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Found 54 results

  1. Pigbrick

    Building without Bricks

    [Moderators, I couldn't figure out if I should make this topic here or for the Minifig Customisation Workshop or for Brick Flicks and Comics or somewhere else completely. Could you please point me in the right direction?] I love building, I love making MoCs, but I also love using art for a LEGO experience. This can be simply be sketches of LEGO characters, this can be early development and planning for something bigger, and this can also be for advertisements and designs. Throughout my years I used LEGO more than simply building with; I used it as a driving force for a lot of my art. And simply, I wanted to share some of my work that is LEGO driven but not constructed, a MoC built through pencil and paper I suppose [Development work] [some early high school art, designed as a screen print T-shirt but was shot down by the school before it could be printed. Ack! That typography is awful too!] [Advertisements for a college course] [Pencil Work for a Project]
  2. snaillad

    MOC: Streamline moderne shop

    Hi everyone! Here is a quick build I made after returning from the US in the summer where I got a little inspiration. It gave me a chance to use some techniques which I wanted to use a long time ago. I wanted to use lots of classic streamline moderne elements and styles. Its a shop selling clothes for ladies. I mainly wanted to concentrate on the fascia of the building so didn't bother making it completely modular like previous builds. There is a few more pics on here Comments welcome!
  3. Studs Not On Top

    Studs' Art Topic

    Hi all! I'm trying to get back to the EuroBricks community, so here's a thread to post all of my Hero Factory and Bionicle artwork in. You might remember "Natalie" from a while back: Here is more of her that I did today: I'll be doing a lot of sketches like the one above to improve my own style. Maybe a comic or two! C&C always appreciated :) UPDATES: Stormer:
  4. Cirkit

    My HF Heroes

    Hey guys, it's me again, here with some things and stuff I'd like to share. Everybody's made their own HF heroes, be it in the old designer on the HF site, or in the Recon Designer, or in the new Breakout customizer.. I've seen MoCs and drawings and even read a decent fanfic or two. So, I'd decided that I'd post up some Heroes of my own for all to see, be it in the form of plastic or pen on paper, and perhaps some of the villains and other things I've built with the HF system. So.. yeah, awesome. Here's my first, a Hero I codenamed 'Striker': He's meant to be the team-leader of this little group I have. The last of the 1.0 heroes built before receiving the Upgrade, he prefers to work with older ways, believing them to be more effective than the 'new fangled nonsense' the Factory's been churning out lately, be it tactics or tools. He's not against upgrades or anything, Striker's always happy with something to improve his lazer-targeting stun-shock rifle, like a camera or a new barrel, but he does want to remember the old ways, and use those to prevent the same things happening again (you know the saying.). Striker's skilled in stealth, and is very agile. Striker may seem like a hard-butt to some of the younger Heroes, but they know he's just trying to do what's best for the team. His recent loss of a teammate makes him even moreso determined to do what's right- catch and cuff the villains who did it. Striker reuses Stringer's 1.0 helmet design, but recolored bright green(not lime). He carries around his lazer-precision-targeting rifle and Hero Cuffs of the most recent design. His armor is bright green and gunmetal, with yellow-orange highlights, and a purple Hero core/head. He prefers 'classic' music, although he's not above a little techno every now and again. A little, very tiny amount. Really. Will post more soon, watch this space! EDIT: sorry if the image is too small, I'll be posting up a larger version later.