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Found 574 results

  1. Legonardo

    !n the dark of Augmar

    The dark of Augmar is stuff out of childrens ghost stories, the places that kids get dared to go and are threatened with as punishments for wrongs. Liliandra has found it the best place to settle, very quiet and away from everything apart from the nature. different nature to what most would fancy. the old druid is about to get a visitor. Gladia, asking for her daughter, Brianas hand... well here I am, haven't been building much, haven't had the time and ive had my lego packed up anyway but heres something :) enjoy!
  2. Here's a free build for Avalonia. This is the first time I built with fleshies, so let me know how I did. I was surprised at how neat the figs looked with fleshies. I also would like to claim the Lord High Executioner title with this. The Officer interrogates a prisoner. The guard watches in case the prisoner gets any ideas. The Executioner is ready to chop! C&C are always welcomed!
  3. Brickington

    Gardens in Hanaco City

    The Gardens of the great city of Hanaco City are a sight. This is an another free build for Avalonia. I would also like to claim the title of High Chief of Agriculture. The Noble and his guard. C & C always welcome!
  4. Brickington

    Looks can be deceiving...

    With this, I would like to obtain the title of Siege Expert. Lord Brickington brought de Gothia to a field in Hanaco. Brickington told him that he had something to show him. de Gothia wondered what this object had the be. de Gothia: What do you have to show me? Brickington: Here it is! de Gothia was quite surprised. He thought it was wasteful to be shown a cart. de Gothia: What is this? A cart? With some sort of tree thing in it? I am starting to wonder about your maturity. Brickington: It is not just a cart. Take another look. With that, the Avalonia soldier took a couple of pieces off the cart and, Wala! de Gothia: Wow! Lord Brickington, you out did yourself. This will make a great addition to the Army of Avalonia. Perfect disguise. Brickington: Thank you, now let's get out of this field. ​This siege weapon has it's own disguise and is able to move 360. C&C Please!
  5. Captain BeerBeard

    Paula's Pretzel Shop

    Puss, No Boots, finally made his way to Antyria. He was overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells and all the bueatiful women. He searched high and low but no sign of Zakon GoldBlade. He asked all around and all he could find out was that Zakon had not made a public apearence in months. "Oh well." he said,"Might as well get a pretzel!"
  6. Legonardo

    O'l Poggards' Carrot Farm

    Ol' Poggard and his son grow lots of vegetables, a range of large and tasty grubs, but there carrot farm stretches out far, the carrots are what he makes his living from. Ok this was just a quick build, to clear my brain from that last one of mine, wasn't able to work on it for about a month and work a bit with some my new foliage. C&C welcome! David
  7. At an unknown place, an elite knight of the White Riders of Arkaine was meeting a strange man in a great hall. The man looked like a strange wizard. He had a weird string next to his feet. But that isn't in this story. The wizard said to the knight, "You must pick one." He was referring to the men behind him. They were two Avalonian-looking soldiers. One was a peaceful looking one with the typical bright looking armor. The other was almost the exact opposite. He was a dark looking knight with a stern face. The knight looked at both men and said simply, "Why?" He drew his sword as if there was going to be a battle. The Build without figs: Just wanted to show this image because I'm so proud of my Avalonian border.
  8. ZCerberus

    House of Burress

    The home of Trian Burress is in Albion, the Capital City of Avalonia. Antonin, a woodcutter in Albion cuts down a weed tree outside the Burress estate while Fredrick, a stable boy, checks on the horse. An Albion council member and an Avalonia soldier drop by the house for a visit. Built for the King of the Castle title. Catch more views in my Flickr account
  9. MikeyB


    "Keep those conscripts moving, Ogl! You don’t want to be upsetting Revolword!” yelled Gramil, the Hand of Corruption captain. “I don’t like this forest! Smells of Avalonians!” he whispered to his lieutenant, Huld, who strode next to him. “And I don’t trust that Orc.” “Keep your eyes open Uyek,” Gramil shouted to the Orc leading the party. “I feel like I can’t breathe and this damn forest is closing in around me,” Gramil continued. “I don’t like it either, but with the rumors that some of the supply convoys being attacked and harassed on the main roads, we have to take these back ones to get these conscripts to the Master,” replied Huld. Gramil raised his voice, “It’s too damn quiet as well, nothing but the sound of some birds! Give me the hustle and bustle of a city any day!” The sound of a crow answered almost in reply, “Caw-caw-caw” “CAW-CAW” echoed another crow. “What was that?” asked Huld. But his only reply was the twang of bowstrings as Lord Arlindus and his Phoenix Guard heard the crow signal and sprung their trap! More photo can be seen here. As always comments and critics welcomed!
  10. Brickington

