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Found 415 results

  1. Kodan Black

    [O - F08] - Ride Along on Raduon

    Location: F08 Raduon Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // After my recent issues with vehicles I decided to let ED-208 select and pilot our vehicle for our latest mission. Dr. Long assigned me to create a drone to explore Raduon and send back data. It was great that I got to have a brief meeting with her about the mission, though she did seem like her mind was elsewhere. Probably still worried about the reports of activity in unexplored space towards the core. During the meeting I updated her on the status of my work with flowers and awesomnium. I wanted to make sure that the work I had done wouldn't be lost while I was gone. She assured me that it would be handled. I guess she must have asked ED-208 to look into it because he mentioned to me that "There won't be any problems with THOSE flowers", so that was good to hear. It was nice having my companion watching my back as always. My original design for the drone was unarmed, in fact I'd never integrated weapons into any drone before. However, Dr. Long was quite insistent that after the numerous robots and drones we had lost lately the drone should be capable of self-defense. Not that I could argue with such a wonderfully smart and strong woman anyway! Being a bit unfamiliar with weapons in general I asked ED-208 to help me with the gun. I wasn't sure we needed one capable of piercing a foot of armor, but ED-208 pointed out that we have no idea what kinds of flora or fauna the drone might come across. It was weird though he was oddly specific about "sneaky white flowers", but he had a point that we don't know what alien species or even other corporations the drone might face. The gun on our vehicle was even more of a surprise. ED-208 said it was merely a precaution, but I'm not sure we needed a gun capable of destroying a heavy assault mech on a purely scientific mission. I guess that is why I'm no weapons expert! The vehicle itself was pretty barebones, but really we just needed it to get the drone out into the field. I had invited Dr. Long to accompany us on this mission to see how the drone performed in the field, but she said she was too busy. I figured that would be the case but wanted her to know that I would be happy to have her along any time. I'm sure the drone will do good work and hopefully with the attached armament it won't be abducted by any of the other corporations. I can't believe they would steal our robots, but then again it seems like most of the other corporations make their employees do lots of the manual labor we've delegated to robots so I can see why they would want to. ED-208 said there was no worry about him being captured. Even if they managed to disarm him, he has a self-destruct that would wipe out a small city. I asked him about what the parameters were around when it would go off though since I'm always with him, but he said while he couldn't discuss the specifics for security reasons that I shouldn't worry. I'm sure Octan did a great job with his programming so I should have nothing to worry about, besides he is here for my safety! Extra pics:
  2. Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, AG, Octan ++Pombe, personal log, start recording++ Eshey had just returned from a successful exploration assignment on Sinden's Run where she managed to capture live aliens during a search for awesomnium (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=112223) and I had recovered from the debriefing assignment I had with a Kawashita sales and marketing team (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111704) when Jebediah and Wick had requested our presence for an important meeting. Two emergency situations had occurred, and Eshey and I had been assigned specific duties to deal with them. The first was that an unknown fleet of spaceships has been detected in the center of the galaxy on a heading towards Farmolis, Octan's corporate headquarters in Andromeda. To address this, Octan has promoted me to supervisor in order to lead a small team and has hired Eshey as a permanent employee under my supervision. Additionally, three new head counts have been requisitioned and I am to fill them immediately, completing my team of four. Because of the nature of the emergency, I was allowed to relax corporate rules for new hires, such as the dress code rule. They were to undergo new employee orientation and our vetting process as soon as possible, while our engineers designed new ships for my team to deal with this unknown fleet. The second emergency situation was that we had lost contact with an experimental Octan spaceship, the O.C.S. Penetrator, while it was on a test flight in Sinden's Run. It was designed for very deep exploration. It was found adrift among asteroids by one of our probes and was not responding to hails. It was operating with a skeleton crew of four, and Eshey and I were to board the vessel and rescue any employees that were alive as well as determine what happened to the ship. As per Octan corporate protocol, any ship found derelict could be assigned a codename. Given how grim and dark the assignment was, I gave the derelict Penetrator the codename The Hundred Thousand Heretical Blasphemies of Final and Eternal Damnation After You Visit Purgatory. Big Z had been tasked to prepare our gear for this assignment. While he was busy doing that, I was to interview the candidates that HR had sent. As it turned out, they had sent three candidates, which was perfect, since I had three openings to fill. Eshey, due to becoming a permanent hire, had to go and take the new employee orientation and visit the veterinarian again, and was unable to help me with the interview process. The first candidate simply had "Hombre" and nothing else written on his application. He was a man of few clothes and no words. I immediately took a liking to him and offered him the position, despite his violations of the Octan dress code. The next candidate was a young woman named Sue Damoness. She was an expert pilot and a decorated combat veteran of Galaxy Squad's Red Team. We would need her piloting skills on my team and I felt that her combat experience would help me deal with Eshey's psychosis and fear of aliens. She was offered the position, as well. The last candidate was a familiar face, Ethel Alkylhal (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110681). Unfortunately for her but fortunate for me, she had been unable to find a position as a Mitgardian adventurer, and had reapplied to Octan for this position. I told her that despite the dress code violation, she would be offered the position this time. Because I empathized with her struggle for employment, and as a show of solidarity, I decided to also wear the traditional garments of Mitgardia, where she claimed she was from. My team was complete. They were all hired and sent to new employee orientation and to the veterinarian. Next up was for me to find Eshey and report to Big Z to get our equipment for our grim and dark assignment. ++Pombe, personal log, stop recording++ ++Start data transmission++ Eshey and I walk into an engineering bay aboard the Axle to meet with Big Z. Hey guys, I've got your new dreadnought suits here. Go ahead and try them on! Wait! Where did my hair go?!?!?! Baldness is a side effect of wearing the suit. Don't worry, your hair will return when you take the suit off. That makes sense. NO IT DOESN'T!!! Anyways, we are on approach to The Hundred Thousand Heretical Blasphemies of Final and Eternal Damnation After You Visit Purgatory. Your dreadnought suits are equipped with teleport trackers. Once the Axle is in range, we will teleport you over. There appear to be two groups of lifeforms according to our scans: one group in a corridor and the other on the bridge. From what we can tell, the Octan survivors are trapped in the corridor while the ones on the bridge are unlike any lifeform we have yet encountered. I take it Eshey and I will teleport into the corridor to ascertain the condition of our coworkers and then work our way to the bridge? That's right. Oh, we're in teleport range now. Initiating teleport sequence. Wait! Isn't this dangerous?!?!?! [bright lights surround Eshey and Pombe and they vanish with a loud popping sound] Hello! Don't worry, we are here to rescue you. Are any of you hurt? By the way, I like the way you dress. W-we all ap-appear to be fine. We had j-just investigated an n-nearby asteroid. Each of us br-brought b-back an egg. The n-next thing we kn-new, we wo-woke up tr-trapped here wi-without our p-pants. How awful! How absolutely abominable! I won't let these "jeans stealers" steal Octan garments and get away with it! I don't get angry often, but this act is truly despicable! Sir, there were only four Octan employees, right? Why are there extra minifigure skulls lying around? Because this is a grim, dark situation, Eshey. What? Nevermind that! Sir! The proximity sensor shows the aliens heading our way! They must have detected us when we teleported over! Quickly, take your team and take shelter over there! Eshey and I will handle these vile "jeans stealers". Th-thank you! Here they come! They're opening the bulkhead. Look, sir! They're wearing Octan regulation pants! Eshey. Yes, sir? Terminate them. Yes, sir! But be sure to not damage the pants. WE BRING DEATH!!! SUFFER NOT THE ALIEN TO LIVE!!! FOR THE PRESIDENT!!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!! Sir! The sensors aren't reporting any more alien life signs aboard the ship. Pombe to Axle. Reporting successful rescue of Octan employees. Also reporting successful recovery of The Hundred Thousand Heretical Blasphemies of Final and Eternal Damnation After You Visit Purgatory. It is safe to send rescue and recovery teams over. Eshey and I will stay on overwatch until our coworkers are safely back aboard the Axle. Pombe out. ++End data transmission++ Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  3. Master_Data

    [M - A04] The M.A.N.T.I.S. Tank

    Sector: A04 Tags: Military, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle Begin Log: I travel over the surface of Mynderis in the new M.A.N.T.I.S. Fly Class Flyer, searching for the "special package" I'm supposed to pick up. I've found it! Switching from Fly mode to Raven mode for landing. Secured the M.A.N.T.I.S. Tank. I'll drill around the perimeter until a driver reports in. Some back and front detailing. I've found a quiet lava spring to drill into. Group shot: End Log This was my first attempt at more detailed vehicles and landscapes. I'm very happy with how the tank's cockpit function turned out, how much detail I packed in, and how complicated a build it was. It's hard to see them, but I've even added a few car fenders/bumpers to the tank. Comments welcome!
  4. WickNole

    [O - H08] Your order is ready.

    Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: civil, engineer Terrain: Spaceship interior Start of transmission #10. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dr. Long: "Welcome back from Castral." Wick Nole: "Always a pleasure." Dr. Long: "Your next destination is... Castral." Wick Nole: "Whoa?!?" Dr. Long: "Jedadiah is again troubled by this duck... that's the picture we've got from his hovercraft while you were going through G.A.T.E. Go there and check." Dr. Long: "But before you leave - let me show you the OS-21.2C you've ordered." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #10.
  5. Big Sal

    [M - D03] Experiment B9D03

    Location: D03 Tags: Science, Civil. Tough week, friend? Tough month more like. I’ve been taken prisoner, tortured, given an impossible assignment, and nearly frozen to death. I’m gonna need a beer. Coming right up. Good. My research hasn’t exactly been going well recently either. Here’s your beer. You’re a scientist then? I had you figured for a pilot with that jumpsuit you’re wearing. Yeah, I used to be a pilot, once upon a time. It’s a long story… That was a long story. Here, have this one on the house. It’s this week’s experimental cocktail. Experimental? Yeah, each week I invent a new cocktail and- But you call them ‘experimental’? And people drink them? Yes, but- I’ll be right back! And just a little bit of these… I’m still not sure about this, it seems a bit- Trust me, I’m a scientist! Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Date: 25 Julali 3815. Experiment Code: B9D03. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Location: MANTIS Supply Ship, Bar 9: ‘The Red Spider’. Terrial Major orbit. Aim: Test the effects of alcohol as an enhancement delivery medium. Excerpt ends. Here you are friends, experimental cocktails on the house. Enjoy… Now, I just want to emphasise that this cocktail is experimental and by drinking it you agree to waive all rights in the case of sickness, injury or death. Drink up! Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Method: Awesomnium enhanced larvae and awesomnium serum will be mixed with alcohol and consumed by willing volunteers. Prediction: Volunteers will gain enhanced physical abilities. Excerpt ends. And now we wait… Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Results: Volunteers became extremely aggressive on drinking the cocktail and showed reduced cognitive abilities along with changes in eye colouration. Conclusions: This line of research may be worth pursuing in more controlled conditions. Excerpt ends. Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  6. Commander Beltar

    [K - B07] Reminiscent

    Location: B07 Vollfort Tags: Civil, Spying (Again, please check this one.), Spaceship (Interior), ============================================================================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 010: “Why here?” “Why now?” ” Beltar thought in his head as he spied on Nu’q to make sure there were no guards even close to this unused, and empty storage room. Nu’q: Such a lovely planet… Would have been lovely to study it before it cooled…If there were Wasps though, I will never set a foot there… Nu’q: Oh, hello there Beltar. Beltar: Why here? Why NOW? Nu’q: This is my only free time for the rest of the week. I’m a busy man you know. Also, this room isn’t scheduled to be used for weeks because of faulty wiring from a relatively new recruit. Nu’q: You see, I designed this ship to be virtually impossible for spies or stowaways to get around without at least triggering some type of alarm…Yet you’ve managed to get into this room. Great job with that. Also- Beltar: THE FILE! Nu’q: Yes, yes, you’ll attract guards like a blackhole-everything if you keep talking that loud. Beltar: If you don’t mind, I don’t want to END UP in a blackhole. Nu’q: Right…your trial. At least you have a couple months. Beltar: THE FILE. Nu’q: Alright, alright. But while you’re here, enjoy the view. Such a lovely little planet from space. But down on it, a dry arid desert. Much like Guinivere, possibly the worst planet here except for its wonderful resources…It reminds me of the early days of exploration in this galaxy. Beltar: And why do I care? At this point I just DON’T CARE ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS. Nu’q: Maybe, if you try to remember past…Paradise… while concentrating, more will come back. Reminiscence is good. Beltar: *sigh* Perhaps. Project Paradise is something I may never forgive Kawashita for even if it did save my life… Nu’q: *quietly* You misguided man… Beltar: Hmm? Nu’q: Nothing. Beltar: Well, this was a clean smooth transaction. Nu’q: Agreed, Kawashita did not suspect a thing when I went looking for this file…for reasons.. (OoC: Q did ‘track’ Beltar’s movements in the early weeks…So Kawashita assumed it was him digging in on Beltar’s personality.) Beltar: Good. Tell me a bit about her before I read it… Nu’q: I didn’t read much and I won’t spoil much, but she had an Outstanding Military Career in the high divisions of Kawashita, but left…for reasons… And that is all I will say. Beltar: Hmm… Nu’q: Oh, two more things: PauL will break. Lies don’t do well on robots. One of our older Hal-thousand bots…Broke…and Paul’s AI is based around them…Also, read that file in a secluded place. It may be infuriating to you. I hope you don’t kill anyone else. Beltar: Hmph. PauL will not break. He’s done what I’ve asked well. And I already saw that tracker you placed in him…And will do…AND I WONT KILL ANYONE ON CAMERA ANYMORE. Nu’q: Quiet down. Good bye. Beltar: Till we meet again. *Beltar Leaves the room really fast* Epilogue: *Mysterious Voice*: Operative Q, are you there? Report. Nu’q: Yes, this is Q, I still have my eye on Asset Issue #42. Beltar will hopefully not crack. *Mysterious Voice*: Good… What of his robot? Nu’q: I do believe he will malfunction within the coming weeks. *Mysterous Voice*: Good….Anything useful in for court? Nu’q: Yes. Especially with my current warrant, we will be able to use many things… *Mysterious Voice*: Good... Keep that eye on him. Nu’q: Roger that Sir. *Mysterious Voice* No need for formalities Q, Madame Kawashita will do just fine. Nu’q: Yes Madame. Operative Q Out. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 010 ============================================================================================================================ More pictures in the spoiler! (Because I take too many!) Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Hopefully the idea of a Paul 9000 moment got through this time…Robinhood will probably return soon. And perhaps I will reveal the whole convoluted giant overlapping storyline I’m making…(Which will include events before AG started…) And Madame Kawashita is not pleased with Beltar… C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  7. Location: H09 Castral Tags: Science, Octan, Civil // PERSONAL DIARY // Though I'm no botanist I've been trying my hand at cultivating some flowering plants from Castral aboard the Axle in one of the hydroponic labs. I've been sprinkling Awesomnium dust on the to see if it enhances them. I've been passing off the reports as my attempt to try it out on a known species before using it on more useful plants, but secretly I'm just hoping to impress Dr. Long. ED-208 doesn't seem to like the idea of super powered plants and continues to insist on being armed. He tried to claim the white one moved and is a threat. Honestly, I think being a robot, he just doesn't like all the water and humidity. It isn't pleasant for me either, but Dr. Long has seemed really stressed out lately and the nearly naked guys strutting around the halls of the Axle can't help. Maybe some nice flowers would brighten her day. And it would help to know how the Awesomnium impacted plants for other stuff too. She has been so busy lately I haven't really managed to catch up with her much. It seems like she is never in her cabin or her office. And the labs get sealed sometimes when certain experiments are going on. I'm sure she is just really busy with all of her work. Maybe the rumors about some disturbance being detected has been keeping her busy. Extra Pics:
  8. Location: Quantus III Tags: Science, Octan, Civil // PERSONAL DIARY // Well, I think I managed to get back on Dr. Long's good side. I returned from Lesser Drigo to the Axle and was helping her on her research when we got an emergency call. Apparently a young maverick pilot by the name of Pete Mitchell had done a supply run onto Forring and was eating an Octan Corp Nutrition Bar which he accidentally dropped. He picked it back up and continued eating it without realizing all the bacteria and pathogens he was ingesting. Shortly after he returned to the ship he became very ill. He became weak, dizzy and very pale. His skin took on a weird color and he was breathing rapidly and shallow. In addition to the medical team Dr. Long wanted a scientist there to monitor the situation and see that if the most unfortunate were to happen to the poor pilot, that we might be able to gather knowledge from the incident. I rushed to Medical Containment and began my assessment. ED-208 appeared a few minutes later and told me that Dr. Long had sent him to "observe for any anomalies", but the weird part was that he brought twin plasma flamethrowers. I think something must be screwed up with his systems, as those won't help him observe at all! Given Pilot Mitchell's sickly color and profuse perspiration I didn't give him a very good chance at survival, he was definitely in the danger zone. It was an unknown plant species and given another recent incident, we weren't entirely sure what to expect. He was quite lucid though and aside from the anticipated anxiety was relatively level-headed. We tried some drugs to simply stabilize his breathing and heartbeat which helped him some with the symptoms. I extracted a few vials of blood for further research and then we put him on dialysis. Through pure chance I stumbled upon a solution. I accidentally exposed one of the vials to some UV light I had been using to help grow some flowers as a nice thank you to Dr. Long for being such a fantastic example to me. The UV light managed to kill off most of the bacteria and we surmised his immune system would likely be able to handle the rest. I returned to the containment lab where we used UV lights on Pilot Mitchell and placed him under observation. In a few hours he was much better and we kept him under observation for a further 48 hours. His normal skin tone returned and there were no symptoms that lingered. He couldn't identify the plant exactly, but we noted in the medical database and Explorer's Guide the usefulness of UV light treatment. I made an initial report to Dr. Long and she was glad I'd extracted the blood for study. She didn't ask but I volunteered that the pilot was going to make a full recovery which she acknowledged. I'm sure her main concern was for the safety of everyone on the ship. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, smart, and dedicated head scientist. Extra Pics:
  9. Big Sal

