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Found 104 results

  1. My modest entry to the SHIPtember 2014 challenge: the Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee Length: 126 studs (101cm) Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr The Common-class Star Hauler vessels were designed as modular and easy to assemble ships able to transport a lot of different cargo across long distances. Their modular conception allowed for virtually unlimited capacity as modules can be added or removed upon needs. The Blackbee is a nice example carrying 3 container sections and two power rings. Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr [/url] Blackbee - Out of Nowhere by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee in orbit by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee near Saturn by Veynom, on Flickr [/url ]Blackbee orbiting Earth by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee Power Ring by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee Engine Final by Veynom, on Flickr Common-class Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr
  2. whitswj

    Blacktron-1 fighter

    Lego Blacktron Concept by whitesidewjw, on Flickr This is a blacktron fighter concept I have been working on for a while. It started out as a redo of the Invader and I kept making modifications.
  3. whitswj

    aerial intruder 2.0

    Building on the MOC I submitted yesterday, here is the aerial intruder 2.0. This turned out a bit larger than I originally intended. Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 Front by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 Vehicles offbaord by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 Engines by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Blacktron Alien Intruder 2.0 Back by whitesidewjw, on Flickr
  4. Alkinoos

    [MOC]Blacktron starship fleet

    Têta Fleet of the Alki's Corp. have an opponent in the Legoxie : the Blacktron Fleet. The technology of these starships is old in comparison with the Alki's Corp one, but his firepower is great. So is experienced the crew of the ships. The main ship is the battleship with many gun, in particulary 3 triple turrets guns. 2 cruisers with a smaller firepower but greater mobility surrond it. 2 fighters and a "beetle" complete the Fleet. =>Yamatorax battleship: => 2 Blacktron cruisers => 2 fighters assits the fleet
  5. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Blacktron II

    If M:tron is my favorite theme, then they must have a sufficient enemy. My expansion of Blacktron II was done to keep in step with the sets and MOCs of M:tron. There are more pictures at my Flickr showing play features and such. "Starwing" (wingman to 6832) "Striker" "Transport" (this is a mod of the ship from set 6988; I wanted a VTOL for troop transport similar to my M:tron "Space Huey") "Interceptor" (tried to base this one off of 6981) "Armored Rover" (let's face it, the M:tron Mega Cor Magnetizer 6989 was an awesome set, and Blacktron II had nothing like it; I tried to keep the style of 6933)
  6. Hello all, I am attempting to rebuild the Blacktron Message-Intercept Base, and have sorted every party except for the "Trans-Yellow Panel 10 x 10 x 12 Quarter Dome" I am willing to trade one or maybe two Series one zombies for this piece. Please PM me at if AT ALL interested... i am only short this piece to complete my set. Thank you very much, legozebra
  7. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Blacktron

    All right, I posted Futuron, so now Blacktron I. Obviously the Futuron theme had a lot more sets, so that means I didn't feel the need for as many Futuron MOCs. But Blacktron never had enough more MOCs. And sorry, I haven't gotten around to photographing any of the Blacktron MOCs yet, so just renders. "Defender" "Cargo Pod" (based off set 6894) Alternate build 1 for set 6876 (back of box) Alternate build 2 for set 6876 (back of box) "Batwing" (cockpit from set 6941 with new wing section) "Hyper-Cruiser" Base extensions on set 6987
  8. Horatio-Caine

    [MOC] Blacktron Demon

    My next Blacktron ship is ready to show, this time it forms off one of those general Vic Viper/starcraft cockpit design ideas that is pictured on FlickR somewhere, with some added folding wings thrown in. Rather fittingly it is the Blacktron Demon, fast, powerful and dark/sleek enough to launch attacks on unsuspecting craft. Given the name and backgrounds, this is one of those crafts that lurks around in the darkest, deepest places in space. A nebula might look fine to explore, but behind it or lurking in the dark near it you never know what is there. Original Yellow Space Shots Enjoy!
  9. legozebra

