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Found 415 results

  1. Big Sal

    [M - D10] Experiment D6D10

    Location: D10 Tags: Science, Vehicle, Land Vehicle Well, it wasn’t me who forgot to charge the batteries! Yes it was! I specifically remember you saying “I’m going to charge the batteries”. What?! I definitely remember telling you to charge them! You don’t get to tell me to do anything! Ah, so you admit that I did tell you to do it! No, I’m just saying… Will you two please shut up. We're stuck here until they rescue us, so just be quiet. … … … … This is all your fault. Is not. Is too! Shut up! … … … … Well, this whole experiment was a waste of time anyway. We drilled for hours and didn’t find any awesomnium. Might have found some if someone had charged the batteries. Someone like you? When they find us, you two are both walking back. But we’re on an asteroid… Yes. … … Just a quick one this week! Thanks for reading, C&C welcome
  2. LordDan

    [M-E03] Mech Battle

    Location: E03 Tags: military, land vehicle This week Dan decided to head to E03, to further MANTIS domination there. While testing out his newest invention, a powerful combat mech he ran into some Octan forces, so he decided to see just how well the mech preformed in combat... The Octan mech, piloted by an Octan robot and armed with a chainsaw and a Kragle cannon. The MANTIS mech, armed with laser cannons and rocket launchers. Extra pics: The landscape is based on Shmails depiction of E03
  3. Commander Beltar

    [K - D09] Turmoil

    Location: D04 Magrathera Tags: Military, Civil The moment that all some have been waiting for (part II)! Continuing basically where we left off… ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 016, Nu’q: I’m…sorry. *Gunshot* (Note, real gun, not blaster, thus blood) Beltar and his friends were forced to retreat….being pursued by Madame Kawashita. Nu’q activated a com beacon for any Kawashita Guards around to converge on their Location…Kawashita Dark Ops was very, very close by. Jeb: Come on, come on! Quickly now! Dang, Dark Ops! Beltar; Yeah, yeah yeah, my arm is gushin’ out blood if you haven’t noticed! Robin: Shoot. Kraig: We are surrounded! Jeb: Everyone stop. Just wait. All of them would be branded criminals in Kawashita…if they weren’t already. Jeb: I’m sorry, but- *Poof* Beltar: Screw Octan. And Mantis. And Kawashita. Lauren: That sonuva- Robin: Look my friends, a mustache-man approaches. Beltar: Doctor Markam, and your little slave, Mr. Petere. Markam: Silence. I helped save your life! The LEAST you can do is respect me! Beltar; Like that’ll happen. Markam: Disarm them. All of the guards near them grabbed all of their equipment and threw it in a pile… Markam: Madame, would you please remove Lauren from this… disturbance. Madame Kawashita: As you wish. Lauren: Wait, wait! WAIT! Sonja! Beltar! BELTAR! Sonja: … Beltar: NOOOOOOOO! You’re a monster Markam… Markam: I know. Lauren: BELTAR! Markam: Time for Kraig. Kraig: What, what, what, Doctor, we can work something out? Hehehe? Markam: You will be reprocessed. And perhaps re-brainwashed. Kraig: …Si-… Beltar: Please…Spare him. Markam. NO, you know what, now I need to set an example. ARCHER, on your knees. Robin: No need to push mate! Beltar: No. You don’t have to do this Doctor. Markam: You have pushed me to the extremes. Robin: It was a…memorable journey to say the least my friend. Good-bye. Beltar: Ah screw my life. Good-bye. *Blaster Shot* Beltar looks at the body, wondering if he is next…. Markam: Alright come on you fool. You’re going to finally await trial… Sonja: I…I’m sorry….I…didn’t realize what would happen…Forgi- Beltar: I will never forgive you. Rom. Or even Rod. Nu’q gave a nudge because of a datachip in his hand… Nu’q: Beltar, keep moving. Beltar: ….Thank you…… Nu’q: Move along. That chip could be Beltar’s way out. Markam: Get someone to clean that up fool! Dark Guard: As you command. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 016 kszzz ============================================================================================================================ Back to extra pics! Thanks for reading this new installment in Beltar’s story. Basically, Beltar is screwed right now, every ally except Nu’q is gone….I can't believe I just 'killed' Robin... Hope you liked the build and story. I’d like to say that some of this story included what Nuck character would actually do in this situation (No, he did not suggest killing Robin.). As always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  4. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Panda-monium

