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Found 574 results

  1. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] An Unfortunate Ambush

    While on his way back home from fishing, Graham was suddenly ambushed by a roaming band of Nocturnus soldiers. Very unfortunate....for them.
  2. The Civil war and the events which occurred on Hemresa left a lot of folk in despair. The elves took over the Avalonian island with the help of the dark and vicious drow. Every man, creature and other inhabitant of Hemresa was enslaved by those ruling the island. Nar Bilu was banished to the island of Norra and disappeared when he faced the wars in Kaliphlin. Recently he was released of his curse by his future great grandson and together they travelled back to Hemresa to reclaim their heritage. The tremendous amount of loyal followers gave them the opportunity to fight off the elves and gain control of the greater part of Hemresa. This event reached the outer parts of the island, freeing the slaves and giving Nar Bilu the opportunity to make new alliances with the races of the island. Now it is time to pay some respect to those who fouled the pride of Avalonia. Nar Bilu decided to take a hand full of archers and footmen to Nocturnus. The drow will have to face their trial. Out of the northern, rocky part of Hemresa came an unexpected alliance. Those of the Giants of Rock. A strong ally who will surely make the difference. The master builders of Avalonia designed an armour for the Giant and together with the army they faced the Kelra Labyrinth. With the towering creature looking over the walls, every challenge was dealt with and almost in a straight line they found their way into Nocturnus. Ready for a fight!
  3. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Avalonian Cottage

    An Avalonian Cottage...
  4. BrickCurve

    Cottage Life

    A quick foray back into GOH before I start on my SHIPtember build. Somewhere on the Avalonian coast, an old soldier of the Avalonian military is enjoying his retirement. I would like to claim the UOP credits for landscape design, trees 3/3, and for Hydrology, Flowing Water.
  5. Isundir

