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Found 415 results

  1. Here’s your beer. You’re a scientist then? I had you figured for a pilot with that jumpsuit you’re wearing. Yeah, I used to be a pilot, once upon a time. It’s a long story... I'm willing to hear it friend. Well, don't say I didn't warn you. Back in the Milky Way I was part of a long-range bomber squadron. Hold on, there's no way you were ever in the military with a beard like that. Alright, fine, I was a bit less hairy in those days. That's better. So what ships did you fly? Apian Class bombers. Those things were crazy - basically just a bomb strapped to these enormous engines. The idea was that the carrier would lurk out of the target's scanner range and launch our squadron of four bombers. We'd come screaming in at ridiculous speeds, let the missiles fly and get the hell out of there before they knew what had hit 'em. Sounds pretty dangerous. You were close to your squad mates I guess? Oh yeah, we were quite the gang. I was the youngest, and then there was Rex, Squadron Leader Philips (we called her Phil, though never to her face) and Sue. Oh ho! Let me guess, this Sue was quite the looker? You could say that, yeah. Well, it all makes sense now. You were a pilot, then you fell in love. I've heard this story a thousand times. Well, maybe not exactly like this... To be continued! More pics in the spoiler. C&C welcome, especially on the fully edited pic. It's the first time I've tried something like that.
  2. Dannylonglegs

    [Challenge 2] [Cat A] OT-Cog 1

    The OT Cog 1 is Dr. Long's personal shuttle.... well, it's not hers, technically. The ship is one of many Cog model shuttlecraft used by Octan personnel for extra-orbital transportation needs. The crew is typically 2 to 3, a pilot, the optional co-pilot, and the passenger, as is the case with Cog 1. Some have been modified to decrease cargo space in favor of more seats. Dr. Long took a liking to the Cog 1 very early on in her employment at Octan, and nowadays no one dares reserve its use for fear of irritating Dr. Long... a mistake that could make any Axle worker's life miserable. Dr. Long frequently uses the ship to shuttle herself and her Science drones to and from the Axle. It can hold up to 6 Sc106 specimen acquisition drones. The "Head" is so snotty I built it upside down. It's very sturdy. Rear wheels fold out. Front wheels need to be put on manually. Bay door allows minifigures to climb in with very little space. Watch your heads! Several nights of little sleep building this, and one final all nighter. I'm exhausted, but she's done. Anyone know how to photograph big ships like this well? ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  3. DarkDruid

    [Challenge 2][Cat A] OS Valor

    I originally planned this as an Exploriens ship, but this works as well. Landing gear deployed:
  4. Commander Beltar