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // ED-208 and I had finally narrowed down the location on Arium Major to a fairly specific spot. We decided to really get it to a narrow location we needed to head out on foot. I grabbed the detector and he kept an eye out for trouble. After a few minutes we reached a beach and the detector started going crazy, we had found the spot! Except it was just some turtles. I put down my detector and picked up one of the cute little fellas. Even ED-208 admitted they were "surprisingly non-murder inducing". The little guy didn't seem to mind me handling him and I even thought of grabbing one as a pet. But I also wondered how the detector had shown such a strong signal from this spot that just had turtles. It wasn't possible that the listening posts had been sending the signal right to these little cuties! ED-208 asked me if I was aware of the sound the turtles were emitting. At first I thought he was joking as everyone knows turtles don't make any sound. But then he said it appeared to be at a frequency that would "negatively impact the human brain, most likely causing delusional hallucinations." I laughed and told him the little baby turtles wouldn't mess up my head, that maybe the sea air had caused a malfunction in HIS brain! That is when he said "Oh, maybe these guys can tell us what is going on. I bet the noise summoned them." And as I turned I saw Dr. Long standing there with ... a panda? I asked "What are you doing here Dr. Long? And what is up with that panda? And why are you shooting flames from your hand?" ED-208 then said: "Yeah, no way those baby turtles mess with your head!" I wasn't sure what he was talking about or why he was being so glib when there was clearly some sort of weird situation here. I mean, I can't ever remember Dr. Long having a PANDA! Extra Pics:
  5. LordDan

    [ M-A06] MANTIS cargo frigate

    Dan is currently traveling as a passenger aboard a MANTIS cargo frigate headed to A06. The ship is empty right now,and without cargo it just looks like a large metal frame. When the cargo is loaded it is put in large, vacuum proof containers which are then magnetically secured to the metal beams that make up the frame of the ship. Heres a close up shot of the command module and the secondary engines. I didn't have much time this week, so this is all that I managed to come up with. C and C are appreciated
  6. Big Sal