    Finally Arrived

    Edelwald, Chapter 1... or something like that. "Men, look there, we've finally arrived in Edelwald. Lorenzo, were we followed?" "No Mysir, it appears not, although we can't be sure. They may have sent a familiar after us." The ragged group of men approached Edelwald's borders, from the outpost a guard rushed to great them. "Greetings Mysires, what's yer business here, don't mind me saying so but yer do not look like merchants, pilgrims or peasants?" The guard gave the men a distrustful glance. The man who appeared in charge spoke up. "My name is Aurelio Du'Benessia, you are familiar with this name are you not. I have come to visit my brother-in-law, Lord Sternvale. Here's my traveling papers, do make sure all's in order." After hearing that the guards face turned pale, he quickly looked over the travelling papers. "Milord forgive me, all appears in order, welcome to Edelwald." The 'Fallen', a former order of Kaliphlin Knights from an old linage of nobles, their house was brought to ruin and their crest all but faded from Historica. However the most recent heir in the Du'Benessia line, Aurelio, turned the knights order into a relatively infamous and sucessful group of wandering sellswords. On his travels he met, fell in love with and married, Ariadne Sternvale, sister to Reinhard Sternvale, Lord of Edelwald. The Stables The main keep, these military outposts can be found all along Edelwald's borders. The interior, aside from the main watchtower the keep also contains a cell to hold unwanted visitors and sleeping quarters for the guards to rest at. Originally I was going to build a large base with a road and a wooden wall all around the border outpost but I found myself lacking the parts to do this. edit* I forgot to mention but the building style has a bit of Mitgardia in it, which was on purpose due to Edelwald lying next to Mitgardia, hence Edelwalds architecture is a bit of a mix of Avalonia and Mitgardia. As far as the story goes, I'm not a native English speaker and writing stories is already hard in Dutch let alone in English, but I hope you'll enjoy the tales of my sigfig Reinhard Sternvale and his companions anyway. Feedback on the MOC(s) is appreciated, I can't currently improve the picture quality though.
  6. The Aestwäld Saga (1) The Aestwäld Saga (2) The Aestwäld Saga (3a) The Aestwäld Saga (3b) The Aestwäld Saga (4) The Aestwäld Saga (5) The Aestwäld Saga (6) The Aestwäld Saga (7) The Aestwäld Saga (8) The Aestwäld Saga (9) The Aestwäld Saga (10) The Aestwäld Saga (11) The Aestwäld Saga (12) The Wolf and the Knights ------------------------------- Alric looked up from the fight. He, together with his Avalonian Guard, had stormed the gates Midras Castle and, after a long and bloody fight, managed to breach them. Now they were in the courtyard, the Drow-soldiers in front of him fought for every inch. The cobblestones were soaked in blood. Above him, Cath had led the Drond's Troops into a close space combat on top of the walls, and, seemingly miraclous, they even managed to slay the enemy back! Almost the whole wall of the formerly Avalonian Border Fort was freed, and she had even managed to put the Drond's flag back. Suddenly, a female voice cried out: "Alric! I'm here! Alric looked up, and finally, after so many weeks, his eyes met again with the eyes of his wife. -"Elysabet! I'll come get you!" But, while conversating with his lover, he wasn't paying attention to the battlefield around him. A long-handled axe came down. ----------------------------- The general looked up from the fight. Yes, they were winning, but he feared the cost of victory. And he was not thinking about money. His trained eye glided over the courtyard. The close space in worked in their favor, since they had less men then the enemy did. The left flank was weak though, so he decided to sent some reserves there. Their centre was the their strongest point, and it was there that Lord Alric led the elite Avalonian Guards in a charge to reach the other side of the yard. He sighed. Young Alric shouldn't do such things. He could get himself wounded. Yesterday, the general had heard of a girl breaking both legs in a duel, and this was not a duel, this was a battlefield! Then he saw his liege... And he saw the ax coming down, knowing it would take too long to get his sword out... So he jumped. ---------------------------- Alric heard the sound of falling metal behind him. He lifted his sword hand in a desperate parade, but in his heart he knew he would be too late. The he heard the sound of metal crashing on metal, followed by human screams. When he turned, he saw the General lying on the ground, an axe stuck in his head. A cold anger welled up, and with a short thrust of his blade, he finished the enemy soldier responsible for this. Suddenly, the voice of his wife sounded again: "Alric! Be quick! They're here! They'll take me with them! Help!" A second shadow appeared before the window. ----------------------------- After calling a last time to her husband, Elysabeth gave in to the Drow-soldier wanting to take her with him. If only her hands were not bound in chains, she would have rammed his own spear through his throath! She turned for a last glance on her man, but heard a strange, rattling sound behind her. When she turned again, the guard was dead. In his place, a wolf-knight and some undead-soldiers stood in the room. She screamed, and in response on her scream, the wolf-man howled out loud. ---------------------------- When Alric heard the scream of his wife, his blood turned ice-cold in his veins. If they had even touched her, he would stuff their guts through their own throaths! He didn't want to think of what to do when they had raped her. But then he heard the howling of the wolf, his strange ally, and smiled. Their plan had worked! With refreshed energy, he charged into the enemy, followed by his soldiers who didn't want to seem less in the eyes of their commander. The Drow, unable to stand their charge, the fighting on the walls and the third attack from the Wolf at the same time, turned. First it was one man, then two, and suddenly their morale collapsed and the whole garrison fled the field of battle. While his soldiers turned the battle into a slaughter, Alric went to meet his wife. They umbraced each other, and after Alric had made sure his wife was fine (wich was so, aside from a few bruises and scratches), they went to the walls, to congratulate Cath with her succeeded attack and get a look at the fleeing Drow. Outside the castle, these were slowly regrouping... When a horn sounded. Alric smiled again, this was becoming a very fine day indeed, and watched how Beorthan's heavy cavalry finished all Drow but a few. These were lucky to be able to swim, and as such got iver the river, out of the horses reach. ------------------------------ But their victory had been costly in lives, as the general had forseen. His own live was on the butcher's bill too, so someone was needed to replace him. Alric choose Burrich, a veteran who had fought under his father and even seen Artorious Rex! But Burrich had been Captain of the Drond's Guards, so he needed to replace that position too... And it was not gone by unnoticed that the woman, Catharina or Cath as she wanted to be called, had fought very well today, even managed to win the fight on the walls, and had so received the respect of the soldiers. ------------------------------ An hour later, all commanders were gathered in the main building of the castle. Alric opened: "My Lords, my ladies,... My friends. We have won a great victory today, and Drond's Feelds will always be in your debt. But the enemy is not yet defeated, and noone sazw their leader today. At the same time tough, we have other matters at hand. As such, I decide to split up in three: Cath, you will take some infantry and a contignent of the Avalonian Guard to pursue this foe. Burrich, you will escort my lady home, and make sure she is safe. Fenrir, I'll come with you to Shadowmere. Beorthan, what are your plans?" "And for now... Leave me alone with my love. We have something to do..." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sooooo sorry you had to read through all this, but I enjoyed the writing As you can probably see, this build is based in Simon S's builds, and also a bit on SK's. Anyway, CC is very appreciated! Additional images:
  7. After a small month Nar Bilu and his compagnons gathered together to discuss strategy how to regain control of Hemresa. The Elves are brutalizing the island, claiming taxes, crops and any other kind of resources that Hemresa provide. The folk is not satisfied with the reign of the elves and is moving back to Albion or feel enslaved when they stay. Nar Bilu draws out his plans and everyone learns their task of the plan. Nar Bilu awaits back in his tent for the others to complete their tasks before heading to his assignment. Rothger visits the largest of Hemresa’s towns, where the elves try to keep a hardened control. In a dark alley he summons some of the rebellious townsmen and confines them that there will be a change on it’s way if they co-operate. The townsmen recruit a hand full of strong men to fight the elves and draw them back out of town. The nobleman Thungsen heads into the mountains, where it is said, that some of Nar Bilu’s old guard is training. An army worthy of Albion is preparing for the rumors, that Noct will be the next place where Avalonian armies will fight their way through civil wars. The nobleman talks to one of the commanders. The commander is surprised to hear that his Lord is still alive and willing to fight for his land. They comply to the request and start packing their rations. After the word is spread that the townsmen are grabbing up arms to liberate them of the elves, future Narbilu (now called the green shadow) gears up and heads to the forests close to the king’s castle. From the bushes he attacks two guards and forces them an audience with the king. A long discussion takes place and the king is not convinced that the Avalonion Lord is returning from a land he is banished from. The green shadow tells the king to send out some scouts to check out the army that is approaching. Only a day later the scouts return with their tails between their legs. The king asks what the Lord wants. The terms are reasonable. Hemresa will be split in two, the west if for the elves and the east is for the men All troops will be retreating to their own territory Lord Nar Bilu will build a border wall to ensure the treaty Free passage to all non-hostile The king agrees after a nights debate with his loyal servants. Now that the green shadow completed his task, Nar Bilu travels to Dunholm. It is told they specialize in the strongest walls and the best fortifications. A spy made contact with one of the official architects, who is willing to sell the original floorpans of Dunholm for a large stack of gold. Nar Bilu does the tradeoff himself and heads back to Hemresa with the plans. Every night Nar Bilu sits with the plans in front of him at the campfire, studying the structure and the materials which are used to build this wall of indestructibility. a new era will start for Hemresa, for men of Avalonia.
  8. Underground mine entrance in the mountains of Erilea. Selecting the mineral from the gangue outside the entrance of the underground mine. A messager coming... = = = = = = = = = Here we are with a medieval MOC I created for a little event there in my places. Had fun working on it, hope you like it guys! Enjoy!
  9. kahir88

