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  1. Challenge V, Category A, Alliance Side : A Courier in the air In the Enchanted Forest of Avalonia, the activity of the Drow Army increased those past months and Falahuas suffered more than ever the multiple raids they launched through all the Principality. Ther where no safe roads now and that was difficult to send a horse courier by those difficult times. The little group of The Spire minions this ambush team was composed knew perfectly those facts. They where scattered along the northern road of Falahuas waiting to intercept the courier their spies had announced. The road was recently re-claimed by This stupid Elf Princess called Walaehria but she never knew the Drow were still there and would claim soon the entire Principality for them ! How stupid she was ! Thought Arsthalas, the leader of the Drow troups. Even with the re-building of outposts and with the help of other Avalonian Counties like Drondil did, the Principality would never find peace and safety as long as him and his guys could pillage at will ! He had prepared every part of the ambush. He was ready ! His Drow troups had to be a bit scatered along the road from the both sides and be dissimulated within the lush forest that covers all this part of the hilly north of Falahuas. Then, when a rider would show, they would jumped out of their hidings in order to prevent him to turn back. The front group would slay down the horse and capture the rider in order to keep him alive and then torture him to obtain the crucial informations he had to deliver. Yes ! Arsthalas plan was perfect ! Well... It was... Until he discovered with fear the rider wasn't by horse ! He was a Griffon rider ! He hadn't the time to raise his weapon that the sharp spear point of the elf rider cut him in half while the fearsome half eagle/half lion beast used its dreadful claws to tear apart his best men ! In no time there were no Drow left alive along the road. Ethaihlin, the elf rider the Princess chose for that mission, was not a stupid courier, and he had guessed well ! The Drow knew his mission was to deliver a crucial information from the Capital ! They clearly had spies everywhere now. The Spire was stronger than ever ! But hopefully he trusted his mount and his bravery to discourage any attempt to stop him ! His message was cristal clear : "The Heir of Cedrica's Throne is back and all the people of the Alliance side should rise the arms and side with him to stop Ravaage ! The Black Spire can be defeated !" Falahuas will answer to the King's Heir call ! Hope you'll like my entry for this Challenge. Any comment or criticism is welcome. And I hope the tail of the Griffon is considered as a reasonable overhanging. If, not, tell me and I will rework my composition to make it fit in the 16*16 base. And here is a bonus picture of the Griffon rider alone :
  2. The battle had gone terribly. The Drow had ambushed them and caught them unaware. They sliced through us like a hot knife through butter. Though they had smaller numbers the Drow fought savagely. Finally, after the first initial massacre, we at last gained a foot hold. Filled with a lust for revenge, the tides turned and we overwhelmed them. We had won. Although it was not with out loss. 2 out of 5 men had perished that day and many wives made widows and children fatherless. I felt anger rise within me. He would cleanse this entire island of drow before this the coming of summer and... "M'lord?" He was interrupted by a messenger, a scruffy looking fellow holding a small letter. "yes?" I asked him. " y-y-you are Lord Maestro?" He obviously did not recognize me with out my usual beard, which I had shaved off as a sign of mourning. "I believe so, you have a message?" "M'lord, the true heir to historica has returned, m'lord and he is calling all faithful to his banner. I know you may not believe me m'lord but its true, the sent me too y-" "Enough" I cut off his babbling and turned to a passing guard "Tell my commanders to meet me in my pavilion immediately". Cleansing Eolas can wait, It was time to join the king, and fight the real enemy. Not at all really satisfied with this build. The rock work is meh, the layering is meh, and the fig posing is meh :/ The story is also meh as I kinda got carried away :P Oh well, what I lack now I will (try) make up for in my next big build. Hope you enjoy :) Also, yes I did see that arrow that fell out The previous build in the saga: A heroes farewell The Next build in the saga: A chilly welcome
  3. While Lord Nar Bilu spends his days rebuilding his city on Hemresa, he sends out his great great grandson (future Narbilu, or the Green Shade as he was named here) to try and find out what is happening in Nocturnus. Weeks passed, roaming the wild woodlands and swamps of Nocturnus ground until an anomaly appeared. Narbilu reacted somewhat startled at first, but quickly he recognised the ghostly form. It was the commander of the fallen Avalonian warriors. It only spoke a few clear words “War already started, take this home now, haste back”. It handed a letter to Narbilu. A bit disoriented Narbilu turned his head to see where the ghost went, but he had vanished in thin air. The ground beneath his feet started shaking and as Narbilu jumped aside a large bonelike monster erupted from beneath the soil. It hovered a few feet above the ground, patiently awaiting Narbilu’s response. As Narbilu saw that the beast meant no harm, he threw a rope around the neck of the beast and climbed his back. Swiftly the animal flew away, clearly heading west. Back home. For more pictures, check my FlickR account
  4. : Woah man, can't believe they'd send out all this security for one prisoner, must be one helluva bastard this one. : Heh, you haven't heard sonny, this is non other then Lupin ' the Mad Dog' Vandimion. He's the talk o' all the towns. : Wha-what!? You mean that psycho who butchered his own family. : Yeap, they had to gag him. Wouldn't stop raving about being some noble lord, Reinhard o' Sternvale or something, guy's a complete nutter. And o' course, he be claimin he ain't done it. : Bah, if you ask me they should execute these freaks on the spot, what's with the Inquisitors though? : Well, I reckon they must suspect something occult or demonic be going on. All I hear say, he was found surounded by bits and pieces what was left of his family, covered in their blood. Wait, did you just hear someth-... Greetings all, made this in two hours today (due to time constraint 2 to 4 hours is about all I have to work on MOC's per week). I hope you like the MOC and the, albeit a bit grim dark, story so far. Due to not being a native English Speaker/Writer I find this method of story telling which I've taken from Andromeda's Gates to be the best way for me and I hope it'll be allowed. I plan to keep building a new story segment each week. As a bonus check out these Avalonian Inquisitors, the Avalonian Inquisition specializes in the hunting down of Demons, Blood Magic users (such as wicked witches) and other dark things that can not stand the light:
  5. As the Green Shade returns and hands Lord Nar Bilu the letter from he fallen warriors, he looks sad. Again their assistance is required outside Avalonia. Maybe even a battle for life and death of Historica as we know it. He assembles his entire army, speaks to them with words of encouragement and honour. They all line up and march east, leaving Hemresa behind...