    [M - C10] Experiment L6C10

    Location: C10 Tags: Science And so it seems that only the purple beans are any use for laser enhancement – the red and green ones Starstriker's been bringing in all week are nowhere near as good. Unfortunately, we’ve only found two plants on the entire planet that produce the purple ones… …and someone destroyed one of them, so this is the only one we have. I see it still hasn’t grown any more beans. No sir. It may be an annual crop. That’s not good enough! Inject some awesomnium serum to speed things up. I’ll be back tomorrow. The next day: What…? Yeah, when we woke up this morning all these new bushes had grown. No sign of beans though sir. Well, it’s a start I guess. I’ll come back tomorrow. The next day: How…? The serum’s definitely accelerated the growth of more plant, but… No beans? No sir, sorry. There better be some tomorrow, or you will be sorry. The next day: What the…?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! --- Thanks for reading! Pics of the lab exterior below because I forgot to work it into the story C&C welcome!
  7. Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Exploration, Water Vehicle, Spaceship Dramatis Personae (because maybe not everyone has read Pombe's previous adventures): In the last episode: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=114541 In this episode, our heroes are still on Onix.... I be disappointed in ye, Eshey. Ye truly believed we be eatin' those cute and cuddly animals? Ye be a sick and disgustin' lass! AYe kliK, eSHey, It'S LiKe KliK i DoN'T evEN klIk knoW whO Ye bE kLIK anYmORe! How was I supposed to know that we were only going to be chopping down the animal tree for wood to make a ship? Arr...that's because ye be lackin' vision, Eshey, unlike me hearty matey, Normal Guy! Why is Ethel the figurehead! She be wardin' off evil spirits, lass. Don't ye know anythin'? What? And why are we even wearing these pirate hats? Where did we even find them anyway? We didn't even pay for the personal equipment so we don't get the benefits! They be found on the ship. That's why we be wearin' 'em. We built this ship! There should be nothing to find! Speaking of which...why did we even build this ship? We be searchin' for the island of mushrooms! They be perfect for our sausages! I don't even.... And not just any mushrooms! These be special types that be growin' bottles of fermented mushroom juice! KliK aYE, siR! Mushrooms that grow bottled fermented mushroom juice...what in the actual.... Where did ye think we learned how to make bottled ale and grog, lass? Nature, of course! LAnD kLik HO!!! There are so many things wrong with this picture. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meanwhile, on the conflict planet of Guinevere, M.A.N.T.I.S. agents are preparing to leave the planet. Alright team, the Astroglide is here. Let's board and move onto our next assignment. Mosquito ate a box and died, hee hee hee hee heeee heeeeeee!~ That wasn't funny the first time, and the thousand times since! Mephistobutt wants a hammer to the crotch! Hee hee hee! That's Mephistopheles! Stop hurting yourself. Ow! Stop hurting yourself. Ow! Holy mother of avocados...children, get on board now! Sir, I'm closing the rear ramp door. We'll be lifting off in ten seconds. I'm punching in the current coordinates of the Axle, based on our intelligence. Good, let's get out of here. Mistress, how are we supposed to infiltrate Octan space and board the Axle to find your brother? First off, Cassandra, the Astroglide is black like a ninja, so no one should be able to see it. Second, it is designed to slide easily through any holes in the enemy fleet's formation. Thank you for the explanation, mistress. Approaching the Octan fleet, sir. An Octan transport is approaching. Now for the real test. We'll see how easily she glides through. They don't seem to have noticed us, sir. Excellent. Now locate the Axle and prepare to insert ourselves. Yes, sir. Based on the photos my brother uploaded, I've prepared clothes that will disguise us as Octan employees, so we shouldn't draw attention to ourselves. Oh, we are dressing up, sir? Yes, Scooter. Scooter, what happened to the clothes I gave you? I thought you said we were getting dressed up? You mean this isn't an anime convention, sir? Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  8. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - On the Trail