    Task I and Task III.

    Salute! As a leader of a mercenary group, it is my duty to introduce them, to the Relm. (TASK I. -Avalonia) Conrad the Sly and his two second in command: Zan the Black Arrow, and Lok, the Wild-one. Lok commands the infantry of the Brigade. Zan commands the small group of crossbowman. Master sapper, and his cannoneers. Assasins, the unseen part of the army. Marauders, the heavy troops. Scouts, and poachers of the gang. Siege engineer, with two siege assistants, who helps the engineer with the siege weapon. Cavalry. Altho, the rest of the army using guerilla tactics. They still need to pursuit the escaping enemies. Boris, the Houndmaster. Members, of the Brigade, who not count, as the army, but they play important roles. From left: Winifred, the courtesan, Some smugglers, the gangs torturer, and the young lad: Pell, who is the banner bearer. TASK III. -Avalonia We take a lot of pleasure in the beauty of the landscape. Although the area's lords are not frowned upon if an army of mercenaries in their fields pass through , somewhere even had to settle down . Then we found Deep Gardens. Along the coast tiny fishing villages, farther inland forests, plenty of apple trees. The locals do not belong to any lord , freedom, but the cost, to no one defend them. They need our help , as we are to them . One village chief told us, about a ruined castle , it might be a good start. (I hope, that region is still available )
  10. LittleJohn

    Forestmen Camp

    A free-build placed in Avalonia, and also part of InnovaLUG's 'Ye Old Merry Battleground' collab, for Brickfair Virginia. This was a really fun build to make, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I’ll definitely be doing some more Forestmen themed builds in the future. Inspiration for the rockwork goes to Brickvader. The Forestmen's camp is hidden well in one of the many forests in Avalonia, and provides an excellent base of operations for them. They have scouts placed at various locations a little ways from the camp, and a few outside of the forest to keep an eye on the neighboring Lords and Barons of the land. Most recently, they learned of Sir Ruari Leanin leaving for a tax collecting tour, which they took full advantage of... More pictures on Brickbuilt I would like to claim UoP credit for: Geography: Forest Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  11. Graham of Reyelan spends much of his time during the summer months fishing, though he's still waiting to catch "the big one".
  12. narbilu

    Lord Nar Bilu's Army

    Narbilu With the knowledge that the elves pull back and accept the fact that the Avalonian Lord is returning, Nar Bilu has taken up arms. Ready to face the elves and whatever menace is taunting Hemresa, Avalonia and the other lands of Historica. The numbers of his army is growing by the day, cheerful men and women who are loyal to their Lord, walk with him, fight for him and even die for him when necessary. Nar Bilu is back to his old self. Green Shade and Biter The future Narbilu has taken on a new name, when he decided to stay here in Avalonia for the time being. No-one knows his real identity, him being the far descendant of the Lord himself. His former profession as a scout and explorer for Kawashita makes his skills exceptional for leading the rangers or taking on spy missions. The new army has no real cavalry, except for a few biters which the rangers use to travel large distances in short time. Nobleman Thungsen and Rothger The most loyal servants of Lord Nar Bilu are both the Nobleman Thungsen, who kept an eye on Hemresa in the Lord’s absence. Not that he could do much against the reign of the elves, but he tried his best to keep everything at bay. His task is clear, be the voice of the Hemresa folk and local affairs. Rothger was the shadow of Lord Nar Bilu, following his steps all over Historica, from a distance. Keeping track of where the Lord was fighting, writing the tales and reporting to the nobleman. Axemen When the word was spread that the Lord will be returning to Hemresa, a hand full of commanders recruited, trained and prepped full sized armies. The most hardened men will be on the front line, armed with axes and shields. Versatile, agile and bloodthirsty. Real men of honour. Bowmen As a support group and one of the Lord’s favourites, a large amount of men are trained in the longbow. Ready to strike the incoming adversaries with a dark cloud of arrows and thinning the raging front line of the enemy. Never leave without them. Rangers The Green Shadow trained a small group of men to be his additional eyes and ears on scout missions. Intelligence is most important for every battle, if it is even necessary to go into battle. They will be the judge of that, or at least advise the leaders in what they can expect. Still, Nar Bilu isn’t ready growing his army, more will follow. For now he is confident that his strong arm can claim his lands and assist Albion where necessary.
  13. The Chronicles of Hesperia Vol. 1: The Sky Man Ch. 1: The Fireball An eerie stillness in the forest caused Galaria to proceed through the trees with extra caution. Her elven ears heard nothing of an enemy, no tramp of hobnailed goblin boots or steel-clad orc feet, nor even the steady thud of the dwarves. Gilgalë had his ear to the ground, but he could feel no vibration of footsteps, not even of a running deer, and Farmir in the treetop could see nothing amiss in the woods in their vicinity. But something had caused the birds and insects to stop their chirps. Galaria mounted on her trusty wolfsteed, Laika, and left her companions behind at the camp to run a quick perimeter patrol. Meeting nothing strange that would cause the stillness, she returned to the others at the foot of the rock formation by the stream. Looking up just then, she saw, streaking across the sky, a massive fireball. Two smaller objects, smoking and leaving a trail, followed the first. Galaria climbed the rocks to get a better look at the unusual phenomenon. Gilgalë and Farmir rushed to get a glimpse of it as well. Even Laika wanted to see the fireball. Soon the fireball had vanished out of sight behind the trees, but not long afterwards they all felt the ground shake as though a giant hammer had smashed into it. “What was that?” asked Gilgalë. “I do not know, but the fireball and the tremor occurred too close together for them to be unconnected,” Galaria said. “Let us go investigate!” Thanks for reading! C&C welcome. This is my first MOC in GoH. I know the picture quality could be better, but I lack Photoshop and a really nice camera, so I made do with what I had. More adventures in the Chronicles of Hesperia await! More pics of the MOC:
  14. TitusV