  6. Part 1, Chapter 1 Part 2, Chapter 2 Albion Docks by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Brandon had feelings of uncertainty as he walked towards the Albion docks. To whom was his duty owed? He had seen starving peasants and refugees from the countryside on his way to the docks. Yet many of the High Lords were oblivious to this fact. Brandon himself was unsure. Avalonia, his own homeland, where he had been raised, desperately needed good leadership and protection. Yet here he was, marching 500 Avalonians into possible death, to a guild they had never known, a guild that cared little for the sufferings of Avalonians. However, Brandon reassured himself, These poor people will be suffering more if Raavage is not defeated. He walked on, arriving at the South Docks. The Albion South Docks were a relatively new addition to the city. Since the Avalonian Civil War, Drow raids in the countryside had caused many to flee behind the safety of the city walls. Unfortunately, the small city found it hard to accomadate such large numbers. Thus, slums popped up outside the city walls overnight, built by refugees with whatever wood they could find. The lack of a competent warden was in part responsible for the growth of these towns, where crime flourished. The South Docks, however, were built by merchants fleeing war in the south, and was notably grander than other parts of the slums. It extended across the river into Mesodraconem. Yet few nobles ever came here, preferring to use the grander North Docks for travel. Brandon walked into the docks, where he was greeted by Karlon Ironsmith. House Ironsmith was an ally to Dragonstone and Ironsmith soldiers made up the largest addition to Brandon's forces. "Good day, Lord Stark. All is going to plan. We should be able to embark soon. Also, the Steward from the Keep came here with a chest. He said it was yours." "Ah, yes, the chest. I requested to have in delivered here." Brandon motioned to a guard nearby to take the chest onto the boat. "By the way, what are our forces? I heard the Council didn't allow us to use their forces, so it is about 500?" "No, my lord. We have 700 soldiers. I brought about 200, House Mormont brought about 200, and House Tollett brought about 100. But your father arrived about a week ago with 200 soldiers from Drond's Feelds. Lord Alric probably requested them. The Council will send 1,000 soldiers if they see the cause is worth supporting." Brandon looked to his left to see two soldiers in Drond's Feelds armor walking to the ship. Yet this was a different variant. Brandon remembered they were his father's, immediately proving Lord Ironsmith's words. "Good. Hopefully we will be able to arrive in Nocturnus on time." Brandon then walked onto the ship.
  7. Part 1, Chapter 1 Study by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Brandon and Corlys opened the door and entered a meeting room in the Great Keep of Avalonia. This wasn't the one the Council used, but rather each member of the council had their own meeting room. The two continued walked further, entering Brandon's study. Brandon hadn't been here in weeks, and as expected, piles of letters were sitting on his desk. Two letters on the table caught his eye. They were bearing the seal of Drond's Fields, and Shadowmere, respectively. They must be the responses, Brandon thought. Brandon sat down in his chair. He gestured for his brother to sit in another chair facing his. "So, Brandon, I trust your journey was pleasant? I have found much news from my travels to the capital. These are turbulent times, brother. I ran into some bandits on my way to the capital. Also some mummies and Drow. Didn't think they'd venture so far from their territory. I may have also seen that Nestlands girl that kissed you. Pity I wasn't able to talk to her. But I'm sure that's the one though. Armored girls aren't very common around here." "Surely you've found better news than that Nestlands girl. Though mummies and Drow venturing far from their territories is rather frightening. If the rumors are true; if my spies are right about Raavage allying with Drow and Algus, I fear nothing can stop him. Not with that Necromancer's Helm he could use to raise vast armies of undead." "Yes, the news is rather frightening, but there is hope, Brandon. The Necromancer's Helm might not even exist. And, the heir to Cedrica has been found..." "What? Corlys, I never knew you would succumb to rumors like that. The heir to Cedrica has been the subject of talk in half the taverns in Petraea. I'm not sure if there is hope. Mitgardia is spent, and will not be able to resist the Algus. Kaliphlin is divided, meaning the Desert King cannot make good on his promise to help Free Nocturnus. And even Avalonia; we were once one of the most powerful and prosperous, yet now the capital is shadow of its former glory and flooding with refugees." "It is true. I am sure of it. The resurrected Sir Trian Burress, Lord Dugal MacLean, and others are meeting in the Beggar's Inn south of the capital as we speak. If the rumors are false, why would they meet? There must be some reason. Brandon, please, for your family and those you hold dear, do not give up, for there is hope. For now, I must return to Drond's Fields. Goodbye, Brandon." "Thank you Corlys. Goodbye to you too." Now alone, Brandon pondered for a moment. Resurrected Sir Trian? He hadn't been seen for years. Brandon began opening the letters, hoping there was good news within. He began with the one he received from Lord Vladivus. "Greetings, Brandon, It gladdens me to know Historica has not forgotten it's shared plight. Ravaage is a threat to us all. Free Nocturnus is doing it's best to hold the Spire's rot at bay, but even Shadowmere's cannot hold out indefinitely. Allies are always welcome, and my mother spoke highly of your family. Make haste Brandon, there is little time to waste. Vladivus, Lord of Shadowmere and Free Nocturnus" After reading the letter, Brandon opened the one from Drond's Feelds. "Dear Lord Stark, We truly appreciate the fact that you will join our armies in the fight against the Black Spire. My husband, lord Alric, is already there with the best of our household guard. Though I wished I could give you more men, every man not in the Darklands already is needed here, to fend off the increasing Drow threat. My apologies. I propose you meet up with your liege lord once you are there, as to develop a shared strategy. Yours sincerely, Lady Elysabeth In name of her husband Lord Alric of the House Drondil, Lord of Drond's Feelds" Brandon closed both letters with satisfaction and relief. Both would be allies with him. He then opened the other letters and read them. They were mostly reports and updates from his agents across Historica. Many talked about the heir to Cedrica and the upcoming war. Others were of little importance; dealing with his incomes, among other things. Getting up, Brandon walked over to a chest, then began preparing for the journey. He pulled out his dragonsteel sword, then began placing a few other items inside. After a few minutes, Brandon walked out of his room. It would be long before he would return, and he wasn't sure if he would at all. As he walked out of his study, he spotted a servant in the hallway. Brandon pointed to the chest in his study. "Can you get this down to the Albion docks by this afternoon?"
  8. Somewhere among the shores of Avalonia... A rider sent from General Aeldric of Vanhorn races the soldiers of The Spire to send word to Albion and the surrounding reaches word of the True King's return, the True Heir to Cedrica! The Orcs of the coastal regions have always bore crude weapons and armor. Not nearly on level of that of Soldiers directly from The Spire. The rider must be diligent, swift, and unrelenting on his horse, for the forces of Ravaage do not falter. (Welp, this is my Category A (Riders of Historica) Entry! It's Alliance side. CC Welcome!)
  9. As the name implies, the lodge provides shelter for the local hunters, in the middle of the Avalonian forests. While the original building was, indeed, camouflaged with the trees around, to allow the hunters to conceal themselves, recent events have made the young Sten the only regular visitor in a while, causing the lodge to look slightly run-down. ------------------------------------- Hey guys, I've been pretty busy lately - a quick post for a quick entry to CCC, an Avalonian freebuild. I’m pretty sure I’ve made a mess with the [rushed] resizing, cropping etc. If anyone has any suggestions [for example, how to avoid having to cut off parts of the actual pic] for the next time, please feel free to drop a line. C&C most welcome as usual! ^^ P.S. With hindsight, I should’ve probably underlined the separation between the trunk of the small tree at the front left and the human-made structure somehow (most likely with colours)…
  10. Grover

