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Found 110 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was thinking about a potential future LEGO Space theme. I thought something like Space Police IV vs. Blacktron III would be nice! I also thought about using a modular system. This meant the cockpit and the ship bodies (along with potentially other parts) were connected but could be separated. With more sets bought, you could have variety in your spaceships. Today I have the first spaceship. It is a Blacktron III spaceship, contains 197 parts, and would retail for $19.99 USD, £17.99 GBP, and $39.99 NZD The Blacktron trooper is getting away! Deploy the Space Police officer with his special jetpack in hot pursuit! Stop her from stealing the precious rocks!! Set comes with swiveling cannons, stud shooters, opening crate with storage, and spring-loaded shooters. Cockpit also opens! Separate the ship into modules! Combine the modules with your other sets to create new spaceships! Also swap around the cannon positions to suit your wishes! Thanks for looking VaderFan2187 out!
  2. LittleJohn

    PM2X Explorer

    My first entry for the Color It Blacktron Contest over on Flickr. The idea is to make any build you want, whether that be in Castle, Pirates, Space, Town, etc. but build it using Blacktron colors. This was quite enjoyable to make, and started with the cockpit, when I realized the tracks would hold them together pretty well. It took a little patience to get the driver/controls in, but I like how it turned out. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  3. Umbra-Manis

    Blacktron Boval Speeder

    The Blacktron version of my Boval speeder design, being virtually identical to the CS version, except for two extra studs. C&C welcome!
  4. Kelkschiz

    [MOC] Blacktron "Liberator" MBT

    This is my Blacktron “Liberator” main battle tank (MBT). It was designed to be the backbone of the Blacktron land forces. It is a relatively small and fast attack vehicle with heavy armaments, capable of devastating hit-and-run attacks. At the moment it is just a prototype being field tested but as soon as this design enters full production Blacktron HQ expects to be able to take the initiative once again. Had a lot of fun playing with this MOC so far. I think it's a worthy addition to my small Blacktron army :)
  5. This is my Blacktron “Liberator” main battle tank (MBT). It was designed to be the backbone of the Blacktron land forces. It is a relatively small and fast attack vehicle with heavy armaments, capable of devastating hit-and-run attacks. At the moment it is just a prototype being field tested but as soon as this design enters full production Blacktron HQ expects to be able to take the initiative once again. With it's completion I have finally realized a long term goal that I have had since I started making LEGO tanks, namely making a LEGO tank that has both the core functionality and the performance of an actual tank.
  6. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] SHIP AT-43 ...and a sad story

    Last September I started building this SHIP for the 2016`s SHIPtember and for my LUG exhibition in Braga city in October ! I finished it on the 29th , I just needed to take the photos and publish !! Day 30/9 world collapsed ! My father had just discovered that he had a brain tumor. Worse!! Days later the worst case scenario was confirmed, the tumor was a metastasis of lung cancer ... no cure possible ! Passed away quietly on the January 4th !! Now it's time to return to (ab)normality ! The SHIP was stored in a corner of my garage the last 4 months and every time I looked at her, I felt sad !! So.... this weekend goes to my "space yard" to be dismantled, without having been premiered AT-43 ....AT because of the initials of my father's name (but could also be by Attack Transport) , and the 43 for the year he was born ! I hope you enjoy More photos at my FLICKR
  7. Hello all! I built this a while ago, and just got around to posting it on Eurobricks. The BT-988 is a starfighter of the secretive Blacktron organization. Its existence only came to light after the recent Blacktron raids on various Futuron facilities. The image above is a reconstruction of the BT-988 from the limited footage available. Its design is relatively basic but previously unseen, suggesting that Blacktron or a related group came up with the technology to build the starfighter. How it managed to acquire the currently top-secret technology is unknown. Thank you for viewing!
  8. StarHawk3