    Blacktron Invader 2.0

    Hi everyone, This is my first MOC post on Eurobricks! Any feedback/comments suggestions is great! I first decided to build this after one of my teachers (knowing I love LEGO), gave me a huge bin of LEGO to sort for her robotics class and gave me free rights to take anything I wanted. There was a lot of interesting classic space and castle stuff in there, but the thing that struck me the most was this (http://www.bricklink...m.asp?P=2345p44) piece. I asked if I could have that and some classic space torsos, and immediately was inspired to build a Blacktron MOC! Here it is! I drew my sources mainly from 6984 Invader ( and embellished on it. Here it is! I tried to make it more streamlined than the previous incarnation, so unfortunately I had to use a trans-black windshield instead of trans-yellow (please don't kill me ) Here's flight mode. And, true to the original, it separates and can even combine with my Alienator 2.0 (pics coming soon) And here's the cargo container, it holds a minifigure. Cockpit! This was made quite a while ago, and I really do not care for the gray piece on the cargo section, it detracts from the overall look. However, I have already replaced it with another black piece and I think it looks a bit better More pics can be found on my flickr account! Thanks for the comments in advance! legozebra
  10. Hey guys, I found a Message-Intercept Base on Ebay for 130$, shipping is $80 but it comes with a bunch of other random Blacktron parts... Should I get it? My birthday is on May 29, so I'm hoping to treat myself If anyone can find it for cheaper please let me know, Blacktron is my favorite theme! Thank you so much! legozebra
  11. I've had the itch to build but haven't had the time/money/effort to build in actual bricks lately. Thank goodness for LDD - Keeping my creativity alive! Blacktron 3 Torgos Dropship - Holds 12 Blacktron troopers in the belly and is piloted by a crew of three. Has some cannons for added "pew pews" and should be VTOL but it's not. I hope you like it!
  12. I got nothing to do today so i made this vignette. Blacktron is my favorite faction in space theme, i hope lego continue this theme :) I made a minigun (kinda) for one of the troops to make it look more badass :D The Invasion of Blacktron by diazcen, on Flickr Feel free to comment ! thanks
  13. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Fututron

    Good evening all. I thought I would finally get around to posting my sci-fi/space MOCs. So far I have just been over in the the digital forum for LDraw. Every MOC I make is done in LDraw. So renders for everything, and what I have built in real bricks or actually taken time to photograph I have pictures for. Everything is over on my Flickr role, and files in LDraw are over on Brickshelf. The biggest thing for me when I am making an official themed MOC is that I stay as close to original design as possible. This means that I limited myself to the parts that were available at the time and try to keep my build techniques like those used in the original sets. I hope I do them justice. So, Futuron to start it off... "Winged Attacker" This MOC is "Midway Station," meant to bridge the Futuron and Unnitron monorails.
  14. Hammerstein NWC

    Blacktron Harvester

    When Blacktron Reconnaissance discovered the value of pollen from Persei Six, they created the Harvester Drones to steal as much of it as possible. Unlike the Nalongii Pollinator the Harvester has received some inbuilt aggressive programming and the accompanying "wing chung" unarmed combat techniques. Side by side with the Nalongii Pollinator!
  15. Horatio-Caine

    [MOC] Blacktron Stealth

    It has been a while since I have shown anything, I'll admit I don't think this one is anything special, it is more filler if anything, although because the Star Wars windscreens went together well and the drill weapon on the front was ok, I suppose a craft is a craft at the end of the day and I found it passable enough at least to make it a nifty fighter. I am however looking forward to showing what I have coming after this over time, as I am much happier with them, it's only just about to get better, and if I can get POV-Ray to work as said before in other threads then even better. Anyway, I present this time the Blacktron Stealth. Original Vintage Yellow Space Shots Enjoy!
  16. Horatio-Caine