    The Cedar Serpent

    Lady Gwenllian of Albers did not know what to expect from Avalonia, other than from stories she had heard of a land filled with chivalrous knights. Her homeland Albers was a matriarchal society, where only the women could hold property and pass down lands, but very diverse, with elves, dwarves, hobbits, and humans all living peacefully. Lady Gwenllian was trained as a knight, even dabbling in the art of magic, but she cherished her time in the forests of her homeland, where she learned the ways of the woods and the stealth inherent to them. Lady Gwenllian served as a knight in the military of Albers for her conscripted time. It was during this time that the evil emperor Lantz staged a coup d’état and claimed rule of the nation to himself, shredding the laws of matriarchal succession and throwing much of the country into chaos. Without a clear plan in mind, Albers had plunged into chaos and civil war. Lady Gwenllian returned home as quickly as she could, only to find her parents assassinated by the cronies of the new emperor. The emperor had spies everywhere, and some of those in her own had household betrayed Lady Gwenllian's parents, who fought against the usurper. Her household fought amongst themselves, distrustful of one another. Her family gone, and knowing not who to trust, Lady Gwenllian vowed to escape and rebuild her family legacy and power with the hope to one day return to her homeland and right the wrongs there. She quietly gathered her most trusted servants and boarded her ship, the Cedar Serpent, to sail to a new life in Avalonia. Her companions on her voyage included: Myellan, the elven archer originally from Avalonia; Seren, her lady at arms and master of the household; Chwyd, one of her men at arms (although he is not particularly sea-worthy); Alis, daughter of Seren and the lookout for the ship; Castwyr, the wily and somewhat vulgar bard; Sven, the oldest member of Lady Gwenllian's servants, who captains the ship; and Floro, the faun, an adventurous and free-spirited companion. The Cedar Serpent Myellan and Seren near the prow. Seren, Chwyd, Floro, and Castwyr on the deck. The seasick Castwyr blowing chunks. (I think this is probably my favorite Lego face). Alis peering for land through her spyglass from the mast and rigging. Lady Gwenllian watching over her crew with Sven in the background steering the ship. ****** Now for the caveat: I know this build is kind of crappy. I have recently moved, haven't unpacked all my bricks, and can't find all of them right now. I did find a large supply of dark orange, which had a lot of pieces but only a few types: 1x2, 2x2, and 2x4 plates, and some 33 and 45° slopes, so I wanted to try and build a ship with it. I had only two of the bricks with the side studs that I used for the serpent's eyes, akin to the old 90s Battle Dragon, which I always liked. The dark blue waves didn't show as well on the pictures as I planned. I wanted to do some gold studs as accents, but couldn't find them, so went with the silver stud tiles instead. I mostly wanted to get something posted for Gwenllian to start to move the story along for her. I've also never really been good at building ships, so was actually kind of happy with how this attempt at a cog, although I know it's sub-par for around here. Kind of funny, I've actually been building since the 80s, but only recently gotten back into it, so the bulk of my bricks are from the old color palette that is much more basic. I have been trying to buy up some of the more interesting shades of colors (the dark shades, new foliage, etc.), although it's going slowly. Some of the new building techniques are awesome and I am here to have fun and learn from everyone else, so I welcome the criticism and comments, although bear in mind I have a long way to go and probably don't have the same colors available as everyone else yet.
  11. Legofin2012

    M.I.S. Avalonian Outpost

    Deep in Avalonian forest, the M.I.S. keeps eye on potential threats. Although remaining peaceful for many years, the Black Spire uprising in Nocturnus is a major concern, so men everywhere could serve it's purpose. The location of the outpost on a small cliff keeps the lower section hidden and the wooden lookout is built to blend in with the dense forest. Rangers train in their spare time The rocks provide a cool storage place for reserves and of course, Mitgardian ale Originally built for CCCXIV, but hoping to enter into AoM too, but as a later phase. -Thanks for looking :) They are watching
  12. LittleJohn

    Forest Cottage

    My fourth entry to the CCC XIV, for the Woodland Hideaway category. The layout and design of the house were inspired by this image. The bottom-right window lights up, and the river is made of SNOT cheese slopes. Herbert the hermit lives in a cozy cottage nestled in the Western Woods. He lives a secluded life, preferring to spend his time tending to his gardens, and feeding his many animal friends. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  13. The Maestro

    Avalonian siege tower

    Somewhere among the sprawling marshes of Nocturnus an Avalonian force is helping the resistance lay siege to a black spire city. Catapults hurl rocks at the attackers and arrows fall like rain. Yet the siege weapons roll on, determine to take back what is rightfully theirs. CCC XIV - Siege warfare My last entry to the CCC, my last Goh build and also my last biggish castle build in 2016. A bit rushed and very simple I think it turned out well. The trees are defiantly my favourite part. The siege tower itself is a bit eh but I didn't really have enough pieces to do a better model I think the rock and the crater-thing turned out nicely as well. I've had a blast this year on Goh and i've kind of only got you guys to blame for my increase in skill. I really appreciate the feed back you guys give me, so thanks for an amazing year and merry Christmas and have a happy new year. (Also happy Fifth Goh anniversary ) Hope you enjoy and C&C needed as always.
  14. The Maestro

    Aimsithe the arms master

    From city to city the arms master wanders, selling his wares to whoever has the coin. It is well known that the master forges a weapon like no other. Strong and reliant, a sword would last you through an age. So when Aimsithe passes your cottage be sure to purchase at least a knife, for you won't regret it. CCC XIV - Traveling salesman. Ugh I though this would be an original idea but Jaka Kupina bet me to it D: Oh well. Just a simple build that took me way to long but I tried out a new base style which I was pleased with. My next build is almost finished and should be done this week( if im not to lazy that is :P) Hope you enjoy. Some parts of the edit are terrible - sorry :P
  15. Chambers by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Brandon entered his chambers in a manor house outside the capital. Though the master of court intrigues in the capital, he still needed to get away from the tiring politics of the capital for once. He sat down at his desk, picked up his pen, dipped it into the ink, and began writing a letter. The latest developments in Nocturnus meant that something larger was brewing, and Brandon had to write to the Resistance, reassuring them of their allies in the war to come. "To Vladivus, Lord of Shadowmere, and nominal leader of Free Nocturnus, In these tumultuous times it is my duty..." Suddenly, the door opened, and a man wearing a typical Avalonian courtier's clothing, clutching a letter, entered. Brandon looked up to see it was Kevan, the lord of this manor, and also one of Brandon's oldest and most trusted friend. Kevan bowed. "Lord Stark." he said. "I'd have appreciated it more if you'd knocked first, but anyways, that aside what news do you have for me?" "This is my manor, so my rules. Anyways, well, there is news from Nocturnus, which seems to be your focus right now. Around a month or so ago, Black Spire forces captured a fortress near the Mitgardian border guarding one of the only roads in Nocturnus. Mortag Keep, it is called." A little annoyed by Kevan's statement, along with the fact the he was reporting unnecessary information to him, Brandon replied. "And what significance does this 'Mortag Keep' warrant? Surely it is just another keep that we don't have to care about. The Black Spire's been conquering fortress after fortress lately. While worrisome, as of now, I can't really do anything about it." "You see, our spies tell that a map leading to the Necromancer''s Helm was in that fortress. The Necromancer's Helm makes the Elemental Helm that Revolword loved so much look as powerful as the water people go around trying to sell who claim it has magical properties. It is capable of raising vast armies of the undead." Brandon was taken aback. If the Elemental Helm had done so much pain and destruction to the lands of Historica, what could the Necromancer's Helm do? But then, was this whole "Necromancer's Helm even real in the first place? "Normally, I'd dismiss it as stories to scare little children, but I've seen enough to believe you. Continue, if you will. The council and I would be interested to know of this 'Necromancer's Helm' that Raavage covets. If this be true, it could determine the fate of this war, which will also determine the fate of Historica itself." "But my lord, none of our spies have been able to pierce the Obsidian Spike. In fact, we only learned of this from the Nocturnian resistance." "It looks like we should turn our armies toward Nocturnus. Once this is over, the only spike Raavage will get is the one his head will be mounted on. Three years ago, I didn't come to the aid of my fellow countrymen at Abyssian. It is time I make amends for that. How many forces do we have?" "But my lord, you could not have done anything then. Lord Artorious had promised exile of any one of us who left Avalonia. You could not have risked your livelihood then. But, right now, we have around 6,500, if the Council allows to use the Avalonian army. Otherwise, it is 500." He sighed. The memories of the First Nocturnian Civil War pained him. It came so quickly, after a time when Historica was only beginning to heal. He was also angry, angry that so many of his fellow countrymen had perished at Abyssian, fighting for a cause that was still getting defeated. "Send a raven to my father, and another to Lady Elisabeth of Drond's Fields. Alric is my father's overlord, and we will definitely need their help in the wars to come." "...- Brandon Stark, Lord of Dragonstone, friend of Free Nocturnus" "Also, Kevan, can you get this message to the ravenry? Tell them this is from the Master of Laws, and is an urgent message that will need the fastest raven. As for now, I will be leaving. I'm heading west. There are a few people I need to see. The storm is coming, and we will need many allies." "Yes, my lord. I will see that it is done. And safe journeys to you."
  16. Brandon Stark