    Good Old Days

    I dreamed tonight. Of the times when our good King Artorious still sat on the throne. Of the times when Avalonia still was the strongest guild. Of the time I was part of the Dragonflight, and stationed on the Mystic Isles. Of the time our biggest problems were still hiding in the vast woods. Of the time life was simple. Of the time life was good. I dreamed tonight. So, my part of the Avalonian entry for the Guild Creation category in the Summer Joust, over on Flickr. A nostalgic build, using DC's Guide to Building a Medieval Village. Thanks to him for the lovely techniques, to my fellow team-members for the support and to InnovaLUG for hosting the contest!
  15. Grant a wish After the debacle of the spell, causing a black hole sprouting fallen spirits into Historica, the one taking up the position of leadership called (the future Narbilu) to him. As a grateful gesture for their release, he would grant him a wish. And although Narbilu opened the portal to get home to the future, he paused. The past couple of weeks he found out that his ancestor had vanished after the Kaliphlin Civil Wars. He wished for Nar Bilu to return home, to Hemresa. Remove the curse The room filled with a blinding light. A split second later the two found themselves inside a tomb. A manlike figurine was dead or resting on a large stone altar. Up close they saw the leader of the Wingless Serpents, of which Narbilu read a lot during his travels in Historica. The creature seems to be hibernating. The ghost wizard asked Narbilu to leave the tomb and wait outside. Generations apart meet Narbilu grabbed his gear and walked out the tomb, passing dozens of hibernating Wingless Serpent warriors until the sunlight and the harsh temperatures of the Kaliphlin desert struck his face. Fortunately a small group of palm trees gave him the shade he desperately yearned for. Moments later a second person exited the tomb. A majestic person, in full armour closed on Narbilu. He presented himself as Nar Bilu, Lord of Hemresa, Defender of the Southern Forests, Lord of Avalonia. (Future) Narbilu introduced himself as Green Shade, ranger of Avalonia, in search of a lost leader. Nar Bilu was pleased to be released of his curse, but disappointed he had to leave his army behind. They talked for a while and then set course back home. Set foot in Avalonia There is a lot to do in Avalonia before he can reclaim his heritage, Hemresa. They had to keep low when they returned to Avalonia, not alarming the return of a Lord. An army has to be forged to expel the occupiers. Green Shade and Nar Bilu became friends during their travels. The plan was to split up when they set foot on Hemresa and search for followers. Followers of the Lord of Hemresa. People who are willing to fight for their freedom. On both ends they seem successful. Nar Bilu even met a couple who directed him to go north, to the encampment called Backom. Which was build out of the ruins of Bow’s Arch, one of Nar Bilu’s projects when he was facing the civil war in Avalonia. With a smile on his face, he sets forth his journey. Not forgotten by his folk and still the acknowlegded leader of Hemresa.
  16. Book III is coming to an end, and that means we all will have to make a choice. For some of us, this will be obvious, but for me... I'll show you what I mean: VS CC is very welcome, and please let me know wich one you favour. A special thanks to SK and InnovaLUG for hosting the Summer Joust, in wich I will also enter the vignette category with these two. Thanks for watching, see you next time!
  17. Previous Chapter: Vampire Slayer --- Next Chapter: ??? "Then there is no changing the fact that you disobeyed your Captain. Is this not true, Aeldric?" Chamal Chairal asked with an authoritative voice. ((Sorry about the quality of this picture )) "Before i ask, i have a question for you, Chairman Chaman Chairal," Aeldric said back. "And what would that be?" Chamal said, leaning forward in his chair. "Where is Wizard Vorthentus? Why are you in his place?" Aeldric asked. A great silence fell about the room, ominously calming the floating stones around the Aegis realm. Chamal sighed before opening his mouth to speak. "Vorthentus has set out to stop a great force but has not returned. We fear he has died." the Chairman replied. A heavy face blew across Feowind. "Now, do you deny?" Chamal said, returning to the previous inquiry. "I do not. But, i set out to avenge a great elf. Aurthal was a powerful shaman of nature, and i slew the Vampire that killed him, and in turn avenged his soul so he could rest." Aeldric confessed. "Then you deliberately denied Avdar's orders?" Chamal said. "...Yes. I am guilty." Aeldric said. "Then, you are to be revoked of your title, and you shall be stripped of your strength, and never be allowed the presence of the Aegis Council again." Just then, a green-robed man stepped through the Aegis portal, carrying a white letter with the seal of Albion on it. "I have a letter from De'Gothia of Albion, sires." the man said, bowing, and holding out the letter. "Do you realise you are interrupting a council session, messenger?" Avdar asked the man. "Yes, but this letter is of more importance to the council than any of you here." the man boldly said. "Let me see it," Chamal said, standing up. The man handed him the letter, and Chamal unrolled it. "I have heard the news that Aeldric of the Rangers of Avalonia has slain a powerful Vampire of Nocturnus, and has avenged the powerful shaman Aurthal. This act of his has proved him brave and courageous, and I grant him the position of Captain of the Rangers of Avalonia. He has shown his strength, and i grant him the authority over Avdar's force of Rangers." ~De'Gothia of Albion Avdar stood up in a rage. "de Gothia thinks he can revoke my title?!" he shouted. Chairman Chamal stood up over him, with a foreboding appearance. "The Leader of Avalonia has Spoken, and his will shall be done. You, Avdar, are to be revoked of your title, and replaced by Aeldric." ------------ Alright guys! I've finally uploaded and finished the build! This is part 1 of the end of Aeldric's story, as his tale will be coming to a close, for reasons i will not explain, because that would spoil the story! Anyways, as usual, CC welcome, and i hope you enjoyed! Also, thanks to de'Gothia for letting me use dialogue for his character in this build!
  18. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times… Spring had reached the Trifork, and the city was in had hardly seen better times. Having been spared the terrors of the Kaliphlin civil war (although battles had been fought only miles across the border); avoided the plague and the infestation of Drow that had plagued Avalonia; and seen no incursion of the strange bringers of winter rumoured to roam the north (although there had been a certain chill in the northern winds); the Trifork was prosperous as never before. However, there was no flurry of spirit, none of the exaltation and celebration one would expect during such an extended period of increasing wealth. No one was starving, to be sure, and businesses were growing, ever investing in new workshops, warehouses, or stores, but something was dampening the free flow of high spirits. Piazzza Municipiale, the center of the Trifork This something was no mystery to anyone in their right minds. While a traveller might take the Trifork for a wealthy city wholly inhabited by melancholic stoics, the locals, high and low, knew the source of this depression: The Trifork was at war, and its alliances seemed to be wavering. The Lord Mayor was away with the cavalry to the west, fighting an incursion of an unknown enemy, and his Second-in-command, Sir William Drake, had brought most of the Infantry south.