    Blacktron Revenger

    First of all, happy 2014 everyone! What better way to kick the New Year off with a new MOC. Not just that, what you are about to see is pretty much a fresh format, almost like a reboot. Now that POV-Ray is working well, it means that the detail is much more real compared to the old method of just using LDraw snapshots, making it almost cartoony, in some ways it does look cool and old school, however I’d much prefer it looking more real. The logos have also been given a revamp and made sleeker with an overall less excess baggage look, hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing the changes as much as I enjoyed working on them come together. Right, my next MOC you might recognise is a modern nod to a certain older Blacktron ship design Lego released in 91, and one of their best in my view. There have been modern remakes of it, however I felt it was a good idea to break the mould a bit and make a bit of a different design approach. I give you the Blacktron Revenger, while small, it makes up for it in sheer speed, agility and flexibility of being able to pretty much fit in and be a use anywhere. The fastest single piloted craft in the galaxy. Four powerful weapon heads on each of the four wings, and with top secret research and development by mischievous Blacktron scientists, the ship can fire either lasers or torpedo’s, or for even more it can fire all four lasers into one to make a more powerful destructive beam. Yellow Version And as a further extra, some more generations of it. Future Generation Version Yes I know, it rendered trans yellow, although I thought it looked pretty cool and a bit different but still looking like Future Generation so I kept it like that, they look more trans yellow in the catalogue pictures too to my eyes. Blacktron 3 Version My personal take on the Blacktron 3 look. And finally some space shots. There are a lot of pictures so the rest can be seen in this link. I also while I was at it revamped the last few MOC’s that just used the less detailed LDraw picture format. Anyway, enjoy!
  17. Horatio-Caine

    [MOC] Blacktron Insector

    Going back to an original design idea and not a remake now, I wanted to this time build something small but agile, that could seat two people. A bit of inspiration actually came from Star Trek Nemesis from those Scorpion attack fighters. I wanted to do something like that because as since it seats two people, you could see it being hijacked by some protagonists in order to get away from where they are being held captive, whether it be a base or a large ship. Out of all of it comes the Blacktron Insector. Space Shots
  18. Horatio-Caine

    MOC: Blacktron Meteor Monitor Remake

    Right, I've been wanting to show off some more space MOC's I had done since last time, however the problem is the fact that I just don't have the cash to get the parts. Thankfully I can at least use MLCAD/LDraw since I made my first MOC I showed a few months ago, which does at least mean I can show off the models. Who knows I might end up being physically able to build them one day, but for now I suppose computer generated design still works well enough. So here goes, I've got a few more I'll show soon. Anyway, not a very big one this time, I decided to do a remake for 2013 of the classic 1875 Blacktron Meteor Monitor. I combined some older traits of the original set, along with some of the more modern design of 7049 Alien Striker (I don't like Alien Conquest to be honest, however some parts like this model were good), and the end result is this. Space Shots Small yes, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Enjoy!
  19. Elephant Knight

    Blacktron Dalek

    Yup. It is finished. Well, it has been finished for awhile, but I just finally got around to taking some proper pictures. So without further ado, I present my life-sized Blacktron 2005 series Dalek. More pictures in the Photostream
  20. Elephant Knight

    Epsilon Elnath (SHIPtember)

    Here is the SHIP I built for the SHIPtember challenge on Flickr: It clocks in at 120 studs long, and 60 something studs wide. Many features include a large shuttle bay that can carry many different things. Comments and criticism are welcome. And I seem to be having troubles using the enter key here. Had to type this all elsewhere and copy it here.
  21. Horatio-Caine