    [Task 1, 2, 3] Dragonstone

    Located in the north of the Mystic Isles, close to both Avalonia and Mitgardia, Dragonstone is a prosperous and thriving elven island. Led by the elven Lord Brandon Stark, the elves of Dragonstone founded the port city over 3,000 years ago. Even after the elves suffered major blows in their wars with the drow, Dragonstone continued to prosper. During the Hundred Kingdoms Period, the Kingdom of Dragonstone engaged in multiple wars with their neighbors. At its height, the Kingdom of Dragonstone stretched as far as the borders of Oros, but a multitude of rebellions and wars eventually drove the elves back to the coast, and in later years, back to their island. By the time Artorious Rex mysteriously arrived in Avalonia, the power and prestige of Dragonstone had greatly faded. The Kingdom faced many attacks from barbarian and evil Men from the mainland. After he defeated their enemies and restored them to a position of power once more, the elves of Dragonstone pledged their swords to Artorious Rex and the Guild of Avalonia, vowing to always defend it. Now, even with Artorious Rex gone, the Kingdom of Dragonstone still holds strong bonds with the Guild, and well still come to defend it when the time is right. Should Avalonia fall into darkness once more, the elves of Dragonstone will proudly stand by their human allies. Today, Dragonstone is medium sized island in the north of the Mystic Isles. House Stark rules from the castle of Dragonstone and the adjoining port city of the same name. Dragonstone is surrounded by many walls, built by the dwarves of Mitgardia to protect Dragonstone and instilled with a powerful ancient runic magic that makes it nearly impervious to siege weapons; the reason Dragonstone has never been taken by force. It is said 500 soldiers can hold the walls against 20,000. The walls stand as a symbol of the age-old friendship between the northern dwarves and the elves of Dragonstone. Through interactions with Men, the port of Dragonstone has a more Avalonian architecture than elven architecture, though that does not mean some aspects remain. The surrounding countryside of Dragonstone is covered in a large forest, where centuries of elven and some Druid magic have a profound effect on the land. Trees in the forest have small magical properties, and both elven and druid shrines dot the forest. Besides the forest, their are small patches of farmland. The local farmers know to respect the forest, refusing to clear land in there, and so farming is only a minor part of the economy in Dragonstone. In the middle of the island is a lone mountain, on which the castle of Dragonstone is located. Like the walls, the castle was also built by the dwarves and instilled with an ancient runic magic. Task 1 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr The military of Dragonstone consists of around 500 well trained elven warriors. From left to right are the Elite Guard, the best of the soldiers whose job is to guard the Lord of Dragonstone and the castle. Next is the common soldiers, the backbone of the Dragonstone army. Then, there is the Dragonstone City Guard, who are the law enforcement of the city, yet can hold their own in a battle. Also, there is the archers, some armed with bows, others with crossbows. As elves are great archers, these soldiers are many times the deciding force in a battle. Lastly is the light cavalry. Unlike the rest of Avalonia, there is no heavy cavalry as the strategy of the army is to be quick. Task 2 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Although Lord Brandon Stark prefers to travel discreetly, avoiding detection, he will often travel with his two companions, Jason, the commander of the Elite Guard, and Kevan, the person who runs his spy network and also an adviser to him. Both are his oldest friends and have utter loyalty to him.
  17. BrickCurve

    The Cottage In Autumn

    An Autumn version of one of my previous creations. I really should be building for Brickvention MOC but I really wanted to use my new LUGbulk parts! Now that Summer has drawn to a close, one of the oldest retirees of the Avalonian military has further settled down into his quiet retirement home on the coast of the southern part of Avalonia.
  18. Ep. 2 Laesonar Episode 3 Unexpected Encounters – Part 3 Helga chuckled: “As for your questions, Laesonar, there are many houses like this in the forest. They used to serve as shelters for the rangers who used to watch over the area. That was before they got killed defending against the drow occupation. Now they’re just abandoned houses, but you need to be careful as you might find bandits inside – you were lucky to find us instead.” Laesonar smiled and winked at Krisly: “Was I?” She blushed slightly and got back to her activity. Helga: “As for us, we’ve been living in the forest after losing our families in the war. We move from one house to another as the rangers used to do. We collect edible fruit and plants and we hunt small animals. We cut down sick trees and sometimes go back to the closest village to exchange some timber for what we need. That’s how we met Ogrik: though he was often coming and going from some villages he knows, we all made the same life choice and were living relatively happily.” She frowned and turned serious: “At least until a while back.” Krisly and Elysande heard her words and approached. Helga continued: “A sad day, a band of brigands came to the village where my brother was living. He never wanted to leave because of his fiancé and her family. The brigands raided the village while their chief demanded payments from the people, proclaiming himself owner of the land.” She paused, starting to get visibly upset. “Our fate wanted us to arrive at the village exactly while my brother was trying to oppose them and was getting beaten up. We started throwing arrows at them from the forest and managed to kill a few, but were quickly located and outnumbered. We could only run back into the forest while my brother was shouting my name…” Her jaw clenched and tears appeared at the bottom of her eyes. Laesonar took another salami from the bag: “Let me guess” He said peacefully “They wanted to know who you were so they tortured your brother, uh?” He kept chewing. The girls were surprised by his calmness and all looked at him in silence. He continued: “He didn’t give up so they killed him, didn’t they? That’s how he died and you feel guilty about it, am I right?” He kept chewing. Helga was taken aback by such direct comments and turned her head, while Elysande got fired up: “How can you be so insensitive?!” She shouted “Don’t you see she’s suffering?!” Laesonar frowned: “I do not take pleasure in seeing someone suffer, but death is just part of life.” He swallowed a big chunk of salami “And so is pain. And this world, in particular, is full of both and a million other nasty things. So I’m not impressed.” A moment of silence followed. Elysande thought that it really wasn’t the moment for such philosophy, yet she found some truth in those words, so she kept on uncertainly: “But... this was... an injustice. It was... simply bad. Are you just going to accept such things?” Laesonar: “In the path of life that Mother Nature has prepared for us, good and bad merge together everywhere around us, at any given time. We can’t but follow such a path. What we can do, is make our choice in front of the events that unfold in front of us. We shall decide whether to take action or not, whether to forgive or seek revenge, depending on what each of us deems fair and just or simply on what we choose to care about.” He picked another salami from the bag and kept eating. The three girls were incredulous. What was more surprising? The meaning of those words, the moment he picked to pronounce them or the calm he pronounced them with? Krisly broke the silence first: “Well then, Helga has made her choice and will seek revenge and we will be at her side, indeed. Yet we already know that we have no chance of winning this battle. So tell me, Laesonar, would you help us fight those brigands? Would you deem it fair?” Laesonar kept quiet for a moment, chewing. Then replied: “Well I am no mercenary, ya’know. And my experience has taught me not to put my nose in other people’s business. However, these brigands just seem to be overbearing boors and they’re certainly disrupting the natural flow of life here. In addition, I do feel compelled to consider the cute faces of those who have asked me such favour. And finally... Well...” He turned the bag upside-down and shook it gently, showing it was empty “Well, I do owe you one for the sausages, so yes, I’ll help you” He smiled. The girls were relieved and started to smile as well, then he added: “But at one condition.” He paused, everyone waiting for his request. “You let me stew those two rabbits for everyone to have dinner tonight.” He grinned. “Oh and that’s only if Helga actually wants my help, that is.” While the other two smiled at each other, Helga passed a hand on her face as to snap out of confusion: “You’re the strange type, Laesonar. But for some reason I feel like I can trust you. I accept your help. Thank you for that.” She smiled, and so did everyone else. Despite the lack of salt, the stew turned out pretty well. They spent the evening eating, chatting, telling stories, laughing. It was already late in the night when Krisly and Elysande whispered into each other’s ears, getting close to the house door. Elysande: “Well, have you seen, Laesonar? Apart from the cooking we aren’t such modern girls after all, right?” Laesonar: “What do you mean?” Krisly winked at him: “We have had the stewed meat. Now just let us demonstrate something.” She indicated the house with her head. They all smiled, Laesonar grinned even more than usual. The four of them got into the house. Whole MOC: So, my comments about the house are in Chap. 2, what else can I add? I’m pretty satisfied with the big tree. As for the fir, I followed LJ’s advice and it does look better now, can still be better, I reckon. As for the weeping willow, I reckon everyone here knows where the design comes from It proved to be much more difficult than I thought (and it fell down at least three times..) – I think it can turn out better, I’m going to have to try again ^^ As for the water, I wanted to try something different from the (only) other time. Not sure yet, but I reckon I prefer this one. As for the photography, it looks like the sun has abandoned Berlin for a while, so this proved to be very difficult! I think I’ve entered a new (philosophical?) sphere when trying to add light without creating shadows… More Pics! All C&C are most welcome! Thanks for reading/watching! ^^ Ep. 4
  19. The Maestro