(The Aestwäld Saga, part 8) It was not that the people felt unsafe, as the remaining forces would hold of anything but a full on assault, by way of the extensive fortifications of the City. But the people and their leaders were weary of war. Everyone, high and low, had a relative, friend, or colleague amongst the troops, and everyone had been reminded by the terrors of war, as the veterans had returned from the Kaliphlin campaigns, carrying their fallen brother. Everyone longed to see their loved ones return, longed to have their leader back. It was not that they disliked the rule of his wife. She was much respected, and she managed everything to the satisfaction of every honest man. It was simply a case of stability and ease-of-mind. There was a want of good news and of peace, of returning to everyday life. And to this came the alarming rumours of alliances falling apart, Avalonia about to collapse, Cedrica to be ruled by the damned bastard dog of Nocturnus, and creatures of winter bringing an ice age with them as they descended from the north. The City Hall, center of the Trifork civil administration Mariana knew all of these rumours, as she was asked about them by all she met on her daily rounds through the city. And while she could put some to ease, she knew far too well that others were horridly true. More than anyone else, she knew the situation. Only the negative stories seemed to be backed by firm evidence, while the good news seemed dreamy and inconclusive. Oh, how she longed for good news. Conclusive good news. Travellers from the north did talk of the Algus being beating back, and some said that Alric and Beorthan had won a victory in Drond's Feelds, but it was all very cloudy. The latest letter from her husband announced that he was to chase down the remaining enemies near the border, but it had been weeks without news. Another source of worries was diplomacy. Around the time of Beorthan's departure, several emissaries had been sent out to reaffirm relations to the Avalonian leadership, the High Council of Kaliphlin, as well as the resistance in Nocturnus. However, none but the last had so far yielded any reply. It was strange rumours that came from Shadowmere. They mentioned the death of one of the Trifork's most powerful allies, the half-vampire lord Vladivus. However, Tauro, who had been sent to there as emissary, had sent back a short note affirming the death, but also the reinstatementof Vladivus as Lord of Shadowmere. It did mention dark arts, but gave no true explanation. At least it was news. Neither the members of the Kaliphlin High Council, nor the Avalonian leadership had made any reply, and none of the emissaries had returned. Had the Trifork's Allies forsaken them? Were the messengers intercepted, or even killed on arrival? Had the Desert King tightened his grip on Kaliphlin? Did not the Avalonian High Lords condone of the Trifork's support of the High Council? It was little wonder that rumours thrived. Market and entertainers on the Piazza Yet through all this, life moved on, and the main square, the Piazza Municipale, of the Trifork was as ever bustling with life. On the square a Kaliphlinite theatrical troupe was giving performance, and several merchants were hawking their wares. Renovating the square This was not market day, and the current renovations of the tiling of the square did limit the space available for market stalls. These works would soon be over, and the square would once more be back to its own polished self and full of traders. The Trifork City Court Apart from the City Hall, the Piazza Municipiale contained some of the most prominent structures of the Trifork, including the City Court, which precided over both civilian and mercantile cases, and ensured fairness and justice for all residents and visitors of the Trifork. Placed on the border between Avalonia, Kaliphlin and the King's Lands of Cedrica, the Court mediated and judged many cases spanning the guilds, and was widely reputed for its fairness and wisdom in ruling. La Fontana de Aqua Another remarkable sight was the Fontana de Aqua, the main water supply of the Trifork. While water was in abundance from the lake, several fresh springs emerged near the Trifork, all to be let through intricate systems of piping to the many fountains found throughout the Trifork, most prominently the Fontana de Aqua. The water from these springs was much cleaner than that of the lake, and many attributed the good health of the Trifork citizens to the access of high quality water. The Trifork Textile Guild Headquarter(Left) and the Bank of the Three Rivers (Right) The more enterprising sides of the Trifork also found representation on the piazza. By many, the sand green headquarter of the Trifork Textile Guild was regarded as the most elegant building of the city. Designed by a famous Varlyrian architect, and the newest building of the square, its intricate facade has impressed many a merchant about to embark on business with the guild. The textile guild is one of the most influential organisations of the Trifork, and controls several manufacturies, warehouses, and shops thoughout the city, and although consisting of several independent businessmen, all major orders are handled through the guild headquarters. With the abundance of water from the lakes and rivers, the Trifork is the perfect place for textile production, and its position as a trade hub ensures access to colourful substances, exotic threads, and rare materials important for the production of exquisite textiles, as well as a large buyer base for its finished products. Colloqually known as the "River Bank" (to much mirth for some) the Bank of the Three Rivers is the main financial institution of the Trifork, protecting your savings, or lending you considerable sums for your next investment. While not particularly large, or well-known, it is one of the oldest institutions of the Trifork, to which it owes its prime location in the square, and a reputation for security and trustworthyness. The Old Moot The central square of the Trifork emerged in an age long past, just by the old oak where the first city moots were held. Although many has offered fortunes to purchase the plot for development, the citizens of the Trifork have never allowed this. It is widely regarded as the origins of the city, as where the first druids met to settle down, and short of murder or rape, damaging the tree or littering the area is one of the most serious crimes one can commit in the Trifork. In fact, no Mayor can be elected before swearing to protect the Old Moot. _______________________________________________________________________ This was my biggest build to date, and I am very happy with the outcome. (Although the pictures, taken in a necessary rush, would do with a proper background) It is meant to wrap up a lot of ongoing storylines, and hopefully propel them further, as well as developing the Trifork towards my plans for the city. Several of these buildings will be entered in task 4, and the Trifork Textile Guild is meant to be my entry into task 6, and something I will hopefully find the time to elaborate on in the future. I have long been absent from the Guilds, and I cannot say when I next have something to post, but I am still here! Beorthan's tales are not over. C&C is more than welcome.
  19. Asad