    MOC: Blacktron Xerra

    Hi there, I'm new here but have been lurking for a while. Long story short, I was into Lego from when I was young and then lost interest in about 2008 or so and sold all my Lego stuff, which was a mixture of nice example older sets from the 90s and before, along with a load of older Lego sets I got when I was younger at that time and predictably at that age mixed them all up, so essentially a massive lot of pieces. I also sold most of the NIB older sets I had (big mistake there I was kicking myself soon after that!). At that time I was more interested in having the older sets on display as I'm not really a fan of what is being made setwise now mostly, however I do find the newer parts useful as you'll see next. I still have a soft spot for Lego though and this year decided to come back but not to buy and display older sets anymore, no, this time I wanted to let my creativity show and build my own stuff every so often when time, money and space allows, also to buy a few of my favourite older Lego sets new as I am a bit of a collector too. I've already managed to obtain a few. Anyway, over time, my favourite Lego theme grew to be Space, and from it my favourite subtheme was easily the original Blacktron faction, nothing beats that in terms of coolness to me. After I saw all these MOC's of them going through Flickr and all, I felt that it would be cool to do my own version of Blacktron. I know some people will say that it needs some yellow highlighting bricks, however when I saw pasukaru76's Phase Black Blacktron spacecraft on Flickr, I personally felt that looked amazing so for my personal version of Blacktron I have gone down that path mostly. From that I began work on my first Blacktron craft and first MOC. It started in June, I purchased a few sets for parts along with part orders and took me about a month to get the majority of it done, since mid July I have been finishing and tweaking little details, the last one being what the minifigures will look like, I wanted to make them a bit different while still being recognisably Blacktron. It has now all come to this, I give you the Blacktron Xerra. All pictures. I'll add a few details/story about it later on, for now though I hope you like it.
  22. Henchmen4Hire

    Blacktron Army Rising

    I have enough SP3 officers, now it's time to build up the other guys. Ordered some parts, going to have to paint a few bits black, easy stuff. I'm annoyed that the one guy who has a bunch of Rench (New Blacktron) torsos wants over 2 dollars for them. I'm not too keen on spending 20 bucks for a few torsos, but I may not have a choice since Rench figures sell for even more -_- Anyway, here are some made up Blacktron troops. Just imagine them with Blacktron torsos: From left to right: Sniper, Infantry with pistols, Infantry with fancier goggles and rifle. Laser Armor-cutter (to wreck tank treads, walker-legs, break into fortresses, etc), Commando, Armored Artillery Guy lol Robot Drone Demolitions Guy (he ran out of hi-tech explosives!) Space Assault Troop (capable of fighting in space, zooming around sabotaging enemy craft and being a general nuisance) Experimental Weapons Guy (they test fancy new weapons in the battlefield)
  23. The Mugbearer

    Space Themes Reloaded

    Greetings community! I am here to share something like an unfinished project of mine. Maybe someday I will finish it. Spyrius Minifigs Spyrius Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Well, nothing special about minifigs, but here's surveillance drone and assassin droid. Spyrius Vehicles Spyrius Reloaded - Recon Mech by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Spyrius Reloaded - Recon Mech - Open Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Recon Mech. Revamp of my favorite Spyrius set 6889 "Recon Robot". Spyrius Reloaded - Spy Saucer by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Spy Saucer. Something between revamp and independent MOC. I was obsessed with idea of transformable vehicles for Spyrius. Space Police Minifigs Space Police Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Here's three Space Police outfits made after old SP designs. Ice Planet Minifigs Ice Planet Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Two Ice Explorer Outfits, and my pride - service droid. Ice Planet Vehicles Ice Planet Reloaded - Snow Skiff by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Snow speeder with two slide rails for maneuvering. Ideal for long single trips out in the snow plains of Ice Planet. Equipped with some instruments and survivalist's pack. Blacktron Minifigs Blacktron Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Simple Blacktron operatives. Traditional Blacktron-II color scheme. Metallic parts represents artificial limbs. Blacktron Reloaded - Agents by The Mugbearer, on Flickr First Blacktron color scheme is great for making some shady persons like raiders and secret agents. I don't know when but I'll upload more stuff.
  24. TheLegoChronicler