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // ED-208 and I had managed to process the data and it all seemed to point to Arium Major. A planet I had been on before, but one that seemed to hold new allure as we pondered what we would find. I had tasked ED-208 with our transportation on the planet while I had worked out the details of getting there and had set up a signal tracking system that would help us better pinpoint where the signals data bad been going once on the planet. In what I would term an overabundance of caution, ED-208 had selected an Octan defense vehicle with 4 heavy anti-armor missiles. It seemed like it would be a bit much, but he pointed out that with Arium Major's largely oceanic surface the tracked vehicle would be most useful on sand and any other terrain we encountered. Which was a very valid and well thought out notion. Once on planet we set off with ED-208 driving while I used the signal locator to give us a direction. It was rather difficult to track the signal since the vehicle only had a driver's seat and I was forced to hang on. ED-208 said it was a simple oversight on his part, which seemed odd since there is only the 2 of us. But we went on and I could feel a thrill run up and down my spine as the signal got stronger and stronger. Soon I would have answers for Dr. Long. And she would be so proud of me!
  9. Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle In the last episode: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=114245 In this episode, our heroes are still on Onix.... Alright! Now that we each have a fish, it's time to move on. KlIk YEs, sIr! So we're heading back to the ship to cook the fish for the crew? You still have much to learn, Eshey. Getting the fish is just the first step in the process. Process? I thought we were just getting food. We're not just getting food. We are collecting ingredients for the perfect sausages. I...what? I.... HONey klIK IT'S oKAY. YOu wiLL KLIk unDERsTANd. I'm not your honey! What we need to find now is an animal tree. A WHAT?! Here's one! I...I just broke. Animals aren't supposed to grow on trees!!! I'm disappointed with you, Eshey. What do you have against sustainable agriculture? I have nothing against sustainable agriculture! I have everything against things that don't make sense! SIr kLIk, mY HoNEy KLik dOEsn'T gET It. Well, not everyone can be a superstar like you, Normal Guy. Not only will the fish be part of the sausages, but we needed the fish to chop down this tree. I THOUGHT YOU WERE TRYING TO BE SUSTAINABLE!!! And how do you chop down a tree with a fish?!?!?! Time for me to demonstrate my family's fish technique for chopping down trees. Watch and learn. KLik yEs, SIr! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meanwhile, on the conflict planet of Guinevere, M.A.N.T.I.S. agents have discovered the whereabouts of a Kawashita mobile HQ... No wonder the Kawashitas have been so coordinated lately even though we couldn't find a base nearby. This also explains where the unexplained artillery strikes originated from, given the auto-loading heavy mortar on the back. Hee hee hee hee! Kill? Not yet, Neko-chan. I want that HQ in one piece and their commander alive. Simon, commandeer the HQ and take care of that hardsuit. My name's not Simon. Fine fine fine. Mephistopheles, lord of the 1337 H4XX0Rs, commandeer the HQ and take care of the hardsuit. Yes, sir. Uploading trojan now. There, the HQ is ours. Targetting the hardsuit. HQ? My sensors show that your weapons have locked onto me. Is something wrong? I've been locked out of the controls! We've been hacked! SAYA! MOVE!!! HQ? SAYA NOOOOOOOO!!! Red alert! Everyone, we are under attack! Search the perimeter! Cassandra. Yes, mistress? Neko-chan. Hee hee hee hee? Go. There's one! I see her. She's...unarmed? There's another one! Wait. What? Is that who I think it is? Nevermind that! She's charging us! Hikaru, get over here! On my way! I...I can't control my body! neither! Die. Ichiko...I've...I've always love you. Oh...this is awkward. I've always found you annoying. What? Where did she get that hammer from?! Shoot her! Shoot her! She's too fast, I can't hit her! HEE HEE HEE HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! FUN FUN FUN!!! H...hurk... Ooeouehhes... ooooooosuusu... eeaaaaaaaass... You! Stop right there! Hee hee hee hee play? You'll pay for that! Sleep. What? So...drowsy...what...zzzzzzz... Excellent work, team. Check the perimeter, I'll foward our coordinates to the recovery team. I'm sure the intel from the commander and the mobile HQ will help us push the Kawas off this planet. And we've put an end to those artillery strikes. [beeping sounds] Hold on, team, I'm getting a priority transmission from the chief accountant. Chief accountant? Pombie here. How may I serve you? [Female voice] Commander Pombie, sorry to interrupt you during an assignment. No worries, sir. We were just cleaning up. [Female voice] Your brother, Pombe, has become...a nuisance. I see. He has always been bothersome. [Female voice] I need you to take care of him. Consider it done, sir. [Female voice] Good. I need you to clean up this mess. Yes, sir. [Female voice] Talk to you later then. [Click] Scooter. Yes, sir? We need an immediate evac and dust off for a new assignment. On my way. Don't you worry, brother. Sister is coming to take good care of you. Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  10. WickNole

    [O - G09] Home sweet home.

    Location: G09 - Greater Drigo Tags: civil, building Terrain: Spaceship interior Start of transmission #13. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - "Mr. Nole, can you hear me?" - "Mr. Nole, try to move your toes if you can hear me." - "Who is there? Who is talking to me? Dr. Long? Where am I? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Security camera footage: Axle's medical bay. - "Seems that he's not responding yet. What is the status?" - "Better. His recovery goes as planned. The brain is functioning well, and the body will heal. Data shows he was dreaming when you arrived." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #13.
  11. Commander Beltar

    [K-D09] Madame Kawashita Presents...

