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Found 414 results

  1. pombe

    [O - E01] An old friend

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently... <whip crack> <whip crack> <whip crack> ++INCOMING PRIORITY TRANSMISSION++ ++AUTHENTIFICATION SUCCESSFUL++ ++PRIVATE SECURE LINE ACCESS GRANTED++ <bzzt...crackle...bzzzzzt...shhhhhhhh...bzzt> Hombre? Hombre, are you there? Yes, it's really me, Hannibal. I'm a manner of speaking. I need your help. I knew I could count on you. Meet me on Donwarr at these coordinates. Beware that there is a heavy M.A.N.T.I.S. presence nearby. And understand that you...might not...recognize me in my current form... Later, on Donwarr... Thanks for meeting me here. Others are also on the way, but the favor I'm asking of you requires a bit of discretion. Hannibal is copied off goatman's design. As I already told you, parts of me are scattered throughout the various corporate networks. Somehow, the memory fragments of my more intimate experiences ended up on a M.A.N.T.I.S. network which is backed up on a server in a nearby base. This body is not capable of sneaking in and retrieving those files undetected and the only one I can trust with such matters is you. Coincindentally, Callahan is also being held prisoner at this M.A.N.T.I.S. facility. This allows us to kill two birds with one stone. The others and I will provide a diversion for you as we break him out. Once you have the memories, make your way through the facility and join us as we extract. This means a lot to me. Thanks. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  2. pombe

    [O - F09] The Rise of Natco

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: spaceship Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Arium Minor... Thank my great aunt's glans! We've found them! The terrain is recycled I've called for an immediate medivac! Do we have their vital signs? Pombe's waking up! Oooh...we made it. Phew. That was an ordeal. I see Dr. Long is alright. That's good. Sir, are you... Bqllr! Yes, yes...I'm alright. Yes, I just checked. All my man parts are good. Eshey? Tracy? What are you two doing here? Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. That's right, sir. Tracy and I put in our notices two weeks ago. I'm glad you're back, but Octan just isn't the company it used to be. In fact, I think it's lost it's touch. That was clearly evident while you were away. I can't stop the either of you, but I'd like you both to reconsider. No! Octan has lost its way! And now, Tracy and I are going to form...evil Octan! No! Not...evil Octan! Yes! And it will be called Natco and I will be its CEO, Evilshey! Natco is Octan spelled backwards! That's evil! Yes! And you've grown an evil mustache! Yes! And you've added the word "evil" to your name! Yes! And that's not all. No...not even you would be that evil! Yes! Natco has a color scheme that is the reverse color palette of Octan! No! That's like an April Fool's Joke! That's truly evil! Yes! And here is Natco's first product! An evil starfighter! No! Not an evil starfighter! Yes, and now, Tracy is going to fly it to meet with our evil investors! Hyer! Did you need a ride, Eshey? Uh, yeah...I was wondering if I could get a ride back to the Axle to get my stuff. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  3. Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: land vehicle, airplane Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Arium Minor... Any signs of survivors, Tracy? We need to assist them immediately! Still scanning the remains of The Bird That Sashays which mysteriously and inexplicably crashed on Arium Minor. Nearby... Get us out of here before she finds us!!! It won't go any faster, ma'am!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  4. Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently... Eshey, you have been...and always shall greatest failure. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Eshey? Did you have a bad dream? was just a dream. Phew. Hey, Tracy...when was the last time you saw Pombe? was a couple of months ago, I think, just before he took part in that experiment with Dr. Long. He said "hi" to me as he walked out of the restroom. Have you noticed things being...different...since then? Not really. I cleaned toilets before, I clean toilets now. I don't know. I feel as if things aren't quite right. Um...have you given any thought to my proposal? To join you as you create a startup? Well? I say, why not? I figure I'll just clean toilets elsewhere. Alright, let's go find Pombe. For what? To hand in our two week's notices. Later... Captain Kruge, ma'am, we've followed the Octan ship to Arium Minor undetected, using The Bird That Preys' active stealth technology. Just look at them...completely oblivious to our presence. Unstealth now and attack! Red alert, all stations! Yes, ma'am! Eshey, a M.A.N.T.I.S. ship has destealthed and is firing on us. Oh? What's it called? I'm not sure. Hail them. We're being hailed, ma'am. Of course, we are. Let's watch as they surrender. Cease attack and put them onscreen. Yes, ma'am. Hi, M.A.N.T.I.S. vessel, this is Tracy and Eshey onboard the Octan vessel O.C.S. Constitution. We were wondering what your ship was called. It''s the toilet mech girl! You! You've caused us much grief! And now you have the audacity to stop our attack because you wanted to know the name of our ship?! Yes, how else are we supposed to know what to call you? have a point, I suppose. It's The Bird That Preys. Sorry, there must be some subspace distortion. Did you say it was The Bird That Plays? What exactly does it play? A game, a sport, a musical instrument? No, no! It's The Bird That Preys! The Bird That Pays? You don't owe us anything so you don't have to pay us. The Bird That Preys! Oh, it's a religious ship. Well, I don't pray, but I'll keep you in my thoughts. Deaf Toilet Mech Girl, it's The Bird That Preys!!! Sorry, The Bird That's Prey? Oh, that sounds scary! What's it's predator? ARGH!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  5. mediumsnowman

    [O - F09] Best Left Alone

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Civil, Building //Log of Jebediah O'Reilly, 29 Januarali 3817// They say I woke up today, mumbling incoherent phrases. Whatever Hannibal's team did on Ertauq, they fixed me. I'm awake. I've been moved to a recovery facility on Arium Minor. They say I've been out for weeks, in a sort of lucid dreaming state. It feels like a dream. A blur. I remember snippets- only snippets. I've been running from something since I arrived in this galaxy- come to think of it, I can't remember anything before Andromeda. All I know is whatever I seek is on Farmolis. I need to talk to the President- I need to know about Project EAGLE. It's all I have left. Dr. Granger says I can't leave yet. But I have a plan. I'm leaving next week, going to Farmolis, whether he likes it or not. //End Log//
  6. pombe