    *** About 6 Months later *** Captian Liam led Eric and Peter into the grand throne room. Peter had heard stories, but had never seen it himself. In the back of the hall, prince Tirioc stood with a small septer in had. "I have summoned you and your soldiers, Liam, to keep peace in this land. Stories and rumors of a cult worshiping dragons has risen in the south. Weary messengers and refugees from the southern towns say the cultists burn all that doesn't side with them. Take your men to Kauster, where you will find a small militia. Smoke out these cultists, I will not have them in my fiefdom. And what is that farmer doing?" "Sir, this farmer is one of my men. He is very good wih the staff, blade, and almost any weapon you give him. Ove the past few months, he has become very trusted among my men, but has never been in a battle. I would take him with me if it pleases you." "Take him and go, but not without properly outfitting him with a proper weapon and armor." "Sir, he has no money. He cannot afford anything but the clothes on his back and that pitchfork." "Captian Liam! Since when did we frce the underprivallaged to pay for their own weapons when they serve unwillingly in our military? If you are so stubborn, take the funds out of my treasury!" Humbled, captian Liam stormed out of the hall with Peter and Eric following close behind. Kauster would be waiting tomarrow, and Eric led Peter to the mess hall. After an ale and some hearty food, Eric and Peter went down to the armory to request a weapon and armor for Peter. Since Peter had the most experiance wiht a pitchfork, he was provided with a spear and sheld. Properly outfitted in light mail, Peter went with Eric to find a suitable mount for him to take to Kuaster. A fine bay horcse was found cheap, so it had to do. After a restless night, he felt Eric waking him. Kuaster awaited... Comments appreciated, preferably comments with tips/suggestions.
  20. Isundir