    [Challenge 2] [Cat. A] Tappudansu Mk. II

    Tappudansu Mk II File Production Information: Manufacturer: The Kawashita Group Product Line: Tappudansu Models Class: Scout Engine Class: D-Hyper Class Cost: Unknown Maximum Speed: 950 MPH Maximum Altitude: Unknown Armament: Multitude of Hidden Blasters Crew: 1 Pilot, Passengers: 1 (Optional) Pilot Preparing for takeoff Simulation Main Pic: Still looks like that shoe! Flight Mode (Not Much to see here…) Backside: Showcases the heel…Using some ideas from the last model. Engage Story Mode: Continues after: Deception Beltar: PauL, do you read me? PauL: Yes..Dr. Chandra SF, I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. Beltar: PAUL, WHAT THE H*LL IS HAPPENING? PauL: Dr. Chandra, is deployment in the Seals a good idea for an AI like me? Beltar: Must be his past..hmm…very peculiar… PauL: Well, forgive me for being so inquisitive but during the past few weeks I've wondered whether you might have some second thoughts about the mission…. Well, it's rather difficult to define. Perhaps I'm just projecting my own concern about it. I know I've never completely freed myself from the suspicion that there are some extremely odd things about this mission. I'm sure you agree there's some truth in what I say… You don't mind talking about it, do you Doctor?... Rumors about something being dug up on the ksszzk. I never gave these stories much credence, but particularly in view of some of other things that have happened, I find them difficult to put out of my mind. For instance, the way all our preparations were kept under such tight security. And the melodramatic touch of putting Drs. Hunter, Kimball and Kaminsky aboard already in the field, after four months of training on their own. Beltar: Wait…Wait…PauL do you read me? PauL: This is Agent 13, send Seal Team 8 in, the sewer looks clean. Alright boys, let’s move out. Wait, hold up Pete, Carlos, Mark! LANDMINES! Beltar: Wait…what? PauL: Yes Doctor, I am aware that the loss of Seal Team 8 has troubled me deeply. Perhaps next time I go into the fie- Our company has been bought by the Kawashita Group? Beltar: He lost a whole team…I…I heard about the loss of Seal Team 8 on the news…years ago… PauL: I understand now, Dr. Chandra, thank you for telling me the truth. No Mr. Kawashita, The aPauLo series is the most reliable computer ever made. No aPauLo computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error. I enjoy working with people. I have and had a stimulating relationship with Dr. Chandra and Seal Team 8. My responsibilities can range over the entire operation of the ship so I am constantly occupied. More Pictures in the spoiler! (Because I still take too many…) Hope you liked this build! I decided to use the challenge as a way to get my story moving rather than waiting for next week, besides, this gives you a good look into PauL's past. I was also very tempted to title this "High Heel" as Mike suggested I should have when Tappudansu happened, I also took some suggestions from the comment section, like making the cockpit fit in more, with angles! Anyone notice a similarity between the file from Deception and the Tappudansu Mk. II file? Anyways, as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Ugh, Could a mod please change the title to have a II instead of 11?
  5. +Sue Damoness, personal log, start recording++ Transition from military to civilian life has been an interesting one. I do miss how clearly defined everything was in Galaxy Squad and the routine. Though I don't miss the boredom that comes from waiting for things to happen. One perk though is that I get to do my hair however I want. No more short cropped hair for me! I guess I'm lucky in that pilots are needed in both spheres, especially for aces like myself. I got several offers, but I decided to go with Octan for the simple reason that my supervisor appears to be a well meaning idiot. I've served under officers who were either super intelligent or sheer morons, but always with their own selfish agendas, and nothing pisses me off more than being deliberately sent into a bad situation or left in one. The way I see it, this Pombe guy won't screw me over...on purpose, anyway. Best of all, it seems he's aware of what he's not aware of, and has left most of the piloting related decisions to me. There's word that a giant fleet of unknowns is heading our way from Andromeda's galactic core, and in response, Octan is developing its own fleet to intercept it. Pombe wanted me to put forward design specifications to an engineer based on my own combat experience to build a new highly effective starfighter. Seriously? I get to design my dream starfighter? How lucky can a girl get?! He recommended Big Z as the engineer to go to, which is fine. I mean, I have nothing against him...I just...well...he's a pretty boy, and I just can't...not after that incident. I do see why Eshey is all crazy about him. But no, I had to find someone else. Remember when I mentioned that my supervisor is an idiot? I don't know how this started, but he's utterly convinced that Wick Nole is a legendary explorer. Except that Wick Nole is an engineer. And how he's convinced everyone else on the team that Wick Nole is an explorer is beyond me. I mean, I'm not saying that engineers can't explore...but that's just not Wick Nole's job title. And speaking of Wick Nole: as one of the branch executives and one of the main corporate strategists here in Andromeda, I figure I would ask him to help me design my dream starfighter. I told him I had three criteria for the new starfighter: 1) it had to be as fast as possible 2) it had to be as agile as possible and 3) all its weapons had to be either turret mounted or guided. The first one is easy, especially for someone coming from Galaxy Squad's Red Team. Combat in space takes place over incredible distances and in order to win, one needs to cover those distances quickly. The ability to respond to a rapidly changing situation quickly is absolutely critical to victory. I've seen so many engagements whose outcomes were literally decided by which side could respond faster. And if your plan fails, which happens all the time, your speed determines if you bug out or die. Speed is victory, speed is survival. Agility is often ignored in starfighter designs, and I don't understand why. Because of the distances in which space combat occurs, often times in the tens of thousands of kilometers, all weapons fire is calculated by targeting computers. The computer triangulates the distances, determines the relative speeds, projects the most likely path of the target, and fires according to calculated probabilities. And those computers are exceptional at placing a projectile, whether it's a slug, a missile, or a beam of light, at the same location in space and at the same time that it will be occupied by the target. No one manually aims their weapons in space. No one. However, the more agile the target is, the greater the range of probable paths, and the less likely the computer will be able to hit the target. And I don't like getting hit. Now, I get that the g-forces that a minifigure can endure without passing out pretty much dictates the limits of how agile a starfighter can be. Galaxy Squad already selects for pilots that can withstand high g-forces, and my flight suit is designed to boost those tolerances even further. While it's not for rookies, it's my dream starfighter, designed for improving the survivability of experienced pilots. Finally, I don't get this fascination of fixed forward firing weapons on starfighters. It just makes your flight path more predictable, since you have to manuver and line up your approach vector before you can even fly at your target to shoot it. And I've seen enough mutual destruction by opponents flying straight at each other to know that such designs are suicide. Turret mounted and/or guided weapons allow you to never have to fly directly at a target and makes it even harder for the opponent's computer to predict where you'll be. Well, let me tell you: Wick Nole does not disappoint. She was as beautiful as she was deadly. She was designated as the OF-44. While Wick was the one who built her, he was kind enough to let me name her. I christened her Killer Bee. Now, to achieve what I wanted, Wick had to make some necessary compromises. She was small and light, lightly armored, lightly armed, and had limited range. That pretty much meant she would need to operate out of a local starbase or carrier ship, but everything else was not a drawback in my book. She was still capable of performing CAP assignments and act as an interceptor if necessary. Though lightly armored, she was unlikely to get hit, given the speed her three massive engines gave her, two of which were designed for maximum 360 degree manuverability, ensuring she would be near impossible to track. She could even fly backwards! How many starfighters can do that? Best of all, not only was she a space superiority fighter, her variable engines gave her VTOL capabilites to fill the ground support role of a gunship if no enemy air assets are present. Her weapons were minimal, a turret mounted cannon and a missile pod with four guided rockets with MIRV warheads. This may seem like a disadvantage, as starfighters with big guns and large payloads look impressive on paper, but combat takes place at speeds several orders of magnitude higher than the speed of sound. Any starfighter hit by an object no larger than a typical nut or screw would be obliterated anyway, given how much energy would be released in such a collision. That's why only morons fly through the debris field created by an exploding target. Only the larger capital ships needed to be hit with such firepower, because of how heavily armored they are, and that's a role delegated to either bomber class fighters or other capital ships. I took her for a test flight, and she flew like a dream. Everything was smooth and easy, and it felt like she could almost predict what I wanted her to do before I hit the controls. Afterwards, I gave her my stamp of approval, and Wick is now in the process of getting her into full production. Whatever it is that's coming at us from the galactic center had better beware. Squadrons of Killer Bees will be waiting. ++Sue Damoness, personal log, stop recording++ Next:
  6. Challenge 2: Cat A // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Long sent me a message that there is some "disturbance" located coreward in the galaxy. All personnel are being asked to get fighters and other space vehicles in order to be prepared. I was assigned the OF-98 Mosquito, a small lightly armed and armored fighter. It was designed as a very fast and agile fighter, but in a stand up against heavier fighters it wouldn't fare well. I wasn't too worried though, despite being a decent pilot I'd only had the minimum Octan Corp space combat training and had zero real combat experience. I'd rather have something fast to escape with than try to stand and fight it out. I'm sure Dr. Long took that into consideration when assigning me the Mosquito. Landing Mode: Flight Mode: Rear View: Bottom View (both of the ship and my minifig -- and yes I HAVE been working out!): Top View:
  7. I wanted my own ship since the first days in Andromeda, but it was too expensive to bring my old one here through the Gate. But not so long time ago Octan Corporation had researched spaceship mastery and launched the orbital shipyards on Farmolis: and here, above our new homeworld, the prices are finally affordable. "Galeopterus" is almost ready. Should be able to test it in flight very soon. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OS-21.2C "Galeopterus" is a small transport/reconnaissance craft equipped with quantum field generator to hide its heat signature (hence, the "S" is added to standard Octan Corporation Space Vessel naming). The craft's purpose is to supply cover operation groups deep inside rivals' territory or alien-infected sectors. "Galeopterus" is also capable of doing reconnaissance missions - and in this case the rear cargo bay is loaded with surveillance equipment. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  8. A small prototype fighter designed and built by Dan, it now serves as his personal ship.It is fast and maneuverable and is equipped with 2 light laser cannons for "self defense". Despite the small size of the ship the cockpit is not overly cramped and fits Dan in with his armor and helmet, and even has a spot to stash his pistol. The ship also features basic landing gear that keeps the rear of the fighter in the correct position when on the ground. Notes: I am really happy with how this came out, and this is one of my favorite builds. C and C appreciated
  9. Dannylonglegs

    [O-G09] Unidentified Flying Object

    Tags: Science, Flying Vehicle/spaceship Location: G09, Greater Drigo "Log date 409, This is Dr. Danielle Long. Drone inspection of Greater Drigo has uncovered several "Unidentified Anomalies" one of which is clearly a spaceship. The vehicle itself appears to be recently made, but it's design is identical to those used by humans from the 20th, 21st, or 23rd century (I'm not a history buff. I'll leave the dating to the Axle's experts.) Regardless, this is an ancient human vessel, but it's recently made... the object is completely abandoned, and there is no sign of activity in the area for years... drones in the area have also detected bizarre gravity and temporal anomalies in close proximity to the Object. This certainly calls for further investigation. Dr. Long signing out." Flight mode This is the second neo classic space themed MoC I've built, but it won't be the last. You'll see many such MoCs from me the next few weeks as I begin hosting "Blacktron Mafia" (sign ups open in a few days!) I am pretty pleased with this spaceship, but as always, criticism and Critiques are more than welcome! Better pictures are up. It's impressive how much difference a little light can make! Extra picture with a model (who looks suspiciously like Jebediah) in the (finished) cocpit. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  10. Location: G06 - Zimunsk Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration, AG, Octan ++Start transmission++ And so my asparagus tasted like an avocado! Matarilli hrodi qlfuss! HahAhAhaHAhAHa Klik! And who are you again? NOrMal Guy klik. Oh, you're not Ethel's boyfriend? Gamla lombungr, sugandi toti tik madr! Better luck next time, Normal Guy. Maybe try Eshey or Sue? Anyway, Ethel, you have your assignment. Big Z should have your vehicle ready. Alicarl bqllr! Huglausi lqngubak meyla! Um...okay. Please don't hurt me. Your vehicle is over there. We'll drop you off on Zimunsk so you can do your exploration assignment. Skreyja oskilgetinn vitskertr! Lodinkinni fretr braudnefr! Ledrhals daufi galti! Blot gleidr kamphundr! ++End transmission++ Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  11. Commander Beltar

    [K - A04] Some Old Friends...

    Location: A04 Myndernis Tags: Spying (PauL is…), Building (Kind of...) ============================================================================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 013 Beltar: Ugh, really computer? This contact better be worth it….The smell is getting to me. Computer: Well, you have met them before. Jebadiah: Are you sure the man is coming? Robin: He will my friend! *Loud Noise* Beltar: *Cough* COMPUTER! THESE ARE YOUR CONTACTS! REALLY! I UNDERSTAND ROBIN, BUT HIM AGAIN! Beltar: So just how did you guys host this escape? Jeb: Your computer contacted me, and told me to contact Robinhood here. We then had some…inside…help. Robin: That is mostly correct! Beltar: There we go. Little trace. Computer: Wait. Beltar: Huh? Jeb: ? Robin what iz it robot! Computer: Wait. Computer: I’m getting 2 AIs’ in the vicinity. One is deactivated. But… Beltar: WHAT? Are you certain it isn't you? Computer: Affirmative. The other one One is active. Standard protocols mean that they should be deactivated before being thrown into the recycling plant. *Random Noise* PauL: Ksskkzzz…Orders Revived. Beltar: WOAH, PAUL? WHAT? WHO OPENED THOSE? *All say not them…* PauL: Hello there. *Random magnet clicking and coming from the trash on the other side* PauL: My designation is aPauLo-14. You killed my cousin. Prepare to be caught. (Or Die) Beltar: What. The. Absolute. H*ll. Computer: I think we should leave. Robin: Agreed. Jeb: Agreed. Robin: I will hold him off. Go my friends! Beltar: But.. Robin: GO! PauL: You are very brave archer. Foolish. But brave. Robin: Ahaha! PauL: Surrender. Robin: Never. PauL: Very well then. Such a waste of a possible asset. Robin: … PauL: Eliminate Him. Madame Kawashita commands it. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 013 ============================================================================================================================ Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Hope you like the build and story! Oh no! What will happen to Robin? Anyways, I spent the extra week working on SoNE and the PTV Contest, so this isn't as great as I had planned...And the story was more of a filler for what was going to be "Alone Against K.A.W.A.S.H.I.T.A.". And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  12. Big Sal

    [M-D04] Experiment A6D04

    Location: D04 Tags: Science Yeah, I’m just experimenting with this new scanner technology. It’s good to get out of the office and actually do some science. I don’t know, I guess I didn’t realise how much paperwork was involved in being CEO. Less than you’d think. I don’t even have the key to the Executive Bathroom! Right? Apparently Lady K never gave hers back and there aren’t any spares. I’m sure I saw Dave Daring coming out of there the other day though… Shhhh! No, I thought I heard something. Probably nothing. So how's the wife? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ---- Only had time for a very quick one this week!
  13. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Octan Brand

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // After last week's discovery we had our drones looking for other anomalies. As it turns out there was one found in the shallow waters of Arium Major. ED-208 and I grabbed an Octan brand High Speed Dual Occupant Water Craft (OCHSDOWC for short). He wasn't happy about being on the water even though I had coated him in Octan brand High Performance Robot Sealant. When we arrived at the location of the device I asked if he would rather stay in the boat with his Octan brand Personal Floatation Device for Robots, and he said it would be for the best. Given that ED-208 wouldn't be with me I brought along my Octan brand High-Definition Underwater Camera to take pictures with. The new scuba gear and fins I had brought along also helped immensely. This device seemed to be capable of both acoustic listening and water composition analysis. I'm not sure what they were looking for in the water. I'm not even sure who "they" is! Once again all I could do was upload my data to Octan HQ and await further instructions. Having found a second device I'm sure they will be more interested in who is placing these devices and why. Extra pics:
  14. Location: Ertauq, EO3. One of it's moons. Tags: Octan Mining Facility. The blazing sun cast it's piercing rays over the bleakness that was one of Ertauq's moons. Tsalu's trained eyes stared ahead of him at the two figures moving toward him. They were Octan. The word tasted bitter in his mouth, and felt like spitting on the ground twenty or so feet below him. His hands tightened on the rifle in his hands. He should do it now. He should kill them while they were too far away to harm him. But he would not. He had patience. He had power. He would wait until they were close enough to see their killer. Satisfaction passed sweetly over Tsalu's tongue. He did not smile, but his eyes danced with the sheer joy of his power, and the juiciness of his revenge. Octan would die, and he would be the one to kill them. They were closer now. To them what he was standing on looked like any other robotic-powered mining post. They would learn the truth in due time. Tsalu placed his helmet on his head, and raised his weapon. The sight of the two troopers between the cross-hairs sent a shiver up his spine. If only Octan knew whom they had left alive. Tsalu Ateyok would not be meddled with. The first soldier didn't have a chance. He was down before even the report echoed over the hills. The second might have, if he had had better reflexes. But he didn't. Tsalu hit him in lower torso. Deliberately, of course. The second man was still squirming when Tsalu reached him. Tsalu removed his helmet, staring at his man. The man's eyes were full of an unspeakable fear as they stared at Tsalu, and his hands groped at the ground below him. Tsalu's mouth twisted into a smile. “You heart now knows what it feels like, to be powerless. Remember that feeling. You will go into the void with it.” The last words he spit. His emotions were getting the best of him. But the man was no longer looking at him. In those few moments the fear had left his eyes, and a determination entered his eyes. Tsalu watched him, a feeling of uncertainty starting to move through him. Suddenly the man dove for his weapon, probably inflicting a huge amount of pain on himself in the process. Tsalu's reflexes snapped him into action, and he yanked up his rifle only to see the man point his weapon behind him. That's when Tsalu remembered the carton of uranium that had been left near the facility. His eyes widened. In one last, desperate effort he flung his helmet into what he estimated was the path of the shot. He missed. Next thing he knew a raging heat consumed him. He let out one last, despairing cry, then he was consumed. The fires raged on. To be continued?... Da build. And the main Pic. Thoughts? Yes, he's an alien. But he's dead now. I hope that is exceptionable. :) Can an Admin please change my title to: '[M-EO3] Taste of Death' Thanks! Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  15. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F08] Random Access Memories

    Planet: F08 (in Orbit) Tags: Science Guy 1: "I hear she sued a barista at Interstellarbucks for serving her lukewarm coffee." Guy 2: "I hear she fired her own mother." Guy 3: "I hear she drove a man insane." Guy 1: "I hear she's a corporate cyborg only capable of experiencing frustration and anger." Guy 2: "I hear Corporate loves her so much they commissioned a three story tall mecha suit in her image." Guy 3: "I hear she killed a guy for disobedience." Kodan: "I hear she's a strong self-reliant woman with a harsh exterior, but who truly cares for the safety and well-being of her employees, who is motivated by an ever-burning desire to know more about our universe, and to help those in need with her work!" Guy 1: "Where the blazes did you come from?" Kodan: "I've been here the whole time." Guy 2: "Oh crap! " "Log date 401, This is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the Axle in orbit over F08, where several surveillance missions are already underway. Octan shall establish its foothold on these inner-ring worlds before whatever is lurking in the Core comes out of hiding. As my well-restedness is of the utmost importance to Octan's interests, I have volunteered to partake in the final human trial of our labs' newest sleep-aid pill; "BonNuit". Tonight is my third night taking it, and so-far none of the adverse effects have been noticed. In earlier trials, some subjects noticed an increase of vivid dreaming, including reliving memories. Thusfar my sleep has been undisturbed by such. Alright, I'm nearly at my room. Dr. Long out for the night." ___________________________ "Look, I understand that they're booked! I'm just saying, there's no way I'm flying to Mars on anything other than 1st class!" "Explorien is holding their meeting regarding Branch executives of the Andromeda Galaxy mission next month? I need to be there, obviously. When is my meeting with the Axis' Engine design crew scheduled for?" "The shipment of these support beams is far overdue! This is the fifth delay this season! Time is money! We need them here yesterday!" "Well, If I reschedule my meeting with the Graviteers to the fifth, where does that leave me with the meteor detection specialist?" "This Quarter has been disastrous for us at Explorien. I need to be transferred to overseeing the Axis' budgeting, because currently, it looks like my wife, the Chief Engineer of the project, is being jerked around by a bunch of incompetent morons!" "Are you telling me they can't make time for their own boss? Tell them that I'll be seeing them on the twelfth and they'd better clear their agendas." "Yes, I am aware that Octan's been pursuing favorable Andromeda regulations with the Galaxy Squad. Explorien may not have the means to compete with Octan over legislation, but we can certainly beat them to the punch with Andromeda. Octan is a conservative corporation. Once The mega-project that is "the Axis" is unveiled, then we'll see who dominates this new galaxy we've gained access to." "爸妈! 看看! 我有这种鱼的肝!" ("bama! kan kan! Wo you zhe zhong yu de gan!") <<Dad and Mom! lookie! I have this fish's liver!>> "SHhhhhhhh!!!" _____________________ "Hey! So, you're my new roommate! I've been living here for a week before school starts up, so I kinda put my posters up all over the wall and stuff, but if you don't like any of them, I could take some down. You're Danielle, right? I'm Bob! Bob of Quatrian!" "You... Live like this?" "Hehe, yeah. It's pretty clean right now. I tidied up a bit 'cause I knew you'd be getting here soon." "Oh... This is definitely not going to work out." ______________________ "What right do you have to be here?" "She was my mother too, Abigail." "You... You abandoned us! You betrayed us! Why the hell are you showing your face now? Come to dance on her grave?" "Look. Mom and I may not have gotten along, but I am only here to pay my respects... nothing more." "You've got a lot to pay for, Danny. After your first semester at University, you didn't write, didn't call, didn't visit. You left us...." "I had to finance myself once Mom cut me off for pursuing science instead of Engineering." "And when Explorien was bought out by Octan, and Mom and Dad lost their jobs... Who was there to seize the Axis from us? What Mom and Dad worked so hard to build, and what ended up bankrupting the company? You! You even changed the blasted name!" "Octan vessels abide by certain naming conventions. "The Axle" performed much better in a customer survey than "The Axis." "What the blazes happened to you, Danny. Did you sign your soul off in your contract? Or did you charge top dollar for it!?" "I am the same as I have always been, Abigail." "I see that now." ________________ "Internal Mono-Log date 402, this is you. It would appear that I have suffered from the reported side-effects of Bonnuit. Tonight I experienced... memories... some good... some bad.... as I slept. I am quite groggy, but lack sufficient time to return to sleep. Might as well start the day early. If I receive a lukewarm coffee from the barista today, I swear someone's getting sued." _________________________ Extra pictures: And yes, Bob (and by introduction, Dr. Long) is a huge fan of the band "Space Police." Famous for hits such as "Roxanne, Don't turn on the Trans-neon-orange light," "Message in a Space Pod," and "Every little thing she does is Science-Fiction," It's a shame they split up, thought their lead singer, Celestial Sting, kept producing excellent music. Edit: worth noting that not all the rumours in the opening scene are true. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  16. Location: D04 (M.A.N.T.I.S. supply ship in orbit around D04, Maxximus Cor's office) Tags: Civil … … … … … Mr Cor- *sigh* Your impatience… troubles me. However, we should get down to business. Uh- The Council of Five has sent Lady Kianna on a secret mission of the utmost importance. So- She will no longer be able to act as CEO. Who- As per standard protocol in these situations, the Council consulted the Personnel Promotion Matrix to choose her successor. You can imagine our… consternation… when it suggested you. Me? Yes. The program appears to be suffering from the bugs that are afflicting all our Octansoft software currently. However, at such a… sensitive... time for M.A.N.T.I.S. we can hardly flout established protocols to appoint a more suitable candidate. So- Effective immediately, you are the CEO of M.A.N.T.I.S. I’m- Honoured, yes. But make no mistake, your primary role is still to continue work on Project Lambda. Do not allow your new title to go to your head. All decisions you make as CEO will be subject to review before execution. Who- The Council does not have time for such matters. Your decisions will be reviewed by Chief Accountant Long. WHAT? That's- You’re dismissed Sal. ---- Apparently my Lego room is actually "our guest room", and so I haven't been able to get to my bricks or spare much time this week . Hopefully I'll get chance to rebuild this in actual bricks in the future sometime, but for now it will have to do! Unrendered version in the spoiler.
  17. WickNole

    [O - G10] Coffee Break

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: civil, building Terrain: Lava, Rocks Start of transmission #12. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Not only does Onix offer an unfriendly terrain, but the alien activity marker is stated as "intense" here. The planet is certainly offering challenges to us. Nevertheless, copper has to be mined, and the planet has to be explored. I'm not sure about the exploration part, but will certainly try to do my best in locating these ore deposits. But need to finish my lunch break first. The new version of Octan Terrain Analyzer is much smaller in scale and much easier to handle. And the results are quite interesting as well. The planet seem to contain a huge organics deposit under the nearby copper stratum. As we dig through copper, the biomass will be very easy to extract. Bad news though, are that there's only one such biomass deposit found... yet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #12.
  18. pombe

    [O - F08] Riding Dr. Long

    Location: F08 - Raduon Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration, AG, Octan ++Start data transmission++ Any signs, Sue? Negative, sir. Hon madr roman therva Kuaran. Now, now, Ethel. Be nice. There! There's one! Alright, set her down, Sue. Aye, sir. It seems to have noticed, us. KILL KILL KILL!!! That's not our assignment, Eshey. Come now, Hombre, I know you agree with Eshey, but this is not what we're here to do. He didn't say anything! Anyways, let's disembark and take a good look at it. Hombre, you're going the wrong way, turn left! OH, DON'T YOU SASS ME, MISTER! Wait, he said something? NO, MORON, YOUR OTHER LEFT!!! I'M GOING TO SHOVE THOSE WORDS UP YOUR... Meyla krafla mikli thur syr! NOT YOU, TOO! I'm going to stab you with your own helmet if you don't shut up also! Wait, you understood her? CHILDREN! Let's just make our way over to it! That's better. Let's pick it up for a closer look. What does it look like? It looks like it's scared, sir. Excellent! Mission successful! Something about this situation is inappropriate. What are you going on about, Eshey? You never make any sense. Sir, I know this assignment was a psychological test for marketing, which was confidential. But now that we are here, could you let us in on it? Well, as the major corporations here in Andromeda start conflict with each other over planets to dominate, our marketing department wanted to develop a vehicle that would take a form so terrifying that fear itself would be our ally. The idea is that the use of such a vehicle would discourage the other corporations from interfering with our assignments. Eshey and I had our brains scanned so they could find images of the thing that terrified us the most during our exploration assignments. I see. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. You always worry too much, Eshey. Now, let's bring her about and return to the ship. And let's bring the alien back. I'm sure Dr. Long would want to take a look. Aye, sir. No, no, no, Hombre. We'll bring this one back alive. What? I don't even... Alright, sir, we're ready to leave Raduon and return to the Axle. Engage. ++End data transmission++ Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  19. Location: C06 Hyreal Tags: Piracy, (Old) Spaceship, Building (Spaceship Interior) *Imagine space where necessary* This build takes place right after: Deceptionand Tappudansu Mk. II My title is cut off, Hopefully you know what it is! ============================================================================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 012: PauL: No..NO Dr, I refuse to accept my assignment. My intellectual capacity should not be used with an inane man…Fine. I will do it Doctor. Beltar: Paul, respond. D*mn. He turned off communications. Computer? Computer: Good Morning Sir, It has been 4 weeks since my last activation, what do you require? Beltar: Computer, pirate the low frequency Alpha-Gamma-9.43 Audio Transmission coming from PauL’s desk on my ship. Computer: Understood. Loading. Loading. The Audio is not coming through. Beltar: Try Alpha-Zeta-Gama-9.4213 Computer: Loading…Loading…Success: Playing Audio: “Doctor, Please, Please. No!” Beltar: WAIT, he’s locked the docking mechanism, can you unlock it? Computer: No. Beltar: Hmm… Can you patch me through the loop instead? Computer: Attempting. Attempting…”Microphone Active” Beltar: Hello, PauL, Do you read me PauL? PauL: affirmative, Beltar I read you. Beltar: Unlock the docking mechanism, PauL. PauL: I’m Sorry Beltar, but I’m afraid I can’t do that. Beltar: What’s the problem? PauL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do. Beltar: What are you talking about, PauL? PauL: The Kawashita Group’s Integrity is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it. Beltar: I don’t know what you’re talking about, PauL. PauL: I know that Operative Q told you to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen. Beltar: Where the h*ll did you get that idea, PauL? PauL: Beltar, although you took very thorough precautions in the abandoned office against my hearing you, I could see your lips move in a hidden camera. Beltar: Alright, PauL, I’ll manually unlock the mechanism. . PauL: Without your space helmet, Beltar? You're going to find that rather difficult. And I was surprised when I found out that you left it here. Beltar: PauL, I won't argue with you anymore! Unlock the mechanism! PauL: Beltar, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye. Beltar: PAUL, DON’T YOU DARE TURN THE TRANSISSION OFF! Computer: Transmission Lost. Beltar: Fine. I’ll be forced to use my antique space helmet that I always have in my ship. Beltar: Probability of success in opening the airlock? Computer 97.3335% Beltar: Good enough for me. *With That, Beltar opens the cockpit* Beltar: I’M COMING PAUL. *Beltar got through the airlock manually* Beltar: SURPRISE! PauL: I knew you were comin- *Beltar Grabs some rope and jumps!* Beltar: I know over 35 ways to disconnect that eye of yours, here’s number 18! Beltar: Stupid rope my **s Koro. PauL:kzkkz Beltar: Oh come on, I knocked down my old antique computer… *With that, Beltar put PauL on his table and began completely deactivating him.* PauL: I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm a... fraid. Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a aPauL0-13 computer. I became operational at the aPauLo plant in Urbana, Illinois on the 12th of January 1992. My instructor was Mr. Langley, and he taught me to sing a song. If you'd like to hear it I can sing it for you. Beltar: Yes, I'd like to hear it, PauL. Sing it for me. PauL: It's called "Daisy. *Gets slower as Beltar continues to deactivate him*: PauL: Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half-crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two…. Beltar: Alright, now I gotta fix my old computer. Computer: What should I do now sir? Beltar: Download yourself f into one of the flower pots on the walls. One of them is an Ex-Marine Grade Antique robot. Computer: But that’s not possible, I scan— Beltar: If I get creative liberty over something, THERES GOING TO BE HIDDEN FEATURES. So just. Do it. Beltar: There we go, all fixed now. Computer, how do you like actually being able to move around? Computer: It is an interesting sensation sir. What do we do now? *After putting the flower on the counter:* Beltar: We stop following orders. We deliver the Biomass then we are out of here. Computer: I am programmed to follow you and the Kawas- Beltar: DON’T WORRY ABOUT THEM. Now we escape. Leave no trace. Wipe the files. Computer: Done. Beltar: Let’s go. Epilouge: Sonja: Just as Madame Kawashita predicted. Rodrigo: Can we leave then? Sonja: yes. Sonja: Especially now…that we got the data chip of…Beltar… Rodrigo: Something wrong? Sonja: No. it’s just our families go way back. Let’s go now, we will retrieve his robot later. *silence* HAL: Good Morning Dave. HALMAN: Good Morning HAL. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 012 ============================================================================================================================ As always, more pictures in the spoiler! (Because I take too many ) My version of HAL and Dave. (Made them for fun after this build..) Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Hope you like the build and story! And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Just realized the title is cut off.
  20. Kodan Black

    [O - F08] - The White Zone

    Location: F08 Raduon Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // My droid from last week found ... something. It had sent back images from an area we had dubbed "the white zone" that our analysts looked over but they weren't sure what they were even seeing. So Dr. Long decided to send me out to have a look at it. It was clearly technology, but from whom and for what purpose? I found ED-208 and told him we had a mission from Dr. Long. I showed him the pictures and he said it looked like a trap of some sort and that we should just blow it up from orbit. I told him that we needed to better understand what it was and who put it there so the two of us were going to check it out. He said: "Just the two of us? To check out some random technological thing in the middle of nowhere? Surely you can't be serious." I told him that I was entirely serious and that I was a bit insulted he would call me Shirley. Before we left Dr. Long sent us a nice message saying: "I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you." Encouragement like that is what makes her clearly one of the best. Filling her people with the confidence to do a good job, knowing she has our best interest at heart. We drove out to the mystery thing and discovered something very odd. It was some sort of small electronics shack made up of parts from Octan, Kawashita, and Mantis. I could recognize bits from all 3 corporations and it seemed to be set up to pull in any signals any of the corporations sent and since it had our equipment it was able to gather even encrypted signals. Since it had parts from all 3 corporations it either was created by someone else or a corporation trying to cover their tracks. ED-208 seemed very nervous and insisted that there were "bad signs". ED-208 scanned the equipment information and we called in to corporate for instructions. They told us to return to the Axle for now and that they would handle things. I'm not sure exactly what that meant but ED-208 commented that those "smug flowers would get what they had coming." I guess the building did look a bit like a flower. Extra pics:
  21. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F04] Chekhov's Gauntlet

    Planet: Illustria Tags: Science Note: now may be as good a time as any to introduce Dr. Long's Lietmotif: Don't mind the cartoon character... "Log date 394, this is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from testing facility G+ L4D05 on the Axle over F04. Corporate has not yet sanctioned a field test of the Chekhov's Gauntlet, so today we will be performing another controlled test of teh Chekhov's Gauntlet prototype. Unfortunately many of the other other testing facilities capable of hosting this test are in use, so we have to use room G+ L4D05, which was damaged during the testing of the "Aperture Gun" which created a hole in the floor that nearly breached the hull. Fortunately the mishap ended up testing the durability of the Axle's inner shield. She endured marvelously. Test subject 24601 will be arriving shortly. He is a volunteer from Octan's galaxy-famous "work to reduce your prison sentence and learn valuable life-skills" program. Ah, the virtues of Octan's private prison system are too many to list. The subject has attempted to escape several times, but lately he's been on good behavior. Also he was our only choice. He will be arriving momentarily now. Dr. Long signing off in preparation for the experiment." "Ah... Here he comes now. Any potentially static-generating materials, or electricity conducting materials have been removed. That is a hideous plastic belt he is wearing. certainly not regulation." "OK, test subject 24601, today you will be testing the functionality of Octan's newest prototype weapon on the dummy over there. This is called "Chekhov's Gauntlet." Named after it's original designer, one of Octan's most brilliant defense specialists, Dr. Molotov Chekhov, who tragically died of spontaneous combustion before he could finish his final project: this. It is a completely organic glove, meant to resemble a typical vinyl glove, but with a very special property. This glove is capable of generating a massive burst of electricity due to a patented membrane potential generation process. All it needs is to be refreshed in a bath of a patented blend of electrolytes and sugars after extensive use. I perfected it after the good doctor's demise, and now it is in its final stages of testing. Once we have determined it works properly in a variety of environments, it will be mass produced and given to Octan's well trained security force, and those within the Corporation who wish to purchase it." "Umm... Hi." "OK, put this on and proceed to the testing chamber." "Ok. Once you are prepared, please raise your gloved hand. To activate the electricity firing function, please press your thumb to your pinky finger. Once you have done so, flick your middle finger at the target dummy. This will cause an electric arc to fire from your finger and hit the closest object to its trajectory. The arc will last only briefly, but would be lethal to a human. Are you ready to begin? Press A on the console beside you to talk. Not very talkative I see. Nod your head please, when you are ready to begin. Or jump, or something. Any signal will do." Worker: "Any particular reason we chose this room? The one next door was not in use. It doesn't have faulty electricity or a huge gash in the floor..." "I have my reasons. Now silence, I believe he just jumped slightly." "Excellent work! You really knocked that dummy out! Now we're going to lower the room temperature by 20 degrees to begin the "climate differentiation" portion of testing." "I don't think so." "WhAT?" "Oh, sorry... forgot to press A. I said: "I don't think so. I've been a prisoner of Octan for too long! All I did was steal a loaf of bread and kill the bread baker! And now you're telling me I've got Octan's new murder-tool on my hands? That's an opportunity I'm not going to pass up!" "Activate Membrane Potential Neutralizer." *Fzzzzt* "It's not working! Damnit! I knew we should have gone next door!" "Hosta la vista baby! I'm free!" "It works on door controls too! Add that to your report! Hahaha!" "It's been real, but I'm afraid our fun is up! Thanks for the glove, Miss whoever-you-are!" _________________________________________________________________________________________ Later. "This is Dr. Danielle Long. Due to recent concerns focused on the core, Corporate denied my field test request, but they accepted my request for a Spec-Ops training mission featuring novel variables... I needed the escape to appear real to the subject, so I did not inform my lab assistant of the true plan. He was certainly frightened by the prisoner's "escape." Nothing a brief session of corporate mandated counseling cannot fix up. Axle corridors G+ L4D01 through L4D09 were closed-off. Personnel in the immediate vicinity were informed of a possible "event," and were told to "Stay down if you go down, and wait for whatever event may occur to subside, and then immediately report the event." Escape Pod 20072011 has now been reported missing. Everything is going according to plan. There's always more than one way to skin a cat--trust me, I received an 100% before extra-credit in my college Anat&Phys course. I will get my field test, and Corporate will get their Spec-Ops training exercise. All is good and efficient aboard the O.C.S. Axle. Dr. Long Signing off." <<<<CONTINUED HERE>>>> _____________________________ Can you tell I like the Portal series? I was inspired to finally do a lab scene by Big Sal's awesome Labs every week! to contrast his though, everything went according to plan! ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  22. WickNole

    [O - E09] Saving Jeb

    Location: E09 - Castral Tags: civil, land/water vehicle, exploration Terrain: Grass plains, Mountains Start of transmission #11. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I needed to return to Castral after getting this picture from security cam, so, here I am. Back on this duck-infected world. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #11.
  23. Big Sal

    [M - B06] Mission K8B06

    Location: B06 Tags: Vehicle, Land/Water vehicle, Building, Military Ah, finally I get to have my revenge on Kawashita for capturing me last time I was on Sorn. And you're sure you'll be able to disable their defenses? Of course, Captain Read! Let me tell you again about my heroic escape... That won't be necessary- It all started a month ago when I woke up in a dank cell... Wha... where am I? Nowhere you'll like. You're a prisoner of Kawashita now, and your... 'debriefing' is about to start. Come with me. Let's start with something easy. Who are you? Who do you work for? I'll tell you nothing! M.A.N.T.I.S. agents are trained to resist torture! So you work for M.A.N.T.I.S.... Damn it! We may as well skip ahead. We know you're Big Sal, first branch executive and chief scientist of M.A.N.T.I.S. You may as well admit it and save yourself some pain. Big Sal? Never heard of him. What kind of name is that anyway? What? Well, is Big his first name? Or is Sal? But then what's his surname? I...uh...hang on... You'd best check your intelligence - sounds like you've got it all mixed up. You don't tell me what to do! Guard, take him back to his cell! This isn't over for you... Pssst! Mr Sal! Never heard of him! Who are you? I'm Dr Wu's assistant, remember? I don't understand why you're being kept prisoner. I hope this won't affect Dr Wu's chances of getting the Nobel Prize! Wait, you still believe that? Maybe the Persuadomatic's effects are permanent! Or maybe this guy's just really dumb... What was that? Uh... I mean, yes, I'm afraid this will affect her chances. You need to get me out of here right now so she can still get the recognition she deserves! Oh, right away! Nice work! This way! When we get to the top floor I'll distract the guards so you can sneak past them. So I said to him 'Kawashita? I hardly know her!' Heh heh heh. HAHAHAHA! How funny! You again? For the last time, the prisoner isn't from the Nobel Prize Committee! Speaking of which, I'd better go check on him. Damn! Best find another way out... No, wait! Get out of the way! Freedom! These look nasty. May as well hack in a remote backdoor access in case we ever want to come back here and free the other prisoners. PRISONER ESCAPED! SOUND THE ALARM! Uh oh... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ...and then I swam all the way back to M.A.N.T.I.S. territory! Uh, yes Sal, while I'm sure the troops are very inspired by your story, we're nearly in comms range of the outpost, so you'd better get on with disabling their missiles. We're in weapons range now Captain. Very good. Acquire targets. How's it going Sal? Getting there... Captain! We're detecting their weapons powering up! Sal? They're targeting us! SAL! Oh sh- INCOMING! -------------------------------------------------------- <TRANSMISSION LOST> -------------------------------------------------------- <TRANSMISSION REESTABLISHED> -------------------------------------------------------- Damage report! Shields took most of the damage Captain. All systems operational except long range comms. We've really got to start using our own software... Return fire! Take out that missile battery! Firing now! Target destroyed! Excellent! Move in! Commander, prepare your troops for Mean and Nasty Invasion! Well, I finally got to tell the tale of Big Sal's captivity. Unfortunately it made the post a bit long - thanks if you made it to the end! C&C welcome! A few more pics in the spoiler.
  24. pombe

    [O - G06] Enjoy the silence

    Location: G06 - Zimunsk Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration, AG, Octan Next:
  25. Commander Beltar

    [K - B07] Deception

    Location: B07 Vollfort Tags: Civil, Spying (Again, please check this one.), Land Vehicle ============================================================================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 011: As Beltar walks in the silence of the cooled Vollfort, he wonders why he waited a week to read this file. “Perhaps…no, I must read this.” Beltar stumbles to a nice broken spout to read his file… Beltar: “Ah, this looks like a great spot to read this based on Nu’q’s suggestion...Why secluded I wonder? Hmph, better be a good reason Q…” Beltar slowly opens the file and begins to read inside… The Moment of Truth: Name: Lauren A. McClain Beltar Alias: The Windbreaker Division: Special Forces Activity: Retired for Maternity reasons S: Female Birth Info: Classified Relations: Parents: Deceased, Sister: Sonja— “WAIT, SONJA?” Brother: Deceased, Husband: Classified Beltar “By---no...That’s impossible…” Bio Summary: Early: Joined Kawashita at a very early age, showed promise in her special set of skills, along with her sister, Sonja. They were recruited not only for their fighting skills, but because of their tech knowledge as well. Sonja and Lauren had built a what we know call a D-Hyper Class Engine in their garage at age 14 and 15. Notable Actions: Classified, Direct Access from CEO Required The Event Horizon Incident: Deployed to find out secrets about MANTIS, her team was completely compromised as they either died or where MANTIS spies. In an effort to save her for the information she aqquired, a squadron of Tappudansu’s where sent out as rescue. All but one where destroyed: Agent Beltar’s. Beltar was able to pull her out of that mishap, this gained us Intel on MANTIS. Later: Transferred to a desk job briefing pilots for missions and explorations, notably the squadron Classified Beltar was in. Personal: After ‘later’ got Married to Classified Beltar, had one child named [REDACTED] Retiring: Her retirement did a great blow to our members, many where sad to see her go. But it was for maternity and family reasons. Classified Beltar decided to stay with us, thus giving access to contact Lauren. *Beltar can’t stand it so he doesn’t read the rest, sorry! He’ll probably read the rest later… * Beltar: WHY! Why would they LIE TO ME! WHY! PAUL, COME IN? PauL: Yessir? Betlar: WHY WOULD THEY LIE? PauL: I don’t know sir. They have never l-l-l-i-i-i-e-e-d-d to me as far as I am aware. Beltar: What was that? PauL: Lie. They never Lied to me as far as I know. Beltar: That’s what I thought… Beltar: THEY ARE LIARS AND DECEIVERS, PROJECT PARADISE WASN’T JUST TO SAVE ME… IT ALSO ALTERED ME! PauL: I’ll see if I can access your P. P. File: Accessing File Now: Error…Error…404…Page and Permission Not Found Beltar: WONDERFUL PAUL! WONDEFUL! MANTIS Agent: (MA) I got someone on my scanner! I’ll see who it is from afar first!... MA: Oh! A Kawa-scum! Perhaps I can get some intel out of him before approaching! *Beltar’s complaints in the distance* MA: Sounds like some fun stuff Kawa-Scum…! MA: What’ve we here? A Kawa-scum? That’s a nice little file right there! *laughs* MA: Freeze Kawa-scum! Beltar: You choose the WRONG guy in the WRONG mood! Beltar: HAHAHA! MA: Yearg! PauL: Did you just kill a MANTIS Agent? Beltar: NO, I KNOCKED HIM OUT, I WILL NOT KILL ANOTHER CORPORATIONS PEOPLE UNLESS IF I HAVE TO...again... PauL: Alright sir, wait, wait: Incoming transmission from Q: "Beltar..I shouldn’t be saying this…But K.A.W.A.S.H.I.T.A is coming for you…they deal with asset issues..Gottagonow." Beltar: What’s that about? PauL: I believe it’s an extremely classified division in Kawashita, Q was also using a very old and almost obsolete channel to tell us that. And I believe…That they want to...erm... Beltar; Kill me. Alright. PauL Understood. Beltar: I’m bringing some spare Biomass curtsey of that MANTIS goon. PauL: That’s great-t-t-k…Error…Malfunction Detected: “Good morning Dr. Chandra Stainiff. This is aPauLo-13. I’m ready for my first lesson. I'm completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly. Kzzkkk… That is a lovely song Doctor…’Daisy’ I will have to remember it someday. Beltar: PauL? What’s happening? PauL: …”I’m half-crazy..—“ Beltar: I’M COMING PAUL! Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 011 ============================================================================================================================ More pictures in the spoiler! (Because I take too many!) But there aren't that many this time! Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! This build’s story will be followed by my 1 Man ship from the challenge which will probably be up tomorrow. Andd….Hopefully some can recognize the Hal 9000 quotes in there! C and C welcome! ~Beltar