    Ruins of Im Fur

    With this moc, I would like to came the Sheriff of Avalonia title. Lately in Hanaco, there had been a thief who became well known. He earned the name of Kev the Rogue. Thus, one day Lord Brickington gathered some of his soldiers and went on to hunting Kev the Rougue. They found him near the great city of Im Fur. They him until he had no place to go. Brickington's soldiers captured the thief and were told to scout the area. Brickington wanted to see what this strange place was. Brickington looked around and knew this place had to be Im Fur. "But how?" He thought. "Im Fur was the capital of the Kingdom of Hanaco." When Avalonia took over the land, Brickington father built a new city, Hanaco City to be the capital of the Lordship. Although mostly abandoned, Im Fur was never brought to ruins, in fact, Brickington father visited the old city often to make sure that it was kept well. But then, Brickington looked over and saw a dead Hanacon soldier. This didn't make sense. There shouldn't be anything dead in Im Fur. Especially a Hanacon soldier. Hanacon Soldiers were Brickington's father's elite guard, but why would a dead one be here? Could this have anything to do with the mysterious disappearance of Brickington's father? Maybe Kev the Rogue knows something. After all, he did bring the chase here. To be Continued...
  11. Brickington

    Champion Of Avalonia

    This was just a quick build to get my first Avalonian build up. I would also like to came the title of Champion of Avalonia with this build. It was early in the year, and Lord Brickington was busy building up Hanaco, when a Mitgardian Knight challenged Brickington to a joust. Brickington quickly accepted the offer (knowing that his skills were unmatched). The day finally came and the two knights meant in a field that had a Avalonian fence. There they jousted and Brickington easily won! Brickington: Mitgardian Knight: Mitgardian Soldier: What do you think of him? Is there anything else I can put on him? Aftermath: I believe this Mitgardian Knight learned his lesson today. Never challenge a Avalonian Lord. Just because Brickington is at the young age of 19, doesn't mean his skills are immature. I do hope this suffering Mitgardian Knights gets better. C&C Please!
  12. Legonardo

    Mushroom Gathering

    Everyone loves magic mushrooms, right? a queer hobbit gathering magic mushrooms deep in the forest of augmar one night... no I love mushrooms! inspired heaps by our friend berry. enjoy!
  13. Rogue Angel