    Ol' Colby's Cottage

    Passed down from father to son, carrot farming ran in Colby's blood. When he was a boy he used to eat them every day. Stewed, boiled and even mashed, it didn't matter how ya cooked em, Colby would eat it. When he had inherited his fathers cottage he had been overjoyed. It sat on the edge of the woods beside a small stream. The perfect environment for growing carrots. The house could do with a bit of a fix up, but as long as there were carrots, Colby was happy. So here it is. I would have posted it earlier but as this is my first time editing, it took me a while to get sorted. A couple tips on how to improve my editing would be welcomed. Over all I think I nailed the build, with the rock work being the only thing that annoys me. I love the leans, the Tudor work and stone work. All were inspired by DC and LD. The weather vane (yes, that's a weather vane ) was a nod to Legonardo's moc "house of chaos" which helped me build this, it's meant to be a chicken but I don't have any chickens so I used a brick built one. The trees were fun to try out but the roof was not as rickety as I would have liked it but eh, its OK. I am also going to be putting my saga to the side and focus on some different builds over the next weeks. C&C needed and hope you enjoy.
  20. Ep. 1 Laesonar - Episode 2 Unexpected Encounters – Part 2 Laesonar found the river easily, just as Ogrik said. “It must be passed midday” he thought, trying to spot the sun above the dense foliage of the tree tops. He then focused on the water, drinking and washing his face. “ This water smells of... something. Let me see if... ???” His thought was interrupted. Something was wrong. He looked at a big rock outcrop behind him, at a distance of around a hundred meters. He looked and listened hard: nothing. He wielded his katanas, ran quickly towards the rocks and up to the top, then jumped down to the other side: nothing. “Well, this is strange. I’m sure I felt a noise right here... Pity, I was hoping it was some sort of meat…” He started to go back to the river. “Hang on, ‘felt’ a noise? How exactly can you ‘feel’ a noise? Yet it was undoubtedly a noise, like a rustle. And I didn’t hear it, I ‘felt’ it.. …?” He was surprised and somewhat confused. He stood still for a while, trying to understand this new sensation, but his thought was interrupted again. This time, by the rumble of his stomach. “Eh, skipping breakfast really IS bad. So let me see this water, it smells of... Of...” He started sniffing all over the bank and the water, a bit up river, where a small stream was flowing into the bigger one. “Ah, here the smell is stronger. It smells of... Hmm Sniff Sniff... It comes from this little creek here. Hmm It smells of... Sniff Sniff Sniff... … Sausage!” He stood tall, looking at the stream, smiling and glowing with happiness for having found the way to some easy food. He started following the stream up at a fast pace. He didn’t have to walk long before he could hear something: “I should’ve known, no sausage grows on plants, unfortunately.” He sighed and listened harder: “There’s three of them. And one is... punching a tree?? Man, this forest is really… Oh my! They are ladies!!” Grinning, he cleared his throat and passed a hand into his hair. After reaching the top of a hill, he could now glimpse the shape of a house through the vegetation. He stopped behind some bushes to check the situation. Three girls seemed to be the inhabitants of a semi-abandoned wooden house, the vegetation overgrowing all over and around it. One of them was chopping some wood with a big axe; she was big herself, with a bit of a masculine look. Another one was busy moving sacks and boxes around, a quiver with arrows attached to her back. The third was dressed in black and was, indeed, eating sausages. “My my, they all look fantastic!” he thought “And so do the sausages! I need to play this one well!” He suddenly got out of the bushes right in front of the three, with a radiant smile: “Good afternoon, nice ladies. I was wondering if you could lend me some clothes for the coming night, if you don’t mind?” The three girls were startled by the sudden appearance and rushed to reach their weapons. The black-dressed girl, pointing his short sword at Laesonar: “Now, don’t take another step! Who are you and what do you want?!” “But of course. Why do I always assume that ladies are nicer than other people?” He thought, sighing in disappointment. Then replied: “My name is Laesonar, I happened to pass by and..” The black-dressed girl: “Yes, ‘passing by’ in the middle of the forest, uh? You must be a bandit!” Laesonar frowned: “A bandit? Do I look like one?” The ‘archer’ girl, with an arrow ready at him: “I must admit, you look pretty good for a bandit…” The black-dressed girl: “Are you a spy? Can you prove you’re not a spy?” Laesonar raised his voice a bit: “Hey! How am I supposed to prove such a thing?” A moment of silence followed, as everyone pondered the last point. The big girl approached slowly with heavy steps, wielding her axe: “Now now, girls, let’s not forget our good manners, shall we? The gentleman simply asked for something. And politely enough.” The black-dressed girl: “What are you talking about, Helga? Are you going to parley with a..” She looked at Laesonar for a moment “... a random... armed... half-naked half-elf??” “Helga, uh?” He thought, looking at the big girl and checking out her facial painting “What luck! Now let’s get some... sausages!” Helga: “Well, the half-elf asked for clothes as he is, indeed, half-naked in the middle of the forest! He doesn’t have an aggressive pose and by the look of it, I say he could’ve taken the three of us down already, if he wanted to. Am I not right, Mr. Laesonar?” She said with a subtle smile. Laesonar: “Absolutely, Ma’am.” He replied proudly. “No harm meant here. And say, you’re called Helga, right? I might be able to prove that I’m not a spy after all: I’ve got a message for you from Ogrik.” The ‘archer’ girl lowered her bow: “You’re the faun’s friend? So you’re an ally! Are you here to help us?” Laesonar frowned. Helga smiled: “Now, Krisly, one thing at a time. So, what’s this message?” Laesonar: “He thought that I might meet a girl with facial paintings called Helga in the forest. He asked me to tell you that he’s sorry about your brother. He’s going to Laelariel to take care of some business and then stay there as he believes this forest is not safe anymore. He would like you to join him there.’ Helga frowned and looked at the ground: “I see. When did you meet him?” Laesonar: “A few hours ago, just uphill from here. We slayed a couple of boors together.” Helga: “What? What happened?” Laesonar: “Well these guys appeared and shouted something about surrendering and becoming their slaves, so we killed them. Ogrik said they were some of the bandits that proclaimed themselves owners of this area after the Avalonian Civil War.” Helga: “Ah! Good that you’ve killed them! I thank you for your message, Laesonar. And for having taken some of those b******* down! Thanks to you, there’s going to be less of them when the moment comes. I think we can trust you.” She smiled. The black-dressed girl: “You still want to go? Let’s just meet Ogrik instead and...” Helga: “I’ve made up my mind, Elysande. I shall have my revenge.” She turned towards Laesonar: “So, which clothes do you normally wear?” She stressed the word, looking at the other girls, who seemed to remember something. Laesonar: “Normally, brown trousers, a green coat and a very light chain mail. Then a light armour and a green cape.” Helga smiled while the other two looked surprised. Krisly: “If we happened to have something like this, how could we be sure that they’re yours?” Laesonar: “My armour has got a small ‘L’ carved in the inside. As for the clothes... Well...” He grinned “You’re going to have to smell me.” Elysande: “How could you think that we...” Helga interrupted quickly: “Come on now, Ely, you can see he means no harm.” She winked. Elysande blushed slightly: “Oh, whatever! Let’s just give them to him.” She quickly got into the house. Laesonar grinned. Helga chuckled and got back to her wood-chopping, while Krisly smiled and put her bow away. Elysande: “Here. Are these the clothes you mean?” Laesonar: “Hey! Those ARE my clothes! And all of my stuff! How do you have them?” Krisly: “They seem to have appeared overnight. We found them this morning, right here in front of the house.” Laesonar: “Oh that makes sense.” Krisly: “It does??” Laesonar: “Well, I seem to have appeared around here this morning too, so...” Elysande: “What are you talking about?” Laesonar: “I just woke up in this forest this morning. I don’t know why or how. I guess the wizard might have something to do with it, but I forgot his name...” He picked up the sausages that Elysande had dropped: “You’re not going to have these anymore, are you?” He bit one and started chewing greedily. The girls looked perplexed and amused at the same time. Krisly: “And how did you find us?” Laesonar: “Oh that was easy, I followed the smell.” The three girls were startled: “What smell?!” They all shouted together. Laesonar “The smell of the sausages, of course. I assume you have washed your dishes in the creek or so?” The girls seemed relieved. Elysande: “Actually, Krisly dropped few of them in the stream...” Krisly: “I’ve already said I’m sorry.” Laesonar, chewing: “Well, my turn with the questions, if you don’t mind. This house is obviously abandoned, what are you doing here? And how do you know the faun? Oh and... you don’t happen to have more sausages to spare, do you?” Elysande smiled and went into the house, coming back with a bag full of salami: “Only these at the moment. And two rabbits that we’ve caught, but we haven’t roasted them yet.” Laesonar bit a whole salami: “They’ll do just great, thank you very much! Oh, and rabbits are best stewed with some herbs and vegetables.” Krisly looked surprised: “Can you cook?” Laesonar: “But of course. Why? Can’t you?” Krisly blushed slightly, looking at the ground: “Well, none of us can, actually.” Laesonar sighed loudly: “Ehh. Modern girls. Not the good old times anymore, uh? No more good old-style girls, all meat-stewing and sex...” Elysande got fired up: “Hey you don’t know that! You should see…” She realised the mistake and stopped. Laesonar raised his eyebrows, smiling: “Yes?” Elysande threw the bag of salami at him, watched him catching it and then looked into his eyes for a moment, pointing at him with her index finger, smiling slightly. She then turned around and disappeared into the house. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Diary, Today I’ve taken a bit of a risk: Laesonar almost caught me! I’m sure I made no noise, so he must’ve felt my presence or so. How did he do that? What’s wrong with that guy?? I need to be more careful from now on. Love, L --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ep. 3 So, ladies&gents, the MOC was ready almost a month ago but I couldn’t find the time for the story. When I found it, I realised that it was too long for only one chapter (sorry, I didn’t keep the promise ), so I’ve decided to split it into two. What we have right here: The house: my very first attempt! [LJ managed to have me going for timber, after all ]. You’ll notice SK’s offset wall and windows [thanks for the tutorial, SK, I really like how it works!]. I do have a question: how do you guys normally keep the two parts of the roof together? I seem to have found a way by using 1x2 hinge bricks, but it was just a coincidence if it turned out with the right angle for the support, hence my question. Also, you’ll see that it doesn’t fit perfectly on the left-hand side right above the door – this is due to the small canopy that I stupidly added at the end. Speaking about the roof: UoP credits: I’d like to claim credits for 1/3 roofing technique (weathered shingled here). I know it’ll look ‘basic’ to you guys, but for me it was the first time… Blush Also, if I understand correctly, the point of the University is for me to show mastery of a technique, rather than creating a new one, just as many people here did around 2 years ago [I did check - please do correct me if I’m wrong!]. As for the story… well, I hope you enjoy it Though there were reasons here, I do need to try and cut down on dialogues, I reckon? No worries, next part is definitely shorter! More Pics [the house too] All C&C more than welcome! Thanks for reading/watching! ^^
  21. It was the start of summer and the streets were packed. Banners fluttered above our heads as we marched through the windy roads of Andfore. The crowds had gathered to say farewell to the brave men who would defend them. The troops smiled and laughed as they said goodbye to their loved ones. The only men who were grim were veterans who rode with Artorius Rex, those who knew the true horror of war. Despite this The Maestro bore a large grin, it was important to keep up troops morale and let them have one last merry moment before the darkness that came with war. To think about how many of these wives would be widows and how many children would become fatherless after the battle is unbearable. I can only hope that the battle shall be swift and result in a heroic victory for Eolas. Yet not all things go to plan... A heroes farewell by Jed cameron, on Flickr A heroes farewell by Jed cameron, on Flickr A heroes farewell by Jed cameron, on Flickr You're probably sick of these builds by now but do not fear, the holiday has one more day remaining and nothing more will be posted for a while. Anyway this took longer than it should have despite all the angles. This was also a stretch of pieces which I seem to have a habit of doing :p oh well, may be time for my first bricklink order. This build will be slightly modified and then appear later in the saga. Not much else to say so hope you enjoy :D p.s Thanks Jacob Nion for your awesome Skavenport, A massive help when building this. The last saga chapter: Construction of a army The next saga chapter: A hollow victory
  22. Full Plate