    Edelwald Troops

    Edelwald Troops - Avalonia, Task 1; Edelwald Yeomen: An Avalonian commando unit, the Yeomen are a unique combination of veteran Militia and Rangers. Yeomen are trained with Javelins, Swords and Daggers. In wartime the Yeomen are used for such missions as infiltrating an enemy encampment or fortrification and opening the gates for the main forces, stealing plans or eliminating an enemy commander. In peacetime the Yeomen train in their hideout sources say is located somewere in Edelwald and occasionally hunt down a group of troublesome bandits or such. Although not confirmed the Yeomen are led by Edelwald's Lord, Reinhard Sternvale. (Loosly based of the Yeomen unit from the Fantasy Wars videogame.) Edelwald Militia (Pikemen): Edelwald Militia (Longbowmen): Edelwald Knights (Heavy Cavalry): Group shot: I hope you like the troops I created for my land, Edelwald, I don't have massive amounts of minifigs like some people (I like to collect up to 4 of any given minifig, due to budget constraints I can't really get more then that) but I hope this is enough.
  21. Full Plate


    Waylaid Chapter I: The Tranquil Meadow Chapter II: Old Bagshaw's Residence Chapter III: The Poacher Chapter IV: Making Camp Chapter V: Solitary Council Chapter VI: Escaping Home Chapter VII: Waylaid Chapter VIII: Archery Practice Chapter IX: Honour the Fallen Bonus Landscape: Avalonian Countryside Mercy paid full attention to her surroundings as she was walking down the road. It was a peaceful countryside landscape with ripening fields and green meadows. She was alone on the road, which was probably for the best, as her seemingly leisurely stroll was full of dark intentions. She knew her prey was heading here, but would still be a few hours away, giving her plenty of time to scout the road for a good spot. She stopped on the road in front of an old, derelict stone shed. There was plenty of cover around the building, which was to her benefit. Not that she would ever use a position that close to the road, but it would make it less obvious where the shot came from. She turned and looked out over the field on the other side of the road. Beyond the field was long ridge running parallel to the road. It wasn't particularly high, but high enough that climbing it was out of the question. It was very far from the road though, making it very hard to land a shot from there. That suited Mercy just fine. - 'If it's hard shot, no one will expect it', she thought to herself. Mercy had made plenty of difficult shots in the past, and she could do it again. Not that she cared about making difficult shots. People in her business who tried to show off did not last long. People hired her for reliability, and that's what they got. The less fancy the better. An assassin who could be identified by their style, equipment or anything at all, was not worth their salts. But when a hard shot was the superior option, Mercy would not back down from it. - 'Well, better get going', she told herself. It took Mercy the better part of an hour to make her way up to the ridge and prepare a spot for herself. As she was done she gave the site around her another glance. Everything seemed to be in order. She had prepared the place where she would be lying, it should be comfortable enough for a few hours of wait. She had trimmed the bushes around her to allow for unencumbered and quick escape. Her crossbow was loaded and ready, and so was the spare, although she knew she wouldn't need it. It had been years since she last missed a shot. - 'Might as well get to work', Mercy thought to herself. She lay down in the pile of leaves she had prepared for herself, supporting herself on her arms and elbows. Now started the waiting game. It was another hour before the party came into view. It was four men travelling on horse, but Mercy was only to take out one of them. The man riding first would be instantly recognised as Sir Darby by most people who had spent time in Albion. A slight legend from his time on the battlefield and generally well-liked among the commoners due to his low birth. He was not her mark however. Neither was the second man, a stern black-haired man, who Mercy knew only as Sir Darby's second-in-command. Mercy didn't like him. People who were hard to read, usually had something to hide. The last two were both red-haired men. Similar features, but Mercy read them as completely different types of men. The first had the look of a veteran despite his obvious youth. A confident, care-free man with a smile on his face. Mercy didn't like him either. Confident men needed to be taken down a peg. Coming up last was what seemed like a sorry excuse for a man. He looked scared for no apparent reason and he didn't seem too stable in his saddle. Mercy had no idea why he would be travelling with seasoned soldiers and she didn't really care much. - 'Once I'm done I probably won't see any of you again', she tought. Mercy's instructions had been to assassinate one of the riders, but not Sir Darby himself or his second-in-command. This was the first time she had ever been offered a choice of target, and it actually annoyed her. Taking someone's life was not a matter that was to be left to chance. People hired her because she was the best, and she delivered exactly what was requested. But when it was not clearly specified she felt slightly lost. Deep down, though, she knew the real reason she was upset was because someone was going to die based on her decision. That was not the way it was supposed to be. She was an instrument of death, but not the initiator. She was just implementing somebody else's choices, and though she didn't like to admit it, that made a difference to her. - 'Your assassin daughter has a conscience - aren't you happy Mum?' she thought to herself wryly. Mercy took careful aim at the veteran redhead. - 'Sorry' she whispered as the crossbow string twanged and the bolt flew toward its mark. Sir Darby was enjoying the scenery. Rural landscapes and ripening crops was certainly more to his taste than bustling cities and high society. Out here he felt free and he enjoyed every second of it. As he took a deep breath of the fresh air, a flicker on his right caught his eye only to be followed by a low thud behind him. Sir Darby knew what he would see before he even turned his head, although he sorely wished he'd be wrong. Sir Darby was not wrong. Kipp had a wooden bolt sprouting from his throat. His face was screaming, but made no sound. His horse was rearing out of control. Sir Darby had seen enough bloodshed in his days to know that this was it for Kipp. He was losing a friend, but he could not let emotions get a hold of him right now. Assessing their situation was paramount. Sir Darby saw Harlon and Nyle dismount, but for different reasons. Nyle carelessly ran up screaming to his brother who had now fallen to the ground. This was pretty much what Sir Darby would have expected of him. Harlon dropped down to take cover behind his horse. Sir Darby thought that pretty pointless. The danger was over by now. If this ambush was meant to kill all of them there would have been a barrage of arrows headed for them simultaneosly. No, this was a flawless, precise, single shot, serving some specific purpose. But what purpose? Sir Darby needed to locate the assassin if he was to understand the reason behind this attack. The bolt had certainly come from their right, from the fields. But beyond the fields was a steep ridge, and such a skilled assassin wouldn't let himself be trapped in a field with no escape. No, the shot must have come from the ridge itself, although that was an exceptional distance away. Sir Darby quickly scanned the top of the ridge for anything that stood out. There was nothing there. Except... in that one spot the vegetation seemed lighter than elsewhere. Intentional or not, that would be the position for an ambush. Sir Darby kept his gaze intently on the spot, focused on catching any hint of the assassin's presence. It had only been a few moments since the first shot, so the shooter had likely not retreated yet. In the background he could hear Nyle wailing and Harlon barking at him to take cover, but Sir Darby zoned it all out, singularily focused on catching any movement. The seconds passed slowly. And there it was. An ever so slight stir, but it was definitely there. No glimpse of the assassin unfortunately, but they had a site they could examine, which would surely yield some clue. That was the best he could do. Pursuit would be impossible. Sir Darby turned his eyes back to the chaos on the road. Now was the time to see to his companions. As Mercy left the area she could feel her heart pounding. That man had stared right at her! Had he spotted her? She had waited for him to look elsewhere before leaving, but he hadn't looked away once. In the end she had to leave as carefully as she could. There was definitely no chance of them pursuing her, especially not with that whimpering runt in their tow. But still, that piercing stare had certainly rattled her. And it felt strangely good. - 'This was an exciting one' she thought as she walked away. *** Bonus pictures: Whew! Wall of text Ok, so in the end I built some trees again, but this time with a new technique at least Was trying to create a row of willows that are pretty typical for the agricultural landscape in south of Sweden where I am from. The trees are cut down to "knobs" once every 2-3 years which gives them a distinctive look. Not entirely happy with the result, but I think they are at least recognizable (although my wife thought they were some kind of alien trees ). Here's what they look like in real life: link Also tried to make a composite image for when the assassin takes aim, but my image processing skills are just not good enough so it I ended up looking rather unnatural unfortunately Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed it! C & C always welcome
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    Huns at "work"

