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Found 415 results

  1. LordDan

    [Challenge 5] [Cat C] The Wasp

    The Wasp is a brand new MANTIS racer created for the GARC event of the Andromedan Olympics. Although it is smaller than many of its competitors don't let its size fool you, it's low profile and extreme maneuverability allow it to fit through all but the tightest asteroid fields where larger racers struggle. In addition it's engines are more powerful than one would expect because all the energy that is typically reserved for the mandatory weapons systems in MANTIS vehicles has been diverted straight to the thrusters, drastically improving speed! C & C appreciated! Thanks for looking!
  2. Big Sal

    [Challenge 5][Cat C] FR3D

    Fred Ratulon was a terrible pilot. One of the worst anyone had ever seen. But when he applied to be part of the M.A.N.T.I.S. GARC team with the top of the line racer his extremely wealthy parents had bought for him, no one was going to turn him down. Even when they heard he'd named it FR3D... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  3. With three of the four significant asteroid fields in Andromeda all near each other around the Octan / Kawashita border, it is to be expected that when M.A.N.T.I.S. based itself on Torresta, it found itself in the part of the Galaxy furthest away from most of Galaxy's G.A.R.C. racing culture... The teams, the drivers, the fans; with the Hamilton Belt, Fascini Cluster and Sinden's Run all near each other, racing was rife and popular... it was just popular somewhere else for M.A.N.T.I.S. There had been G.A.R.C. races over on 'this side' of the Galaxy but the dense and unpredictable nature of Barker's Folly had defeated them... Too many lost machines... Too many lost pilots. But, of course... That didn't put everyone off and while the rest of the galaxy played it safe on what had become the 'regular circuit', spending half of their time dealing with the logistical difficulties of trying to practice and race in sectors that live constantly on the verge of changing corporate hands, deep within M.A.N.T.I.S territory in the heart of Barker's Folly, when the patrols are lightest... They gather. News of a G.A.R.C. event in the Olympics had spread quickly and suddenly, M.A.N.T.I.S. engineers found themselves trying to engineer racing machines instead of spy-ships... The racers of Barker's Folly were not going to miss this opportunity; no testing ground was more difficult to hone your skills in and prove your worth... Now was their chance to show the Galaxy. They arrived at Torresta en-mass; a show of force. M.A.N.T.I.S. would respect that. With the resources of M.A.N.T.I.S. combined with the skills and knowledge of the racers of Barker's Folly... We would be ready. Race number: 0 Machine: Zero Tolerance Team: M.A.N.T.I.S. Origin: Barker's Folly Pilots: Imogen Goodheart / Heidi Von Schnelle Additional images: Front quarter. Plan: Underside: Rear: Scrutineering: Vertical core: Horizontal core: Parts (ish) Note: Since taking this photo I've made the front grille all one section by using 1x1, 1x3, 1x1 black plate to back it. It has to be removed separately but is much stronger. Thanks.
  4. Andromedas Gates

    [Challenge 5][Cat C] A Typo

    The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the GARC event, there was a typo in the title... Alien CRAG 1: Alien CRAG 2: Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  5. Location: G02 - Freegate Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, in the skies above Freegate... Eshey, you asked me to come up here to show me what you've been working on? Hee hee hee!!! Look! We're standing in the sky!!! Hee hee hee hee!!! And here is my new Octan fighter/bomber!!! Hee hee hee hee hee hee!!! It has wheels for wings and is armed with a super mega punchy fist!!! Hee hee hee hee hee!!! This...this...this is brilliant! Eshey, I think this might be your most valuable contribution since you've joined Octan! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  6. mediumsnowman