    [O - E03] Year of the cock

    Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, above Ertauq... This build is recycled from last week. There, the rotator cuff actuators are installed. Excuse me, is someone in here? I need to clean the toilets. Eshey...what...what are you doing? Tracy! I've been meaning to talk to you. And, I'm working on Octan's latest drone. Why are you working in the lady's restroom? I work best on a toilet. Anyway, Tracy...have you been happy at Octan? I clean toilets, Eshey. Octan policy requires all restrooms be sanitized every six hours. Exactly! All the employees here only care about this protocol or that regulation! It's so stifling. They just don't get it. It's a paycheck. There's nothing to get. There's everything to get! Don't you ever wish for something more? What are you suggesting? I'm not sure. I just feel like I'm not such a good fit here. Oh, I finished the rooster drone! Later... Alright, ma'am, we're back in Ertauq in a Doombringer class heavy fighter. That girl on a toilet mech doesn't stand a chance now. I'm feeling pretty cocksure, ma'am. Don't get too cocky now. Let's just take out this toilet mech girl so I can go home and get some cocktails. Ma'am, something just showed up on our scanners. Putting it on screen now. I...I think it's a cockatrice? Poppycock! Cockatrices aren't real! Maybe it's a cockatiel? What a cockamamie observation! It's the wrong colors to be a cockatiel! Perhaps it's a peacock? What did I just say about being the wrong colors?! It's a cock! It's a cock! Cockadoodledoo!!! Shoot it! Shoot it! Too late, ma'am! It reached the hull during the time we spent trying to figure out what it is! Ahhh!!! It's on the cockpit!!! Evasive maneuvers!!! Cockadoodledoo!!! The cock is pecking us!!! It's trying to penetrate!!! We're so screwed... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  7. LucByard

    [M - G03] White Hawk

    Location: G03 - New California. Tags: Spaceship. Previous chapters can be accessed from the AG player list here. Chapter 20: White Hawk. Racing through neutral territory high above the once secure planet of New California, two ‘White Hawk’ class defenders sped towards the approaching enemy. The MANTIS heavy fighter had been picked up early, dispatched shortly after an unidentified vessel had begun descending through the buffer between Octan and the ominously growing MANTIS presence. There was every chance it was a ruse: sending out an unmarked vessel to justify launching fighters. Without an immediate response, the enemy vessel would be in attack range of essential supply ships before they could do anything about it. Not on my watch. Thought Lynton Bryss, a wing commander in the Orbital Response Unit assigned to New California. His chain of command had launched him as an immediate precaution: MANTIS had overstepped the mark coming here, they were all over The Quarrel but while their advance had reached around to Kaalin, New California and Fractor V had stood as worlds on the edge of the abyss where the pure order of Octan had stood firm... They didn’t come here. Perhaps they didn’t need to, perhaps they didn’t dare... This is our world. “MANTIS vessel.” He said into the A-Comm. “You are in violation of Octan-controlled space. Return to your carrier or you may be fired upon...” Lynton let the threat hang, knowing full well the MANTIS ship wouldn’t back off so easily. He observed the MANTIS ship’s descending trajectory and adjusted his course. “Vex.” He said into his A-Comm on the encoded connection to his wingman. “We’re going to push out high and come down behind him. It’ll be easier to see a black MANTIS ship against the planet.” “Copy that.” Vex Obryn replied. Vashin watched the two Octan ships arc upwards towards space. In his head, he plotted out their likely intentions. Let me follow this decoy while you come up behind me. He wasn’t going to be fooled so easily. Maybe the unidentified ship wasn’t Octan but either way, following it was looking like a bad decision. “Octan vessels.” He announced over the A-Comm. “You are entering MANTIS controlled space. We are conducting protective operations. Return to your fleet and you will not be fired upon. You will not be given a second warning.” With every moment that the Octan ships remained on course his heart beat a little faster than the moment before. There had been battles before and he’d flown in them but things had changed. Fierce battles had given way to uneasy truces. You no longed launched with the clear instruction to engage and destroy. Now it was more like chess, or poker. He was closing on the unidentified ship but it was descending fast, he’d need it to hit atmo and slow in the air for him to get close enough to identify it. Behind him, the two Octan fighters were on a course directly in his trail. He’d be able to keep ahead of them until he hit atmo and then the same would happen, just with him the prey. If he was going to do something it had to be now. Whatever this vessel was, chasing it could cost him his life... He flipped his Wraith Interceptor around and engaged full throttle, arresting his descent. Octan would be on him in moments all the same, but now they’d be in space... and in his sights. “We’re gaining fast.” Vex announced. “Weapons live.” Lynton commanded. They both removed the safety mechanisms on their gunships’ rapid-fire plasma cannons and missile launchers. “Remember, we don’t fire first...” He added, trying to calm the growing tension in the tendons of his hands. “... Unless we have to.” The afterthought was born from fear. How close could you get to a MANTIS craft before they opened fire? Too close and you wouldn’t get a chance to fire back. Could he risk that? His finger lingered gently across the trigger. He breathed deeply and opened the A-Comm one more time. “MANTIS vessel.” He said into it. “This is your final warning...” The Octan ships were in range. The Wraith’s weapon system indicated missile-lock but Vashin knew better that to use them. Missiles were slower than plasma bolts and the distance was still great enough that the Octan ships would have plenty of time to use countermeasures. Just a little longer. He thought, waiting tensely for them to get close enough for a decent plasma shot. He felt sweat form on his brow... This is happening. The hand had been called... Time to show your cards. “MANTIS vessel.” The voice of one of the Octan pilots came over the A-Comm. “This is your final warning...” Now. Green bolts flashed past the canopy of Lynton’s gunship. His finger instinctively squeezed the trigger and both White Hawks were spraying the space before them with a volley of light plasma fire. They both manoeuvred, trying to roll away slightly while keeping a weapons lock. The space between the opposing ships had become a stream of red and green fire. An alarm sounded... Missile alert! All the plasma fire prevented the scanners from clearly seeing exactly where it was or where it was going. Both Octan pilots immediately rolled out of the column of crossfire. Lynton felt his heart pound against the front of his chest as he entered a high-G turn. “I’m hit!” he heard over the A-Comm. Vex! He looked to his scanner. Was his wingman down? The blip was still there and so was the... Behind him. Having hit Vex, the MANTIS ship must have pursued him. His mind raced. He rolled his craft 180 degrees and turned his attempt to pull up into a steep dive. Vashin pursued the undamaged Octan ship with vicious grit, his eyes narrow, waiting for the moment. He had hit one of them as they tried to peel away from the path of his missile, angling his Wraith Interceptor to follow the trajectory of one of them. Once he saw the flames, he spun his ship all the way round and accelerated towards the remaining vessel. He hadn’t destroyed the first one but with an engine ablaze, it was unlikely to trouble him soon and so he pursued the remaining threat. He bore down fast, the interceptor’s engines doing their job. The missile lock indicator beeped; he pushed the thumb button without hesitation. The Octan ship had turned into a dive with a hard barrel roll. Trying to out manoeuvre me. He thought. The missile curved gently down towards the gunship. Vashin took a chance and kept his altitude, turning only towards the inclination of the barrel roll. The Missile alarm blared out and an impact countdown appeared on his H.U.D. He rapidly considered his options, flicked a switch on his left joystick to launch countermeasures. A spray of bright white flares shot from the rear of Lynton’s gunship, spreading across the space behind him. The countdown continued. His navigation screen showed the missile approaching. Damn it! He realised. The barrel roll sent the flares in wide arc too far from the missiles long wide approach. None were close enough to draw it in. Unlike his MANTIS counterpart, the White Hawk wasn’t built to sit and take hits while it returns fire: spinning around to try and shoot the missile would leave him unable to control his trajectory and vulnerable. His ship was designed to be manoeuvrable, evading fire and hunting for an opening of its own. He twisted hi right flight stick the other way, halting the barrel roll. The White Hawk climbing back into space. He saw the first flash of bright green plasma shoot past him; he did not see the second as it hit his starboard engine unit and sent his ship into an uncontrollable tumble. The alarms rang, outside the window, the black of space and bright sandy orange of the planet spun rapidly in constantly changing direction. Heat, smoke... Fire! It was getting hard to breath. Was it smoke? or panic... The controls wouldn’t respond. The atmospheric alarm sounded: I’m entering the atmosphere! Everything started to go bright, he couldn’t see. Can’t eject now. He realised. He stopped fighting the controls and struggled to engage his suit’s emergency air supply. He forgot about the ship he was in, and the planet he was falling towards. He forgot about Vex and the fleet... He thought about home. The Wife that would be sent the automated message, the child that there would be no easy way to explain it to. He thought about the credits the corporation would give them, that sum that was buried somewhere in the terms and conditions... How much was it? He tried to think... It had seemed like such a large amount at the time... But now... He thought of his Wife one last time as the hull of his ship breached and what was left exploded into a rainfall of flame and wreckage. Note to judges: The MANTIS vessel has been judged previously. Thanks for reading. All comments welcome.
  8. mediumsnowman