    Location: D04 Magrathera Tags: Military, Civil The moment that all some have been waiting for! ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 015, *Beltar has been wandering corridors for some time now* … Madame K: Welcome Mr. Beltar, have a seat. Beltar: … Beltar: You must be the-the- M ad-Madame Kawashita in-in charge of the K.A.W.A.S.H.I.T.A. division? I knew this was a trap. You locked certain corridors Madame K: Right you are. I believe you know who that woman in that chair is? Beltar: So-Sorry to disappoint but I don’t know. (Woman in chair): Aw, I feel almost insulted! Well, I guess you did have memory loss… Madame K: Mr. Beltar, meet Lauren A. Beltar. Beltar: WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HECK. Beltar: I’LL TAKE YOU ALL ON FOR THIS! Madame K: Well, you are alone. Beltar: Who said anything about being alone? Madame K: What do you mean? Beltar: You locked corridors, but not computer sockets...Computer? *Over an inter-com* This is Computer: 38.5% Of Kawashita Base Programs Over-Ridden Madame K: NO! Shame, you will have to die now. Beltar: NEVER!...Computer? Madame K: Looks like your computer is having trouble getting past certain firewalls. To bad…Looks like you will have to take us on alone… *Explosion at the door way* Robin: He is not alone. Hello my friend! Beltar: Robin? Robin: Yes! I escaped with some help. And my hat is here! I also found these new goggles in their storage! Beltar: Who helped you? Robin: Oh, yeah, I brought them too! Kraig: You were expecting maybe, Squirrel Girl? Jeb: The offer is still up by the way. Beltar: I’ll consider it again later….WAIT, KRAIG! Kraig: YE-HA! Madame K: Wonderful, Sonja, Please protect Mrs. Beltar. Don’t let your personal attachment get in the way. *An all-out fight started* Jeb vs Rom Jeb: Take that you Kawash*t! (I needed to use that eventually) Madame Kawashita Vs. Robin Robin: My dear, I can’t fight y- aye-aye-aye. That HURT! Madame K: It’s supposed to fool! Beltar Vs. Pilot Beltar: To-to thi-think that when you saved me it was all for this! Pilot: … Eventually, Lauren Beltar decided to join in after stealing the staff from her sister, and a sibling battle began. Lauren: I’ve always been better than you! Sonja: Well, look where that got you! And who! An INSANE MANIAC! Lauren: You know, the only reason your in Kawashita is because of ME! With the ENGINE! Kraig Vs. Rodrigo Kraig: I never see this much action! Not even in the Mail Room! And there’s lots of action in there! Rodrigo: AHHHH! Kraig: I Thought you wanted action? (Forgot what build to link to here..) Rodrigo: I did. SPARE ME! Kraig: heaheaheaheahea! ... Nu’q: Come on man…Time to pick a side. Nu’q: You. Nu’q: Or you. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 015 kszzz ============================================================================================================================ Hey, no more extra pics! There is one, but it’s a slight variation of a picture, so I just left it in the photostream on flickr. Back to longer stories hopefully! And this build is better than some of my recent builds. Also, this is a Part 1 of probably 3. Finally a look at Lauren, a huge fight, and Kraig is back! Who will Nu’q Shoot? Find out next time! (Same Bat-Channel, probably not the same Bat-Time!) And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Story Error...
  12. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Looking for Answers

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Science // PERSONAL DIARY // With all of the unknown activities going on lately and the news of alien fleets suddenly appearing I knew that I needed to get to the bottom of my mystery. Who was putting out all these listening devices and why? Dr. Long trusts me and I have been letting her down. I had a bunch of data but needed some serious computing power to try and make sense of it all. So I headed back to the Axle above Farmolis and took over one of the computing centers. Some of the other scientists were unhappy that I was utilizing the whole room for myself, but I told them I was doing vital research for Dr. Long. Whatever beer recipe or research on rocks or whatever they were doing would have to wait. I was attempting to solve an issue that could keep our corporation or possibly entire species safe! I didn't need any of our oPads (Octan Personal Assistant Device) or oMacs (Octan Miniature Assistant Computer System), but ED-208 still insisted that he would guard them and keep anyone else from using them. I know he was trying to be helpful so I let him. I'm glad they installed the new reclining chairs with the multimonitor setup. We used to have to sit in regular chairs like some sort of primitive ape! These new seats are much more comfortable. ED-208 again suggested that we should be researching weapons so that whoever is trying to spy on us will get what they deserve. I pointed out to him that we first needed to know what we were up against before we worried about a solution. But he is right that once we figure out the who, I'll need to have a suggested course of action for Dr. Long. I know the safety of all her employees weighs heavily on her mind. If we could even figure out a main planet that these devices originated from I could send some drones to scout it out. And if ED-208 and I could eliminate the threat I'm sure Dr. Long would be very grateful. I bet she would hold a special dinner in my honor and I'd get to sit right next to her!
  13. Big Sal

    [M - A08] Expedition MDR1A08

    Location: A08 Tags: Science, Vehicle, Land Vehicle So all you need to do is head towards any signs of life. Smaller creatures can be collected by the arms and brought aboard for study. If you come any plants or larger creatures, just drive straight into them. The M.A.N.T.I.S. Death RollerTM will cut them up and send the pieces through the scanning bed where they’ll be automatically analysed. And if we come across any Kawas, sir? Well, we had to cut some corners building this thing. It’s entirely possible that the brakes could fail and lead to a ‘tragic’ ‘accident’. Understand? Heh heh heh, yes sir! Sir, I’m picking up a small life form nearby. Excellent, let’s go get it. Got it! Good. Bring it into the containment area. It doesn’t look particularly promising. No. But it’s clearly an infant. Run the life cycle simulator to see what it’ll look like fully grown. Simulating… I don’t think this is what we’re looking for sir. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous at all. But it is giving off an intense low frequency sound wave. Maybe a distress call? Maybe. But I hardly think we need to worry if more show up, they’re clearly harmless. Ah, this is the life, eh Schmidt? No CEO nonsense to worry about, just driving across an alien planet doing science! There’s nothing that can stand in our way! Uh, sir? What? You might want to see this… Damn it! Sir? We’d better stop. Although… Uh, sir? *Sigh* Yes, stop the engines. Sal, what the hell is this monstrosity? It’s my new mobile lab. You authorised it, remember? But you cut the budget in half. That’s why it looks so ugly and doesn’t even have a roof. Roofs are expensive Sal. Anyway, what are you doing with it? We’re looking for dangerous creatures we can harness to drive Kawashita off the planet. And the reason you have to be here is, what, precisely? Uh… Damn it Sal! You’re CEO now, you can’t keep wandering off all over the place. Especially not to planets we don’t even control! Oh, but it’s fine for you to come here chasing after me?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! --- Thanks for reading! Apologies for the picture quality, I'm still wrapping my head around a new camera and lighting setup. C&C welcome, and there are some more pics in the spoiler.
  14. Dannylonglegs

    [O-G09] The Facility

    Planet: G09 Tags: Science (Edits by JackJonespaw) "Log date 415, this is Dr. Danielle Long. Continued inspection of gravity and temporal anomalies on Greater Drigo has led our team of scientists to discover a large facility of some sort in the badlands of Drigo. You'd have thought out earlier drone surveys would have spotted this, but the anomalies have interfered with their readings. We've begun gathering perimeter intelligence, and next week we will move in on the facility in full force. In the meantime though, all we can do is examine it from afar. Perhaps when we get inside, we can get to the bottom of these bizarre phenomenon, and turn them into lucrative products for Octan." The facility is hollow, and can be fitted with lights as such. The light was held by a Minifigure in this case. Dr. Long to be specific. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  15. pombe

    [O - G10] Gone Fishin'