    Archery Practice

    Archery Practice Chapter I: The Tranquil Meadow Chapter II: Old Bagshaw's Residence Chapter III: The Poacher Chapter IV: Making Camp Chapter V: Solitary Council Chapter VI: Escaping Home Chapter VII: Waylaid Chapter VIII: Archery Practice Chapter IX: Honour the Fallen Bonus Landscape: Avalonian Countryside Averil trod through the forest, bow in her left hand and knapsack in her right. Dawn had just broken and the grass was still wet with dew. This was Averil's favorite time of day, when everything was quiet. Her hunting party would not meet up for another couple of hours, so she had some time to herself. Time she preferred to spend alone with her thoughts. Her thoughts and her bow. Before long she reached her usual practice spot. There was an archery range in town of course, but Averil preferred to be here, away from the noise and the people. She grabbed an apple from her knapsack and put it on the top of a small rock in front of a tree. It wasn't exactly the perfect target, but at least it wouldn't damage her arrows the way a wooden target would. - 'Perhaps I should swipe one of the straw targets from the range', she muttered to herself. It wasn't a very big distance, but then, the apple wasn't a very big target either. She was just here to warm up, not to push herself. Although she hunted daily it could sometimes go days without her taking a shot. That was not enough to keep up her skills with the bow. Practice was very much still a necessity. She nocked an arrow, aimed carefully, and released. Pieces of the apple flew as the arrow drilled straight through its core. Averil walked up to the tree and picked up the apple. She carefully removed the arrow and wiped the apple clean. - 'No point in letting you go to waste', she told the apple before taking a big bite of it. She sat down on the rock, savouring the silence just as much as her snack. However, the silence did not last long. Something stirred back on the path. Averil's grip on her bow tightened. It wasn't an animal, the movements were too rhythmic. A moment later she saw a man heading up the path towards her. It was Jarvis. Jarvis was the leader of her hunting team. He was old and had a weathered look, but he was by no means fragile. Not exactly a good shot, but an excellent tracker, lithe and knowledgeable. Averil liked the man, but him appearing here made her a bit suspicious. As Jarvis came closer he greeted her with a wave and a smile. She returned the greeting half-heartedly. - 'Enjoying your morning practice?', Jarvis asked as he came up to her. - 'Have to keep up my skills with the bow, sir', she replied hesitantly. Jarvis chuckled. - 'Do I look like a 'sir' to you? Well, no one can deny your skill with the bow, but why not come train with the others?' - 'Well, I enjoy practicing out here.' - 'I'm not asking this for your benefit, I'm asking for the benefit of everyone else. I'm sure you could help improve the bowmanship of the men, myself included. Why not come and help out?' - 'I'm not that good' - 'Hogwash!' Jarvis laughed. 'You do remember I handle the cadavers right? I don't think you've made a single shot that didn't pierce both lungs. And you don't get carried away like some of the others, you always wait for the broadside shot. I could probably send you alone into the forest and you would produce as much game as the rest of our team together. But I'm sure you've never hunted alone, right?', Jarvis said with a wink. Averil froze. Did he know about her poaching? - 'Relax, I don't care about your past', Jarvis continued. 'We all have them, and for most of us that is why we're here in this remote, upstart colony where anonymity comes easy.' - 'I... I don't belong here.' Jarvis chuckled. - 'You think any of us do? But you are here, right? And if you are not planning on leaving you might as well make what you can of the life you lead here. Help build this colony into something great. Not for lord dimwit's sake, but for all of us. Help keep everyone fed, and help keep your hunting fellows safe. Did you know the other hunting teams have all lost men over the past month?' Averil nodded. Out of the four teams, only theirs had not lost anyone to the forest, at least not since she joined. - 'You can help teach the men how to defend themselves against whatever is out there. Let go of your past and live your life here and now. People need you here. Won't you let them depend on you? Or are you going to continue living in your past?' Averil looked down. - 'I'm not sure I can do it.' - 'You won't know until you try. Why don't you come shoot with us?' Averil knew why she held on to her past. Because her father was still out there, somewhere, and she was still waiting for him to return. Even after more than five years she was still holding on to hope, and moving on with her life meant she was giving up on that hope. She didn't want to do it. She wanted all this to be temporary. She wanted to be his precious, mischievous daughter again. She wanted her family back. But Jarvis was right. That would never happen, even though she wanted it with all her heart. She had to live her life, like Gammy and Leeson were already doing. Maybe her feelings would subside in time? But yes, she wouldn't know until she tried. - 'Ok, I will go shoot with you', she replied. - 'Thank you. We really are quite a merry bunch, once you get to know us, you know?' As they went on their way, Averil paused and turned back towards the tree one more time. - 'Goodbye, father', she whispered to herself. *** So, this is the build I used for my tutorial on the axe tree technique, which is one of the reasons it has been so delayed (the other reason being that another little human being has joined our household ). I grossly underestimated how much work it is to put together a tutorial, but now it is finally finished, and I'm certainly happy about that If you're interested in how these types of trees are built, you can check out the tutorial here. Other than that, this was my first try at an irregular base, which made me realise that my arsenal of wedge plates is quite limited. It may not have been the best choice for such a thin build, but it was interesting trying it out. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed it! C & C always welcome
  23. Well then guys, the wait was long enough, but here we go! Please allow me to present my very first build for GoH as well as the first chapter of Laesonar’s * adventures: Unexpected Encounters [Part 1]. * For those who don’t know: this is my 5th MOC ever --> all C&C are most welcome! ^^ As for the MOC: I’m obviously working on landscape, especially terrain and trees. See more pics in my Flickr album: Encounters 1 UoP credits: I feel like I can claim credits for the ‘classical’ trees [the big ones with brown and tan trunk - Landscaping, Trees, only one type out of the 3 required]. On the other hand, I’m not satisfied with the design of those ‘fir’ trees, so any suggestions on how to improve them is encouraged. As for the photography/editing: it’s my first attempt at doing something more than just ‘taking a pic’. Comments will be most useful for me to learn (I’ve got no camera, just a Lumia phone) – if you feel like giving advice, do check all pics on Flickr, I’ve posted few questions there As for the story: again, it’s my first attempt and, being the first chapter, is a bit lengthy – I hope you enjoy anyways and I promise: next time it’ll be shorter Thanks for reading/watching! ^^ Laesonar - Episode 1 Unexpected Encounters – Part 1 “Nice and fresh, yes. Hmm, such nice and fresh air.. Really fresh.. How is it so fresh? I did close the window last night. What is.. ?!” Laesonar opened his eyes. He was laying down, supine. He could now see the green tree tops far above. Under his body, something vaguely soft, yet definitely not his bed. Some rustles, birds singing, the fresh air of a forest. “Where am I??” He sat up, looking around. Only few rays of sunlight were reaching down to the humid soil, cutting through the dense foliage of the tree tops. Up there, leaves and branches were fluttering gently in the morning breeze, while the air of the deep forest underneath was rather still, yet rather nice and fresh, indeed... “My, my.. Now what has happened this time? I remember going to bed last night in the tree house.. The wizard was smoking his pipe and I said Good Night..” He was worried: he looked around