    [O - F03] Tread Carefully

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Civil, Building, Spaceship //Log of Dr. Granger, 15 Januarali 3817//: Jebediah's condition has not changed since he was admitted a week ago. Brain activity is mostly consistent, with only minor spikes, as if he were simply asleep, and dreaming. He is certainly alive, but nothing will wake him up... he is to be transferred to our new facility orbiting Ertauq on the next outgoing medical cruiser, at my recommendation. New, cutting-edge medical technology is being tested there, and I believe it may hold the key to saving him. //End Log// Unedited photos in spoiler: C&C welcome.
  9. Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, above Ertauq aboard the M.A.N.T.I.S. cruiser Remorseless... Captain! We've picked up something on the scanners! Give me a visual. Yes, ma'am. It appears to be yet another hidden Octan base, ma'am. The scanners don't show any activity that would indicate that they've noticed us and I don't see any sort of combat fighter patrol. This is too easy. Alright...all stations, red alert! Bring weapons online and give me a firing solution. Calculating now, ma'am...wait, hold on. Something else just appeared on the scanners. It's headed straight for us. How did we miss it earlier? It seems to be very small, ma'am. On screen! What in Cor's balls is that? to be cockpit mech with a scantily clad woman sitting on a toilet... This is odd, even for Octan. I...I can't process this. How is she even still alive?! And...and...she's smiling at us! I'm scared, ma'am! Keep it together! Too late...I peed myself! Maybe we should get you a toilet. Quick! I want a new firing solution on the mech! I don't understand, ma'am! The weapons systems won't give me a firing solution! It's like the mech's not there! Oh no...I crapped my pants... Bring engines to full power now and get us out of here! This must be some new Octan technology. We must report it right away to the CEO. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  10. pombe

    [O - E03] Desert Storm

    Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Ertauq... Where in Lord Business' mammaries is Eshey?!?! I don't know. She said she was going for a drive. A What?!?! Meanwhile... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  11. mediumsnowman

    [O - F03] Wake me up

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Civil, Building, Spaceship (?) CLAPPIE: "This is CLAPPIE unit OX-247 to control tower, over. Do you receive me, over?" HQ: We receive you, over. CLAPPIE: "Our ship was struck by an asteroid in sector G10. I placed the pilot, Jebediah O'Reilly, into hypersleep as our GATE drive was critically damaged. He's been out for over three weeks, and has been displaying odd brain activity recently. I want a med team waiting for us." HQ: "Affirmative. Please proceed to Docking Bay 3." CLAPPIE: "Landing successful. Brain activity is spiking... get that med team out here!" Tech Guy: "Get that oxygen mask hooked up. I've never seen anything like this. Put him in Room B01. This is out of our league." Tech Girl: "The data from the CLAPPIE unit is indeed unusual. I'm afraid if we don't wake him up soon..." Tech Girl: "...he's not going to wake up." Figless shot in spoiler: C&C welcome.
  12. LucByard

    [M - G03] Wraith

    Location: G03 - New California. Tags: Military building, spaceship. Chapter 19: Wraith. “Command - Retina: new contact” The voice announced over the bridge A-Comm system. “Unidentified vessel bearing Zero, Nine, Zero mark Zero, Three, Eight.” Aboard the bridge of the MANTIS battlecruiser Shadowfall, Captain Aurixx looked at the central Real-Time-Navigation-Array display. “Definitely a ship?” Aurixx asked. “Yes sir.” The voice replied. “It’s in a controlled descent.” Aurixx cast his mind back to the reports detailing the MANTIS operations in the area. Damn it! He thought. The Shadowfall had been part of the MANTIS core fleet for months but had now been ordered to depart for New California to support the corporation’s new presence there. That was six days ago and the report detailing MANTIS operations had only arrived two days ago. He had digested what he could but... Whatever it was on the scanner was descending down what had become a ‘no fly zone’ between the Shadowfall and the nearest gaggle of Octan vessels. It could be Octan. He thought. Trying to gather intelligence, or push the boundary and see what happens. He needed to know what it was, and quickly. “Interceptor prepped?” he asked calmly, turning to the Deck Officer who had instinctively checked their battle readiness at the news. “Yes sir. She can be gear up in seven minutes.” “Get her out there.” Aurixx replied. “I want eyes on this thing.” “Aye sir.” The deck officer replied, turning to the Comms officer who relayed the instruction. “Bay two, this is command: Launch interceptor.” On the underside of Shadowfall, the second of its three docking bays suddenly became a flurry of activity. Personnel on the deck were disconnecting the fuel and power lines from the vessel that sat there and the maintenance cranes were retracted to the edges of the bay. In the cockpit of the vessel, Pilot Vashin Tulka quickly followed his carefully memorised pre-launch sequence. Once complete, he waited for the deck to clear and launch authorisation to be given. He steadied his breath and tried not to notice his heart beating so much. Focus, focus. A voice came over the A-Comm. “Wraith One, this is launch control. The light is green, you are clear for launch.” “Roger that launch control.” He replied. With the gravity in the bay deactivated, a minor thruster burst gently raised the Wraith class interceptor off the deck. A second burst stopped it as the bay lights flashed, indicating that the ship’s position was central to the opening. “Engaging main engines.” Vashin announced as he advanced the throttle levers and the ship surged forward out of the bay. The ship shuddered as it pushed through the atmosfield that protected the interior of the bay from the hazardous vacuum of space, signalling Vashin to begin his turn towards the target. Keeping the engines at full burn, he angled the ship, curving his trajectory away for the planet below and back up towards outer space. The Wraith class interceptor was undoubtedly quick and heavily armed. It was designed to arrive first, assess a situation and if necessary, deal as much damage as it could to the benefit of a follow-up fighter squadron. It wasn’t designed for prolonged engagement. A fact that prayed on Vishen’s mind. Shadowfall was a cruiser, not a carrier... There would be no follow-up fighter squadron. “Three minutes to target.” a voice said over the A-Comm. Vishen made some adjustment to his course to ensure he came up behind the unidentified vessel. On the edge of his scanning range, two new blips appeared, they were in a similar orbit but were approaching fast. The computer registered their ident signals... Then it hit him, He was in a heavily armed fighter heading at high speed straight towards... Octan. Thank you for reading. All comments and feedback welcome as always.
  13. mediumsnowman

    [O - F09] The Most Dangerous Game

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Civil, Building Aketi Outpost, 3800 AD. Milky Way Galaxy. The top floor of Octansoft Corporation's new headquarters. President Business: "Jebediah, how good to see you. Especially considering last time you were trying to kill me!" Jebediah: "You were never in any danger. I only had to convince my father you were dead. By the time he discovers my deception it will be far too late for the Head." President Business: "Yes, let's get down to business. Haha, business. Gets me every time. Anyways, when we last parted, I believe I made you a deal." Jebediah: "Yes, yes we did. I refrain from killing you- I tell you everything about my fathers organization- you dismantle them and secure me a legitimate job within the Octan corporation. I'm done with the lies, the deception, the killing. I want out." Business: "I am a man of my word and I will get you out. Tell me about the Head." Jebediah: "I was born into it, indoctrinated. My father believes minifigure-kind is ruining our galaxy and the only way to prevent it is to fight fire with fire. I agreed with him, until recently." Business: "What happened?" Jebediah: "I killed a woman named Mrs. Long. She worked for Explorien. She was spearheading a project called the Axis, to explore the new Andromeda galaxy. She had really done nothing wrong. She was a woman with a vision. My father told me she destroyed planets for her project. She was getting what she deserved..." "...I looked into her file afterwards. She had a husband and two children. What my father told me was a lie. We killed her to block the impending merger. So what? The death of one scientist won't delay that more than a few months. What will her family do? What will Explorien do? Her death accomplished nothing- nothing except for pain and suffering. What about the other people on that platform? I will never know their story and I don't really want to." Business: "Go on." Jebediah: "I went back through my own past. I looked at the files of the countless people we've killed. The majority just like Mrs. Long, simple people trying to forge an existence in this crazy world. They did nothing wrong except cross the path of my father. He psychotic. Some of them might have deserved it. But that's not our call to make. My father lied to me, time and time again- he would tell me about a greater purpose, the good we would accomplish. I was young and foolish. I believed him. He used me, manipulated me- and I'm going to bring it down on his head." Business: "What do you need me to do?" Jebediah: "The Head is meeting at a warehouse on the river next week to discuss the results of the Senate's session on the merger. Take them out. I know Octan isn't the "nice" company you claim- throw them in jail to rot forever, kill them- I don't care. I don't want to know. They've caused too much suffering to hang around." Business: "It will be done. I will agree the Head has been a thorn in the side of this fair galaxy for too long." Jebediah: "Thank you. About my job...?" Business: "Yes. After the Explorien merger passes, and it will pass, do not worry, we must make preparations to move into the Andromeda galaxy. I want you to lead the Special Forces divisions. It would be a waste of your abilities to have you sitting behind a desk." Jebediah: "Special Forces...? Are you sure? I won't kill. No more killing. I made a promise. I'm out." Business: *pauses* "Of course. Octan would never ask our employees to do anything they're uncomfortable with." Jebediah: "I appreciate it." Business: "You'll have to undergo a physical before your position is finalized. Standard procedure." Jebediah: "Of course." **once Jebediah has left** Business: "Bob Sr, please make a note in the man who just left's file about his physical. I want the selective memory machine hooked up, codename EAGLE I think, ready to go. Don't inform the patient. I'll undersee the procedure myself." Bob Sr: "Of course."
  14. pombe

    [O - F09] Snip Snip

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Arium Minor... I swear on my father's fallopian tubes, this is the last time I listen to either of you guys. It was a Zoid ambush! There's nothing we could have done! We have no choice now but to rely on our backup. You know our backup is Eshey, right? We're doomed. Hey guys!!! Great...Eshey's here...WHAT IN LORD BUSINESS' UTERUS IS THAT?!?! Well, back on Earth, they control mosquito populations by releasing sterilized males into the wild. I thought we could control the Zoid population in the same way, so I built the Vasectomizer 3000! All it takes is a couple of quick snips, and voila! It's a simple outpatient procedure that can be done right here...hey, where are they going?! I...I don't believe it. Eshey scared the Zoid away. The Vasectomizer 3000 can also sterilize people who are male, too! I've yet to field test it, but...hey, where are you guys going?! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  15. Location: F09, Arium Minor Tags: Spaceship The team gathered around the console. Agent Raven Spoke, Assault on the axle part 1 by North White, on Flickr "This is an unprecedented operation. The Axle is Octan's flagship, it's biggest and most powerful in the fleet. I'm going to be honest with you, this is a suicide mission. Your families will be well compensated for your sacrifice to the company." Assault on the axle part 1 by North White, on Flickr "Captain Mesabi will take a Bastille Bomber into firing range of the Axle. He will then fire, causing as much damage as possible. If any opportunity arises to board the Axle, he is to take it. Your job is to defend him from the incoming Octan Drones and Fighters." Assault on the axle part 1 by North White, on Flickr "For Honor and Glory" She finished. "For Honor and Glory" The group said in unison. "All pilots to your ships, launching in five minutes!" The intercom boomed Assault on the axle part 1 by North White, on Flickr Assault on the axle part 1 by North White, on Flickr "It was a pleasure knowing you gentlemen." Captain Mesabi told the bomber crew." "We're the lucky ones Cap' we might actually survive." Said Bombardier Tom. "Yeah, the Bastille has better armor then some capital ships!" Said Bombardier Jeff. Assault on the axle part 1 by North White, on Flickr "Well, then let's hope for the best!" Captain Mesabi replied. The Ships began to launch... Assault on the axle part 1 by North White, on Flickr FIN Hope you liked this week's story, to be continued in the coming weeks. Happy 2017 everyone, C&C appreciated!
  16. Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Arium Minor... Slap my balls, Eshey!! What is that?! Arium Minor is infested with Zoids!! How are we supposed to infiltrate Kawashita territory with you riding that giant monstrosity?!?! May I smack her?! Let me smack her!! Aren't we infiltrating the Zoids? I made one to ride in so I could fit in better. I call it the Liger Super God Seraphim Variant. Hmm...that does sound like a name that Kawashita would come up with. Herman, what the copulation?! You're not taking her seriously, are you?!?! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  17. mediumsnowman

    [O - G10] Inciting a Rebellion

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Civil, Building, Spying, Piracy NOTE**This build takes place during DLL's "Invasive Species" arc from over the summer and takes place between A Conference With the Queen and The Bright Light of Civilization Jebediah steals through the corridors of Ambassador Ba'al Ba'al Jinks palace, and locates the server room. The guards are hilariously ineffective - they might as well not even be there. It only takes a few minutes to bypass the firewalls, as the Oni-Ren never thought anyone would come knocking. Everything there is to know about Ba'al Ba'al - finances, voting records, medical history, telephone calls - now resides on a 1x1 blue disc belonging to the Octan Corporation. Like a shadow in the night, Jebediah vanishes as if he were never there. Extra shot and commentary in spoiler: C&C welcome!
  18. Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Onix... Where the flying fornication is Eshey?! She said she would meet us here! We're in Kawashita territory! She's putting us all in danger! Herman, I swear on my mother's testicles that I'm going to smack that girl the next time I see her! Well, Miss Kolai has been acting very strangely ever since Dr. Long and Pombe conducted that super top secret experiment, hasn't she? Who cares? She's violating every Octan employee protocol there is! Bloody scrotums!!! What in the hell is that!!! The Octan employee protocol manual doesn't tell us how to handle meeting an alien hippopotamus! Fall back! Fall back! Uh, hey, guys...where are you going? Weren't we supposed to explore Onix together? Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  19. mediumsnowman

    [O - G10] Skeletons in the Closet

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle, Spaceship CLAPPIE: Sir, the odds of successfully navigating this asteroid field are approximately 2 in 3. JEB: Never tell me the odds! CLAPPIE: Updating algorithm... the odds are approximately 2 in 5. JEB: What did I just sa- *BAAAANNNNG* *CRAAAASSHHHHH* JEB: What was that?! CLAPPIE: It would appear that you did not heed my warnings and we have been struck by one (1) rogue asteroid. Systems critical, operating at 56%. We can't take another hit like that. JEB: Get us out of the belt. CLAPPIE: Attempting a GATE jump in this state is likely to rip the ship in two. JEB: Well... don't do that then. Just get us out of here, I'm flying blind. CLAPPIE: I am putting you into hypersleep to conserve oxygen and setting an autopilot to the nearest Octan settlement in the adjacent system. Be warned, clinical trials under Dr. Black reported some cases of negat- JEB: Just put me under. CLAPPIE: Very well. 3... 2... 1... An abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Aketi Outpost, AD 3800 GOON: Is he coming? LEADER: It would be most unwise for him to not show up. MASKED ASSAILANT: Forgive me master, for I am late. There was an... unexpected development. LEADER: Is he dead? Is President Business dead? MASKED ASSAILANT: (flinches as he remembers his lie) Yes, of course. He will not bother us any longer. LEADER: You have done well, very well indeed. With President Business and Mrs. Long deceased, the Senate will have no choice but to block the Octan-Explorien merger, pending an investigation. MASKED ASSAILANT: Sir... these deaths... surely there could have been another way? Won't we be caught? President Business is a lot higher-profile than some of our previous targ- LEADER: (flares in anger) Do you dare question me? They have defied our warnings and defied our galaxy and have paid the ultimate price for their transgression, as they should! The Serpent's Head takes no prisoners. We operate when the law will not... and sometimes we just have to give it a little push. We leave no tracks- and besides, the "evidence" has been arranged to point towards the startup MANTIS firm. They already have a nasty reputation- and we're not the only ones who don't want the Octan-Explorien deal to become final. MASKED ASSAILANT: Of course. Forgive me. By now I should know better than to question. LEADER: I have raised you from birth to serve the Head and never once have had cause to question your loyalty. Don't break that streak now. Cease to question and your future is bright. Consider yourself forgiven. MASKED ASSAILANT: Thank you, master. What does the Head command next? LEADER: For now... we wait. If the merger passes, we may need to create a few vacant seats by next election cycle. We wish for the Andromeda galaxy to remain untainted- never forget that. MASKED ASSAILANT: Your wish is my command. I must now depart. LEADER: I concur. Before you go, bow to your father. Bow to the Head. Bow to me... Jebediah. Extra shots of the ship in spoiler... I forgot to take some of the warehouse. Comments, criticisms, and speculations on the story are all welcome! DLL is probably more qualified to handle most questions than I am, as I just stole his ideas and intertwined Jeb's past into it.
  20. Dannylonglegs

    [O-G10] Happy Hanukkah, Odus Dillberg!

    Tags: Civil Building, Spying In an Axle Break-room "No, sorry, that's Top Secret. Even I wasn't informed of the nature of the experiments.... ... ...Umm, yes, I'll Inform you when she returns." "Pheew. After a long year of work, I'm glad that it's finally holiday season once again! Latkes for dinner, just the way mamma used to make them! Apple sauce, check! and Sour Cream... Check! yum!" "Oh, Hey, Dr. Ben Nai! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a while." "I've been busy being a janitor." "Yeah..." "Have enough room for another? I love Latkes!" "Sure! Are you Jewish?" "My spouse was, but they left me when Dr. Long demoted me. They said that they couldn't be married to a garbage man..." "oh." "But I'm sure Dr. Long treats you much better than her other subordinates. I'm sure that, deep down, below her cold exterior, she has a warm heart, and only treated me with such cruelty because I deserved it. and not because she's just an awful person." "Um.. hehe, yeah." "Well anyways, let's eat!" "Yes! definitely!" *One Awkward dinner later* "...And I said, girl, if she doesn't treat you with respect and basic human decency, then you've just got to get yourself out of that relationship." "Yeah!" "Ooh. is that a real dreidle? I've still got 7 minutes of break time left, want to spin it around? "Sure! let me grab it." "Shall we wager a few credits? What Dr. Long doesn't know can't hurt her!" "Why not..." "Alright, you roll first!" "Shin!" "Gimel! What luck for me!" *later, in a different breakroom* "Ok, commander, the bug has been planted in target's Coms device." "Good, good. From his device, we can attempt to gain access to her personal server and their surveillance grid." Offscreen figure: "If it works" "Thank you for your diligent work, operative Nai. Your efforts will be rewarded in due time, and you will have your revenge." _____ Happy Hanukkah ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  21. Location: F09 Tags: Vehicle Special Delivery Week72 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  22. LucByard

    [M - F04] The Forwarder

    Location: F04 - Illustria. Tags: Civil, Building. Previous chapters can be accessed from the AG player list here. Chapter 17: The Forwarder. Yseult and Riddaeon walked down the expansive row of shipping containers in the corner of the yard. The air was filled with the heavy industrial sounds of a busy freight port. Cranes, walkers, ships and voices all working through the night to keep the cargo moving. Freight... No wonder Yseult looked so at home; this was her world. Eventually, in what appeared to be a small clearing between the stacks was a lone grey container with ‘IFA’ painted on the side; the acronym for the Independent Freight Association - a Galaxy-wide union for tramp freight operators that acted as a focal point for customs and contract negotiations with the various governments and corporations of Andromeda. Their influence had diminished somewhat in the past year as the ‘big three’ had favoured discounts offered by larger shipping lines or recruited small operators into their own fleet but in some form or other, the IFA was still here. It had taken a string of calls and deals to get here and Yseult had refused to tell Riddaeon who it was she was trying to arrange a meeting with. They were supposed to be acquiring a ship... This didn’t look like a starship sales office. Riddaeon knew there were all kinds of small underworld operations going on in the Galaxy but didn’t think Yseult would have been so involved or why they would be going here for a ship when they could requisition one from the MANTIS fleetyard. Yseult rapped on the container door, the sound reverberating through the metal, then she stood, arms folded and leaned against the door frame. She looked Riddaeon over. “Just remember.” She informed him. “Let me do the talking.”. Riddaeon might have objected to the demotion but the clunk of the locking mechanism on the door releasing prevented him. Yseult grabbed the lever, pulled the container door open and stepped in. The container was dim; pale blue lights along the floor and ceiling edges gave the interior an almost misty hue. Directly in front of Yseult was a low table with two chairs positioned opposite each other and stood next to the far chair, a man, stood poised with one arm behind his back. “Yseult Brenneaux!” The man asked in a voice thick with memory and nostalgia. “Brenneux.” She corrected him. The man’s face turned quizzical. “Are you sure?” He asked. Yseult ignored the question and proceeded to seat herself in the nearest chair. The man looked at Riddaeon, his eyes fixing on the agent. “And who would your MANTIS... associate be?” He asked, his tone changing to one of near disgust. Riddaeon was taken aback. He’d worn civilian clothing to keep his allegiance discreet but the man still knew. “We’re not here on official business”. Riddaeon replied. “Of course not.” The man said. “You wouldn’t have gotten half way here if you were.” “His name is Riddaeon.” Yseult interjected to break the tension and avoid the tedious posturing she could sense was rapidly approaching. The man broke into a pleasant, if noticeably fake smile. “Well then.” He said as he sat in the chair beside him and carefully slid the gun he’d been holding back into its clip on the underside of table. “Why don’t you tell me a little about your... Unofficial business and we’ll see if I can help.” “We need a ship.” Yseult said before anyone else tried to engage in small talk. “Fine.” The man replied. “What’s your destination?” “No, to buy.” Yseult responded. The man’s face changed again. More unexpected news. “What about...” He stopped himself from finishing the question. The look on Yseult’s face told him not to pry on this one. He thought for a moment, his eyes looking over both Yseult and Riddaeon - sizing them up, getting the measure of them. “You want a box runner I presume?” He asked rhetorically. “There’s a few around right now. What are you looking for?” Yseult was staring straight at him, hesitant to ask. The man let out a brief smirk. He knew what she was asking for. “I don’t have one of those.” He said, shaking his head. “No-one does these days.” “Something quick then.” Yseult replied. The man tapped a finger on his knee, pondering. He gestured Yseult off the chair. “Stand back”. He said. “I’ll have a look for you.” Yseult got up from the chair and stood aside. When she was clear, the man touched a control somewhere and the table tilted up into the wall of the container. As it did, equipment tilted down from its underside, configuring itself into a screen and control device. The man used the touch controls in front of him. “There’s not a lot this time of year.” He said from behind the screen. “There’s always more around Marzn when new models come out but I know a few people who’ve always got something to sell...” The screen tilted back flat allowing the man to look straight at Riddaeon. “... For the right price.” He added. “But that won’t be a problem for you I suppose.” Riddaeon hoped not but this project was off the books and with Big Sal on the run, access to funds wouldn’t be as easy as it usually was. The man looked over to Yseult. “Tee Four-Twenty? Might need some work but she’s in better condition than most.” “Speedy Owl?” Yseult responded. The man gave a single, confirming nod. Yseult considered the option for a moment. “Okay.” she continued. “We’ll take a look.” The man put the data on a small bio-chip and handed it to Yseult. He looked at her as she went to take it from his hand. “Wherever you’ve been.” He said quietly. “It’s good to have you back.” There was warmth in the words. Yseult’s fingers clasped the chip but the man’s hand held it firm. “There’s always work for a good box runner.” He added. Yseult stopped in her tracks. The man everyone called ‘The Forwarder’ had given her a lot of work in the past but there was a reason no-one knew his real name; some of the work had paid a lot more than the usual rate. But then sometimes, when consignments had been thin on the ground and she was on the verge of having to choose between food and fuel, she knew he’d paid her to run empty containers and put just enough in her account to keep her operating. She was grateful for that. “Thank you”. She said. The Forwarder released the chip and gave Yseult a small acknowledging nod as she took it. She nodded back and turned to leave as a loud metal creak came from Riddaeon already opening the door. Can’t wait to leave. The mechanical whirr of gears sounded, the console once again became a table as Yseult walked to the door. Turning back just before she left. She went to say something but it caught in her throat. She hesitated, changed her mind, turned and left. “Another time perhaps.” The Forwarder said quietly to himself, an air of calculation about him like a chess player considering the multitude of possibilities and implications of an unexpected move. Thank you for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed it. All comments and questions welcome.
  23. Big Sal

    [M - G05] Fugitives Pt 3

    Location: G05 Jen's Star Tags: Spying, Military building Previously... ...and back in those days you really knew everyone. I mean, you'd never get this situation here where I'm walking two people I've never seen before to the weapons tower. I mean, for all I know, you could be MANTIS spies. Err... Yeah, those were the days. Back when Octan really was the friendly corporation. I'm talking about before we came to this galaxy. What was wrong with the old galaxy, that's what I'd like to know. I don't hold with this GATE travel nonsense. Don't understand how it works. Don't want to know either. What was I talking about? Um... Oh yes, the old days. Yeah, it was much better back then. I'm talking about before we bought Explorien. Why are you wearing that shirt anyway, young lady? It's quite strange behaviour. Yes, it is strange. The sort of thing that attracts attention, as I keep telling her. And I told you that I'm not going to wear anything with an Octan logo on it. I'd rather stick a catcus up my- What's that? Speak up! That's the trouble with young people these days, always muttering and wearing 'retro' clothes. If you ask me, it was much better in the old days. Anyway, here we are. Oh boy, that is a big gun. Yes, that will do nicely. What's that? Of course, we didn't need all this weaponry back in my day. People respected each other back then. I'm talking about before all that business with Blacktron- Wait, how old are- Don't interrupt me, young man. That's the trouble with you young people, you're always in such a hurry. Well, now that you mention it, we are in a bit of a hurry, so if you could just give us the access codes and be on your way... Yes, yes, hold on. You know, those youngsters back at base treat me like some old relic, but whenever the navigation systems go down it's always me who has to go on the long walks to the outposts. Those whippersnappers couldn't find their ways out of a paper bag. It is odd how often the navigation systems go down though... I seem to end up spending a lot of time walking out here on my own. Yeah, I wonder why... I guess technology just isn't as reliable as it was in my day. I'm talking about before we left the solar system. Oh, come on! There's no way you're- Listen old man, are you going to give us those codes or what? Alright, alright. Now there's a droid on the roof you'll have to work with... Oh, don't worry, she's great with robots. Now I just have to find which pocket I put the codes in... I'm not supposed to write them down, but my memory isn't what it used to be. Back in the old days I had the best memory around. I'm talking about before we- Oh, that does it! I'm starting to think I should have taken my chances with S.P.I.D.E.R... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Photography was a bit rushed, but oh well. There's a close up of the roof in the spoiler.
  24. mediumsnowman

    [O - F04] Drone Testing

    Location: F04 - Illustria Tags: Vehicle, Spying Jebediah tests out a new spying drone on the rocky planet of Illustria. Bit of a throwaway build this week as I ran out of time, but the drone turned out nice. A bigger, better entry into Jebediah's murky past hopefully coming next week! C&C welcome!
  25. LucByard