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration, AG, Octan In orbit above Onix.... Sir, we have completely exhausted our sausage stores. It seems that Ethel ate them all. Bqllr! Why did we only pack sausages for food? It's fortunate for us that we happen to be right above Onix, a planet that has biomass. Let's bring the Mojito Madness in and survey the land. Yes, sir. There! You see that river? Set her down nearby. Yes, sir. That's not a river! That's a lava flow! Eshey and Normal Guy, you're with me. Grab your fishing rods. ME anD kLIk eSHeY?! KliK SCoRE! Ah crap. Come, I'll demonstrate my casting technique. KlIK I cAN't klIk WaIT to KliK sEe It. There's no fish in lava! The key lies in the presentation. The fish has to believe it's a natural prey. Klik I SeE! Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling? I got a bite! There! Set the hook! Hold on... DOn'T lEt It gO, SiR! There we go! She's a big one! See, Eshey, there are fish in this river. Eshey? Where is she off to now? HOneY kLIK cOmE BacK! Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  16. Kodan Black

    [O - H08] - What An Asteroid!

    Location: H08 Sinden's Run Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Space Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // One of our ELINT vessels picked up a weird signal coming from the Sinden's Run region. I'd been working on the weird listening posts and thought it might be connected. I asked Dr. Long if I could go with ED-208 to investigate and she agreed it would be for the best. She had seemed tense lately. Well, more tense. Every time I went to her office to discuss a theory about the listening posts with her she acted very tired and weary. Clearly she was worried about this and I needed to get to the bottom of it! Knowing that we would need to pinpoint the signal's source I launched one of my new astrodroid's to locate it. Within a day it had found the source and using its gripper claws had clung to it. It was very close to the object so it was hard to tell what it was, but it looked a lot like an asteroid. I wasn't sure what we would find, but since it was in space and I was likely to want to get a close look at it I decided to grab one of our Octan space suits so I could be free to inspect it. ED-208 grabbed one of our space maintenance craft and modified it with "essential equipment". I noted that simply was a heavy gun and he stated "that will solve any issues we come across." I asked how it would help if I had a leak in my suit or something and he insisted it would "fix it, don't worry." He must mean he could salvage parts from the gun to render assistance. As we arrived I could see it was not a natural asteroid, it was simply made to look like one. It even had fake Awesomnium deposits on it. ED-208 suggested we destroy it immediately. I said that we needed to analyze it to see what clues it had. I offered that once it had been analyzed by myself and others at Octan that I would submit a request that he be allowed to be the one to properly dispose of it. I know his mouth piece doesn't allow for it, but I could swear I saw him grin. Extra pics:
  17. Commander Beltar

    [K - D09] Survival Instinct and... Rats...

    Location: D04 Magrathera Tags: Beltar in Exile (Got nothing….) ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 014, Exile. My good old friends…Ha-haven-haven’t talked to yall in a wh-while. I got nothing to live for at this point. I’ve been betrayed by Kawashita. Dumped here by Octan. And MANTIS caught me in a bad mood. Ever had the idea to hold a sword too your neck and drop it? No? You are not in my sh-sh-shoes then… Ha..Ha…Ha….Then there’s: r-ra-ra-ra-rats. Rats…Rats…Wondrous Rats… Hehehe….Computer? That old piece of ju-ju-jun-junk? I…decommissioned h-hi-him. I still got his memory di-di-dis-disk…But I considered myself alone even before I…deactivated…him. Hehe! I will beat these machines….ugh… What. The. Absolute. ****. Is that a Robbinhood Rat? This is one s-s-si-sic-sick planet…It really ca-c-can change m-m-my mi-n-d. What…is…ha-hap-happe---happening to m-e… This is one sick planet. This is one sick planet. This is one sick planet. This is one sick planet (This was supposed to go all the way to font size 1, but pasting it is restricting me...) *Silence* Epilogue: I-i-s….t-t-th—tha-that…a…s-se-sett-settle—settleme---settlement. People. Who is my unlucky victim today? Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 014 kszzz ============================================================================================================================ Overview of the build in the spoiler: Back to completely insane Beltar! I didn’t have time nor a good enough Idea for category B…So I whipped this up as fast as I could, also the reason the picture quality is worse… Hope you liked this build and story! Even if the story is definitely shorter than what I've done before like Tappudansu, at least there's far less pictures! And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  18. Commander Beltar

    [K - D09] What's Next?

