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Found 24 results

  1. Let me introduce you my latest alternative model built out of set 42094 - Snow groomer! It is already my third snowcat I've built out of LEGO Technic. You can see it here next to its lil bro from set 9391. It features two manual functions: lifting snow plow by turning gear on the roof of cab lifting rear blade by turning lever behind engine cover Since set 42094 contains just one linear actuator and no worm gears I used two shock absorbers to keep rear blade in two positions - up and down. The first version of model also featured gearbox for switching between functions above operated from same place on roof of cab. I had to remove it because gears were not able to transmit huge torque necesary for pushing springs on rear blade. Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  2. Two years ago I built freight helicopter out of set 42074 and few weeks ago I built another alternative model from this set - propeller plane. When you are moving it around it whirls its propeller. I enjoyed building it very much - it took me just three nights to build it and I like its bright color scheme. Building instructions are available at buildinst. Any comments are welcomed.
  3. LEGO Technic buggies have special place in my life - my very first LEGO set was Technic buggy 8829 and buggy 8048 took me definitely back from "dark age" so buying new buggy 42101 was sure thing for me. I also knew what I wanna build out of it - motorbike because it was official alternative model of set 8829. It took me a lot of effort to build it. I spent more than 12 hours by trial and error before I found the way how to build it. Final model features same functions as main model - steering and rear axle suspension. Building instructions are available at
  4. Let me introduce you my latest alternative model built out of set 42081 - wheel skidder. I planned to build skidder for a long time and set 42081 looked like ideal resource of parts for it. I took most inspiration from CAT 525C and log loader built by M_longer. I used M_longer's grapple design and his statement: worked like challenge for me. My skidder features: articulated HoG steering lifting of decking blade dual-function arch working grapple All functions are operated by orange axle joiners. BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS are available at With few logs... Any comments are welcome.
  5. Let me introduce you one of my coolest alternative models - Shark Mk II. Why do I call it Mk II? It is the second generation of moving sharks that I've built so far. The first one was built out of set 9394 (red jet) 6 years ago and was red. New shark is built out of set 42066 (blue-black jet) so it is BIGGER, better and finally blue. :-) It features two motorized functions: moving tail and opening maw to eat moving fish. You can turn them on separately or together with help of two red levers on stand. It contains 814 parts. I built it in the middle of last year but I haven't made video for it until today. Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  6. Let me introduce myself and tell you something about this new topic. Some of you may know me in connection with modification of alternative model from set 8052. I modified it into truck with work platform last summer and provided you building instruction via brickshelf. It is not my only creation so I decided to share my other creations with you too. One more note before introducing my models – I am focused on building models from one set so they could be named as “unofficial alternative models”. It’s enough about me and let’s look at what I have for you now! This is truck with work platform I spoke about above. My latest creation is “telehandler” also from set 8052. Honestly it doesn’t have telescopic boom but at least it looks like it has... :) It features following functions: lifting boom via linear actuator and medium motor with gear ratio 1:3 (it is as slow as lifting container in main model) rear axle steering with eccentric control via beacon on roof of cabin – this was little puzzle because lack of bevel gears front stabilizers which are able to lift front wheels little bit above land adjustable rear mirror (I like especially that one on side of battery box)
  7. Let me introduce you what I was working on last week - it is going to be helicopter loosely inspired by Bell 47. I call it Nighthawk because it is also my tribute to set 8412 that I got when I was child. I will feature: crank for spinning both rotors fake six-cylinder flat engine with moving pistons lever in cockpit for tilting main rotor (this is not realistic function but it is reproduction of functionality of set 8412) Since I build almost exclusively alternative models this helicopter is no exception. I only use parts from rally car 42077. And now some pictures of my progress: Initial proof of concept to ensure that I have enough gears Prototype of cab with seat and lever The first assembly of whole helicopter (before I took it apart for structural upgrades)
  8. Hi Newbie around here, used to play with lego back in the days and somehow got back into it but this time as grown up and and adjusted gaming budget ended up buying some Lego Technics models along the way (mainly stuff with tracks :) ). So got my hands on the 42065 Tracked Racer, really liked it but fell in love with the B-Model/Off Road Truck and started putting my two RC 5292 motors into it. Here is a short video about the evolution to my so far "final" v5.3 Mod: Short recap about the progress: replacing the two PF motors with the RCs, and going for an SBrick increasing the wheel base and changing to 3:1 gearing, then getting to know about the fuse inside the battery box, adding suspension, moving the battery up increasing the wheelbase again to get two battery boxes inside and double the SBricks, and change to 1,667:1 gearing Putting the RCs horizontal with a 2.5:1 gearing Currently working on: Getting a GoPro attached Getting it a bit water/splash proof to be able to go through some puddles (so far cling foil wrapping battery cases) ToDo: Get some filminig done of the v5.3 with the 2.5:1 gearing Getting the PS3 controller working on the Nexus 5 together with the SBrick Future ideas Improving suspension, weight is currently heavy on the rear Getting a winch into it on the rear or front Automatic two gear box to get faster on plain surface and getting more torque when going through terrain, looking at sariels automatic two gear box so far, but it probadly wont fit p.s. These are my first attempts at shooting videos as well, so bear with me ;-) . Most of them are handheld from my Google Pixel while driving with my other hand on my old Nexus 5
  9. Hi all, when I saw new The LEGO Movie 2 sets I fell in love with Ultrakatty set 70827 and began thinking about what else I can build out of this set. The first idea was to build Ultrapuppy but I was not able to give it cool enough appearance and personality. Then I got another idea that excited me much: What about giving Emmet and Lucy real alien that would fight with those Duplo monsters? ...and it should be the coolest alien of all - alien queen! "Who is cooler alien now?" I tried to build her as close to original as possible with limited sort of parts in set so I added such details as second jaw, big collar behind head and many thorns on back and tail. I also had to forfeit some details like the second pair of hands on chest and use pretty "wild" color scheme. Finished model features good articulation and big feet gives it some stability. I hope you like it. Any comments are welcome.
