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Found 129 results

  1. Zoetropes are an old idea, all the way from 19th century. The video explains in detail how they work. I'm not the first person to create a Lego zoetrope and I kept mine simple to just demonstrate the idea. Photos & reading:
  2. Hi! I've recently gotten into brickfilming and have been making some short Star Wars videos lately. I still have a lot of skills I need to work on, but hey, it's a start. Unlike my first couple of videos, these focus more on the joke rather than action. Hope you liked them and thanks for watching! Let me know which is your favorite
  3. Stop motion review (presentation) of 75172 Y-wing Starfighter Year: 2017 Pieces: 691 Figures: 5 Price: £64.99 / $59.99 / 69.99€ Brickset
  4. Hey All, I've been working hard on my first big LEGO project, where do you all think I should show it off ? Here's the vid : Flickr: Thanks!!
  5. Happy Star Wars day everyone! My name is Alex Kobbs, (aka Kooberz) and I have been brickfilming for some time now. Recently, I became a full time animator at Atomic Kid Studios, and I worked on this project:
  6. PublicPlaytime

    Star Wars: The Gong Awakens

    Happy Star Wars Day! I was recently given the opportunity to create this little stop-motion LEGO video for an online gong training program: You can also view more detailed images of the MOC Modular Yoda Yoga Studio in the LEGO Town forum:
  7. jerryyao

    KUBO in LEGO Version

    "KUBO and two Strings", the animation movie is so fantastic, I loved it so much. So I try to build the characters by LEGO pieces, and try to make them as small as I can. Here we go. I will show you 1 by 1, first is KUBO. i kept the shape of his mouth just like that he was telling the story. You can look at the back, I used a spider to present the bug image. When KUBO carried the two strings, he looks like this. The photo he taken with Mini-Hanzang. And the "Mother Monkey" And the "Father Bug" Let's look at the size compare. Father and Son Mother and Child The family I used the unique building technique to build the heads, and make them close to 7.5 similar with they are in the movie. Front looking The Back looking And the short video for introduction: Thanks for watching, See you next model.
  8. thebluecrusader


    The Joker (Lego Batman Movie Version) and his super villain squad invade Batman's Batcave. Batman must form his own super hero squad from members of the Justice League to help ward off the threat! The trailer for an upcoming stopmotion animation I've been working on for the past two and a half weeks. I finished the final cut at around 7-8 yesterday and whipped up this small preview. I will be releasing this on my studio's YouTube channel (the same one you are watching the trailer on) on the 18th (Tuesday) so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it! Thanks for watching!
  9. I was wondering if anyone has tried exporting files from and importing them into Blender and if you were successful. The main reason I use LDraw is to create stuff I use in Blender, and looks interesting. But if it doesn't work with Blender there is no point in me using it. Also, if I get around to creating LDraw parts and I use, then I wouldn't be able to use those either? I read that uses the LDraw libraries so it should work... Thanks!
  10. Review stop motion (presentation) of 75173 Luke's Landspeeder Year: 2017 Pieces: 149 Minifigures: 4 Price: £19.99 / $19.99 / 29.99€ Brickset
  11. Foxes Productionz

    LEGO Monster, Inc. Scarefloor MOC

    Hi everyone Zach here, today I have some pictures of a MOC I've been working on for the last year or so. I won't talk to much more because the pictures speak for themselves so here I present to you Monsters, Inc. Scarefloor Playset. Thanks for taking a look any feedback and criticisms are welcome as I would love to here your opinions. Again Thanks so Much!! Ultimately you can view more pictures here: Also this is pretty much and giant advertisement for the ideas page and you can view that here:
  12. **Not official** The storm troopers are out on patrol duty when they come across a very different kind of Darth Vader...
  13. Bricks Planet

    [REVIEW] 75154 TIE Striker [VIDEO]

    Review stop motion (presentation) 75154 TIE Striker Year: 2016 Nombre de pieces: 543 Nombre de minifigures: 4 Price: £59.99 / $69.99 / 69.99€ Brickset
  14. alexsplanet