    [O - H06] Acceptable Error

    Location: H06 - Farmolis Tags: Civil, Spaceship, Vehicle, Building In Hanger #5, onboard the OCS Axle in orbit over Farmolis... ...renowned pilot Bob of Quatrian briefs famed Special Forces agent Jebediah O'Reilly on his mission to test Octan's newest stealth fighter. "This ship is fresh off the assembly line, and our calculations show it'll be the fastest ship in the fleet once the design passes review. Which is what you'll be doing today. Good luck! I hope they made the cockpit big enough for a minifigure this time..." [How do you do Spoiler Tags on the new software? I miss BBCode and the plaintext editor already... ] It even has an escape pod! [Spoiler would end here] C&C welcome.
  7. Freegate Robotics Facility Location: G02 Tags: Building, Civil, Week 62 Build FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_1 by boxerlego, on Flickr Inside the Robotics Facility on Freegate Boxerlego constructs Octan Prototype Robots. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_2 by boxerlego, on Flickr Alright, Now that I got the go ahead from Octan Corp I finally can do some modifications on these Robots. A couple of the Octan Robots have been gone missing lately and nobody seems to know what happen. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_3 by boxerlego, on Flickr Now it time to put this Robot back together. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_4 by boxerlego, on Flickr Now that Frame is Complete. Time to put the Head on. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_5 by boxerlego, on Flickr Click! FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_6 by boxerlego, on Flickr Ok everything is done, Now lets see if this Robot is functional to my voice commands. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_7 by boxerlego, on Flickr Robot Raise Left Arm. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_8 by boxerlego, on Flickr Excellent looks like the Robot responds. Now its time to charge the battery up and wait.
  8. TO ALL PROSPECTIVE OCTAN EMPLOYEES AND CURRENT OCTAN EMPLOYEES TAKING A LEAVE OF ABSENCE: This is the CEO of Octan's Andromeda group, Pombe. Octan has achieved much here in the Andromeda Galaxy since the discovery of the GATES. Because of the hard work of our employees, Octan has the largest market share of any corporation in this galaxy. We have much to be proud of. Of the 54 planets or asteroid clusters known so far in Andromeda, Octan currently controls 25 of them, or over 46%. Additionally, we have researched new developments in the areas of spaceship mastery, ground tactics, and resource prospecting. This is a very exciting time to be a part of Octan here in Andromeda. And as I speak, the combined Octan and Merchant Confederate fleet plies the spaceways creating new opportunities for increasing our market share and profits. However, our continued success depends on you and your willingness to join us to build a better tomorrow for all Octan employees, our shareholders, and, of course, Lord Business. Any contribution is worthwhile, and we especially welcome your thoughts and voice in our own secure Octan channel. From the simplest minifig on a plate entry to an internet blog worthy MOC that scores a 7 from the judges, no build is too small to count. Afterall, I understand that our duties sometimes prohibit us giving our maximum, but your participation, no matter how small, adds up over time. I am an example of this; I am not the best builder in this galaxy or even in Octan, but my steady contributions over time have slowly pushed me to the top of this corporation. Those with small collections need not worry, as I will now demonstrate. Note that terrain builders have a tremendous opportunity here to create beautiful alien landscapes and environments. Currently, this build of me exploring the icy plains of Freegate will earn 1 point. Same of this build of me exploring the deserts of New California. And this build of me exploring the oceans of Wastyria. While 1 point might seem insignificant, 1 point per entry over the course of 30 weeks, would's see...30 points! That's enough to dominate a planet by myself! And I want to point out that Andromeda's Gates has just completed over 30 weeks. Just think about that. If you had started from the very beginning and entered the builds shown here every week, you would have dominated a planet by yourself. Wow! Now, if I were to add this Octan spaceship to the entry, this build would earn a minimum of 2 points, because of our developments in spaceship mastery. And if I chose the pilot profession, I would also earn additional credits that would go towards personal technologies that I would use to give further advantage to Octan as I improve myself! But I can already hear you ask, "What if my LEGO collection doesn't have Octan colors?" No need to fear! You can build in the colors of the other corporations and of third parties that you invent via your own storytelling! Here is the same build of my exploring the oceans of Wastyria, but with the spaceship in Kawashita colors. Note how, despite the fact that the spaceships are exactly the same, the Octan colors just make the Octan version "pop" or stand out more. That's a natural side effect of Octan's bright color palette, which photographs well, compared to the darker tones of the other corporations. Now, if I were to add a land vehicle, the build would score a minimum of 3 points, because of our advances in ground tactics! That means I would only need 10 weeks to dominate a planet! On top of that, I can now be either a pilot or a driver by occupation and earn additional credits! You might be asking, "Why would I build in another corporation's colors?" Excellent question! It's possible that I could be participating in a spy or a sabotage operation. In fact, being a special operative is one of the occupational choices! And I'm not limited to just spying on or sabotaging Kawashita. I can spy on or sabotage M.A.N.T.I.S., as well! Those are just three potential occupations to choose from! Remember, YOU determine your own fate in Andromeda. Your story is your own and the limit is your imagination! Maybe you got stranded during an assignment, but discovered a lengthy derelict alien spaceship that is powered by twin cobalt blueball engines, and now you must begin the long and hard journey back home. For those with small collections, a microscale build would work perfectly here! Or perhaps your longtime best friend, the one-eyed monster, got kidnapped by the nefarious maidens of Zimunsk and is now being tortured by non-stop spanking, and only YOU can rescue him! WHO WILL SAVE THE ONE-EYED MONSTER IF YOU DON'T?! HE'S YOUR BEST FRIEND!!! HURRY AND SAVE HIM FROM AN ETERNITY OF SPANKING BY THE MAIDENS!!! I understand that participation does not just require LEGO building, but also some photography, as well. You have to show what you build, of course! For those without a fancy photography set up or an expensive camera, no need to worry! All the photos for this post were taken with the iPhone 5. See?! Even an old smart phone is good enough! If you don't believe me, click on any of the pictures which are linked to Flickr and that will give you the information on how the photographs were taken. Finally, recently, I've heard comments about Octan's dress code, and how perhaps it is too strict. I've done my best to relax it as much as I could, but in order to encourage new employees to apply for jobs at Octan and current employees on leave of absences to return, I'm going to go ahead and remove all restrictions on our dress code. And to set an example for all employees at Octan, I will get rid of the underwear I depended so much on to carry extra lotion and performance enhancing pills. Therefore, as your CEO, I will face a new challenge. How can I be debriefed if I am not wearing any briefs? But I am not alone, for I know you will join me. In any case, to conclude: Octan needs YOUR participation. If you need any sort of advice or encouragement, by all means, contact me or any of the other Octan employees. We are all eager to have you join us to help build a better Octan, and thus, a better tomorrow for Andromeda. Cheers, Pombe
  9. pombe