    [M - D03] Expedition D8D03

    Location: D03 Tags: Civil, Science Are you sure you don’t want a helmet Sal? I’m sure I do want a helmet Williams - it’s freezing! But this glorious beard simply won’t fit in one. Uh…right. Anyway, I thought you were supposed to be curing hay fever on Aeristus? What? Oh, yeah… I, uh, ‘delegated’ that… So I take it the ice core drilling isn’t going well? Ugh, no. It’s so damn cold that three of the generators have given up completely. We’re down to the last one. But it only takes one to power the drill and I need that ice core yesterday, so get drilling! Sal, if that last generator dies we won’t even have enough power to radio for help. We can’t risk it. Damn it Williams, science is all about risk! Fire it up! Haha, see! It’s working! The generator can’t take much more of this! We need to shut it down! NO! Keep drilling, we’re almost there! Almost… almost! Whoops… Thanks for reading! The snow effect is the first time I've tried anything like this - let me know what you think of it! The spoiler contains all the photos without the snow effect, in case you hate it. Any other comments and criticism welcome, as always Oh, and the drill really works!
  10. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F02] Big Sister

    Notes: This was supposed to be even bigger, with more Vignettes, and with a lot of photo-editing, but there was a heat wave that rendered my Attic unusable for more than a few minutes, and that's where my Lego collection resides. That said, enjoy! Planet: F02 (In orbit, aboard the Axle) Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Science (testing the walker) Henry: "Dr. Long, you sent for me?..." Dr. Long: "Hans-Heinrich Himmelmann, we need to talk." Henry: "Is this about that young engineer kid I kinda chased out of the Earthship I constructed? The kid was a menace. He'd a' messed it all up!" Dr. Long: "No... This is about more than that. You are aware that Octan employees are required to abide by certain common-sense rules, are you not?" Henry: "Oh boy... Yes. I'm aware of tha regulations." Dr. Long: "Then you are deliberately disobeying them. That's not what I wanted to hear. Let me show you something. Come over here." "Look into that holo-screen. We're in the O.C.S. Axle's control room. From here I can access all the security footage we gather from our innumerable cameras, corporation wide. I'll give you a glimpse, shall I?" H3: "That's really not necessa--" Dr. Long: "Here we have Engineering Bay Gplus-003, where one of your colleagues is testing out Octancorp's latest line of Mecha walkers. He'll have some adjustments to make, assuredly, but do you notice the smile on his face? He's enjoying keeping busy and the harmonious work-environment in which he finds himself. It says so right here in his file. We weren't even testing for that. As soon as he finishes his report on the prototype, we can begin manufacturing these walkers and sell them to customers, and use them for Octan's own interests. He fits in." H3: "I think I can see what you're getting a--" "And here we have Hangar Gn-606, where First Branch Executive, and acting CEO, John Hannibal is disembarking on a final mission from the Axle. Observe his purpose and unwavering dedication to Octan and his duties. He is doing his part for our great corporation." "Here you can see the exterior of my room where... oh Lord Business... I really have to talk to that kid." "Let's move on." "And here is Third Branch Executive Wick Nole. As much as he would have preferred to be out exploring our new galaxy, for the past few weeks he has been confined to our Med Ward. What do you think he spent his time doing? Do you think he got drunk every night to cope with his misfortune?" H3: "Let me guess, he di--" "I can show you that too." 3 Weeks ago. 2 Weeks ago. 1 Week ago. "You see... Octan functions best when its employees all... work together. When we accept events that occur to us, and move forward... together. The dilemma I face with you, when I'm informed by a subordinate that you savagely abused him, is that you are fully capable of working well. All of my observations, and the records in your file indicate that you have a high level of competency at what you do. I respect competency. It is one of the rarest traits in all mankind, to speak subjectively. The problem, however, is that you do not function well as part of the team. Your behavior is erratic and antisocial, and some of your habits are simply non-regulation. Do you think Octan would have missed such incidents as these?" Incident aboard Axle Report: H3 Vomit in Hallway. Incident on F02: H3 Verbally Harasses Software Developers. H3: "So that's why I was stationed there... Some of this feels a bit like a violation of human rights, I gotta say. Are you telling me you watch me every second of the day?" Dr. Long: "Yes. It's in your contract. Section 12, subsection 14, Line 7. Octan has every single room on the O.C.S. Axle watched, and the air ducts as well. This is a space ship, not a hotel, Mr. Himmelmenn. If something goes wrong we need to know immediately. I did not want to show you all of this, but you left me no choice. You attacked a colleague, Hans-Heinrich. As competent as you are, and as easily controlled through simpler means than this, I must do something, as your Branch Executive, to ensure that you behave. So... Next time I catch you drinking on the job, or with a blood alcohol concentration a drop above regulations, you will find yourself in a much more hostile work environment... after you undergo rehabilitation on one of the most dangerous planets in our control. Have I made myself clear? This is nothing personal. This is for your own good, and Octan's good. We must maintain a harmonious, orderly environment for our employees to truly thrive..." "So stay in line!" ______ //"Log Date: 380, this is Dr. Danielle Long. The Chekhov's Gauntlet is finally in early prototype stage. Human testing will begin in a week, if we don't experience any unexpected setbacks. Dr. Long signing off."// ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  11. Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration, AG, Octan ++Pombe, personal log, start recording++ I have just returned from an extensive and exhausting meeting with one of Kawashita's sales and marketing teams on Jurin II, where we spent the entire time debriefing one another. As tired as I was, however, I wanted to meet with Eshey to go over what she has accomplished while I was away. Ava Gato, the Kawashita inter-corporation relations officer, was also on hand, apparently having accompanied Eshey on her assignments. Ava spent the meeting emphasizing how difficult Eshey was to work with, using the word "hard" several times to describe my apprentice. I can't help but agree with her, given Eshey's penchant to suspect that every living thing she encounters on her assignments to be dangerous. I will consult with Big Z on how to help Eshey deal with her issues. Unfortunately for us, Ava was being called back by her superiors. She wished us well and headed back to Kawashita space in her personal starfighter. Eshey and I met with Big Z to see what his solution to Eshey's problem was. His solution was as elegant as it was brilliant. He's always someone I can count on when I need help or advice. He came up with a personal exploration vehicle that uses chemicals that when combined can be used to cryogenically freeze living things. Dr. Long won't have much to complain about much longer! I decided to send Eshey to H08, or Sinden's Run, an asteroid belt rich with awesomnium, for her next assignment and to test Big Z's new vehicle. I would have liked to join her, but I was barely able to walk from all the debriefing I did with Kawashita's sales and marketing team, so I decided to stay aboard the Axle to recuperate. Her report from Sinden's Run indicated that she landed and explored one of the larger asteroids, and was successful in finding awesomnium. Additionally, she encountered little rock like aliens, which when she instinctively pulled the trigger on her weapon, were frozen instead of obliterated, unlike in her past assignments. These were collected, and I hope Dr. Long will be pleased. ++Pombe, personal log, stop recording++ Next: More pics under the spoiler tag. EDIT: Whoops...could the mods add [O - H08] to the title of this post, please.
  12. WickNole

    [O - E09] Back to business.

    Location: E09 - Castral Tags: civil, land/water vehicle, exploration Terrain: Grass plains, Mountains Start of transmission #09. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I was discharged. Dr. Long's vote was the decisive one, and now I'm finally able to continue my travels across Andromeda. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The board, however, decided that I should stay away from "active" sectors for a while, and sent me to Castral - a remote world on outer borders of Octan Corporation sector. I've never been this far "South" before. The task is to deliver some goods and equipment to Jebadiah Douglass, who is exploring Castral's flora and fauna for four weeks already. I certainly hope he'll be happy to receive these. And I am looking forward to taste these ducks he was so much talking about. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #09. The build: I've tried to do some SNOT rockwork this time. Not an easy task for me, but I'm satisfied with this first attempt. The hovercraft also included some SNOT tests, and now I will be including some of the ideas into challenge #2 build.
  13. Commander Beltar

    [K - A04] 'Stranded'

    Location: A04, Myndernis Tags: Military, Spaceship, Land Veichle ============================================================================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 009: “THAT BACKSATABIN’ IDIOT! Paul: Sir, We are breaching the upper atmosphere, the windshield cannot withstand this amount of pressure at the speed we are coming in. Also, some form of acid is melting off the grey plating. We have got to pull up! B: I can land this hunk of junk. I gotta. She’ll hold together. YOU’D BETTER HOLD TOGETHER! PauL: The windshield is cracking. Sir! SIR! B: Ah SHUT UP AND LET ME FLY THIS THING … PauL: SIR, PULL UP! *Boom* *The cockpit of the Heart of Aesomnium slides across the rugged terrain on Myndernis* B: Ughh---That. Was fun. Really reminded me of the old days. BUT SERIOUSLY, WHY DID WE END UP HERE? PauL: I…kzkkk..don’t know. B: So, we gotta pass the time somehow. How are you today? PauL: Sir, I’m ‘jammed’, I can’t get out of the socket. B: That’s..great…Ship Status Report? PauL: Engine is shot black, almost out of reserve power, 96.4% of the controls are broken, and a lot of other functions are broken. B: Wonderful. Any idea when rescue is coming? PauL: Assuming they have a base on this planet, within the next 24 Hours. B: Okay. Wait. One sec, I gotta move. B: Alright, all better now. PauL: Sir, I would not advise sitting on that ground. B: I’LL BE FINE! GOT IT? PauL: Siryessir. Mysterious Figure: Oh ho! What iz zis? A fine specimen! B: WHO ARE YOU, GET LOST, AWAY YOU MANTIS SCUM? Mysterious figure: Oh nono! I am none of this Mantis thou speak off! B: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Mysterious figure: Allow me to introduz myzelf firzt! Robinhood: I. Am ze Robinhood! Beltar: What. The. H*** You’re a…fairy tale character? Aren’t you? Robinhood: Oh no no! I was one of the original astronauts sent to map this galaxy, but I went missing on purpose due to the lack of thou fair pay! And you can call me Robin! B: Then what do you even want? Robinhood: Well, stuff! Iz rare to find good free ztuff around! B: Let me see what I have around. B: Alright, this is all I got, a sword and a drill. Robinhood: Oh, thank you! Not that nice little robot though? B: Well. He’s mine, and he’s ‘jammed’. Robinhood: Oh PauL: Sir, I’m not ‘jammed’ but I really am jammed! B: Yeah yeah yeah. Hey Robin, isn’t that a Kawashita cycle? Robin: That? Oh no no! I got this…Awhile…ago…From a group of people that gave it to me. B: Alright. Leave. Now. Robinhood: Alright thou friend! Beltar Wait. Where was that settlement that you got it from? Robinhood: Oh, about 4 clicks north! Bye now! B: WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT! Robinhood: Till we meet again friend! I will always take stuff to give to the aliens! B: F*** This is even better PauL: That cycle was clearly Kawashita property sir. B: I know I know, I didn’t wanna fight a real Robinhood. After that crash. I’ve probably got a broken rib right now, and a couple others. B: Alright, let’s get you unjammed. PauL: Wait. Sir. That’s not- PauL: Necessary…If I was a human. That would’ve really hurt. B: Why? PauL: I find this form very…demeaning. It’s too small. And well, I quite liked it in there because I didn’t have to worry about the…lava. PauL: Alright. Now let’s just sit here. B: You got it. PauL: You know this reminds me of a mission I did for the company I worked for before Kawash- That’s not a…very…..interesting story. Beltar thought: “Wow. He’s lying for once…” B: Alright. You gotta tell me about it later though. If later means in the afterlife. Cause I don’t…see..any ship coming for..miles… Epilogue: Pilot: This is Rouge Four, I’ve found them. I repeat this is Rouge Four, I’ve found them. Pilot: This is Rouge Four coming in for a landing. Beltar: Iss…that… PauL: Rescue. Pilot: Come on in, you’ll be taken to a hostpital for a short while. Then redeployed. Beltar: Fuunnn.. PauL: I really need a recharge. Beltar: Lets go…’home’…PauL.. PauL: Si-? Pilot: By the way, friends, out scavengers will be here shortly, so fear not, we have not lost all of the HoA! Medical Record: Dr. SF: Oh wow, again. At least its not Project Paradise again. Hm…Not bad. He should be ready for redeployment in…less than 24 Hours. PauL: To where? Dr.SF: First, to help our dear Koro, then he will be placed on Terrial Major for the rest of the week. While you receive repairs and get transferred back into your normal body. Beltar: Thh—eee--_Fiileesss____ Dr.SF: What is he saying? PauL: Probably…something. ‘random’ Dr.SF: What’s your truth setting? PauL: ‘98%‘ And of course. That was a lie. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 009 ============================================================================================================================ More pictures in the spoiler! (Because I take too many! ) Thanks for reading this chapter in Beltar’s story! How many times did PauL lie? And should I bring back Robin in future builds? Yes, this was a very large story set up build if people think that I should continue with those. Hope you enjoyed! C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Also this is the prequel to Koro's and Mediumsnowman's build.
  14. Big Sal

    [M - C04] Experiment L2C04

    Unfortunately I didn't have any time to build last week, so this week's build is a special double length episode. Hope it's not too much! Location: C04 Tags: Civil, Science, Building. Interrogation Room 1, M.A.N.T.I.S. Supply Ship, Sorn orbit, 6 Julali 3815. …and then I swam all the way back to M.A.N.T.I.S. territory! Very impressive! Chief Accountant Long! Come to hear about my heroic escape from Kawashita captivity? I’m afraid I just finished my debriefing… I’ll read the report of your little vacation later Sal. I’m here to give you your next assignment. Vacation?! I was brutally tortured! M.A.N.T.I.S. Employee Handbook Chapter 3 Section 12 Subsection 14 Line 6 clearly states that time spent in enemy captivity comes out of your holiday entitlement. WHAT?? It encourages a speedy escape. Anyway, enough chitchat. I’ve noticed that we’re currently spending over 0.0000001% of the budget on daily anti-histamines for employee hay fever. This is an unacceptable inefficiency and I want it fixed by next week. You want me to cure hay fever? In a week?? Yes. Though by the time you get to Aeristus you’ll have five days. Your ship is waiting. But… Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Experiment Code: L2C04. Laboratory: Laboratory Outpost 2, Aeristus. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Aim: Find a permanent cure for hay fever. Date: 8 Julali 3815. Subject number: 001. Subject hay fever symptoms: Excessive sweating. Attempted treatment: Laser nose surgery. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Just hold still and stop being such a baby! Treatment outcome: Failure. --- Date: 9 Julali 3815. Subject number: 002. Subject hay fever symptoms: Rapid drowsiness. Attempted treatment: Ingestion of awesomnium enhanced larvae. Wow, all these larvae for me? And it’s not even Friday! Treatment outcome: Failure. --- Date: 10 Julali 3815. Subject number: 003. Subject hay fever symptoms: Swelling of eyes and face. Attempted treatment: Direct awesomnium serum injection. This will really cure my hay fever? You’ve tested it before? Oh sure, we’ve had spectacular results with it in the past… Treatment outcome: Failure. --- Date: 11 Julali 3815. Subject number: 004. Subject hay fever symptoms: Bloodshot eyes. Attempted treatment: Massive exposure to alien flora. I really don't see how this will work… Chief Accountant Long will be here tomorrow expecting a cure! You got any better ideas? Treatment outcome: Failure. --- Date: 12 Julali 3815. Subject number: 005. Subject hay fever symptoms: Extreme paleness. Attempted treatment: Psychosomatic therapy via the Persuadomatic. You do not suffer from hay fever. You have never suffered from hay fever. You especially don’t suffer from hay fever today. I completely agree! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! What’s happening to me! I don’t suffer from hay fever! I've never suffered from hay fever! I especially don't suffer from hay fever today! Shhhhh! That’s Long’s ship landing! I’ll have to go up and meet her… but maybe if I leave the Persuadomatic on I can convince her I’ve found a cure… Treatment outcome: Failure. Excerpt ends. Chief Accountant Long! How lovely to see you! Right this way! Is that the Persuadomatic? Why yes it is! A wonderful invention of mine, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, it’s actually very impressive... Praise! I think it’s working! ...of course, as soon as I heard that it actually worked I took the antidote. Damn it! Now, I believe you were going to demonstrate the hay fever cure? Um… yes. The subjects are outside in the grass and you’ll see that they’re completely cured. Voila! They’re all wearing helmets. Helmets are even more expensive than anti histamines Sal, this better not be your idea of a cure. Hahaha… uh, no, of course not! It’s just, uh, the berries from that tree are quite heavy and if they fall, well… as you know, employee health and safety is my number one priority! Yes. Helmets off please. You see? Cured! Hmmm, good work Sal. Achoo! Damn it! Goodbye Sal. You’re to stay here on Aeristus until you’ve found a cure. But… Phew! Comments and criticism welcome! A couple more pics in the spoiler.
  15. WickNole

    [O - E03]. Are you ready?

    Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: civil Terrain: Spaceship Interior Start of transmission #08. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Axle. Observation hall. Another week had passed. I'm still stuck here. No doubt, the Axle is an awesome ship, but... three weeks is a long time. And doc says I'd probably have to stay a bit more. This venom is really hard to get rid of. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Every day begins in observation hall OW-008. People are rushing to their stations and cabinets. And I am just standing here, watching at one of Ertauq moons - Ertauq IV - rises from behind the planet. Every day ends in observation hall OW-008. Same place, same view, much fewer companions. Need to get out of here. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #08. The build: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (build notes) - the teaser picture is changed to dark background. Want to thank Ferdinando for this idea. This week's idea was to try forced perspective and "only MOC is visible " shots.
  16. pombe

    [O - H07] Foxy Lady

    Location: H07 - Quantus III Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration, AG, Octan ++Start data transmission++ ESHEY KOLAI!!! #$#@^%#@#$@$^%%^&%#$%@#$#%&*((^%^@%%$&^@%^&*&^@#%$^#%*&#$%^&&(*&$%^#@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RTYY^$#$%#@$%$&^%$#%&*()(*_*%$#@#!!$@$%^#&*&%$#$@!%$%^&*&(*()()^%#R@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU, AVA GATO! @$!#%@%^%&@#$@%@$%@^%&%^#^%#%@$@%&**(*&(^&#%#$!$!^%&*$#%@^&^*&((%*%@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $@%%^&^*&%^%^#@$!#$%^&*(^***^&%$%#$@!$%^$*&(^)(%$@#$QET%U&*(&*$%#@%^#&*^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Dr. Long leaves] Oh man.... Your Dr. Long is a fierce woman. At this rate, I don't think I'm going to get hired at Octan. You are welcome at Kawashita, Kolai-san. We are always looking for hard women (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111704). I appreciate the offer, Ava, but I get the feeling that a certain special agent might make sure I don't see my next birthday if that were to happen (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110370). Also, I'm still learning from Pombe, and I don't want to let him down. Where is your sensei? The last I heard, the meeting with your sales and marketing team got extended. I'm sure he's disappointed.... No need to be jealous, Kolai-san. Kawashita has an extensive line of beauty products to help you overcome your natural defects. I will even give you the employee discount code. It is kawashitainsiderbeauty40. Just type in the code during checkout. Jealous? Oh no no no...that's gross. No. Anyways, the Kawashita beauty products...are they what you use to look so good? No, Kolai-san, I have no natural defects. I was only trying to help you. You are most welcome! about we get started on the next mission? Alexander has left a gift for Octan before he had to leave to attend to his duties back in Kawashita space. I present the Kawashita DA-2B Kitsune mobile armor. Holy Avocado! I appreciate the sentiment, Kolai-san, but I am neither responsible for developing this mobile armor nor am I holy. What? Oh...yeah, was just a figure of speech. Anyway, my current mission is to find awesomnium, and according to the pilot roster, Guy is free to drop us off on Quantus III. Alright ladies, hang on tight! There you go! Happy hunting! Thanks, Guy! Let's go, Ava. [time passes] Kolai-san? I do not detect any awesomnium in this area. In fact, all we have done since we have arrived is massive deforestation. EYES!!! Yes, Kolai-san, I am paying attention to where I am directing the mobile armor. NO! THE TREES! THEY HAVE EYES!!! I am not understanding, Kolai-san. Trees do not have eyes. YES THEY DO AND THEY NEED TO DIE!!! ++End data transmission++ Next: More pics under the spoiler tag, including WIPs of the mech that shows some of the techniques I used.
  17. Mark of Falworth

    [M - C04] Assault on Aeristus.

    Activity - Exploration. Location- Aeristus - C04. After an uneventful time on Myderis, Mark of Orion and his prototype vehicle were tasked with surveying the currently contested planet of Aeristus, just one sector from Torresta, the home planet of the MANTIS™ corp. After a few hours of testing ground speed on the open grasslands, Mark's radio emitted a distress call! Arriving at the scene, Mark discovered that his former crewmates were attacking a loathsome Kawashita stronghold and were in dire need of assistance! Mark fired up the Awesomnium-powered boosters and revved up the particle-disruptor rays on his Strider. "THIS ENDS NOW!" (Begin Commentary) Not happy with this build at all, I was extremely rushed for time - which also explains the very short story! But I wanted to get something in for MANTIS, so Enjoy!
  18. Commander Beltar

    [K - A08] A Strange Deal

    Location: A08, Crentium Tags: Military, Spaceship (station), Civil, Spying, Kinda Piracy, ============================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 008: After killing two Octan Employs, along with getting two letters about a pending court marshal, and a letter from who Beltar thinks is a non-existent family, he decides to pay Operative Q (Who is aboard the Kaiju) a visit because of his current rank in Kawashita. Beltar moved along the ventilation system aboard the Kaiju as quietly as a shadow. For some reason, Colonel Nu'q LEarberg, aka Q had not been in his main office. However, listening in on encrypted intercom, he managed to track down Nu'q to a small, guarded offcie near the engineering bays. Approaching the room, he looked down. Nu’q: Almost another 500 credits to the bank! Time to get another copy of Domination for Dummies! After paying off lay-a-way! Beltar: ….So he’s how I got my copy? STAY ON TASK MAN! Nu’q: What was that? Hmm, I wonder... Beltar: That was close…. Beltar dropped down after opening the grate quietly, then he threw a shuriken towards Q’s gun, and it locked the gun onto the floor. Beltar ran to a position behind Q right after in the blink of an eye and held a knife to his head. Nu'q: Hello there...Beltar. What is it that you require? Beltar: Wha- How'd you know it was me? *Nu’q slowly pointed at the empty chair* Nu’q: Take a seat, Beltar. I'm surprised you didn't bring PauL. Beltar: How’d you- ANYWAYS, Great. NOW- Nu'q: What is it that you require? Beltar: A favour. *Nu'q slowly points at the empty chair again.* Beltar walked over, placed the knife on the counter and sat down cautiously. Beltar: First, disarm the beacon. DISARM IT! I know guards aren’t supposed to come in for the first two minutes of a beacon. Disarm it NOW! Nu'q: Please. If I didn't want you here, I would have had you arrested during the last hours when you where crawling through the ventilation system. Seriously, how did you think that you managed to listen to my encrypted intercom? I designed the decryptors you use. Beltar: ...Uhm... Nu'q: Now, I can do your favour, but I would like you to do something for me first. Are you interested in hearing my proposal? Beltar …Of course… Nu’q: I am secretyly building a... special... kind of ship. Since it's in the early stage experimental prototype, the Kawashita Groyp standards state that it should be unmanned. Howevere, due to the signifivant investment the ship poses, The Board wants someone to be able to pilot the ship should something go...wrong. As you understand, this needs to be done oustide official channels, so if you pilot it, I will do your favour. After all, you were a pilot yourself before your incident, weren't you? Beltar: THE FILE IS A LIE! Would you like to know what I think to your offer? Nu’q: Yes. Beltar got up slowly,picked up his knife, and moved towards the un-moving Q. Beltar: I think that THE DEAL IS NOT ACCEPTA- Hmm…. Perhaps I…can pilot that…thing…. Q carefully turned and stretched out his hand. Nu’q: Do we have a deal then? Beltar: Hmm… Nu’q: This offer won’t last. All I have to do is yell and security will be in. Do you accept the offer? Beltar stretched his hand out after finishing a short though: It has to be worth it. It MUST be worth it. But that prototype ship.Prototype. Ah, screw it. Beltar: Deal. Nu’q: Wise choice. Now, you will meet me in my private hangar later today, and what exactly do you need agent? Beltar: Look into a file on a Lauren A. Beltar… Nu’q: Oh. Her. I briefly saw her in your file, but I will look for her specific file. Beltar walked over to Q’s gun, picked up the shuriken, then proceeded the exit the same way he came in. Beltar: I’ll dock with the Kaiji as soon as I can… PauL is almost completely finished… Nu’q: Ah, yes, your robot. I forgot about him. And about your most recent incident on Arium Major… Before Q even finished his phrase, with a quick leap and a pull, Beltar was out of Q’s hair. For now. Moments Later: Sonja: Sir, everything okay? Your beacon was active for 2.3 minutes, the guards outside were arguing with us. Sorry sir. Rodrigo: AH! No fight. Can I ever actually get to fight someone outside of training? Nu’q rose and announced: Nu’q: Yes, yes, everything is quite alright. You may leave now. Sonja: Sorry sir, as a precaution, I need to leave these two men as guards for the next 24 hours. Standard protocol for our unit. Nu’q: There is really no need for tha- Rodrigo: Heya man! Can I have your autograph? Big fan, you designed this amazing space station! Nu'q: *Sigh* Of course, Beltar still watched on for a little while, to make sure Q didn’t spill their conversation. Beltar: Till we meet again… Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 008 ============================================================================ More Pics in the spoiler! Because I take too many! Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Q and Beltar’s paths seem to cross a lot…Hope you enjoyed! C and C welcome! ~Beltar (Many of Q's lines are actually from NuckElBerg. )
  19. Kodan Black

    [O - F02] - Subtlety

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle, Ground Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // After last week's vehicle debacle I contacted one of our best engineers to help me procure a more suitable choice. Big Z is one of the finest engineers anywhere and he was very happy to help me out. I was going to be observing wildlife on Lesser Drigo and wanted something that would allow me to do so without scaring it off. I gave Big Z the general idea of what I'd be doing and where and he said no problem. When we arrived in the hangar bay to load all of my science equipment and supplies I was ... surprised. "Subtle" was all ED-208 said. "This will certainly help us get around easily!" I cheerfully suggested. ED-208 stopped his inspection of our ride to suggest it would be for the best if he drove this time. I happily noted that it would be the most logical solution since I would need to focus on observing. I wasn't sure what to name our new ride, ED-208 suggested the OCS Overcompensating, but I told him that made no sense since it was a land vehicle and not a ship. I thought I heard him mumble "And I'm the robot?" but that wouldn't make sense since he IS a robot. I finally suggested we call it the Long Range Explorer, I doubt anyone will realize why I named it that! Dr. Long had been rather disappointed in my efforts last week to collect samples for the geology folks. I guess picking up random rocks isn't what they had hoped for. So this week I was going to be bringing along a drill to collect some core samples. She said that we needed to establish how the planet had formed to better grasp where the water pockets were. I feel like she was in an unusually bad mood, so I wanted to be extra diligent this week to make her happy. For my own scientific pursuits I had 2 biocontainment units with lichen. One would be used as the control while the other would be exposed to Lesser Drigo's atmosphere and insect life to observe the interaction. It would be very exciting if I could present my findings to Dr. Long and hopefully earn back some of the trust she had placed in me after my failings last week. Maybe I could find a new scorpion species, I know she is very interested in them! I was glad that Dr. Long still cared enough about me to allow ED-208 to continue to stay with me. He, well I guess being a robot there is no gender but since it had a male voice I thought of it as "him", made things less lonely. Plus I felt better having someone around to keep an eye out and protect me. At times I become lost in thought and can fail to see danger. For instance last week before heading to Lesser Drigo I'd been on Jurin II and nearly walked off the edge of a landing platform, but one of the engineers yelled at me at the last second. Fortunately Dr. Long wasn't there at the time and she even let me fetch John Hannibal's ship which was quite an honor! I think it was her subtle way of getting me noticed by another Exec since she knows how capable I am. I sure hope my hectic schedule slows down a bit soon so I can get back to my drone work. ED-208 would likely be a great assistant with that too. With my pal ED-208 by my side, we can do some really great stuff for Octan. And we can make Dr. Long really proud of us. More pics: Travel mode Core sample drill deployed Doors open
  20. pombe

    [O - F02] Big in Japan

    Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration, AG, Octan ++Eshey Reeshia Kolai, personal log, start recording++ Andromeda is steadily becoming developed, although some would say exploited instead. In any case, it's clear that the three major corporations are on a collision course as they expand towards each other's sphere of influence. Already there have been incidents, such as the discovery of a M.A.N.T.I.S. spy in one of our labs on Lesser Drigo (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111380), the disappearance of our robots, also on Lesser Drigo (http://www.eurobrick...owtopic=111350]), the hi-jacking of our biomass harvests on Jurin II (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111361), and a confrontation that resulted in the deaths of two Octan employees on Arium Major (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111267). Some within Octan have advocated for conflict while coolers heads have sought for more diplomatic solutions. My opinion is that we have enough problems with the dangerous fauna here in Andromeda and that we shouldn't have to worry about shadow conflicts with the other corporations. Already I have been attacked by an alien snow monster (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110681), and have preempted attacks by obliterating alien cactus monsters (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110932). I don't even believe how I was able to survive the last mission when an alien was eating my spaceship while I was still in orbit (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111341[/url]), but that is a story for another log. And this just as a temp. As much as I want a permanent position at know, job security and benefits and all that...I'm afraid of the type of assignments I'd get as one. The good news is that there appears to be elements within the Kawashita corporation that are open to cooperation with Octan. While a formal press release has not been put out officially stating that our companies are cooperating, unofficial inter-corporate events have been sponsored to foster good will. Maybe...just maybe, these will lead to official collaborations between Kawashita and Octan. My mentor, Pombe, shall I put this...graciously sacrificed himself to attend a "meet and greet" with an all female...and all absolutely gorgeous...Kawashita sales and marketing team. Octan is hosting the event on the tropical paradise of Jurin II. He even sent a picture to show how hard he's working. He serves as a great example for us all.... As for me, I've been assigned to meet with Kawashita engineer, Alexander Vandangant, and inter-corporate relations officer, Ava Gato. We are lucky that Alexander was available at all, considering how busy he was setting up a Kawashita geology lab on Marden (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111650), but he was able to make time in his schedule to come all the way out to the Axle. Fortunately, that cutie Big Z will be with me as Alexander showcases his latest design in robotics engineering. Who needs a tropical paradise when you've got him around, right? Oh...the meeting will start soon and I have to get ready. ++Eshey Reeshia Kolai, personal log, stop recording++ ++Start data transmission++ Big Z and I meet with Ava and Alexander aboard the O.C.S. Axle. Greetings from Octan. Thank you, Ava and Alexander, for coming all this way to share your latest design with us. Thank you for having us! Also, be aware that I'm not allowed to share any proprietary Kawashita secrets, so what I will be showing you won't be equipped with top secret Kawashita hardware or software. We understand and are still grateful for your generosity and time. Kolai-san and Z-san, to celebrate this occasion, Alexander and I have brought our special Kawashita reserve premium rice wine. Excellent! Um...I don't drink. To refuse such a great and precious gift would be an immense dishonor to Kawashita and may affect the future relationship of our companies. Alrighty...I'll have a sip.... Excellent. Wait...hold on...why is the room spinning? I'm sitting down, right? Right? Whooaaaaaaaaa.... [Time passes] I'm up! I'm up! What...where am I? We're in an engineering bay where Alexander was about to unveil his latest robotics engineering achievement. We are glad you could rejoin us, Kolai-san. I present the Kawashita CHI-B1 hardsuit, developed to be a versatile and protective powered-armor suit for harsh and dangerous environments. In other words, when you put it on, you become hard. I beg your pardon? The purpose of a hardsuit is to make one hard, is it not? Well...I suppose when you put it that way.... This is great work, Alexander! Does it come with other weapon options? Of course! Instead of the gun and sword you see here, you can mount missile pods, artillery cannons, and anti-aircraft weapons on any of the hard points. Your hardsuit has hard points. It sounds very hard. I do not understand Kolai-san. Hardness can only be felt, not heard. Please, try it on and feel the hardness. Do you feel hard, Kolai-san? Yes...yes, I do. How about you, Z-san. Would you like to try it on and become hard? I'm always hard. Excellent. A hard man is good to find. That's not how that phrase goes...oh nevermind.... Since we are in orbit over planet F02, why don't Kolai-san and Z-san take the hardsuit out for a test? I'd love to, but I need to check up on some water absorption drones I've placed on the planet surface (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111648). Very well, how about I accompany Kolai-san to help her search for water on the planet? Sure, I'd love to have you join me. These odd lifeforms seem to like the heat from the nearby volcanoes. Unfortunately, Kolai-san, I don't seem to be detecting any water. KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL! Kolai-san, these lifeforms do not appear predatory nor dangerous. Perhaps your Dr. Long would like live specimens to examine? KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL! As you wish. DIE!!! DIE!!! DIE!!! ++End data transmission++ Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  21. Location: F03 - Forring Tags: civil, land/water vehicle Terrain: Spaceship Interior Start of transmission #07. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I'm on the Axis, finally. Slowly recovering from this mess happened on New California. It's much better now. I'm even allowed to leave the room and walk around some internal corridors of the ship. And there a quite interesting things to be seen there... No idea whether this is a prototype (should be.. it's obviously not even properly colored yet). But I certainly want the one for myself. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #07. The build:
  22. Commander Beltar

    [K - E11] You Have One New Message

    Location: E11, Fascini Cluster Tags: Military, Spaceship (station), Civil, Spying (I don’t know if this one counts in this build..) ============================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 007: “Back aboard my larger ship again…I gotta bad feeling about today cause of my incident. That drone... PauL: Sir, are you recapping the story for me? Can YOU please continue FIXING me instead? I am! P: No you’re not! I AM, JUST TAKIN A BREAK IS ALL. P: sir yes sir… Computer: You have one new mail. What is it? Computer: The mailman is coming to drop off two mail. Did I REALLY NEED A MAIL ABOUT GETTING MAIL! Computer: Idontknow. He’s docking now. Alright, I’ll meet him over there. Kraig the Mailman: mwhahahahahahahahahahhhahahaheehehehe So it’s Kraig…again. Screw this. Come out come out wherever you are! You little munchkin. How’d he even get on the ship without opening the hatch? I got a sword over here, Better come out now! Kraig: BOOOOO! *sigh* you are the weirdest little mailman ever. Kraig: Thank you very mucho! I have a letter from the labboys, and a letter from…earth! Can you believe it! Earth! Where you came from! From another Beltar! And its paper! PAPER! Another…Beltar? *Beltar opens the letter and reads who it’s from* From a Lauren A. Beltar….My parents are dead….I don’t think I have any other relatives…from my file that I read after my incident. Possibly amnesia…but still… WHO IS SHE! Kraig: Idk man idk, she wasn’t on your file that I read, but I only have mailman clearance. Read it, HQ redacted lots of words… Dear REDACTED Beltar, You’ve been away from Earth for a while now. REDACTED is wondering when you are coming home, your parents are worried sick! I am to, REDACTED. You must realize that all of your friends are also wondering where you’ve gone, they don’t believe that you’ve gone to another galaxy with Kawashita. Look, REDACTED, our REDACTED is all grown REDACTED now. You’ve missed too much. Too Much... Too much… After we heard about your accident, we couldn’t get any mail to you, they wouldn’t take it. Then after you were out of Project Paradise, we were allowed to send mail. But you never responded. So please, REDACTED, send mail home, for your family to know you’re at least okay. With REDACTED, from your family and friends, REDACTED A. Beltar. WHO IS THIS? KRAIG WHO! WHO I ASK YOU! WHO! IF KAWASHITA HID MY RECORDS I SWEA- Kraig: Take it easy gargantuan! Idk who it is! They redacted words and they’re not on mailman clearance, which is high, I imagine the labboys, board members, the CEO and branch executives have access! Hmmm…I don’t seem to trust a little mailman like you. Even though you deliver mail all the time to me…And the letter said they sent more… Kraig: I never received any from HQ to sort for you then! It would be a shame…if you never made it back to HQ…. Kraig: Idk man, idk, I’ll be going back to HQ now… CYA! *poof* How’d he do that? PauL: I don’t know, and don’t threaten a mailman. Seriously sir, don’t. *Beltar sits down and plugs in the labboys chip to listen to while reading the letter again.* Agent Beltar. We have gone easy on you for a while now. And in turn, you give us this. A murder of two Octan employees over your robot. We’ve tried what we can to calm the other corporations down, but they refuse to. They’ve requested a court martial to take place in December this year. You need to get a lawyer from somewhere, but that might be hard at this rate...With your condition and all…We’ve tried to fix you during Project Paradise, I don’t think it worked well enough. We are sorry we got you into this. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. But I imagine you will be found guilty. Sorry. And since the GATE bi-laws of 2 murders have never been written before, if your found guilty, instead of self-defense, you will probably have to jump into the black hole. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Goodbye for now, but until then, carry out your missions. ~Your Labboys. Wonderful. A letter from a nonexistent family, and a court martial. You’re going to get your quantum data back in December….If I have to jump…GREAT WHAT KIND OF LEGAL SYSTEM IS THIS! SERIOUSLY! AND THEY EXPECT ME TO CONTINUE MY MISSIONS! WONDERFUL! *more yelling and complaining* Alright PauL, I’ll continue fixing you now. I think I’ll try to send a letter back to whoever she is…And one of my old friends that I do remember, Steve Charkin, that wealthy little lawyer…He’d help me no matter the charges. PauL: And just how do you plan to find out who Lauren Beltar is with that wry smile on your face? I think I know someone who can help with that. With a little bit of convincing is all… PauL: You don’t mean Oper- He’s branch and board member now…He will help. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 007 ============================================================================================================================ More Pics in the spoiler! Because I take too many! Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Hope you enjoyed! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  23. Kodan Black