    [M-G02] Relic From An Old War

    Location: G02 Freegate Tags: Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Military building - - Hawk: Nice to finally meet you. Our mutual friend tells me you found something that might be of interest to MANTIS. Gerik: You can call me Gerik. I am the leader of the Junk rats. Dax didn't tell me you were MANTIS. I suppose your credits are still good though. - Gerik: Well here she is. Captain: Is that what I think it is? Gerik: That there is a genuine Allied avenger. She's seen better days though. Captain: Hawk, if the Space Police ever found us with this they would put us in a four by four cell for sure. Your not really going to buy this are you? Hawk: Captain, have your men load it onto the trailer.
  9. This is my Blacktron fast Scouttrax. You may have seen a WIP topic about it some months ago. This is the end product. It is inspired by the 6941 which was one of my favorite sets when I was a kid. It is also the first wheeled vehicle I've build since my 'dark age'. I've been working on this for a while now, abandoning the project several times because I couldn't get it to work as I had imagined it. Specifically the steering mechanism. The steering technique that I was trying to recreate was something I had seen on TV. The basic idea is that when a wheeled vehicle goes into a corner, the main cabin will lean into the corner, a bit like a motorcycle. This style of steering has many benefits for high speed vehicles. For one, the g-forces on the driver and passengers are much more pleasant. But it also helps with getting better traction on the road. Normal vehicles that take a corner will experience a fictional sideways force which actually is just inertia. In order for a car to overcome that inertia it has to have enough traction. However a vehicle with the style of steering I used, actually uses that inertia to create additional downforce and traction, thereby increasing the velocity that can be used in a corner. I had a hard time creating something that didn't only function well in theory but also in the real world. At the moment it functions as intended, as you can see in the video. However the level of control and suspension could still be improved which is why I am building a second version at the moment. You can find additional photos on my Flickr account: I have also put it on LEGO ideas:
  10. Spirit

    [MOC] Bla.K:Tron Incinerator

    In the last episode, blacktrons got steampunked by an evil guy in a cape (not superman). Here's a new unit. This is the Incinerator... ... A small tripod flamethrower. And it's very cute. Seriously, what could I tell you that you can't see by yourself? This is the pilot, he's an ugly bad guy. Really, he's ugly. You can't see it, but he really is. Bad guy in cockpit, it isn't comfortable, that's probably why he's in such a bad mood. Cute tanks. Who let me comment these pics? There, done. Enjoy.
  11. My tiny pearl gold drawer was overflowing, so I made... a Blacktron, of course! No, not of course, but pearl gold looks good there in my opinion. Better than that horrible yellow, yellow should be forbidden. So this is some steampunkish-neo-retro-blacktron It has a lazer fez! and a spot tap! Tiny feet and big guns! And it can be seen from behind! (I really don't know what to say about this pic, sorry). This guy is some badass Blacktron, 'cause he's black and badass. Another shot I have nothing to say about. This is the original of the cover pic, thought it'd be interesting to let people compare them if they want. There, that's it, enjoy.
  12. All black rebrick/mod of the 10240-1 UCS set. 10240-B1 Black One X-Wing Starfighter UCS by nixtron1, on Flickr
  13. Hello! I made this series of comedy sketches featuring my Microfighter versions of classic space sets, mainly to amuse, but also to practice some new animation techniques and try and encourage some more support on the Lego Ideas submission which is languishing below 1k. It's a mixture of practical and CGI models, some stop-motion, and in the case of the micro space monorail, pulling it along on a bit of thread! If it raises a giggle, or even just a smirk, I'd be grateful if you could support the project on Lego Ideas, the link is in my footer.
  14. craggy

    [MOC] Blacktron II Mech

    An idea I'd had for a while that I suddenly realised in a night. Tied up bits and pieces the next day. Still may remake with better articulation, but I'm pretty happy with it as is. I do have, and can take more, detailed pics if requested.
  15. Space Police XVIII

    [moc] Nightshade Speeder Bike

    with apologies for photo quality..
  16. yetanotherlegoaccount

    [MOC] Blacktron X-Ray Spirit

    Hi, I am kind of new here, trying to advertise my B-2 Spirit inspired Blacktron stringray. :D Any comments, suggestions are welcome. thanks, z
  17. av_bossk

    [MOC] BlackTron 2 - Spaceship 1

    New MOC, total change of theme to go to a field I like, Space ! I decided to do some space MOCs because it's been a long time that I wanted to put some Blacktron 2's color scheme on a Peter Morris design. I have also done some modifications on it in particular on the reactors. So maybe it's more a MOD than a MOC So, this is the result : BT2-SSH1 BT2-SSH1 BT2-SSH1 BT2-SSH1 More pictures on my Flickr. I wanted to participate to Andromeda's Gate but I'm limited by my color choice for the moment.
  18. This is my Blacktron fast Scouttrax. It is inspired by the 6941 which was one of my favorite sets when I was a kid. It is also the first wheeled vehicle I've build since my 'dark age'. I've been working on this for a long time, abandoning the project several times because I couldn't get it to work as I imagined it. There are still some things I am not quite happy with, so this will not be the final model. I have plenty of ideas on how to improve it. But I think it is far enough along to show it to you guys. I went a little overboard on motors: I really like fast vehicles :). This model is fast enough to get some nice drift action going. It looks really good when doing a fast corner. I should have a video of it up in a couple of weeks. You can find some more images on my Flickr account if you are interested (
  19. The super-laser is installed, the bar has been equipped, party decorations hung up, the PA is ready and all invitations have been sent – the dark side really knows how to party! While the emperor and Darth Vader raise a toast on this new jewel of interstellar destruction, a Stormtrooper discovers the wonders of Karaoke! The Inquisitor rules the catering department. Daft Tron on the turntables, Darth Lavaria has a chat with an imperial officer. Always the same story: he drinks too much, takes over the turntables and starts playing 70s disco… In the meanwhile, Darth Vader realizes that mixing Saurian Brandy with Alderaan-Whiskey (rare!) wasn’t a good idea. Of course he will blame the music. And he will clearly remember the usefulness of this duct at some later point… More pictures and (a review of the set) on my blog! I hope you enjoy the party just as I do
  20. Kaboozle