    [M - F04] Upsilon

    Location: F04 - Illustria. Tags: Military Building. Previous chapters can be accessed from the AG player list here. Chapter 16: Upsilon. “It was dangerous…” the fuzzy holo-image of the hairy man said, his words only just discernable above the crackle and static of a signal that was being bounced and routed through countless locations and servers to avoid detection. “… Aiding the return of an Octan operative when you could have eliminated him… Treasonous, even.” It was a suggestion Riddaeon had contemplated himself ever since leaving Vyken Tyros at the spaceport with his false identities and his tickets back to Octan. But in that time, he had also reasoned his answer. “If you’re right…” He responded. “… And we cannot tackle this alone, MANTIS may not be enough, we need contacts in the other corporations and we need the measure of them.” “And what is the measure of this one?” The holo-image asked. Riddaeon thought for a moment, recalling the Octan agent he had picked up in the clearing on Donwarr. Tyros had been careful about what he had said in their conversation. Riddaeon had gleamed no secrets, but he hadn’t tried to. He wanted to know the man, not the corporation. “He’s loyal…” He answered. “… But principled. It will be where those two separate that we will have leverage…” Riddaeon paused for a moment, considering. “His time on Donwarr has affected him. He’s seen what The Quarrel did to the civilians. The kind of things employees don’t get told.” The holo-imaged crackled as the signal re-routed. It couldn’t stay connected the same way for too long. “Do you think he will be able to convince her?” the hairy visage asked. Riddaeon thought for a moment. That would be a feat. She was not easy to convince of anything. She was an idealist, a believer. But so was Tyros. “Maybe” he finally replied. “But he wouldn’t do it alone. He’d convince someone else first.” “Who?” The image asked. Riddaeon’s eyes gleamed with the knowing of a plan not yet fully formed. “Someone who trusts him.” He said. “His student… and her aide”. The hairy visage contemplated the revelation and the disapproval turned to near excitement. “Then we are ready?” it asked. Riddaeon nodded. “Good.” The image continued. “I will send you the information retrieved with the cypher Yseult acquired… She will find Upsilon for us. And then… So many questions will be answered.” An hour later, Yseult entered the small makeshift office that Riddaeon had made for himself somewhere deep within Sentinel, a surveillance outpost that had been built at the end of The Quarrel on the edge of MANTIS territory to observe and analyse Octan activity, of which there had been too much lately to ignore. She sat down in a seat at the end of his desk, a sheen glass black desk with a built-in keyboard and transparent 3D holoscreen display. “So.” Riddaeon opened with. “I hear you managed to crash another ship into yet another one and lose the new engine we built for it all in one mission.” He let it hang there for a moment. Yseult wasn’t sure if he was being humorous or if she should floor him for the criticism. She just sat in silence which she immediately realised probably made her come across as cold. I hate when people aren’t clear. She thought. I never know how to respond. Riddaeon sat back in his seat raising his hands to concede that his quip probably hadn’t been as successful as he had hoped. “You're a good pilot" he added to try and ease the unintentional tension. "You make it back when others wouldn't, and I think you’re ready for your real mission here.” That caught her attention. “Real mission?” She asked. “You probably figured out that you joining MANTIS wasn’t a coincidence… You were marked for recruitment, by me, to a specific task. A covert operation that no-one else, even in MANTIS knows about. Except for Big Sal, of course.” Yseult recalled her uneasy conversation with Riddaeon in the depths below Uplink the day she nearly rode away from it all. He tried to tease her with information then too. He wanted her to want to know. She had a feeling he was just as eager to tell her anyway. “Lucky for you I chose to stay this long.” She proposed. “Well… Quite.” Riddaeon conceded. “A number of Big Sal’s recent experiments have...” He looked for the right words. “... Not yielded the results we expected. When Big Sal reviewed the data, he found that the experiments didn’t fail, they were never, even on paper, going to achieve what he was trying to do.” “Why even do them?” Yseult asked. “When he re-did the equations, they all came out different, yet familiar. He believes he did them right the first time, but someone... or something was changing them”. “Sabotage?” Yseult proposed. “We thought so.” Riddaeon responded. “But that possibility has been eliminated. No, either Big Sal is actually the worst scientist in the Galxy, or some... thing has somehow been changing the equations and forcing his experiments to fail.” The revelation seemed lost on Yseult who’s face told him on which option should would put her money. Riddaeon knew why; from the outside, could you blame anyone for not taking Big Sal seriously? If he was to convince Yseult, he would have to let his guard down a little. “He may look like a crazy wild-eyed mad scientist from some comic book.” He said. “But I’ve been through more with Big Sal than anyone knows. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for him.” Riddaeon looked pensive. What he said next, he said with complete conviction, complete belief. “If Big Sal says the equations were altered... Then they were altered.” “I am just a pilot.” Yseult responded. “You’re unpredictable.” Riddaeon quickly interjected. “Big Sal ran new equations... traps. He believes that to bring whatever is doing this out into the open, we need something he called ‘Upsilon’. He doesn’t think the corporations can find it, they’re too organised... Too predictable. He believes that to find Upsilon, we need something...” “Unpredictable.” Yseult finished. Riddaeon opened his arms, palms out and gestured. And here we are. Yseult was considering the proposition. “What is this Usilon?” She asked. Riddaeon was hesitant in his admission. “We don’t know.” He replied. “We don’t know what it is or where it might be. Big Sal is working on a way of detecting it. He’s using the cypher you extracted to access Octan’s sensor network. If he picks anything up in MANTIS or Octan space, he’ll tell us where to go. That’s why we need you. Everyone else is too... Corporate.” Yseult considered the plan. It didn’t make much sense to her; it sounded full of things she wasn’t being told. “And if I walk?” she asked. Riddaeon grimaced. Any other employee would’ve saluted and been half way across the Galaxy by now. Why did she have to be so difficult? “Then we may not find out ‘who’, ‘what’ or most importantly ‘why’ until it’s too late.” Yseult recalled the dreams she had on Donwarr, the creature kneeling over her, speaking to her. You must find Upsilon. Coincidence? It didn’t seem likely. It felt like Riddaeon wasn’t the only one wanting her to do this. She looked Riddaeon in the eye, a confidence had appeared on her face, and was that even a small smile. “I need a ship.” She said. “No problem.” Riddaeon responded. “This is MANTIS. Take your pick”. Yseult was shaking her head and the smile had grown. She’s got a plan. He thought. “Not one of your ridiculous flying advertisements.” She said. “A real ship... A proper ship... A box-runner”. Her face changed. She’s remembered something. Riddaeon thought. Nostalgia. Something from her past. “And I know who we must see to get one” She said. Her personality had changed. There was something in her eyes that Riddaeon had not seen before. Life. He leaned forward. The tables had turned; now she was the one in the know. He was the curious one... And he had to know... “Who?” Thank you for reading. All comments welcome.