    [O - F02] - Driver's ED

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle, Ground Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // I filed my report about the data I had collected and requested to return to the Axle to personally debrief with Dr. Long. But she said that I was needed on neighboring Lesser Drigo. She felt like we needed a scientific presence after most of the first hand reports of Jurin II from Octan Corp personnel amounted to how warm the water was and how smooth the sand was. I, of course, was honored to be selected. I requested a GMB-02 mobile lab, but she said there were none available. I then suggested a GMM-04 mech suit, but again there were none. She assured me that a suitable vehicle would be located for my use. I knew with the importance of my mission she'd find the proper conveyance. It was a surprise to find myself driving an Octan off-road race truck. At first I thought there was some mistake, but the supplymaster who gave it to me assured me it wasn't. I then realized what was happening: Dr. Long was crafty... she was testing me! Wanted to try and throw me a curveball to see how I would handle it. Clearly she wanted to make sure I was able to be trusted and that I wouldn't fall apart at a slight hiccup. Brilliant. Admittedly the truck had a lot of power, but being the skilled driver I am, it didn't bother me at all. It did worry me that Mantis had been spotted with a fair bit of recent activity on Lesser Drigo. Dr. Long said that it would be a perfect chance for the new Executive Defender Series 208 robot (commonly called ED-208) to be field tested. The ED-208 is highly reliable and can easily identify threats. According to the message from Dr. Long. I actually thought at first she was sending me a protection rabbit because her message was a bit garbled, which seemed ridiculous. I mean, what would a rabbit even be able to do... I found it somewhat difficult to find any fauna, this might have been due to the fact that my vehicle made a loud BBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPP noise from its exhaust that could be heard for a mile. Not that I would have been able to do much with them anyway since there was virtually no room in the race truck. I was able to find some plants though. And I did have my camera with me. I asked ED-208 if he felt like what we were doing was science and he said "I'd buy that for 3 credits!" I think that meant yes. I also grabbed a few rocks for our geologists on the Axle to look at. I looked for any cool rocks that I could give to Dr. Long for her desk, but all I could find was ugly brown ones. ED-208 asked me why I was looking for "pretty rocks for the stern woman", clearly the AI still has a ways to go! Extra truck photos:
  24. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F02] A Shadow over Drigo

    Note: I did not finish my original intended project for this week, but I did finish this, which was actually the relevant-to-this-week-story part anyways. Planet: E02 Tags: Land vehicle, Science Excerpt from Clappie Explorer's Guide: "The Lesser Lesser Drigonian Mani-colour Xenoscorpion (Soccerkiddus manticolourus) builds small mounds in the Arid desert, from which they perch to capture the morning dew on their backs, which they then transfer with their delicate front arms into a lime-green pod on their backs. They are a very common inhabitant of the Lesser Drigo dessert." "They are very small, but when crushed release a trans-neon green juice, which can stain clothes if left unattended. Launder using sodium hypochlorite bleach." Reclaiming Lesser Drigo _____________________________________________ Science Officer Ben Nai: "Good morning Dr. Long! Right on schedule, as usual!" Dr. Long: "This is not a good morning Dr. Nai. Not a good morning at all. I am here to clean up your messes." Ben Nai: "Of course, Dr. Long." Dr. Long: "I have been briefed as to the specifics already...." Ben Nai: "Shall I show yo uto your Offi--" Dr. Long: "...Don't Interrupt me. We've found dozens of MANTIS produced micro-tracking devices in water filtered here, And suddenly they all activated, likely revealing the location of all our most important water extraction facilities; Several loading robots are unaccounted for; Several water filtration pipes have been physically removed and stolen; And, to top it all off, our Top Secret Project OMEGA was infiltrated by a MANTIS spy, who proceeded to transfer--unimpeded--an entire Data chip on the beryllium sphere before he was apprehended." Ben Nai: "Now, we don't know how successful his data transfer was ye--" Dr. Long: "Did I say you could speak? No I did not. The only salvageable aspect of this towering monument to your incompetence is that we did capture one of the MANTIS agents responsible." Ben Nai: "I was just about to get to that! Bring him in!" "There he is, Danielle: The mastermind behind this entire MANTIS operation! We'll get him to crack, for sure! Intel indicates his name is 'Scorpio'! Intimidating name if you ask me!" Dr. Long: "Why is he still wearing a communications device on his head?" Dr. Nai: "Umm..." Dr. Long: "The Peacekeepers will see to his safe transferal, and hopefully wipe that smug grin off his face. Show me to my office, Dr. I will be sure to tell the board about all of this during your annual review. Needless to say, you should make sure you're on good terms with the janitorial staff of your facility." "I'm surrounded by idiots." ________ Later.... //"Log date 369, This is Dr. Danielle Long recording from Lab facilities in Octan's new science base on Lesser Drigo. Earlier I received a very promising geological sample obtained by one of our up and coming pilots on E02. I believe it is, in-fact, Mithril. Its appearance on E02 is highly irregular, as our scans suggest that the planet could not possibly have produced it naturally. This, in addition to findings from the Axle's Alien Artifact retrieval squad (called in by explorer Lu caslaug-Hing) on E02, leads me to believe that Freegate, the only location in the Andromeda Gates network known to possess Mithril deposits, may, at some distant time in the past, have been mined for its resources by non-human sentients. Further research on my theory may be conducted should I get a chance to visit Freegate. Now, onto less important matters. One of our exploration teams has procured a specimen of the local F02 fauna for me.... "Oh you have got to be kidding me." "Dr. Long signing off. I may need to visit another planet for a while to escape the boiling incompetence I am forced to endure."// _______________________________________ Ok, this was the first time I've ever attempted vertical rockwork like that! I was so inspired by Soccerkid's beautiful work that I felt compelled to try that for myself. Unfortunately I don't have many parts in the right colours! What you see in this build is most of my available dark tan, and even some of my unavailable dark tan. (don't tell my model-keeping brother... oh well... he already knows. ) and ALL of my nougat... to the point that I mixed with that earthy orange colour. I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered. I also bought a set specifically for the olive green. You are looking at literally my entire collection of olive green. Edit: Better pic of the land vehicle (with actual light this time!) "What did you mean when you said 'get to know my janitors'?" ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  25. Dannylonglegs

    [O-E02] Chemical Rain

    Planet: E02 Tags: Land vehicle, Science, Exploration, Civil //"Log date 357, this is Dr. Danielle Long, reporting from the surface of E02. I am accompanying one of my Drones as it collects samples, and making observations on the natural growth habits of the local xeno-flora. Air is breathable, Temperature is a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius at night at my current location, and the stars are readily visible. In-fact, I believe I can see the O.C.S. Axle from where I am.... This planet will make a fine resort-world for Octan's retirees. Naturally, specimens must be taken to scan for harmful bio-organisms and viruses, the analysis of which will take place in the pristine labs aboard the O.C.S. Axle. Dr. Long signing off."// Science by the light of the stars //"This is Dr. Long, aboard personal shuttle O.C.S. Cog 1, entering Space Dock 1 of O.C.S. Axle. Prepare decontamination shower for myself and my pilot. Aboard craft are 6 Sc106 Drones filled with xenobiological specimens. Follow typical extraction protocol for low-threat xenobiological contaminants. primary containment and threat assessment in high-risk section of Axle, followed by distribution to low-threat labs as deemed appropriate. Arrival time in approximately 10 minutes. Make that chemical shower warm, and prepare my usual soap cocktail. Dr. Long signing off."// Decontamination Note: This piece was meant to convey a sense of loneliness and cold removedness, and the red chemical shower itself is meant to be rather off-putting. All-in-all I wanted to evoke Fan-Disservice, and not the more ubiquitous opposite of that trope. The build was actually quite a bit more difficult than the pictures may imply, but it was built specifically for this one shot, so the technique I used to create the octagon that comprises the shower goes completely unnoticed. hope you enjoy! But not too much. ~Insectoid Aristocrat