    Lego Halloween Nightmare

    Hi Firends, Here is a short brickfilm for Halloween. I think a lot of you have a horror dream with falling down while sleeping?
  15. Hi there. I'm a one-year LDcad user and now a newbie with LUA and animation. I use LDcad v1.5 on Ubuntu 16.4 LTS. I have reproduced the example in the Roland Merkel Youtube, simplified it and, after some time to struggle, I have an error "Active refline link needed" in the line reading ax1:setOri(ori). I consulted the Message error script console ldcad1.5 topic in the LDraw forum, but this is not the case, and there is no information about LUA in the Internet. I send the animation2.mpd and the .lua files for examination. All seems to be in order, but nothing happens. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance for your help. =========== animation2.mpd =========================== 0 FILE main.ldr 0 Author: Conrad G.-Anleo 0 !LDCAD SCRIPT [source=animation2.lua] 1 16 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 axel1.ldr 0 FILE axel1.ldr 0 Author: Conrad G.-Anleo 1 7 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 -1 -1 0 0 32073.dat 1 14 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 32072.dat ========== animation2.lua ================= --[[ animation2.lua (c) Conrad G.-Anleo ]] function register() local ani=ldc.animation('demo') ani:setLength(20) ani:setEvent('frame', 'onFrame') end function onFrame() local ani=ldc.animation('demo') local mainSf=ldc.subfile() local ori=ldc.matrix() local angle=-4*360*ani:getFrameTime()/ani:getLength() local ax1=mainSf:getRef('axle1') ori:setRotate(angle, 1, 0, 0) ax1:setOri(ori) end register() ============= END ==============================
  16. "The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter " - Mr. Olivander, wand maker Hi Eurobricks! Another stop motion based on the first Harry Potter book/movie : Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This time, we go back to the very beginings. Harry pays a visit to wandmaker Ollivander, in full lego style! --CAST-- Geertos13 as Harry Potter Gary Fairhall as Garrick Ollivander Jonathan Kydd as Rubeus Hagrid ---------------------------------------------- The Small Minifigure Legs are available at C&Cs appreciated
  17. Brick Corner

    Lego Halloween special

    Hello guys! We have created new Lego stopmotion animation. Feel free to watch / comment / share and subscribe to our youtube channel!
  18. [Kickstarter] The Brickster Returns - A Christmas animated short film Greetings members of Eurobricks! I hope that this is allowed and the right place to post this! Each year, I make a Christmas special. The past two years have been based on my criminal character called the Brickster which is inspired by the Lego Island character although changed to fit my story. Regardless, this year I want to make the best Lego Christmas animation and also wanted to share the finished product with everyone! I have greatly increased my quality of animation since my last Christmas special. However, due to my situation, money for all of the sets/products to achieve such a feat is near impossible without help. I felt quite cheap with the thought of begging, however, I eventually came around and made a Kickstarter. I hope people will help to fund and support this film, if the fund is successful, by Christmas day (or eve for backers), I will release the film on here and YouTube. The concept of the film - The villainous Brickster has escaped from prison and to get revenge, he steals the presents from Lego city to sabotage Christmas! He is eventually banished in last year's special with the help of Santa and his allies. This year he will return and form a band of super villains and an army of robots to take over Lego city this Christmas Eve! Who can stop the Brickster and save Christmas? Here is last years Christmas special: And here is an example of a more recent film I've completed to show the increase in quality to expect (and better) from this year's Christmas special. Hopefully this year I will be able to create the best Lego Christmas animated film of the year with the communities help! If anyone is interested in helping fund this year's Christmas special, here is the link: Kickstarter Campaign Edit by Hinckley: Link removed If not, please feel free to share the campaign, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  19. Brick Corner

    Lego Pokemon Go Brickfilm

    Hello guys, we have made two videos about people who plays Pokemon Go. Feel free to watch!
  20. I can´t help myself i need to do this remake of viral Donald Trump speech in Pensacola. I have use two motors for remote control of mouth speaking and head moving. Enjoy BTW - sorry i didn´t find category for videos or user creations ... i hope you will not delete this post as a spam.
  21. The father of a family is angry about the refugees. However, in a dream he becomes himself such a refugee. He experiences the problems of a refugee. When the dream is finally over, he has to make a decision.... The film is the second one of a team of students on our school. They are between 12 and 14 years old. The film was made for a German audience.
  22. An average walk in a dark, eerie park turns out to be much more than just clippity-clomping hooves down a path... Starring: Matthew Kimball - Mary Charles - http://www.bricksinm...orums/user/1329 Benjamin Ely - (that's me!) Liam Siegler - Special thanks to Guy Commanderson for allowing me to use his awesome music! You can listen to the full background track here: https://soundcloud.c...son/possessions Made for BRAWL 2016 on Bricks in Motion.
  23. Hey folks checkout the cg build of the first sub assembly. Checkout my blog: