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Found 415 results

  1. Big Sal

    [M - A05] Experiment L3A05

    Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Date: 14 Junali 3815. Experiment Code: L3A05. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Laboratory: Yallorn II, Laboratory Outpost 3. Aim: Analyse items obtained by field agents. Excerpt ends. Ah, it’s good to be back in the lab. I can’t believe how long it took to analyse all of Lafevre’s seaweed samples after she inconsiderately got herself killed. I’ll be happy if I never see another plant for the rest of my life. Right, let’s see if I can figure out this… thing… that Arariel stole from Kawashita. At times like these, delicate scientific technique is called for. This thing is useless! I bet Arariel just swiped the first ornament he saw from the public lobby of that museum then came back and made up some story about his amazing infiltration skills. Maybe I’ll have more luck with the tentacle from the creature Mark of Orion encountered here. Can’t be bothered with DNA analysis, I’ll just inject some awesomnium extract and see what happens… … … … Ugh, looks like it’s just going to be one of those days when nothing works. Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Method: Conducted highly scientific analysis of object K-5654 and Yallorn II xenos sample. Results: Detailed analysis of both items revealed nothing of use to M.A.N.T.I.S. Conclusions: None. Safety Report: None. Excerpt ends. Was that a ship landing outside? Best go check it out. Alright mate, got a delivery for Big Sal. That’s me. Nice one pal, I’ve been all over the place trying to deliver this. Sign here please. Righto. What have you got for me? What the hell?? What's with all the plants?! Long story mate. They were meant to go to Dr Lefevre on Barnius, but when I showed up there it turned out she was dead. So I look at the personnel files and the next most qualified botanist is Dr Johnson on Linopeia III. Would you believe it, I turn up there and he’s dead too! Never knew plants were so dangerous, heh heh. Anyway, I figured I’d just bring them to the ranking scientist to deal with, and that’s you. But I hate plants! Take them to Dr Arkov! Nah pal, you signed for ‘em, see? Not my problem any more. But… but… See ya! Didn't have time to do everything I wanted with the story, but oh well. I tried to include as much stuff from other M.A.N.T.I.S. builds as I could. Comments and criticism welcome! More pics, including proof that the lab is inside the building, in the spoiler.
  2. Kodan Black

    [O - F09] Realities

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // As a recent graduate of the Octan Science Academy (with honors!) I was excited to see my first assignment in the real world. I'd been sent to Arium Minor to work with Dr. Martenz. I hadn't been quite sure what I would be doing, but it felt good to finally be able to contribute and Dr. Martenz was well regarded within the company. Upon arrival at the Octan Corp ship on planet I introduced myself to Dr. Martenz and was a bit saddened by how little attention he seemed to pay to my arrival. He seemed distracted by his work and quite busy. He said that some of the local alien pathogens were fascinating and had a lot of potential in the biomass field. He then said he needed me to take a pair of monkeys from Medical down to the Lab. They had been exposed to some of the pathogens and he needed them monitored. I tried to tell him that while I minored in xenobiochemology that my primary field of expertise was robotics including drones and autonomous vehicles. He asked if I had taken the "REQUIRED clinicals" at the academy, to which I had to say I had. We were short staffed at the moment he explained and given that I knew the proper safety protocols and had a containment suit I would need to contribute to the needs of the company and not be as worried about my own desires. "There will be plenty of opportunities to play with your robots!" he said rather dismissively. Obviously he thought of himself as a true scientist and I was merely a boy playing with toys to him. But he was an important scientist and I didn't want to make a bad first impression so I complied. I had been a bit worried about his repeated warnings to keep my containment suit on and NOT let the monkeys escape. Plus it was disconcerting that he asked if all of my next of kin info had been filled out. The dart gun mounted near my seat seemed more for show than to actually be used. I made sure to drive very carefully and ensure my cargo made it to the Lab safely. It may not be how I pictured my post-Academy life, but it certainly isn't boring! Apologies for the bad pictures and quick build, I joined mid-week and thus was quite rushed. Hopefully churn out better stuff going forward! Go Octan!
  3. Begin Log: Caught one of the scientists hacking into our top secret files. Can't let that information get out to any of the other corporations. The prisoner won't talk. Time to transfer him to Torresta for a "hot bath." My Intergalactic Speeder should do the trick. It's just big enough for the two of us and should supply enough oxygen for the interplanetary travel. The prisoner is secure. He'll be over within one cycle. We need to crack down on these rogues! End Log
  4. LucasLaughing

    [O - H03] The Mudskipper

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Lu's Log - 14 Junali 3815 First of all, I would like to formally apologize to all those who were eating lunch in the training facility courtyard yesterday; that was my first time trying to pilot a hover-vehicle that large, and the controls were more sensitive than I expected. I understand that it was startling to see a vehicle flying toward you, at full speed, ten feet off the ground, but I assure you no one was in any danger. Following the "incident," Terrapin, one of our best drivers, showed me how to use the magnetic oscillators to compensate for ground resonance, and it was smooth flying from there. Today, I'm flying over the equatorial region of Kaalin. The terrain is mainly clay and soft rocks, but orbital scans suggested that this region might have vast Awesomnium veins below ground. The Mudskipper is equipped with ground-penetrating radar, along with a host of other sensors, so I'm flying a low grid pattern, waiting for the instruments to pick something up. Finally, the sensors pick up an ore signature near a dry creek bed, so I land and get ready to drill a core sample. If I do find Awesomnium, HQ will dispatch a couple of larger rigs to mine it out. The interior is cramped, but my chair swivels around so that I can operate the drill controls. I could get out and stretch my legs - the oxygen/nitrogen balance is comparable to earths', but I prefer to stay inside the pressurized craft. Those of us who grew up on one of the colonies tend to be a bit more wary of outside air. Children on earth learn the song "Twinkle, Twinkle Neutron Star." Well, we learned a song that had the same tune, but the lyrics went like this: "Mama, Papa, why can't we play outside?" "The Martian plague killed billions, dear, how horribly they died. They choked on their own insides as their heads seemed to deflate, Now we have a special room to decontaminate." "Mama, Papa, why can't we play outside?" "The Martian plague killed billions, dear, how horribly they died. Anyway ... I get the drill set-up and cross my fingers for an Awesomnium deposit. This is Lu, signing out. Bonus pics:
  5. DarkDruid

