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Found 31 results

  1. emilstorm

    Mercedes Sprinter ambulance

    I have had this moc as a project since 2010, annd it is still not done... It started out having the old 6x2x2 windshield before the 6x3x2 came out, thank god for that one Now i just need to change the tail lights so the top one is a cheese slope and add some stickers, then i think i will be done. But i thought it was about time to post it
  2. emilstorm

    VW Transporter Ambulance

    This one has been sitting in my basement too for a couple of years, and though it is not yet completed, i thought it was time to post it. It is a VW Transporter, standard ambulance of the Copenhagen Fire Department. It needs an interior and some stickers, then it will be done.
  3. KartoffelViking

    FABULAND Vehicle: Ambulance

    Harold Horse is sad. He was crossing the street and minding his own business, when he slipped on a banana peel and broke his right leg. The Fabuland Ambulance Service is already at the scene, and the ever optimistic Radko Rabbit is getting the brushes ready. But Clarice Cat, the senior officer, has been in this situation before and knows what needs to be done. This is my entry to the Fabuland Vehicle Contest. The ambulance was inspired by a typical Norwegian ambulance: http://upload.wikime...s_18jun2005.jpg.
  4. Farnheim

    MOC: Emergency Station

    Hi everyone! As a result of the rebuild of my emergency vehicles I also finished a little emergency station. This areal has got a large dual garage for two ambulances and another one for the emergency car driven by the doctor. The structure has some room for the personnel. You can find a small kitchen, a computer workstation, a rest room and of course a toilet. So the doctor and his paramedics can do some acitivities beside all the actions. A little kitten from a neighbor comes around from time to time... The Farnheim Fire Department had formed a new rescue concept for the 21st century back in 1998. It implied to build three different Emergency Stations strategically sited throughout the municipal area. The goal was and now is to reduce the way to the scene significantly - and save lives. This station was built in 2005 and can be found in northern area of the city. So, that's all with that little (fictional) history of that building. Hope you like it. Here are the pictures... Thanks for watching. C&C welcome as always... Best regards, Farnheim
  5. eurotrash

    MOC Taco Truck

    I love street food and I didn't really like the scale of the 4431 Ambulance so I couldn't resist MODding it into something more useful. I used parts from a variety of other sources including some Red Hinges from a 4543 Railroad Tractor Flatbed set from the 90's. They've been so well used that they tend to close under their own weight and so I had to reset them between pictures.Anyway here's my version of a Taco Truck. I hope you like it and comments, suggestions and criticisms are very welcome! I'm not sure if that guy is putting fish in the trash can or pulling them out - either way I'm not sure I'd eat here. Bike couriers on the other hand aren't quite as fussy eaters. There were large mirrors on the stanchions at the front of the Truck before I went outside to take pictures, I'll be hunting for them later Closed up and ready to hit the road Your friendly neighborhood Taco Truck Owner. Update: Following comments in the thread I revised the front end and built 'the-sketchiest-looking-taco-ever' to go on the roof and so the salmonella on four wheels now looks like... So long and thanks for all the fish (tacos)
  6. Henchmen4Hire

    City Ambulance (Type-2)

    Based on pictures of a sporty Dodge Sprinter Ambulance, though the wide nose makes it look like a "normal" van-ambulance. Eh, still good! Added as much detail as I could figure out from pictures, 8-wide is perfect for that :) I haven't added the sliding door because I'm not sure how to do that, any tips are welcome! -All doors can open -Fans/Vents (the grey circles with openings opposite them on the outer wall) -Oxygen port/power outlet (the green & red tile and grey circle on the inner wall) -Power Outlet near driver door (outer wall) -Board storage space behind passenger seat (I don't know what it's for but it fits!) -Oxygen tank storage in rear under the bench -Bunch of medicine/bandages/gloveboxes? on the wall -Chair/step storage? in rear on wall (fold down glass compartment) -Lights according to reference pics -Engine greeble under the sloped hood -ProCare colors (from reference pic, I'd rather use stickers though for a more efficient use of bricks) -Fits stretcher with patient -Fits a bunch of minifigures -Pistol-grip shifter for the driver because pistol grips are cool xD -Other stuff I forgot or don't know what it is lol