    The Sacred Grove

    Nestled deep in the forests of Avalonia lies an Elven grove of great history and power. There has always been an Elven Protector who has watched over the Sacred Grove since the shrine to the White Hart was built there and the first saplings were planted by Dalaenus. The current protector is Lord Varis of the Rustling Leaves Clan. The Elves say that the White Harts grants gifts to it's followers in the sacred soil. This is where the saplings grew that became the trees of the Sacred Grove. With the onslaught of Victor Revolword's Elementals, the inhabitants of Brullum Harbor and the Crossroads have sought refuge in the Sacred Grove. Lord Varis has granted access to the grove, and rude walls have been erected for protection, and a crude shelter has been built to house the refugees. The Elves of the Rustling Leaves Clan have also taken up residence in the Grove to assist their neighbors. The Shrine to the White Hart lies nestled amongst the trees of the Grove which have grown up around it. The statues at the top of the shrines stair depict Veldanaline the Elven Sorceress and Adravus the Elvish Champion, heroes of the ancient Elves. The White Hart has caused saplings to sprout in the sacred soil of the shrine when the Elves have had need. Elven druids have been known to inhabit the shrine and worship in the Grove. The tower at the rear of the shrine serves as a vantage point of the surrounding lands and has rooms sufficient to house a very small garrision. The first thing built once the refugees started flooding in was a stout wooden palisade supported behind by earthen berms. Bowmen are stationed on the walls, and the space behind is crammed with weapons, foodstuffs and other supplies. Many of the villagers brought their livestock with them and these beasts have been cordoned off to protect the supplies and maintain some order within the walls of the compound. The villagers of Brullum Harbor and the Crossroads have made their residence on the north side of the shrine in a log shelter built into the ground for added protection. The villagers remain mostly in the shelter while the Avalonian soldiers maintains guard of the walls. The soldiers' common area is located on the roof of the shelter, and is built into a portion of the wooden palisade. A great fire is kept lit in the shelter to ward off the chills of Autumn and the cooler earthen walls. The shelter is quite crowded with villagers, and many are in low spirits in the close quarters. Grodvek has brought his wife and son with him from the crossroads. Luckily, most of their crops had already been harvested, but he still worries about looters or pests as his stores at home will need to last them through the winter ahead. Cecil B. Prosperous has found the current situation to be quite fortuitous as he had just been recently evicted from the mansion he had been squatting in. The captive audience should also give him a wealth of opportunities for conniving and perhaps even some petty larceny. Currently, he is trying to determine who he might pawn off his rotten fish on - although the odor is becoming quite overwhelming. Barl the pig farmer (although he only owns the one pig) is quite protective of his prize hog "Hog" and he keeps him close at hand for security and comfort - a pig makes a good pillow, as he is known to say. Up above, some of the soldiers have just finished their shift, and are sitting down to a hearty dinner. The Avalonian regiment has brought it own supplies wagons, and the soliders are accustomed to life on the move, so they are enjoying the relative quiet and permanence of their current plight. Lord Varis and the Elves of the Rustling Leaves Clan have made their encampment on the south side of the shrine, and have erected canopied tents beneath one of the great Oaks of the Grove. The Elves are more accustomed to a transient life, and are well prepared for a long engagement if necessary. Madame Sarveya, the ruler of Brullum Harbor, is currently discussing the general state of the camp's supplies with Lord Varis, as well as the preparations that are being made in case they must weather the winter here. Commander Aderian, Varis' Master of Blades, has just returned from a scouting mission, but there has been no sign of elemntals since their initial assault on the grove, which proved futile due to the magics of the shrine. One of the villagers has pilfered a haunch of meat from the soldiers and a bottle of mead from the Elves... perhaps not the wisest of thieves.... While the magics of the shrine have staved off the attacks by Victor's elementals, there's no telling what other insidious creatures he may summon or recruit. Both the Elves and the soliders feel that is better to fortify their position and sit tight for the time being.
  14. soccerkid6

    Avalonian Wall/Fort

    This is a rebuild of the set 6062 "Battering Ram" and a free build for Mitgardia. A Mitgardian trader has just reached the safety of some Avalonian walls when some soldiers corrupted by Revolword start attacking: A picture showing everything opened: Walls folded to become a fortress: Any C&C welcome
  15. Legonardo

    Watching the border

    the border between Avalonia and the surrounding guilds is well guarded. here is one of the smaller entries to the western grasslands from mitagardia going though lindinis. enjoy!
  16. Rogue Angel

    Happy Holidays!

    The Elves of the Rustling Clan would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday. May you be Merry and consume/imbibe many things delicious. The Elves favour their strong mead for celebrations such as this. Happy Holidays!
  17. Rogue Angel