    [O-F09] O.C.S. Mammoth

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Pilot, AG, Octan +++++ BEGIN TRANSMISSION +++++ I'm on board the O.C.S. Mammoth now. After that thing on that desert world we're going somewhere cooler! Anyway, mission report says I have to drop a base, which will be occupied by a new Octan scientist or explorer when the time comes. +++++ END TRANSMISSION +++++ The O.C.S. Mammoth carries two Modular Bases.
  6. Mission 4 Mountain Top Weather Station Location: Arium Minor Tags. Civil, Weather Engineering Start Transmission My activities on Jen's Star has been suspended with out further notice and I have been transported to a new planet sector. My new objective is to install a range of weather equipment on Arium Minor so that our Exploration team know what is going on with the current weather situation and not be caught up in a sudden Hail storm. Lucky for me I will be the first to know what is going on with the current weather situation. But at least after the Lighting Rod/Antenna is set up everybody wont haft to worry about random lighting strikes to much... Once on Arium Minor. Well that is it I finally hook everything and primed the heat system for a go so parts don't freeze up. The infrared lighting appears to be working right, I can already feel the heat being emitted. The barometric pressure readings are the same as mine. Now that is done what is next. Whoa check out the sudden burst of wind speed. That is fast. Look like the wind activity is picking up. Better get out of her while the time is right. End of Transmission
  7. Peppermint_M

    [O-H03] Sky Cycle

    Transmission: Pilot C Cade It's good to be cleared for active duty again, I think passing the re-tests for Pilot certification with flying colours let the newbies know that a Level Black Pilot isn't someone to dismiss even if the grading system changed in the past decades. H03, or Kaalin to give it a name, is a little bleak but nowhere near as soul grasping as the blackness of space. At least here there are radio comms to pick up on, transponders pinging on the board and someone replying when you buzz HQ. These sky cycles are pretty spiffy too, they were sketches on napkins when I first came across them but the years of active service have made them a dream to fly. Hopefully I'll have time for a little fun once we've staked a claim here on Kaalin, or maybe I'll get a chance on some planet with a little more to look at. Cade signing off. ------- I love space and sky cycles, they're something I have played since I was little. At the infants school I attended (ages 4-7) there were big boxes of donated LEGO with a few very battered classic motorcycles. These things were in a state, no wheels, sometimes no front fork. But with a little imagination they became space bikes. With these new fairings I've been able to create all kinds of cool space-bikes. Oh, and the write up in character is laying down the groundwork for the life history and current times of Chrysanthemum Cade.
  8. Mission Log: Entry 5 ~ Commander, requesting immediate help from armed Special Forces troops - mission endangered! After deploying the probe to E10, we landed on Lesser Direstan. The first thing I noticed was.... everything was red. The ground, plants, rocks and weeds - all various shades of red. Only the water - which was what we had come for - was a standard shade of blue. After landing, I headed out to map the area and find the nearest water source. That part was easy - it was quickly located and a transmission sent back to the shuttle. It was then that I saw the alien... thing. I had foolishly disregarded the warning of "Intense Alien Activity" when we landed and had not brought a weapon or a means of defence of any sort. I was hopelessly unequipped and could only stand, frozen with fear, as the monstrous shape arose from the ground, awakened by my footsteps. It snarled, baring massive fangs, and lunged at me with its colossal, clawed hands. For a moment it had me, caught in its grasp, then I fell to the ground with a bump which knocked the wind out of me. I sprang to my feet and ran, stumbling blindly through the blood-red foliage, tripping and clawing my way through the tree roots and undergrowth. Survival was the only thing on my mind - in my terror I forgot the direction of the shuttle (a potentially fatal mistake). Now I'm crouched under an overhanging rock, listening to the alien tearing up the surrounding ferns in an attempt to find me. I need backup, and quickly! Minus my sig-fig and the alien: [ I had a lot of fun building this. C&C welcome! ]
  9. pombe

    [O - F09] Abominable!

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Exploration, AG, Octan ++Pombe, personal log, start recording++ I returned from Xerillian with happy news! Isabel is alive! The rest of the crew on board the O.C.S. Axle seem confused by the situation and I don't blame them. I wasn't sure what happened either. Fortunately, the great explorers Jacques LaRose and Wick Nole, and agent Jebediah O'Reilly met with me to explain the whole thing. It turns out that Isabel had performed so well as an apprentice explorer, she got noticed by Octan upper management! I couldn't be more proud! And I'm embarrassed to say that I almost ruined her latest assignment. Jacques said that while I was away on Livgorn looking for awesomnium in underground caves (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109621), Isabel was quietly promoted to full explorer and sent on a super secret exploration mission into Kawashita dominated space posing as a M.A.N.T.I.S. agent. In order to do this, she had to fake her own death and assume a M.A.N.T.I.S. identity. No wonder I found a corpse with a wig that looked just like her hair near lava (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109928) and that crashed M.A.N.T.I.S. ship (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110301)! I wasn't supposed to have discovered any of this, according to Wick, and my reports nearly blew her cover. I'm such a terrible mentor! In any case, she has to maintain radio silence indefinitely, and they swore me to secrecy regarding the whole situation. I mentioned that as her mentor, I am still responsible for her safety, but Jebediah told me not to worry and reassured me by telling me that he personally took care of her (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110370). Jebediah is such a great friend to do that for me! I also told them about my concern for Big Z, since Isabel and him started dating, but they told me that Big Z was aware of her super secret mission and was supportive of her. That Big Z is such a great guy. I know they will be happy together once her mission is over. Jacques also tells me that Octan Corporate HR has approved a requisition for a temporary hire to replace Isabel as my apprentice explorer and that the temp agency has sent over two candidates for me to interview. Wick also told me that a new Octan policy required all new hires be thoroughly vetted before being allowed to work on a mission. I wasn't sure why we would send new hires to be examined by a veterinarian, but if my hero, Wick Nole told me to do this, who was I to argue? The first candidate for the apprentice explorer position was a young woman named Ethel Alkylhal. She told me that she wanted to become a Mitgardian adventurer. I wasn't sure what that was, but it sounded like a type of explorer to me. While she had no industry experience, she certainly seemed capable. Unfortunately, I had to turn her down because her attire was not Octan corporate dress code compliant. The second candidate was also a young woman. Her name was Eshey Reeshia Kolai. She also had no industry experience, but at least her clothes met Octan dress code regulations, so I told her she was hired. I congratulated her and told her that her first order of business was to be examined by a veterinarian, or else she wouldn't be allowed on a mission. Of course, what type of company would Octan be if we didn't throw a little celebration for a new team member? Guy K. Wind and Eagle-Eye Silver joined us for a small party. Eagle-Eye even brought and shared some bottles of his favorite drink for the occasion. Eshey just had some juice, since she apparently doesn't imbibe. We all ended up getting complaints filed with Octan Corporate HR by Dr. Long. After Eshey visited the vet, we were ready for our assignment! We met with Drs. Long and Commander to go over the mission in an engineering bay. They told us that huge awesomnium deposits were detected at the polar regions of F09, also known as Arium Minor. Arium Minor is a planet covered completely by mountain ranges, and where we were headed, it was going to be cold and treacherous. But that didn't scare us, since it was our job to confirm what the scientists have found, no matter how dangerous the planet might be. After the meeting, I was written up by both Drs. for not observing the safety regulations of the engineering bay. Anyways, Eshey was excited to be going on her first mission. My good friend, John Hannibal, volunteered to personally deliver us and our gear to Arium Minor with his spectacular barge (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109917). Now it's time to load up and head out. ++Pombe, personal log, stop recording++ ++Start data transmission++ Eshey and I have made our camp at the base of a mountain located near one of the poles on F09, or Arium Minor. Despite Arium Minor not being noted as a source for water, we have found snow and ice at the polar caps. I'll be sure to report this finding to Drs. Long and Commander. Unfortunately, due to the high winds, neither my hovercraft nor my hover chair would work very well in this environment, so we leave them behind. Fortunately for us, our Octan enviro-suits protect Eshey and I from the bitter cold as we work our way towards the coordinates that the Drs. provided us. [audible footsteps crunching in the snow] Is that? Off in the distance? Yes! Yes it is! Do you see that, Eshey? That's the unmistakable purple glow of awesomnium! And it's literally just sticking out of the mountain! Come on, Eshey, let's get a closer look. Holy moly, it's beautiful! How does it feel, Eshey? Your first successful mission! [Eshey screams] I agree! It's totally exciting isn't it! [audible footsteps crunching in the snow] Hey, where are you going? Eshey? She must have noticed something interesting and taken the initiative to run off and investigate on her own. I knew hiring her was a great decision! I'll just collect the readings from these samples and meet up with her to go over her discovery in a moment. ++End data transmission++ Next: Additional images under the spoiler tag.
  10. Commander Beltar

    [K - A07] Illegal Exports

    Location: A07 Lesser Direstan Tags: Land/Water Vehicle, Piracy, Spying =================================================================================================================================================== Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 004: “Planet hoppin’ is a semi-fun task. Anyways, I’ve been on a boat for the last couple hours. Even though the air on this part of the planet has been recorded as breathable, I will NOT trust it, kinda a pet peeve of mine. I really won't breath on an alien planet without a purifier near by. Thank Kawashita that this boat isn’t big enough for PauL to get on…He VOLUNTEERED to come with me, there’s barely enough space for me! Oh what do we have here? You look like some of the people that Koro reported. The Dust Demons. Computer, begin transmission with PauL. Computer: Yes sir. PauL: Yes sir? Paul, I’m going to need permission from headquarters to engage a long Dust Demon. PauL: Okay sir, first off, I need to record at least one line of the Dust Demon and I need a description of what he is doing. Okay, I’ll get you a line. Computer, amplify the Dust Demon's speech. Computer: Relaying Now: Ugh, terrible planet, but great money for exporting these, by Dues, they are beauties! These babies are gonna get me a whole lot of gold stuff. I just basically repeated myself…I gotta get ‘em of this planet though. Why do people on Orinshi love these threes? And oh my! I’m talking to myself again… Computer: He’s is now silent. Okay, PauL did you get that? Yes sir, but I still need your description of what he is doing. HE’S GETTING TREES TO SMUGGLE ONTO ORINSHI FOR CRYING OUT LOUD PAUL! Sorry, I exploded again, anyways, don’t add the 'for crying out loud PauL' please. PauL: Okay sir. ...Brief Silence.... P (cont.): Permission to Engage Granted Roger that PauL! Surprise you little demon! Demon: Where'd you come fr— Threat Neutralized. PauL: Good. Yeah now what PauL? I could hang here, seems like the oxygen here is breathable, I wont trust it though till we get a purifier here. PauL: Is everything loaded onto the boat? Yup PauL: Sir, we must take the body and supplies back to HQ for investigation. *sigh* Okay, well maybe I can redeem my Kawashita Land Grant Permissions on this planet...At a later date of course. PauL: Let's get going please... Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 004 =================================================================================================================================================== More Pics in the spoiler! This was a fun build, because I have never actually built good trees before! Yet funny how these trees are not normal trees. Yes, Kawashita has Land Grants on conquered planets. I think. I needed some sort of smuggler, so I figured Koro's may as well work so that it could fit in to continuity because of the Dust Demons being close by. Anyways: C & C Welcome! ~Beltar
  11. Mark of Falworth

    [M - A05] The Dangers of Yallorn II...