  10. I would like to introduce you alternative model built out of little set 42045 - helicopter. This set contains just 180 pieces so building alternative model from them was pretty difficult and challenging. My helicopter has even few functions - it features two-cylinder fake engine and if you turn gear under tail rotor, pistons in engine will move and main rotor blade will spin. If you want to build it you can download building instructions from my website
  11. I' ve decided to make an alternative model for 42054 CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC set. I' ve wanted to design something different from all those excellent c models already made, so I made a truck capable of off-road conditions, with crane and many other functions. The result: Functions: rear axle drive with 4 piston engine steering live axle suspension side outriggers cabin tilting rear PTO (power take off) crane arm rotation crane arm 1st stage elevation crane arm 2nd stage elevation grabber closing/opening Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. This model is powered by one m motor with rotation direction selection. It powers main selector, crane selector. and PTO. Main selector switches between worm gear powered functions and arm rotation. When worm gear functions are selected, there is another switch to choose between outriggers and cabin tilting. The crane selector switches between 1st and 2nd stage elevation. I had to use some interesting (I think) solutions because of parts selection in 42054 set: Piston engine There are no piston engine parts in the set, so i made them from some connectors. You can see it working in the video. Suspension There are no shock absorbers or wishbones too. So I' ve made a suspension based on twisting axles: Every wishbone is suspended independly. 3 of those connected to axle make a well-working long travel soft off-road suspension: Grabber There was a grabber in original set, but when building the grabber I've already used the worm gear for more important functions, so I' ve designed a different locking mechanism: Turning the green axle makes the red grabber frame move up and down and becouse of engaging the blue knob gear with h-frame opening and closing blue grabber. Instructions Instructions are already available here on rebrickable! I hope you liked this model.
  12. When I saw first pictures of set 42074 (racing yacht) I knew I have to take it and rebuild it into something else. So let me introduce you my latest alternative model - freight helicopter. It spins both rotors when you are turning gear on its bottom. Since set contains just 2 bevel gears I had to build another couple of them from bricks and connectors - I have already used this assembly for my dragster built out of set 42036. ...and little excursion into its innards:
  13. Although I'm not fan of Nexo Knights I was asked to built something else out of bricks from set 70321 - General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom. Since this set contains 6 wheels I've decided to build something like american truck. It has three axles and long nose with maw full of teeth. There is also disk shooter over its rear axles. I've used just bricks from set 70321 so it can be called alternative model.
  14. Main model from LEGO Technic set 42037 - Formula Off-Roader doesn't resemble formula at all so I tried to build something closer to formula out of its parts. Since it has huge wheels I call my alternative model "Off-road Formula". It features steering, independent suspension and V4 engine. I began building it more than one year ago and got stuck with front axle. It was the most difficult part of whole model because I had very limited sort of parts - this set lacks connectors, blue 3L pins (it contains just 9 of them) and there are no 5L liftarms in it. Even designers from LEGO decided to build front axle of official B model without suspension...
  15. When I was thinking about what to build out of set 42065 (RC Tracked Racer) I've got idea to increase its playability by adding blade. So I started building bulldozer. Finished model features blade that allows you to push something. I had to deal with lack of liftarms and pins that led to sacrificing easy access to battery box - if you want to replace batteries you literally have to dismantle almost whole model. In short, it is compact, sturdy, too fast and fun to play with.