    Oak Maidens

    The Oak Maidens patrol the edges of the civilized lands of Avalonia, driving off poachers that would hunt the wildlife, and fending off the larger predators that wander from the deep woods. Just wanted to build a little vignette for my Forest Maidens. Nothing special.
  18. Between the Illyrio and the Coluna mountain range, along the Capital road are several orchards, vineyards, farms and pastures. Orthus, Lord Arlindus' Father and Ambassador of Circardia travels along the Capital Road to visit the Dwarves of the Stoneheart clan for potential trade agreements. I really built this build to show off some my first aftermarket parts, the leaves are from Alt brick, sheep and the bridle from Brick Forge. I also wanted to try out the rock technique for a future build.
  19. The forests of Avalonia have thrived for centuries, and have always been inhabited by druids. Legends say that the druids of old wielded great power and had expansive knowledge of natural and mystic lore. Most people doubt that any of the modern day druids have the blood of the ancient druids in their veins, but they do possess a wealth of lore about the Avalonian woods. The Sisters of Spring are an order of druids that tend to the cycle of life that is forever flowing through the forests. This order is non-militant, and lives in harmony with nature, culling the week and promoting growth and renewal. The Sisters live in camps throughout Avalonia, and prefer to avoid permanent dwellings such as houses. This particular camp has established at the entrance to a series of caves beside a small waterfall. While this camp is composed solely of Elves, druids of other races are not unheard of. The Sisters keep bees for honey, and can also glean information from them about the growth of the forest's flowers and buds, as well as the impending weather. They also harvest wild grapes to produce a potent wine that is popular with Avalonians. The Sisters trade with townsfolk for bottles their wine. They gather herbs and roots from the surrounding woodlands for food and medicinal purposes. They have also been known to bring down fowl for their dinner tables. The Sisters also trade for bread and cheese to supplement their diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey and cider. Fish from the stream are cooked and dried for the winter ahead. The stream also provides water for cooking and bathing, and the Sisters fill cisterns in the caves below. The Sisters live in harmony with the woods, as they have for centuries. As custodians of the forest, they will care for the plants and animals and ensure that they continue to flourish. Flickr Gallery:
  20. Asca Duin Imlad Before Lord Rex and the Flight of Dragons saved Avalonia from its “Wild Period”, the House of Baine tortured and tormented the inhabitants of Avalonia’s Eastern Plains and Enchanted Forest. The Greenclove Elven tribe was unmercifully tormented by the marauders of the House of Baine. Under order of their head priestess, the Elves evacuated many of their homes, temples and fortresses to seek refuge in taller trees and behind stronger walls. After the defeat of Baine at the battle for Eli’s Rock, when the fires subdued and peace returned, not every outpost, temple and city was reclaimed. For some Elves, the scars left by Baine simply cut too deep. One abandoned temple land was Asca Duin Imlad. Perched atop a rocky ravine with majestic waterfalls and lush forested lands all around, Asca Duin Imlad was said to be the most beautiful Elven temple in all of Historica. With the abandonment of the Elves came a new opportunity for Avalonia’s northern neighbors. Dwarven miners from Mitgardia descended upon the ravine and quickly began chipping into the stone in search of precious jewels and treasures. The Dwarves knew the newly founded Avalonian guild would push westward to claim the land as their own. When the Flight of Dragons finally reached Asca Duin Imlad, the cliff had been hollowed and many treasures had been poached. Today, Asca Duin Imlad is a fascinating mix of Dwarven, Elven, and Avalonian architecture. Its white Elven temple, statues and bridges mix with the brown wood and cold stone additions of the Dwarven miners and the makeshift camp of Avalonian refugees. Once again Asca Duin Imlad is filled with the chatter of friendly voices as Mesodraconem empties into this mystic place for shelter from the Elemental storm. Trian Burress calls upon Mesodraconem’s greatest mage, Latne Mele, to strengthen the mystical powers emitted from the shrine at Asca Duin Imlad and keep the Elementals at bay while plans to defeat the Usurper can be made. Top Side Details: After hitting their marks on the scarecrows, Hand of Corruption soldiers are led in front of Avalonian archers for some live target practice. A sword sits lodged in a stone, waiting for the new High King of the Elves to rightfully claim it and his throne. Trian Buress meets with Huntsman Raman and Pack Master Lucian, allies from previous adventures, to discuss battle plans. Three young students listen intently to the teachings of Latne. The leader of the Greenriders, escorted by Rossen Manor Elite Guards, is tasked with delivering an important message to Lord Rex. Refugees arrive from Avalonia with all the belongings strapped to their backs. Avid fishermen and novices alike catch fish to feed the masses. A brave Avalonian stands watch outside the Entrance to the dwarven caves. Cave Details: Avalonia’s Mesodraconem engineers and blacksmiths work the Dwarven forges. A hairy-footed Avalonian finds a precious treasure in the caves. Children under the watchful eye of their mother practice a warrior's craft A Daikini mage with a magic acorn chases down a pig after it escaped during the “disappearing pig trick”. A young Avalonian family finds a spot to call home. Two Avalonian lovers enter the cave through the falls. Another Avalonian hero recants a former war story to Avalonians in “hand-me-down” armor. The cave gives a place for Avalonians to store their food and poultry Some design notes: The size restriction was 52 x 52 which = 2,704 studs. I knew I couldn’t achieve the look I wanted with a square base, so I made the base area 66 x 40 = 2,640 studs I chose to go with a less “classic” vertical banding for the cliff side because when I thought about how a cliff would be formed through water erosion and the like, it occurred to me it would have vertical banding more so than the horizontal type formations we usually see in LEGO brick. I also went with wooden supports inside the mine/cave as opposed to the lighter colored bley since I surmised the Dwarven miners were trying to get as much from the caves as possible before Avalonians or the Greenclove Elves returned. I also made the door into the mine smaller than a typical minifig door as dwarves are much smaller. I also knew this thing was going to be difficult to move, so I made the base come apart in 5 sections. That way I could move the structure and also get some detailed photos of the interior. The seams for the separate sections can be found without a lot of difficulty from the backside, but I accepted that tradeoff for the mobility. There are several light bricks in the build to allow for some light to be shed in the dark recesses of the caves. There is also a red light brick in the forge and a yellow light brick in the top of the Elven temple to shine light down on the sword in the stone err… the elf king sword… I had problems with the photos. I got a few taken on Saturday with some natural light, then it started raining. I took the remainder in my garage today with as much lighting as I could muster, but it just isn't the same! Oh well. Maybe another day I will get another chance to take more of the pictures outside.
  21. Legonardo