    [O - E11] All Pooped Out

    Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster Tags: Spaceship Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=140213 Currently, in the Fascini Cluster... Well...this might be it, Eshey. We've nearly exhausted the entirety of our poop shuttle as fuel and are now reduced to riding this poop surf board. It's okay...everything is okay. Heh heh. Somehow, we aren't dead from being exposed in space. Heh heh. It's so logical...heh heh. Look! There! We're saved, Eshey! It's the O.C.S. Epididymis! Of course it's called the epididymis. Hee hee. It all makes sense now. Hee hee. This is the O.C.S. Epididymis hailing the incoming poop surfboard. Is that you, sir? Yes, Epididymis, Eshey and I are here. Thank goodness, sir! We've been searching everywhere for you! We're sending out a rescue shuttle now! Rescue? Hee hee. We don't need rescuing. Hee hee hee. We're on a poop surfboard in space, why would we need rescuing? Hee hee hee hee hee hee. Could it be? After all this time, you're starting to get it, Eshey? Hee hee hee hee. HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEE!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  10. Big Sal

    [M - C04] Mission M1C04

    Location: C04 Aeristus Tags: My important underwater mission for M-Tron continues. Today I’m looking for- You’re not in M-Tron. Yes I am! M-Tron doesn’t exist any more. AFFIRMATIVE. What?... I… Yet another thing you’ve screwed up. Leave me alone! I’ll hide in that patch of seaweed. I’ll be safe there. His condition is improving now. How long before he wakes up? Perhaps a few more weeks. You can talk to him if you’d like. On some level, he may be able to hear the people around him. What… Who’s there? Me. Johnson! I told you it wasn’t safe. We all told you it wasn’t safe. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! There’s no escape from the web, Sal. You’ve made a lot of enemies in this galaxy, and you have no friends to help you. Some friends are always with you. An epic sword fight ensued. This post is dedicated to Gnewal Gwevus.
  11. LucByard

    [M - E01] Fighter Escort

    Location: E01 - Donwarr. Tags: Military, Spaceship, Spying. Previously on Andromeda's Gates: The mark, Uplink, Pay dirt. Departure, The Gyrocube, Darksight, Jade Sun. Chapter 8: Fighter escort. Gently increasing power to the engines, Yseult manoeuvred Darksight into a high pursuit orbit from where she would be able to see anything that happened to the ore freighter during its orbit. Carefully, cautiously she thought to herself. I don’t even want MANTIS to know I’m here. She had not gotten far when another vessel emerged from the anomaly, it was a small, unassuming freighter of some kind. Yseult gave a suspicious from. The Jade Sun had emerged not two minutes previously. Unusual. She thought. For safety reasons, a ship’s GATE system would maintain a minimum distance between other ships, especially before special re-entry to prevent the risk of collisions once back in normal space. She diverted Darksight’s specialised scanners to the new ship. She’d been told to watch the Jade Sun but she knew to trust her knowledge, her instincts. The initial scan revealed no one ship, but two. The second was a small pod-like vessel. An escort? She thought. What is such a small freighter doing with an escort?. Most escorts kept their distance too, they want anyone nearby to know that this cargo is not for taking and not to be messed with, but this escort was flying so close to its mark, you wouldn’t know it was there… Yseult got the feeling something was up. She adjusted her course to follow the small freighter and set all scanners towards it. The ship and its small escort headed rapidly for the atmosphere, entering on an approach to the far Norh. Darksight had easily determined their com frequency so Yseult could hear all of their communications… which were none. The silence was damning. If it hadn’t contacted orbital control, and made a standard approach, something was wrong… something covert. The buffeting of the atmosphere bounced Yseult around as they descended into the thick air and sensors were temporarily disrupted in the heat. Once Yseult had slowed the Darksight sufficiently, she engaged the ramjets and increased the power to pursue her target. She glanced down as her scanners re-acquired the freighter… Was it the wrong one?, where was the escort? An alarm wailed, and Yseult looked up to see the pale speck of the escort flying straight towards her. Her instincts pulled on the controls rolling Darksight out of the way as the first few bolts of red plasma skimmed passed… A near miss. Yseult felt her heart beating… What do I do? She wasn't a fighter pilot and Darksight wasn't a fighter… Escape… Darksight was built to be fast. She applied full throttle to the engines, the ship immediately surging in acceleration. The force pushed Yseult back in her seat. Where are they?, Where are they?. She checked her sensors: only one marker disappearing rapidly behind her. Fighter or freighter? She wondered as Darksight was suddenly hit hard by something. The ship went into a fast right-hand banking roll, alarms blaring. Something above me hit my right wing… She tried to correct it but control was sluggish. Not just my wing, it caught my engine too. She was losing altitude but had slowly arrested the roll but the ship was trying to sink on the right side and turn sideways as it did. She countered the former by banking the ship to the left and the latter with rudder. She was now losing less altitude but was slowing down. Slow enough and she'd stall… One way or another, I'm going down. She immediately deployed the landing legs. The anti-gravity mechanism that gave Darksight its hover ability was built into the skids. It was strong enough to create lift and used as the ship slowed on approach and landing. The indicators on Yseult's display turned green as the front landing gear locked into place, then the rear left… Yseult waited… the indicator for the rear right was still orange; it wasn't deploying. The indicator went red as Darksight's systems confirmed what Yseult already knew. The hit must have damaged the gear too. She was struggling to keep the ship steady and the asymmetrical lift from the skids would only make it harder… I need lift. Just enough to put it down without a crash. Banking heavily to the left to counteract the anticipated effect, she activated the repulsors and engaged manual control. There was some maneuverability in the pads and Darksight normally automatically made adjustments to keep the ship stable. Disengaging the safety limits, she directed the force of the repulsors as far right as they would go, beyond what would normally be considered safe for stable flight. Darksight shook as the forces took effect. Feeling the motion through her seat and her body, Yseult countered gently and soon the ship was steady again. She checked her displays; she was still falling but had reduced the rate… it was enough. The ground loomed, she was in a vast, relatively flat plateau of tundra north of the tip of a forest-covered mountain range that was typical of Donwarr’s topography. She slowed Darksight as much as she dared without reducing her glide to a fall and at the last moment, levelled the ship. The two deployed skids did exactly what they were supposed to do; absorb the impact and allow the ship to slide across the ground. Where the skid hadn’t deployed, there was nothing. The right engine slammed into the ground, bodywork coming loose like shrapnel. The impact felt like it almost shook Yseult’s spine to pieces, and all she could do and the vessel slowly bounced and shook to a grinding halt was grimace in excruciating pain. When Darksight was finally at rest, the canopy automatically opened and Yseult climbed out; every movement sending waves of seething pain through her whole body. She collapsed onto the ground. What am I supposed to do? Will they find me? The sound of an approaching engine made her force her head skyward and through the pain, she recognised a ship landing nearby… The escort fighter; a heavily modified Quadstar in Octan colours. Fear gripped her. She was in no condition to fight. She reached out and held as best she could to Darksight’s hull, pulling herself up to her feet. Standing again, she looked back to the Quadstar only to see a man strike her in the chest. She fell on to her back, her air-pack taking the brunt of the impact and rolling her onto her front again. She could sense the man pacing around her. He grabbed her suit at the shoulder and pulled her up to her knees, the air-pack falling away, damaged. She was in too much pain to fight back. She heard a clunk of releasing clasps and a hiss of air as he lifted her helmet off and looked her in the face… He paused… then released her, throwing the helmet to the floor in disappointment. “I don’t know you.” He said in a grizzled voice. “I had hoped it would take MANTIS’s finest to find me… Agent G, Lady K, maybe even Hawk”. He shook his head in self despair. “I don’t even know who you are.” He pondered for a moment and Yseult sank, exhausted to the floor. She felt dizzy, the world sank into a haze. She heard the sound of metal slide from a sheath… He’s drawn a blade. She forced herself to look up at the man, now holding a long thin bladed weapon. “It would have been nice to kill someone famous.” He announced. “’Just another pilot’ will have to do.” He readied his sword. Yseult tried to find the strength to do something… anything. The man backed away. Something had caught his attention. His cocky stance had become defensive. He pointed his sword somewhere behind Yseult. “I know you” he announced with an angry determination. Yseult turned her head to see a figure standing nearby. She didn’t recognise… ‘it’, clad in armour with only a black void where a face would be. Was it just a visor? She couldn’t tell. It held a sword, huge and jagged like an over-sized scimitar that’d seen too many battles. The figure was serene, neither fear nor courage showing. She heard the man behind her call a battle-cry, she saw him run towards the armour-clad figure and leap into the air, sword poised to strike. She struggled to keep her head clear and her nerves steady, and as she lay upon the cold ground of Donwarr’s northern tundra… she struggled to believe what was unfolding before her very eyes as the armoured figure met the attack, and an epic sword-fight ensued. ... This chapter is dedicated to Gnewal Gwevus. 'To build is to live; to share your build is to live forever'. (Sorry about the length but I had to get from orbit all the way to an epic sword-fight) Notes for judges: Do not judge Darksight or Yseult. I've tried to create an image that demonstrates that spying is happening but I'm okay with however you take it. Overview of scene used at end.
  12. Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster Tags: Spaceship Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=139516 Currently, in the Fascini Cluster... You're unusually quiet, Eshey. Everything is numb. My brain is numb. My nose is numb. I have no idea how the events in my life has lead me to this point. And I can't remember a smell that is not flaming poop. The only way for us to escape the poop bouncer was to build this poop shuttle to get off the poop asteroid. Yes. Yes...I know. Or I think I do. Or maybe I don't really know. Let me guess...there's something that could still go wrong. Well, yes. The entire shuttle could burn up before we make it back. Afterall, the only fuel we could find is poop, so the shuttle is currently burning itself for propulsion. Of course...that makes sense. Or maybe it doesn't? I can't even tell anymore. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  13. LucByard

    [M - E01] Jade Sun

    Location: E01 - Donwarr. Tags: Civil, Spaceship, Spying. Previously on Andromeda's Gates: The mark, Uplink, Pay dirt. Departure, The Gyrocube, Darksight. Chapter 7: Jade Sun. Octan, Kawashita, MANTIS… In the year since they arrived in Andromeda, they’d swept across the Galaxy taking control of anything… everything, one way or another. They call themselves pioneers but to those that were already here, grafting the space-lanes, running the boxes, working the Galaxy, they’re nothing but poachers, using their influence to buy what they cannot earn and steal what they cannot buy. Yseult had never run freight for one of the big three, That was all taken from me before they arrived… And now I’m working for one of them… Doing their dirty work. Silently, Yseult had manoeuvred Darksight around to the far side of Donwarr, a world on the edge of the Galaxy in a contested region of space that some now called ‘The Quarrel’, a block of six worlds from Donwarr to Illustria that MANTIS and Octan had fought bitterly over. It was currently under MANTIS control but all of that Octan activity didn’t just go away; planets are big and the space around them is bigger. For Octan, this region was now about what you could do without MANTIS seeing or stopping. I guess that’s why I’m here she thought. At the appointed time, the recorded mission brief played. “Yseult.” The voice began. “This is Riddaeon. You have been selected for this mission by senior executives who are concerned about the loyalty of other operatives. A new form of refined liquid mythril has been manufactured on Freegate. It is transported to Mynderis via Donwarr on a super-freighter called Jade Sun but it arrives at Mynderis without the mithryl. Our sources believe that Octan is using planted operatives inside MANTIS to intercept the shipment but we have not been able to ascertain how. We believe Donwarr may be the location of the intercept as it will be easier for Octan to get it across the border through The Quarrel. Darksight was designed for silent pursuit and surveillance. Your mission is to observe the arrival of the freighter and covertly record its orbit of Donwarr before it re-enters the anomaly for the jump to Hunston. You are not to interfere with any transfers to or from the ship. Your data-file contains all of the information we have on the Jade Sun and its schedule… Good luck.” The recording ended and the data-file opened for Yseult to digest. Once she knew all she needed to, she began recording the activity of traffic between the anomaly and Donwarr. One hundred and thirty-eight minutes later, precisely on schedule, the MANTIS ore super-freighter Jade Sun emerged from the Donwarr anomaly. Thanks for reading. C&C welcome on both the build and the writing.
  14. Kodan Black

    [O - H04] An Unexpected Gift

    Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Civil Building, Land Vehicle, Science Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I was still concerned for the data inconsistencies that had arisen from my most recent work in the supposed destruction of the lab. I'd carefully checked and re-checked the data to look for any sign that the lab had in fact been obliterated. I knew that I should trust the team I had been with, they certainly had never given me any reason not to! But as a man of science I couldn't reconcile the facts versus what I had been told. I was still pondering it as I resumed my work. I went down to the Advanced Research lab and checked over the latest readings from our energy generation equipment, the efficiency is next generation compared to our current methods. We still need to make sure of the long term viability and the safety of it, but thus far the results are extremely promising. Once we validate all of our current data, the next step is to work on making things smaller and easier to mass produce. I found myself so engrossed in my work that I had forgotten all about my concerns with the lab destruction. Until I was suddenly reminded when I was told I had a delivery from The Major and his team! I went to the loading area where shipments come in and go out and found a rather odd situation. There was a worker that had a much larger gift than I expected. I was thinking there would perhaps be a small box for me, but alas I found a large robot animal. The driver said that it was programmed to be a companion and that The Major himself had selected it for me! This was clearly a sign of how much they valued my contribution on the mission and how much respect they had for me. As a robotics specialist it was really a great selection. I'm sure The Major knew how thrilled I would be with the robot and had carefully selected it. Apparently it was meant to have a roughly canine shape to facilitate human-robot bonding and was capable of traversing all different terrain. It even had a feature that reported performance and status information back to the manufacturer so that it could be given updates and also know when it needed servicing! What a forward thinking feature! I was very excited to have the wonderful gift and couldn't wait to show Dr. Allison and ED-208. I knew I couldn't tell them about the mission, but showing them this would clearly indicate how much my contributions had been valued. Extra Pics:
  15. pombe

    [O - E11] Flaming Poop

    Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=138868 Currently, in the Fascini Cluster... What's wrong, Eshey? What's wrong?! WHAT'S WRONG?!?! I'M RIDING IN A MECH MADE OUT OF POOP RUNNING AWAY FROM A POOP ALIEN WHO IS SHOOTING FIRE AT US!!! THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG!!! Well, how was I supposed to know that the poop alien gentlemen's club had a no touching policy? The only materials on this poop asteroid for me to make a mech for us to escape in was poop, so it's not as if we had many options. Sheesh...this poop alien bouncer sure is persistent. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  16. Kodan Black

    [O - H04] The Lab - Pt3

    Oops, sorry this is part 3 not part 2. I forgot about the first episode. Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // As we moved into the lower levels it was clear that no one was there. Given how clean everything was you couldn't guess at how long ago it had been since someone had been there either. Air filtration would keep the dust out, so it could have been quite some time or earlier in the day that anyone had set eyes on this lab. When we reached the end we came to a large storage area. There were crates and tanks for liquids that would be used in other parts of the lab. I was surprised by how much they had of some of the chemicals. Many of them were commonly used ones, but the amount present could keep a lab running for years. And apart from the chemicals being highly volatile I couldn't come up with what the combination of the specific choices would be used for. Nothing here made sense and so little of the equipment we found was anything I recognized. I told the team that we clearly needed to get a whole scientific team here as quickly as possible. The Major, however, said that we needed to ex-filtrate and use Penta-Thermite on the whole place. I was shocked, we had a lab with an unknown purpose and no one here, but they wanted to blow it up! I said that we couldn't, but he said his orders were to do just that. Asking who had ordered such a thing only got the response: "I was ordered not to tell you." Since he was technically a contractor and not an Octan employee I had no real leverage over him. He also said that it only made sense to "burn the place white hot" in case there was anything dangerous here. He sarcastically offered I could stay behind as he and the others set the charges. Despite my feelings I had little choice and we left the lab behind. I asked if we would observe from above to see that the charges went off but he insisted his stuff always works. Oddly, I noted later that no seismic activity was detected and no abnormal temperature readings were noticed on planet either. I suspect either our sensors aren't properly calibrated or a data problem. The Major said that "a team" had verified the destruction. This whole episode has left me with nothing but questions but due to security around the mission I can't even discuss anything about it with anyone, including the team I went with. The Major and his team left for another assignment and so here I am alone with my thoughts. I'll have to be careful that I don't compromise security, but I do want to find out whether our data is flawed or the sensors on planet aren't working. I wish I had been able to spend a bit more time in the lab to have a chance to look around more. Even going back to the site would be a security protocol breach though, according to the team. Extra Pics:
  17. Mesabi