    Interesting Article on Lego Space Factions

    Came across this article about the old Lego themes. Found it interesting as it appears to be written by a literature student who is not an AFOL. He is starting an analysis of the Lego space factions from a story telling perspective. I wanted to share as I though some other AFOLs out there might be interested, especially those of us who are a bit older and can remember the days as far back as Blacktron I and Futuron when the factions got kicked off. Link is below:
  25. I recently got my old childhood collection back. I unboxed it yesterday and took some photos to share, if anybody is interested. If you have any advice or comments, feel free to post here. I have yet to sift through pieces. Everything seems to be packed up into these Ziploc bags and sorted surprisingly well. I think my mother must have done this. I have to say, it's so strange because my memories of my Lego collection are different from what is actually here. I remember us having repurposed paint buckets for our toys and the Lego was just kind of jumbled up in there, but what I unboxed here... it almost seems to be sorted by set, or at least theme. Who sorted this? I don't want to ramble on too long and bore you all, though. Anyway on with the photos. Here is a shot of everything together as it came out of the bin. Don't squint too hard, because I have other better photos with things grouped. DSC_0044 by ZeyaV, on Flickr I must admit, I had feared the worst. I was expecting everything to be a hopeless jumble, scratched up, abused. But I think we were pretty tame kids and my mom made sure we took care of our things. Rarely would we leave toys out overnight, and it would all go back in the bucket for storage. Sure, there are a couple plates and things here and there that are snapped. But by and large, this is in pretty good condition. Of particular note are the instructions. I would have bet these were long gone! I'm going to have to go through this over time, but these instructions are in good shape. A couple of the ones from way back that we inherited from our cousins are a little torn, but still usable. Again, don't squint too much/long at this photo, but here are all the instructions together in one shot: DSC_0030 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And here are the instructions laid out by theme. Pirates! My favorite theme, especially as an adult. DSC_0033 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And castle! Wow. There's quite a few large sets here. These were some really nice Christmas presents. I remember my big Christmas present at the bottom of my stack was almost always a big Lego set. Well one year it was an Erector set. DSC_0037 by ZeyaV, on Flickr Space! I'm fairly sure the classic space sets were my older cousin's, originally. I definitely remember the parts, such as the technic pieces that make a bendy thing and the brackets with side-facing studs, and the little rocket-like things that face down (usually used as missile cannons or something, hehe). The couple of Blacktron sets were mine though. DSC_0039 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And here are the other instructions for what Brickset terms "Basic", "Legoland", a Town racer set, and a McDonald's promo thing. Also 3 advertisement inserts that probably came from some of these sets. DSC_0041 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And two random Technic sets. DSC_0032 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And last item for the paper goods, the Lego Idea book. Inside, I found a sticker sheet, and one pristine sail from a Castle set. I think I got this when I was getting on the older side, maybe 12 years old, and I don't think I used this book too much. Hardcore video game phase. Spoiled brat. :/ DSC_0010 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0011 by ZeyaV, on Flickr Anyone know if those stickers came with the book? Edit: L@go confirmed that these stickers are in fact from the idea book. Okay, on to the gratuitous shots of bricks and elements. Keep in mind I'm just sharing photos at this point for anyone interested. I also want to say, this is going to be a long project for me to get these all washed and parted together. I'm thinking that 2013 and into 2014 are going to be light on the Lego purchasing for me. First up, here are all the baseplates (except maybe some very small ones): DSC_0042 by ZeyaV, on Flickr Those are 48x48 light gray baseplates. Do those even get made anymore? They're huge! Also, I'm not sure what the broken plate is on the far right, but it's got to be older, probably from my cousins. I have a dim recollection of snapping it in two as a kid. Lessons learned. On to bags of mostly Pirate stuff: DSC_0013 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0014 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0015 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0016 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0017 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0018 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And now onto Castle, which probably makes up 1/3 of all the bricks. So much gray. DSC_0019 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0020 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0021 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0022 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0023 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0024 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0025 by ZeyaV, on Flickr This is some of that Blacktron and other space stuff: DSC_0027 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And onto some more miscellaneous bags. This is mostly that Basic theme stuff, and I'm hoping the classic space is mixed in there too. DSC_0026 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0027 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0028 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0029 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And that's all the photos I took. Like I said, I have my work cut out for me. My mom liked to use moth balls, and that stuff stinks pretty bad. It's all going to have to get washed. I know there's a thread here somewhere on how to clean Lego, which I'll read up on again. I plan to wash everything (gonna have to be a dishwasher or clothes washer), and then try and put together every set. I figure some of the really old ones like the Sea Plane and Classic Space sets might be lacking some parts, for which I might turn to Bricklink if it's not too painful. I might also try my hand at writing some reviews for these sets, if that would be welcome. But overall, I'm pretty excited. It's going to be a lot of work, but it should be fun. So what do you guys think? Please share any advice or thoughts.