    (MOC) Blacktron Speeder

    This is my first space MOC here on Eurobricks, a Blacktron speeder. Tell me what you think! Blactron Speeder by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr
  21. Columbus019

    Classic space reboot-how to do it

    With the arrival of a few classic space sets recently, I think a reboot may happen soon, so here is how it should be done. Factions: The Lego System Space Exploration group (LSSE) The M-TRON Corporation The SeaTron Corporation Blacktron LSSE Lsse are a company devoted to exploring the outermost reaches of space. They have three models of spaceship, the LL918, LL924 and LL928, they also utilize a variety of ground vehicles such as moon buggies and walkers like atats and also exo suits. Their operatives either wear the standard classic space uniform or any of the classic space styled collectible lego minifigures uniforms. M-Tron M-Tron is a mining company which is extracting useful magnetanium ore from many planets and turning it into magnets to help the whole of space. It uses bulky transports with wheels to traverse a planetoid a great example is lego set number 6989. SeaTron ​Seatron is a mining company that believes that the best place to find strong metals is under the sea on earth and alien planets alike. They have submarines to mine and then ship ore to the surface with monorails. SeaTron often hires aliens who can breath underwater to get inside small caves etc.[/size] Blacktron Blacktron is a space pirate and gun-for-hire empire. They have small and fast ships that can intercept other ships as a swarm or ambush space-convoys by hiding behind asteroids. A blacktron operative A blacktron Heavy operative A blacktron alien operative They also use robots such as the lego minifigures one. Hope you liked it Columbus
  22. The Chosen One


    Hello. Quite a random model for me, I wanted to built something different, but... So i decided to leave anything as it is and post this to separate topic. Typical for Le-regions Rahi, little robo-butterfly. Their food is nectar, they have no real nature enemies, except some birds (Hukamanu are too lazy to catch them :P). The only interesting thing about Mangupepeké is it's glimmering. Also some of you can remember Blacktron for some reason. Any comments are welcome!
  23. Space Police XVIII

    [moc] Vile Blacktron Space Magics

    By the technomagical necromancy of the Blacktron Summoner Corps, the dead of wrecked colonies rise once more, to visit vicious vengeance unto the alien. The Mourneblade speeder bike is unique to the Summoners. It carries the mage's staff mounted to fire directly forward, a backup summoning/control unit and backup weapon. The pilots are equipped with twin-engine jetpacks for individual mobility; these can be used to supplement the bike's own engines. Selected standard-issue equipment is shown here. On the right are two pylons usually teleported in at the start of the fight, to provide extra shielding and stealth to what comes next: Space zombies. This photo is terrible. These things form the core of the summoner's fighting strength, usually called in batches of three: two fast attackers with carbine and sword, one with heavy weapon. Bigger threats require bigger summons. that went well Here's a better shot of the zombies. Adorable, yes? Just look at their cute pearly widdle teeths, aww <3
  24. sander1992

    Space Police III layout

    Hi everyone, I have finished my Space Police III layout last weekend. The built started during the holidays (Christmas) and after a few months and a few bricklink orders it is finally finished. When I took some pictures, I used a black cloth to erase the cluttered background. The layout contains an old hangar from the M-Tron. Now it is used by the Black Hole Gang for criminal activities. The Space Police is invading the hangar during a arms deal between the Black Hole Gang and Blacktron Future Generation. In the layout there is a police station. In the police station is a meeting with Space Police from other systems (S.P. I & II) and with the Unitron to discuss the presence of the Blacktron II on the planet. Across the street there is a cafe. In the Cafe is a band playing. The layout contains several vehicles and references to other themes. Here is an overview of the layout. Here is another view at the overpass and landing platform. Here is the link to the flickr album. For more pictures of the vehicles, hangar and cafe. Feedback and questions are welcome. Thank you for watching. Sander
  25. RoastPotato

    [MOC] Blacktron 2 Speeder

    Wasn't sure if this belonged here or in Star Wars - but I'm more of a sci-fi guy so I hope this has landed in the right place. It's a take on Rey's Speeder but with classic Blacktron 2 styling. Let me know what you think!