and listened harder. “Only my sleeping trousers. This confirms I was in bed after all.. But wait, my katanas are here? What on earth.. ??” He stood up, picked up the katanas and whirled them with a quick movement of the wrist – they were undoubtedly his own. Incredulous, he looked into the forest and felt lost. The sensation made him feel childish, to which he quickly reacted: “Well then, let me see. I have no idea where I am and no idea how I got here. Has my memory just got even worse? I do remember my training with the wizard, as well as the tree house with the garden, right in the middle of.. ? Oh great!” He couldn’t remember the name. He felt angry, becoming then resolute. “Very well then, not much I can do about it. So, this looks like a path, the moss indicates the North.. Hmm, I do feel a bit thirsty so first things first: let’s find a river or.. Hang on. Something is coming. Hmm.. two ‘something’, from two different directions. What could it be? A nymph perhaps? A nice forest maiden?” He smiled, passing a hand through his hair. He cleared his throat and listened harder: “Hmm, no ladies, I’m afraid. Three men instead, one is heavier than the other two. And what do we have this way? It’s faster, so it’s going to be here first. Oh my, horse hoofs, yet lighter than a horse.. could it be.. a goat?! Hang on, a goat.. on two legs?!” The thought amused him and his sense of adventure suddenly spiked – he felt serene now. He shook some leaves off himself, wielded his katanas and waited. He could see him now: a middle-aged faun armed with a tomahawk was walking quickly uphill towards him. Noticing Laesonar, the faun stopped for a moment and looked around quickly, then stared at him. He frowned, then smiled sarcastically, whirling his weapon and carrying on walking, just a little slower than before. Laesonar: “Smiling, uh? That’s the spirit! I mean, after all he’s just seen an armed half-naked half-elf all alone in the middle of a forest!” Again, he felt amused. “So, let’s see: an experienced fighter, quick and rather strong. I might even like the guy! Only.. Oh man he’s ugly.. !” Laesonar: “Good morning, good sir. I was wondering if you could please point me in the direction of a river, if it isn’t too much trouble.” The faun, smiling, nodding once in agreement: “Good morning to you. I happen to come exactly from a small river. Just follow the path. But please allow me a question: how do you happen to be in this area, this early in the morning?” Laesonar, nodding: “Now, THAT, good sir, is something I’d really like to know myself.” He replied, raising his eyebrow. The faun’s sarcastic smile turned into a sarcastic grin, to which Laesonar reacted by grinning in the same way, in amusement: “Yes, the guy definitely has the spirit!” However, he focused on the other approaching steps: he could now hear a light clang. Thus, he became serious. Laesonar: “Say, do you happen to know this area? Do you know whether small groups of armed men are in the habit of passing by?” The faun turned serious as well and frowned: “They do, actually. And to my knowledge, there’s none that I particularly like, I’m afraid.” They waited shortly: three armed men, displaying unknown heraldry, popped out right in the middle of the two from behind a big rock formation. They were all startled, and immediately unsheathed their weapons, bearing their teeth. Laesonar: “So, the big one is kind of strong, yet slow. The swordsman just average. As for the archer, he’s getting too close: he doesn’t have a clue.” The big man shouted: “Both of you, drop your weapons now and surrender!” Laesonar, looking up to the sky: “Surrender to what? And why? And who are you?” The big man shouted: “You lower creatures have no right to question anything at all! Drop your weapons now and none will be hurt!” Laesonar, getting irritated: “Lower creatures?! Someone is lacking respect here, which does not bode well for..” The big man interrupted him, still shouting: “You think you’re allowed to an opinion?? A half-goat and a bastard elf! Haha! What a joke! You will just serve as slaves.. ?” He couldn’t finish as Laesonar didn’t think about it twice. The archer had got too close - he jumped and slayed him with a single hit. He then jumped towards the swordsman, who tried to hit, but he dodged easily and beheaded him. The big man screamed and attacked with his heavy mace: Laesonar was right on time to use both katanas to block the hit right over his head, shaking slightly. Laesonar: “Well, he has strength after all.. Now let’s see if I can..” He saw something flying towards the man’s back, who screamed in pain and dropped dead. Laesonar managed to step aside right before the blood overflowing from the man’s mouth could touch him. The unidentified flying object was, indeed, the faun’s tomahawk – he was still standing in the same position. They looked at each other and smiled slightly. Laesonar: “Well, I didn’t think you’d do that.” The faun: “I could say the same.” Laesonar: “Eh, what can I say, I hate people when they’re not polite!” They grinned again at each other, in agreement. The faun approached and picked up his weapon. The faun: “I must say, your agility is rather impressive” He gave his hand to Laesonar: “My name is Ogrik.” Laesonar, shaking the faun’s hand: “Ogrik? Really? But you are no ogre.” Ogrik, chuckling: “Hehe, what can I say.. And you are.. ?” Laesonar: “Oh, how rude of me! My name’s Laesonar.” Ogrik, smiling: “Laesonar? Why? I mean, your enemies do have lesions after meeting you, I can tell. But you have no idea where we are, do you? So isn’t it rather you having a lesion? No offence meant..” Laesonar, smiling back: “None taken. And well, both, I suppose.” Ep. 2
  24. The island of Eolas had sprung into action. With the council confirming war against the drow, hundreds of men had been recruited, pulled out of their peaceful lives to defend their families. But for an army you need not only troops but weapons, food, ale, horses, ale , armour, ale and perhaps a little more ale. The Maestro was checking the training of his army, seeing that it would be ready soon. Troops listened eagerly to their instructors, attacking wooden dummy or sparring with others. Arrows flew from bows, aimed for the wooden target while their partners offer "positive" feedback. Smithy's lined the training ground, producing weapons and armour by the hour. The Maestro smiled grimly, they would be ready. The Retaking of Eolas: Construction of a army by Jed cameron, on Flickr The Retaking of Eolas: Construction of a army by Jed cameron, on Flickr The Retaking of Eolas: Construction of a army by Jed cameron, on Flickr Pretty straight forward build, I built this while building my minichallange builds so this didn't hang around for long. But anyway it was a fun build and I enjoyed building it after the complexity of Brofendurs Kitchen, which I still have to write a story for... If you think this build is too simple then you should see what I just finished. ANGLES ARE HARD!!!! :p The last saga chapter: The last straw The next saga chapter: A heroes farewell
  25. Full Plate

    Avalonian Countryside

    Avalonian Countryside The beauty of rural Avalonia have few peers. From ripening fields to towering forests, the countryside is the heart and soul of the land. Local farmers have been tilling the earth for generations, and would like nothing more than to live out their lives in peace. However, the ambitions of greater men regularly disrupt these desires, and the young men sent to battle seldom return; some caught by the stray arrow or a sharp spear, while others are drawn in by buzz and adventure promised by the capitol. But for the people who get to live here in peace, there is no place greater. It's home. Have been wanting to build a more sizable representation of the Avalonian landscape for a while now. Tried to include different aspects of Avalonia, like fields, grasslands, moors and a few different types of forests. Hopefully it is an accurate visualisation of rural Avalonia This is my first time dabbling in microscale, and I found it both more fun and more challenging than I thought it would be. The main thing is that it allows for representing a large area with few pieces, which, with my current lego budget, is pretty critical. I definitely see myself building more in this type of scale. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed it! C & C always welcome