    Activity- Exploration. Location- A05 Yallorn II Previously, Mark of Orion had helped in the occupation of Barnius and was disgruntled with his task of constructing a "very complex" sensor array... After complaining explaining to his superior officer, Second Branch Executive Ninja Nin, that he was more interested in exploring than assembling equipment, Mark was given a different mission on MANTIS' next target, Yallorn II. Mark was very pleased with the change of position, now he was free to wander around and explore an entirely new planet! Yallorn II was a particularly interesting place. Mark had decided to explore the southern sector along the coast. To his surprise, the normal earth tones of the soil gave way to mud of a deep blue color with small plateaus of clay on which vegetation abounded. Mark deduced that the tide was out, and the foliage in this vicinity was not capable of growing below the waterline. Mark's peaceful walk was interrupted by by his radio ringtone... "Mark here, what's up?" "Hey Mark, this is John." "Hey John! How's the view in your sector?" "Pretty good, But that's not why I'm calling..." "Oh?" "Yeah, my scanner says my area is clear, but that there is some unidentified lifeform activity near you. See anything?" Mark took a quick look around. "I don't see anything near, maybe there's something underground... I can see there being clams or something in this mud?" "Heh, probably nothing serious, just thought I'd call and check." "All right, much appreciated, John!" "Okay, see ya later!" "Later! Bye!" (Click) After hanging up with his co-worker, Mark reflected on the dangers of being too absorbed in the scenery. "Hmm, I should check my scanner more often, something big and ugly could creep up on me without me even knowing!" "The planet description did say "moderate alien activity" and..." The Ghastly Galloping Garctaloid of Yallorn II ! by Mark E., on Flickr Suddenly, Mark looked over his shoulder and realized that a huge alien had snuck up behind him!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" The ferocious alien bellowed and screeched as it galloped towards Mark! "GROGGLAAK!! SKREEEHHKK!! GROGGHLAAKK!!" Mark wasn't about to let himself get gobbled up! He quickly raised his MANTIS death ray blaster and fired into the belly of the beast! The enormous creature screeched out ten times louder than before! But the MANTIS death ray blaster is quite effective on most fleshly beings... The monster collapsed into a pile of squirming dismembered tentacles as it's gnashing mouth slowly stopped chomping in rage. Mark, in a rush of adrenaline and exuberance, dashed towards the dying creature and grabbed one of the limb-like tentacles. "What a monstrous brute! You could've been so useful to MANTIS! To bad there's no stun setting on my death ray blaster..." Mark, still clutching the limb, turned and continued on his exploration. "But all is not lost! I'm sure Big Sal or one of our other scientists will be able to concoct something absolutely terrifying with your DNA sample!" Yes, Mark was beginning to enjoy this exciting job! To Be Continued!
  12. WickNole

    [O - H04] Remote outpost

    Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: civil, building, exploration Terrain: Mountains Start of transmission #03. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- While most of Octan explorers were traveling to Xerillian, I've spend the week establishing small supply platform on Crofter's Ridge... “It’s a calm and safe place” – they told me. “Just be sure that you don’t touch anything on the ground, or don’t travel away from the platform, or don’t forget to carry a proper weapon…” and lots of other “don’t’s”. If course I did it all wrong. Just as the platform was installed, I've climbed down to check the nearby territory. And to make the usual picture, of course, (hopefully, I'll be able to do these in color soon, but for now b/w is a sole option). All in all, I've barely managed back alive and in one piece. No questions now, why the alien live status is stated as "intense" here. I can surely confirm that... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #03. The build:
  13. pombe

    [O - G08] What lies beneath

    Location: G08 - Xerillian Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration, AG, Octan ++Pombe, personal log, start recording++ I return from Yetornius with sad news. Isabel is dead. The rest of the crew on board the O.C.S. Axle are saddened, of course; but poor Big Z...he took it especially hard. They had just started dating when this happened. We mourn in our own way. Space Terrapin, ever the loyal comrade, joins us. It ends as it always does: with Dr. Long filing a complaint with Octan Corporate HR. Another great Octan explorer, Jacques LaRose, sees me in this forlorn state and tries to get me back in the game by offering me a spot in his latest expedition to planet G08. Jacques, like Wick Nole, is another one of my heroes. While I will need time to get over the loss of Isabel, I take him up on his offer. If I'm going to mope, I might as well be useful while I'm moping. Xerillian...sand dunes...desert planet. Our probes show no signs of awesomnium on this planet. Nor is it a good place to harvest water. However, it does have subterranean life that can be harvested for biomass. I will prepare for this mission. I will have to continue on. That is what Isabel would have wanted. ++Pombe, personal log, stop recording++ ++Start data transmission++ Jacques and I have just entered Xerillian's atmosphere in our dropships. He loads his trusty buggy onto his, I load my hovercraft onto mine. We head together towards the coordinates that Dr. Long has predicted will have a large biomass presence. Jacques is skeptical. He's not confident that we'll find any thing there, but we have our orders. Are those...ruins...I see off in the distance? I'll make a note of it in my report and let Big Z know about it. He loves this sort of stuff. I hope it will help cheer him up. Huh? What's this? Hey, Jacques. My sensors are picking up a faint energy signature. Could be awesomnium. Hmm? You want me to check it out while you continue towards the original coordinates? Copy that. It's probably nothing, but I'll confirm and catch up with you in a bit. Pombe out. I'm approaching the energy signature...what is that? It''s a crashed M.A.N.T.I.S. ship! What's that doing all the way out here? I have to check it out. I'm just going to land the dropship need to unload the hovercraft. Shutting systems down...there. Alright, I'm setting out on foot. [audible footsteps in the sand] I'm approaching the M.A.N.T.I.S. ship. It looks like it crashed here relatively's still smoking. The canopy is open. I guess the pilot made it out helmet sensors aren't picking up any live minifigures in the immediate vicinity. He must have found shelter elsewhere. Either that or there's a dead body around here somewhere. Oh, look. There's a scorpion looking arthropod thing. It seems to be minding its own business. I bet Dr. Long would want it for a specimen. I'll come back for it with the proper equipment once I get back to the dropship. Let's look inside the cockpit. It looks like the pilot was recording something before the crash. Let's play it back. [audible clicks] [female voice] ++Start personal log: M.A.N.T.I.S. agent Sammy Nelly Typhi++ I'm free! I'm finally free of that idiot! Two years of my life wasted by that fool of a moron! But I don't care. I'm done with this stupid mission and I'm heading home. Oh, I can't even believe how wrong this mission became so quickly. My original goal was to infiltrate Octan and get close to the legendary explorer, Wick Nole, and steal Octan corporate secrets from him. Somehow, though, it didn't go as planned...maybe he had a feeling something wasn't right with my credentials. But he stuck me with this idiot of an explorer who goes by the call sign Pombe. Like really? He couldn't just use his real name like the other explorers? Wick Nole and Jacques LaRose don't use call signs. Does he think he's special? And what's with "Pombe"? That's like "beer" in Swahili? If he was trying to be clever, he failed like the imbecile he is. It's a good thing I stashed this ship on I06 with plenty of awesomnium. Octan provides just enough awesomnium to get the mission done. I would never make it back with the Octan ship. I just needed a good excuse to get here without Mr. Pombe the Moron "supervising" me. Good thing I got this solo mission approved. If I had to do another mission with him as "Isabel Novak" I would have likely murdered him and exposed my cover in the process. Ugh...I can't even stand the thought of him. I have no idea how I spent two years "apprenticing" for the no-brain stupid-face and totally not learn a single thing. Not one Octan secret. Not one useful technique or method. Nothing. The idiot even thought I was an outstanding student, not even realizing that I "learned" things that he never taught: like all the best practices I learned from being a M.A.N.T.I.S. corporate operative. I tried to get secrets from Dr. Danielle Long and agent Jebediah O'Reilly, and while both of them were courteous, but they were astute enough to not go into too much depth with me. I also tried getting secrets from that genius engineer, Zaael, but in the end, I didn't succeed. Maybe I wasn't trying very hard with him. He is pretty cute. In any case, that's water under the bridge, which is too bad. I just had to get away from that clueless dolt Pombe stupid face. And how is he even still alive? EVERY mission...EVERY ONE...we encounter some crazy dangerous life threatening creature. And yet...while Mr. stupid face is completely oblivious to the danger, these creatures somehow...miss him. He never even realizes that they are there and he is under attack! Time and time again, I witness this. I'm not religious...I don't believe in the Man Upstairs...but something is protecting him. I even faked my death to throw that idiot fool imbecile for a loop. I stole a cadaver from Dr. Long's laboratory...speaking of which...why does she have cadavers? Anyhoo, I stole a cadaver and put that stupid wig I've been wearing for two years on it and threw it near a dangerous creature in a cave for Mr. Moron to find. He'll probably just see my wig and report that he found my remains without running any further verification. I can totally see that happening. Hopefully this time the dangerous creature won't miss and the idiot face will finally just die. Alright...finally...I'm breaking free from the atmosphere of I06. Let's punch in the coordinates into the nav computer to head to M.A.N.T.I.S. space, but take the long route through Kawashita space...just in case someone is following me. Thank the Council of Five, I'm finally heading home. Initiate interplanetary jump. [warning klaxons sound] WHAT? Engine malfunction? [pause] Who in the blue blazes is stupid enough to build a space ship and attach the engines with just a single stud?!?!?! Crap in a hat. Looks like I'll have to make an emergency landing on G08. looks like it's going to be a rough landing. [inaudible noise] @$%%^$@$%%$&^$@#$%^^#@%%#^%#^% Kssshhhh...zzzzzzz...crap...skskkakazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....kshhshshhhshhzzzzzzzzzzzz... ksklsszzzzzzzzzzz...kszhhshshshhzh... ++End recording++ Wait. Does this mean that Isabel... Is alive?!?! Oh, I can't believe how relieved I am! Big Z is going to be sooooooooo HAPPY!!! I'm not sure what all this M.A.N.T.I.S. stuff has to do with anything. Maybe Isabel got confused? I'm sure we'll sort it out. I have to hurry back to the dropship and tell the others! Oh, I'm so happy! I'll let them hear this recording so they'll know that Isabel is alive and here somewhere and that we need to send a rescue operation as soon as possible. [loud audible footsteps in the sand] ++End data transmission++ Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  14. Dannylonglegs

    [O - G08] Stigmergy

    Note: Chronologically this occurs before most of the other G08 builds. Location: G08 Tags: science, exploration //"Log date 319, this is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the sink-hole riddled dune seas of Planet G08, or, Xerillian. Orbital sensors detected massive biomass readings, however, our efforts to uncover the source of these readings have been futile up until now. Tomorrow we will begin testing our new hand-held Biomass detectors, in effort to figure out where these readings are coming from... Dr. Long Signing off."// //Log date 320, this is Dr. Danielle Long. I am accompanying a pair of Octancorp brand troops, who will be testing our corporation's latest invention: The handheld Biomass detector. Signing off for now."// //"This is Dr. Long with a status update. It's coming from underground. I've tasked the troopers to investigate one of these sinkholes, and the readings are getting stronger. I suspect that the life on this planet is hidden beneath the dune seas.... Wait... Something's moving! The creature seems arthropod-like in form... resembling an earth lobster or scorpion." "Trooper, grab that specimen for me! I wish to inspect it's xenophysiology in my lab!" "Log note: There are more of them now... crawling out of the sinkhole... wow. They just keep coming..." "Trooper! Grab that specimen quickly! Let's observe this from a safe distance!" Trooper1: "Ah! What the Yetornius! They're everywhere! Shit! it bit me!" "....How does it feel?" Trooper1: "I... I can't feel anything! My whole leg's numb! Ah! There's more! make it stop! Make it stop!" "Fascinating... Log note: These creatures seem to induce a numbing effect upon biting would-be-prey." Trooper2: "..." "I need to attend to this matter. Dr. Long signing off."// "Grab me a sample you blithering fools!" Swarm Behavior The desert without the SPET or Dr. Long. (Those Trooper's are toast!) So, I didn't have time this week to build a new ship, but luckily the SPET (Scientific Personnel and Equipment Transport was still kicking around from last week. Those "dunes" were a pain in the rear to figure out, and I think in the future I'll use a different technique than the interwoven round snot you see here, but hey, I'm a scientist, and science is about throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks! Also, this gives me a chance to show off one of the SPET's unseen features: Opening cockpit: So, remember kids! Science is written by the survivors: Yes this was all just a sneaky way to brag about my sexy scorpion collection. My babies... This isn't even all of them either... ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  15. Mark of Falworth

    [M - B04] Some assembly required...

    [M - B04] Some assembly required... by Mark E., on Flickr Planet B04 Barnius, Exploration. Like most of the MANTIS operatives, Mark of Orion has been transferred from MANTIS HQ on the planet Torresta to the nearby planet Barnius. His assignment - grunt labor. Mark plunged into the vast woods with a sensory array assembly package. But once Mark began to work, he realized this was a real job... and a really slow job at that. 6 hours later, Mark was adding the finishing touches to the complex device. "Some assembly required... HA! I'd rather storm an alien fortress than sit here building this hunk of junk!!" Mark realized his outburst was childish and wiped his sweat-slick chin thoughtfully. "Nah, it's not that bad out here, the weather's nice, I get some time to myself, and It could be worse... I could be making minimum wage at Maczargalds flipping zurgers..." Mark's logical thoughts were soon usurped by his previous melancholy attitude. Ex-pirates are often grumpy, due to lack of adrenaline rush. "It's awfully quiet out here... Too quiet. I hope they send me to a nice, open desert soon so I can at least see the aliens before they gobble me up!"
  16. DarkDruid

    [O-G08] Nightly Stroll

    +++++ BEGIN TRANSMISSION. While the Bident is in orbit, I decided to track down some rare biomass on G-08. These desert may be hot in the daytime, but at night the cutting cold wind embraces you. It's vast. And I discovered night sets in at an alarmingly fast pace. It caught me off guard. Luckily my sensors managed to spot something in the middle of nowhere. I'll get back to you once I'm back in orbit. END TRANSMISSION. +++++ (Another viewpoint of the Transporter.) [/url]
  17. Space Terrapin

    [O - G08] The milk run

    Spencer's diary, 7 Junali, 3815 After last week's debacle on Hennigan II (the Div9-R walker ended up wrecked in a water-filled sinkhole that it failed to detect) it was a great relief to be relocated to Xerillian. Even if it is a dustball, my first assignment is a milk run - escorting exploration expert Lu Caslaug-Hing back from her 'beach holiday' at the planet's only substantial body of surface water. This OC-117 hovercar is top of the range, the senior management must think highly of Ms Caslaug-Hing. I hear she made some interesting discovery on Hennigan II. The OC-117 is fast and comfortable, and its zero-downdraft hover tech means that it doesn't even kick up much dust. I hope they let me keep it!
  18. Big Sal