    Wall tower - Albion

    Hey guys, here si my latest freebuild, one of Albions massive wall towers. In this build I tried to create a more traditional large castle tower, I think I did OK C&C welcome!
  22. Captain BeerBeard

    Down By The River

    The Avalonian Assassin Guild has recently been very quiet. Could it be the calm before the storm? Thanks for looking.
  23. M’Lord Rex, I leave today from the Enchanted Forest for the Kaliphlin badlands to enter a Tournament of Champions. My time with the elves has proven most enlightening. I sent word to our Elven emissary, Lord Varis, to tell Priestess Miress to prepare for my arrival. Varis and I found Priestess Miress at the Altar of Hardool who greeted me with great affection. The Priestess has since become Queen of her tribe of Elves. Though I am years older, she has aged not but a day since the victory at Eli’s Rock. She has not forgotten our days together after the defeat of the House of Baine when your father and I helped rebuild the Elven temples and villages. Much like Huntsman Raman, she too calls me “the Green Knight”. Though she seemed most ecstatic to see me, she was very troubled when I presented Vile’s ring. After much prayer to at the Altar of Hardool she revealed to me the existence of at least three more lords of Baine spread throughout Historica. One of the villains takes up residence on the mountain passes of Mitgardia, another in the swamplands of Nocturnus, and the last on the desert plains of Kaliphlin. Despite her great powers and hours of prayer, she could only clearly envision one of the evil lords. Varis informs me the description of the dark lord Miress envisions matched that of a legendary jouster in Kalphlin, Duke Greevum. Greevum has won the most brutal of jousting tournaments hosted in the Succus Badlands eight years in a row. As luck would have it, Varis says the tournament is occurring five days from now, and I have dispatched a Green Rider to enter my lance in this year’s tournament. Though it has been years since I have taken up a lance and shield in a joust, this may be our best opportunity to get close to Greevum. Varis says that even though the joust is for sport, Greevum has slain many opponents in the tournament. I question why any man would still raise a lance if such a ruthless ruffian was always the victor. Queen Miress gave me her tribe’s finest Elven lance and a finely crafted Elven blade in hopes that I may defeat Greevum in the tournament and learn more about the Baine Lords that escape her vision. With the Elven gifts in my hands and Miress’s enchanting beauty in my heart, I ride for the badlands. Your friend Trian Buress, the Green Knight of Avalonia Enemies defeated: None Allies Acquired: Miress Greenclove and her tribe of Elves Items Acquired: Fine Elven Lance and Blade Other Chapters in the House of Baine saga: Chapter 1: the Forgotten House Chapter 2: The Wizard's Tower (not posted) Chapter 3: The Keeper's Tomb (Challenge 3 entry) Chapter 4: Altar of Hardool
  24. Niku

    Arfelan Woods

    On the few but dense woods that surrounds the Arfelan Plains, dwells a few forestmen and outlaws, which are well known for their skill in stealth and archery, they live at peace and disturbing no one, they are loyal to Avalonia but are very reserved and like to mantain it that way their domains, so any invaders that surpass their borders without their permission may not found, the last forests on the plains, a place to call secure. Greetings.