    What are the Huns looking at? What is he looking at? The ants are comming..... _________ This is also a build for the Summer Just 2016 And here an alternative scenario ;-)
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    Mitgardian Love

    After long talks and many couriers, Alric's wife Elysabeth has decided to build a Mitgardian ambassady. She hired one of Nordheim's most famous architects to put a Northern building in an Avalonian landscape. Of course, the building features full interiors: In the central hall, Elysabeth and Nordheim's ambassador Hollr are talking about trade agreements. Maybe an alliance follows... So, I always liked Mitgardia, but Soccerkid's and kabel's builds kindled a true love for the north in my heart. The building itself uses only "Mitgardian" techniques, while the environnement is based on Full Plate and DC. Special thanks to SK for helping out with the roof (who is better now then on most of the images) and to Halhi141 for the stained glass windows
  24. As Captain Liam led the procession across the bridge, Peter lost his breath as the vast wall loomed over him. Eric grinned. "Never seen anything so huge, i'd wager." Peter didn't respond. He was lost in a trance, completely overwhelmed from the sight of the wall. "Welcome to Farrveil Fortress," captian Liam grumbled ahead of them. "Once he see some of the castles of Kaliphilin, he'll probably drop down dead," muttered a soldier to Eric. The gates slowly opened, allowing the troop access to the vast interior. "Peter!" Captian Liam commanded, "Follow Eric to the barracks, where you'll await your assignment." Peter did as he was told. Eric led him to a darker part of the town, into the barracks. They seemed decently well kept, though Peter didn't notice this. He went straight to sit down and think about everything that had hapopened. Taken from his own home! This was unthinkable. The family would be fine, his daughter wasn't really sick, he had said that just to avoid going with Liam. "Get some sleep," Eric suggested, "you'll have a long day ahead of you tomorrow." Comments appreciated, also, I'd like to submit this for the 5th avalonian task.
  25. There once was a tower near a river in the woods of Avalonia, an outpost of soldiers. The outpost is constantly ravaged by nature and bandit raids, so after many years, the commander finally decided that it is not worth the effort or resources and ordered his troops to another location, abandoning the nearly ruined outpost to its fate. Due to its strategic position nearby a busy road, Forestmen wasted no time to take over the abandoned tower. As skilled in stealth and marksmenship as Forestmen are, they aren't expert carpenters or builders, so the tower never reached to its former glory, but after a few repairs and extensions the place became livable enough, as well as allowing its new occupants to flee into the safety of the forest through the bridge if needed. Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Thank you for viewing. C&C welcome