    [M - B04] Expedition MRV1B04

    Flickr uploader isn't working, so I've resorted to Brickshelf. Haven't used it in a while, so hopefully everything comes out ok EDIT: Changed the second photo to one showing the cockpit and driver. Added a picture of the lab inside the spoiler. EDIT 2: Switched all the photos to Flickr links - hopefully they'll stay put now! Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Date: 5 Junali 3815. Location:Barnius. Expedition Code: MRV1B04. Expedition Leader: Big Sal. Expedition Vessel: M.A.N.T.I.S. Research Vessel 1 Aims: Conduct hydrological, geological and biomass survey of Barnius's oceans. Excerpt ends. ...but Sal, it’s larvae Friday in the cafeterias today, why do we have to eat bananas? Because every single one of these crates has bananas in. Those idiots in logistics must have misread the requisition form again! C’mon Smith, we’re stuck in the middle of this ocean until the boffins are done, so just chillax. I don’t know how you can relax with all the noise from that water drill, or whatever it is. I can barely hear myself think! Water drill? Seriously? I’m no scientist, but even I know it isn’t a water drill. How would that even work?! Water drill at 80% power, over. GETTING A BIT LOUD DOWN HERE JONES, OVER. WHAT?? Sal, these rocks are incredible! The hydrophobic crystalline structure is unlike anything I’ve ever- Damn it Kowalski, you’re so boring. Do you ever talk about anything other than rocks? Well… I am the mission geologist… Whatever. Come and help us pull up the nets, we might have caught something interesting by now. I hope we’ve got some different seaweed species since last time! Ugh, seaweed this, seaweed that. Don’t you ever talk about anything other than plants, Lafevre? Well…I am the mission botanist… In fact, what exactly is your specialty Sal? … … … Let’s get these nets up! Ooh, this is a new species. Oh, joy. Get it to the lab Lafevre, Kowalski and I can handle the other net. Now this is more like it! Let’s get it on board! Lafevre, forget the seaweed, come look at this! Wow, looks like it made its home around the skeleton. Or around the corpse when it was fresh and a source of food. Ewwww. Grow up Kowalski. Wait, is it moving…? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Did you hear something? Nah, it’s just the ‘drill’. Man, Smith, how would you even drill water? What is wrong with you? JONES, THE DRILL CAN’T HANDLE MUCH MORE OF THIS. NO MORE POWER, OVER! WHAT?? NO MORE POWER, OVER! MORE POWER, GOT IT! OVER! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *splash* … … Well, I guess it could be worse… Oh... Ok, that was a bit long, so thanks for reading if you made it to the end! Comments and criticism welcome!
  19. Location: B08 - Greater Direstan Tags: Military Log #003 – 5 Junali 3815 Since last week was very exhausting in the Hamilton Belt, I asked the KG (Kawashita Group), If I could get a week off, but my request was denied. They need me for a new mission to Greater Direstan. However, I could be part of a team of explorers and guards. This way I could take It a little more easy. Laying my eyes on the enormous grassy plains of Greater Direstan are a blessing for the soul. Until... I spotted from far away, through the high grass a greyish figure. While carefully sneaking from behind, to see If he's part of our team or a lost Space Pirate. I pointed my gun at his back and I told him to drop his weapon, which he did. I searched him and jammed his transceiver. The captured Space Pirate seems to be identical from Koro's report at the Desatoya Mountains; a soldier from the Dust Demons! As he's begging me not to kill him, he seems to be a lost rookie. He keeps whimpering that he didn't wanted to join the Dust Demons, but It's not my job to believe his excuses. KG should interrogate him before we deliver him to the Galactic Court or else the Dust Demons are at an advantage... Complete view:
  20. Mission 3 The Black Granite Find Location: Jen's Star Tags. Civil, Surveying Start Transmission It has been 3 weeks that I've been on Jen's Star. My recent discovery is a Black Granite rock bed down around the mountain base. This is a great find of Black Granite according to the Rock Scanner which is showing rich levels of Cobalt and Silver. Radioactivity is normal. Now according to the geology field guide Black Granite is typically found around once Volcanic active regions but luckily this area hasn't seen a volcanic activity for over thousands years according to interpretations from Satellite Scans. No wonder this planet has alien activity on it. The Black Granite here is ripe for the gathering. End of Transmission.
  21. Commander Beltar

    [K - D09] Rats, Ruins, and Survival

    Location: D09 Magrathea Tags: Exploration, Spaceship (sort of) ===================================================================================== Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 003 “Ugh. I totally exploded I front of Operative Q and his team. I shouldn't have done that. They probably have now taken me as insane. Hopefully they didn't report it...Anyways, my next mission after cave diving on the Hamilton Belt was to investigate a very faint and strange signal that came from Magrathea. It appeared to be from the likes of minifigs, but I still don’t know. PauL is currently in orbit right now while I survey this anomaly. Oh my, is that a crash site! Computer, relay a message to base: The strange signal appears to be a long lost Octan scout ship. Scramble set Beta IxIXXl. PauL, do you read me? [D - D09] Rats. Ruins, and Survival by DaDudeDownDaStreet, on Flickr PauL: Hello sir. Hello PauL, from what I can see it appears to be an old Octan Scout ship, really old by the looks of it. Internals are freezing, and the engines are shot, and supplies missing. Begin a Sonar Scan of the world to locate the rest of the debris PauL: Okay sir, SS started. Any possibility for survivors or any bodies? [D - D09] Rats. Ruins, and Survival by DaDudeDownDaStreet, on Flickr Yeah, there is one right here…His oxygen tank is disconnected, looks like he had a struggle with something before he died, this man certainly put up a fight. PauL: Okay, SS is in, the rest of the ship appears to be at least four or five clicks due east from your location, he must have been shot from high up meaning…Hmmm…It must have been the— Don’t you dare say the rats! AH! There’s one right here! Shoooo! Get outta here! Okay, back on topic, create a cross reference for any Octan member part of the MAET ECAR Initiative that has gone missing. PauL: Sir, we don’t have any of Octans Records, or at least any available to our level of security. …Okay then. Well since there appears to be a water well right here, we might as well get some of it. Send some collectors down. And don’t talk to me for the next half hour please, same with you computer. PauL and computer: Roger that sir. Ah well, this poor guy, wonder what kind of story he would tell me if he was still alive. Probably a tale of Rats, the ruins of his spaceship, and his survival instinct. These canisters already down here can help transfer the wat-- right, PauL is not listening. Good. Close Log, Chapter 1, 003 ===================================================================================== More Pics in the Spoiler! Thanks for reading! C and C welcome! Had to post this via phone, so the format will definitely be messed up a bit compared to my previous ones. ~Beltar I'll be editing though story later if I can to incorperate some things from Operative Q's build. Edit: Added some lines concerning Q's build.
  22. WickNole

    [O - G07] Water Pump

    Location: G07 - Hennigan II Tags: civil, exploration Terrain: Forest Start of transmission #02. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Finally, I'm on Hennigan II. Although Livgorn mission was a success for Octan Corporation, and we were able to establish a permanent presence there, most of us had left sector H05 towards new explorations. First missions on G07 reported huge water deposits under this forest. Need to install these pumping machines now and then connect them all to central station. And I hope I won't see these butterflies Jacques LaRose mentioned in his report. Or even better, they won't see me... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #02. The build, main picture: Some additional pics with no background removal.
  23. DarkDruid

    [O-G07] O.C.S. Bident

    Corporation: Octan Planet: G07 - Hennigan II Job: Pilot +++++++++ START TRANSMISSION +++++++++ O.C.S. Axle, this is O.C.S. Bident. Thanks to Lu’s report we now have a much better understanding of what we’re dealing with on Hennigan II. I feel we should be cautious about this alien artifact. For all we know the ones who created it are still around. And who knows how many others artifacts there are? Anyway, if anyone thinks of challenging us, I WILL use lethal force. I don’t care about the Octan Conduct Manual! It was written in an age where alien threats weren’t something we had to be wary of and I’m not losing another comrade again! … I er-… Got a bit carried away there. You know what? Delete this transmission, okay? +++++++++ END TRANSMISSION +++++++++
  24. Dannylonglegs