  16. I haven't posted any model here for a long time so let me introduce you my latest alternative models built out of set 42060 - Roadwork Crew. The first of them is Formula 1. It has pretty low functionality (just "hand of god" steering) but at least I've made something original. :-) Most of formula is only 3 studs high so it was big challenge to squeeze steering in it. Another alternative model is Propeller plane. It whirls its propeller when you're moving it around. This model is literally full of "crazy" building techniques because I had to connect together all those liftarms going in different directions. I've built both models for competition in building alternative models out of set 42060. If you wanna see what other competitors built, check this link:
  17. Since I recently got LEGO Technic set 42036 and didn't built anything out of Technic for a long time I've decided to rebuild this motorbike into vehicle with four wheels. It was bigger challenge than I expected. I had to use few uncommon asseblies: replace front wheels by gears with chain replace connector in crankshaft by liftarm replace pair of bevel gears by bunch of connectors - this solution was proposed by Victor Imaginator Finished dragster features just V4 fake engine with moving pistons. I planed to add steering but I didn't have enough parts for it.
  18. Firstly, I'm not that type of guy who purchases multiple sets however the '21109 - Exo-Suit' was one of them along with '70816 - Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP' which I got two of (one to display and one for parts.) Both sets got me into designing MOC's so they have a very special place in my heart. I managed to purchase three copies of the Exo-Suit: one for personal collection with a signed box by Legoloverman andlego_nabii (, one I used for parts to build my own Neo-Classic Space MOC's and I still had one sealed. (At the time it was another copy for a parts pack and the cool Minifigures.) I've been questioning myself for a while now with what to do with the extra copy I own. Yesterday I set myself a task to build an alternative model only using pieces from ‘21009 - Exo-Suit.' inspired by the LEGO Movie (2014) 2-in-1 sets. This model contains about 80% of the pieces from that set. It's inspired by the 'Turtle' included with '21109 - Exo-Suit' but it's a larger version of the turtle that can be piloted by a Minifigure,' so essentially it's a Turtle Exo-Suit but I prefer to call it 'Turtle XL.' Turtle XL by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel ______________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube -
  19. Like what Rick did about two years ago: I modified the 70804 ice cream truck as I was also thinking it was too tall. However I didn't use only parts from that set. Here is a first try: One of the main difference compared to Rick's version is that I wanted to keep the meta-part used for the rear of the vehicle. I had to lengthen it by 1 stud for that. Maybe later I'll do another try, with deeper changes (not using the dark grey vehicle base), as I still find the front of the vehicle a little too massive. Note for moderators: I wasn't sure if it was better to post in the old thread or create a new one, threads can be merged if you think it is better.
  20. I was amazed as much by grohl’s creations from mini Creator set 4916 as I bought this set too and began building. It was great challenge to build something what wasn’t already built by grohl. Soon I found few favourite animals of mine which were not built yet and here they are: Rabbit with carrot was the first – I love rabbits! Frog on water lily was the second. The third animal was another cute pet – dachshund. The fourth animal was camel (dromedary). The fifth creation was couple of animals – cat and mouse (almost like Tom & Jerry :) Soon beaver came as the sixth creation. After modifying beaver I’ve got squirrel which has already been the seventh creation. I’d like to show you last animal for this time - mountain goat. It's my number 8. If you like my little animals you can find building instructions for all of them at my website buildinst and few more pictures in my brickshelf gallery
  21. More than month ago I've decided to begin building my biggest and most challenging alernative model so far. It will be forwarder (log loader) built out of set 8053 - Mobile Crane. The first issue was how to build complex crane with just one linear actuator and limited amount of gears. I've solved it by using worm gears instead of linear actuators and it works good. This is the first working prototype of rear part of forwarder: Then I've begun working on cab and this is the second version of it (you can aslo notice minor changes in crane): When I've showed it to my wife she told me that cab is too high and angular. What do you think about it? And last picture of forwarder ready to grab something: Few features and specifications: 4 axles with articulated steering working crane: rotation around vertical axis, lifting boom by wormgear, lifting stick by linear actuator, opening grapple by worm gear crane is operated from chassis (1 black axle connector and 2 red axle connectors) rotary seat in cab (not built yet) opening engine cover with fake engine (not built yet) target number of parts: 1000+ Few issues to solve: steering on smooth surfaces - wheels offer big resistance but it's OK on carpet overall design lack of useful parts Any comments and ideas for improvements are welcomed.
  22. The ice cream truck in the 70804 The LEGO Movie set was way too tall for my liking, so I decided to modify it to better (better, it's still pretty big for an ice cream van) fit the typical LEGO City scale. I kept all the original design elements, but got rid of the dark grey car base. Using only pieces from the set itself, I came up with this alternative model: LDD file is attached (I didn't bother with the big cone on the roof ). 70804 Ice Cream Van.lxf
  23. Month ago Jan Beyer challenged me to build alternative model out of Lego Friends set and this is my first attempt. I've used Heartlike lighthouse (set 41094) as donor of bricks. Carousel features 4 seats that spin around. It is also supplemented by ticket stand.
  24. Since I didn't find any pull-back motorbike I've decided to build one out of set 42010. It was great challenge to create another alternative model with such a limited amount of bricks. Its only feature is pull-back motor. It's also solid enough to not fall apart when it crashes into wall. And these are left over parts: If I find more time I'll build something bigger. I wanted to build plane out of set 8041 (race truck) but it has 8 pieces over limit...