans-yellow (please don't kill me ) Here's flight mode. And, true to the original, it separates and can even combine with my Alienator 2.0 (pics coming soon) And here's the cargo container, it holds a minifigure. Cockpit! This was made quite a while ago, and I really do not care for the gray piece on the cargo section, it detracts from the overall look. However, I have already replaced it with another black piece and I think it looks a bit better More pics can be found on my flickr account! Thanks for the comments in advance! legozebra
  24. Hey guys, I found a Message-Intercept Base on Ebay for 130$, shipping is $80 but it comes with a bunch of other random Blacktron parts... Should I get it? My birthday is on May 29, so I'm hoping to treat myself If anyone can find it for cheaper please let me know, Blacktron is my favorite theme! Thank you so much! legozebra
  25. I've had the itch to build but haven't had the time/money/effort to build in actual bricks lately. Thank goodness for LDD - Keeping my creativity alive! Blacktron 3 Torgos Dropship - Holds 12 Blacktron troopers in the belly and is piloted by a crew of three. Has some cannons for added "pew pews" and should be VTOL but it's not. I hope you like it!