    [O - G07] Outstanding in her Field

    Location: G07 Tags: Science, Exploration, Vehicles Earlier, on H05. //"Log date 317, this is Dr. Danielle Long, Recording from the surface of Planet H05. My second day on this miserable planet has been much more eventful than the first. After receiving a transmission from one of our Engineers, Big Z, as the crew calls him, I was able to devise a method by which a prospector on this planet might reliably discover Awesomnium without the use of our advanced detector technology. The key to finding sub-surface deposits of Awesomnium is a very distinctive "bush." Found planet-wide, this bush only grows in Awesomnium rich soil. I've gathered several specimens for research aboard the O.C.S. Axle, and tested the surrounding soil with Sc119, or as the crew calls it: Hound. I'll be returning to Orbit shortly. Dr. Long signing off."// Conclusions Drawn --------------------------- Later, aboard the O.C.S. Axle. "Greetings, Comrade." "Greetings, Danielle. Have you gotten a chance to look over my Science Outpost request? I've detected very promising readings from a sector on the Northern Pole of H05." "I did review your work. Excellent adherence to protocol. We did send out a scouting mission lead by Horsleben, and work is underway for a permanent mining facility to be installed... however your request is being denied." "Wait... but why? I'm fully capable of working planet-side on this." "I know you are... but we're needed elsewhere. The Axle always follows the primary fleet... and the fleet is moving out." "You mean...?" "Yes. Domination has been achieved. H05 is ours. Now we begin firming our control over the nearby planets." "So... Where does this leave me?" "We will be needing a lab on G07 to test the water there for potability, in addition to performing routine environmental studies. This will be your new assignment. Go over the plans with Big Z. He's disembarking from the Axle shortly. I'm sure you'll have much to discuss." "So, Octan's reach is extending. Excellent." "You know what they say: Kawashita thinks red is the color of domination, and MANTIS thinks green is. They're both right!" --------------------------- Later still, on G07: //"Log date 322, this is Dr. Danielle Long. Preliminary reports from Hennigan II show bountiful water resources, but inedible biomass. This will have to be researched. Samples collected. Etc. I have my drones working on that now. There are more pressing matters, however. One of our explorers has reported an... "Unknown Artifact..." which is Octan code for a really interesting anomaly... Potentially produced by highly intelligent non-human lifeforms. That's why we send the explorers out first. They have a knack for picking up on interesting finds. Some say it's fate, or luck, but I don't believe in any of that. I will be inspecting this report, and employing the assistance of an explorer by the name of Jacques LaRose, one of my fellow executives. I've dispatched an Sc212 drone to locate him. Shouldn't be too hard. Dr. Long out."// Arial Observation and Personnel Location --------------------------- //"This is Dr. Danielle Long: Status update: In transit to location of G07 anomaly aboard one of our Scientific Personnel and Equipment Transporters. None of the hostile "butterfly"-like lifeforms have been observed, however I have noted several large arthropoidal creatures camouflaged in the grasses. They appear bovine and docile. We should be arriving at our destination soon."// Take Me to the River Take Me to the River Take Me to the River Out Standing in Her Field Sorry for the multiple Vigs. I got a bit carried away. Also sorry for the mediocre pictures of the centerpiece carrier craft. I didn't have much time, but I'll upload better ones later... probably too late for the judging, mais c'est la vie. Updated with some better pics. ~Dr. Long
  25. Big Sal

    [M - B03] Experiment X2B03

    Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Date: 27 Maian 3815. Experiment Code: X2B03. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Laboratory: Linopeia III Facility, Xenobiology Lab 2. Aim: Investigate local wildlife for useful properties. Excerpt ends. "Johnson, stop messing around with my awesomnium! That's the first batch from Ninja Nin's drilling machine, and I need to store it here because my materials lab is still being repaired." "Fine, fine. Wait, Sal, isn't that one of the man eating yellow frogs that nearly killed Lady K's team??" "Calm down, it's sedated. I've run all the usual tests and there's nothing interesting. Just extreme aggression, virulent toxins and regenerative abilities." "Those sound pretty interesting to me Sal!" "That's why I'm the lead scientist, and you're not. Now, let's inject it with some of my new awesomnium extract." "Uh, that doesn't sound very safe. Especially since the combination of the extract and the regener-" "Damn it Johnson, show some backbone for once! Science isn't about being safe!" Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Method: Despite my objections on safety grounds, Johnson insists that we try injecting the new awesomnium extract into the predatory yellow amphibians discovered by Lady Kianna. Prediction: The serum may react in an unpredictable manner with the creature's regenerative abilities. Excerpt ends. "Nothing's happening Sal. Let's just forget this ever happened and... WHAT THE F???!!!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Results: Awesomnium extract caused extreme growth in the creature and negated the effects of the sedative. The creature was driven away by laser pistol blasts but appeared to suffer no significant injury. Its resilience may therefore also have been enhanced by the awesomnium extract. Conclusions: A combination of the awesomnium extract and a serum from the creatures could lead to powerful combat drugs for our special forces. Extreme care will be necessary. Safety Report: Johnson's reckless approach to science, despite my warnings, led directly to his death and the destruction of the laboratory by the enhanced creature. Were it not for my heroics in driving the creature away, dozens more lives may have been lost. Is there a chance Johnson was an Octan or Kawashita agent trying to sabotage our research? Excerpt ends. I had a lot of fun with this one! Comments and criticism welcome. Here's the whole build: (Ok, so I forgot to take a photo before the lab was destroyed )