    [K-G10] High Orbit of Onix

    Location: Onix, G10 Tags: Civil Building, Spaceship High above Onix, the KCD Meiyo (Honor) orbited silently in the night. Col. Brik walked quickly. "So much stuff to do." He muttered He knocked on the door. "Come in, Captain Mesabi hollered. "Captain Mesabi, I'm sorry for the damage to Icarus Returning It will be repaired shortly." "Thank you, Col., Care for a drink?" "Certainly, if I can just get through all these dirty cloths." "Don't be a Mega Blok, I'm usually away." "I have WAY too much to do this week to care Captain." "Oh no, that's cool, drink the whole bricking bottle." Captain Mesabi Muttered. "Like I said. Don't have time to care." "Anyways, I'm here to tell you that you have a new mission. You need to recover the samples that the Rogue ALIEN members are weaponizing. They are currently enabling the virus to transfer to humans, they want to use it to kill off the corporations so they can reign over the Galaxy again. We need to preserve Corporation power. We found Andromeda, so it's ours now." "I'll need a ship." "Right, if you'll follow me." "And wear your space helmet." "Why?" "Your hairpiece is a nightmare. Anyways, Deck 12A" "It's an old bomber, so they won't detect you when you attack. It's a 2 seater, so you can only bring one of your crew. You have an hour to prepare." "Yes Sir!" Week 59 by North White, on Flickr Week 59 by North White, on Flickr FIN Hope you liked this week's build. The bomber you see is next week's build in miniature. C&C appreciated, More pics of the whole layout under the spoiler tag.
  18. The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the Boat Race event, there were typos in the size limits and the guidelines about whether motors were allowed... Alien entry 1: Alien entry 2: Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  19. Dramatis Personae: And here is one of Octan's entries for the boat racing competition at the Space Olympic Games. WE'RE STANDING ON WATER!!! HOW ARE WE STANDING ON WATER?!?!?! That's not important. OF COURSE IT'S IMPORTANT!!! You're missing the point, as usual, Eshey. Anyways, the Mitgardians are renown navigators known for building ships famous for their speed and prowess. Therefore, I've asked Ethyl to build and man a Mitgardian longship for Octan. It's a shoe-in to win. Bqllr! I call her the Mitgardian Zephyr. She's fast and manuverable, and most importantly, she fits within the 20 stud length and 10 stud height requirements of the Games. Ethyl is going to race a primitive class of heavy sailship against other ships with advanced propulsion technology? Primitive? Sigh. Eshey...those other boats aren't Mitgardian. They can't win. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  20. M.A.N.T.I.S. mechanic Lyra Zema didn't know much about boats. But she figured they couldn't be much different from the spaceships she spent all day repairing at work. So she built the Stickleback. Some people said it looked too much like a spaceship. Some people got punched in the face. M.A.N.T.I.S. mechanic Lyra Zema didn't know much about accepting constructive criticism. Thanks for reading! Rendered using bublible's SunFlow MOD v20160717. C&C welcome!
  21. mediumsnowman

    [Challenge 5] [Cat B] Cupid's Arrow

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] Cupid's Arrow Jebediah streaks through the water, piloting the newly christened Cupid's Arrow, preparing for the big race. More images in the spoiler. C&C welcome.
  22. Captain Mesabi's entry into the boat category has one need. The need for speed. Challenges extras by North White, on Flickr Challenges extras by North White, on Flickr C&C appreciated!
  23. Sal still hasn't woken from his coma, and I'm no closer to finding out what the hell is going on. I thought I was onto something when I discovered a lab that wasn't on the books, but it turned out to just contain a ridiculous giant Sal mech. I have no idea why he built it, unless it was just sheer vanity. I ordered our engineers to reprogram it so we can enter it into the Olympic Games. May as well make use of the thing. Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  24. "Introducing: The Wrestler" "Build by Zaael when he was a kid to bully back the bullies. More than succesful at that... *ahem*, Zaael and The Wrestler entered the underground wrestling circuit back on Earth at the age of 12. His parents didn't approve, Zaael didn't care, they weren't around much anyway!" "Now this lean, mean fighting machine enters the Space Olympics and oh boy! His opponents should be afraid, I know Zaael's bullies were... *ahem*." Size limit: More pics:
  25. Andromedas Gates

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] A Clerical Error

    The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the Mech Wrestling event, there was a typo in the size limits... Alien Entry 1: Alien Entry 2: Alien Entry 3: Alien Entry 4: Alien Entry 5: Alien Entry 6: Alien Entry 7: Alien Entry 8: Alien Entry 9: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These alien mechs are just to make the numbers up to an even 32 for Cat A. They'll all be entered into the competition with a score of 1, so some of you will get easy first round matches... or suffer very embarrassing defeats