    Edit: Condisder this a Freebuild Please. Location: D04 Magrathera ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 014.5, A light? A-building…. AW COME ON! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KI-I-ID-D-IN-G Me! IT’S KAWASHITA! I’D R-A-AT-TH-E-ER IT BE OCTAN OR PIRATES! This stuttering me. I…I..g-g-ot no…choice tho-ugh… This will suck. Ah, good Ol’ Romily. Wouldn’t be surprised if he lost his job after nappin’ allowing me in! HA! Oh wait, gotta be quiet… Well Rom, I could easily drop this a little closer and take your life and make one less opponent for the future….*Clarity Moment* But...I-I—got enough blood on my hands at this time… And this form of death doesn’t have enough………honor….*Loses Clarity* Well, next time you won’t be…so..l-l-u-uc-uck-y. You won’t survive our next en-en-coun-count-er. WAIT, HOW DOES THIS THING WORK! Wait. Beltar, quiet. UGH. I think this is an eye scan? Badge scan? DNA scan? Let’s just hope this doesn’t trigger an alarm in any sy-sy-syst-em… By God. This is gonna be one heckuva day. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 014.5 kszzz ============================================================================================================================ Can you believe it? No extra pictures for once! Wow! I’m so proud of myself! Hope you liked this build and installment in Beltar’s story/decent into madness! Build and story is still on the low end…But I have something that I’m whipping up that should be great and at least better than this build! And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  19. Builder’s note: While building this, I was researching a good design for a bed/bunk, and lo and behold, soccerkid6 posts a gorgeous Cat B entry with a bed/bunk design too good not to I stole his design. Tags: AG, Octan Aboard the Axle… Thanks everyone for coming. We’re here because I wanted to give you a tour of our new personal transport ship, the one built for us to deal with the threat from Andromeda’s core. Don’t we already have a personal transport ship? Yeah…that one sucks. Here’s our new ride! No, it doesn’t look like a giant bird ate a box and died. Kerling meinfretr bqllr! No, it doesn’t look like that either. Why is it black? Isn’t our primary color white? It’s so nobody can see us in the depths of space. Sir, space combat takes place over tens of thousands of kilometers. Nobody actually sees their targets in space, we detect them via their energy signatures or other non-visual means. Sue, have you ever seen a ninja? Stop, don’t answer that! Don’t listen to him! No, sir, I can’t say I have. Ah crap. That’s because they wear black. I see. Hello! That doesn’t make sense! Why can we see the ship then?!?! Anyway, here is the cargo bay, where we can store our vehicles and alien specimens, and it can serve as transport for personnel, as well. Right now, it is carrying two dreadnought suits that Big Z build for us. You climb up this ladder to reach the second level, with access to the cockpit… …a control center, a restroom, a kitchenette, and four bunks. This ship has plenty of room for the six of us! Six of us? There are only five. Oh, that’s right, let me introduce the new member of the team, Normal Guy. hELlo Klik! Wait, what? He was following me around the Axle, and I decided that I should take him under my wing and help him find a girlfriend. Ethel’s already shot him down, so I figured I’d try with you and Sue. HeY kliK LADieS! He’s all yours Eshey. No no no no no no…he gives me the heebie jeebies. Oh, you two have already become intimate? I dated a girl once who gave me the heebie jeebies, I had to go to a physician to get it treated. You should get it looked at. What?! No! That’s gross! Yeah, the heebie jeebies gave me all these sores on my… No, I meant he’s not my boyfriend! No need to be embarrassed, Eshey. Just make sure to put up a sign and we’ll give you privacy in the bunks. KLik AW yEaH!!! Anyways, I’ve already decided on a name for our ship. The O.T.C. “Gear”? Blatqnn beiskaldi bacraut? It’s going to be something stupid. The O.T.C. “Mojito Madness”! Let’s get on board, everyone, and take her out for a test drive! Next:
  20. Dr. Munroe -- we received the following from Agent 867-5309 (Codename: Jenny); but sadly she has missed her last 3 check ins and we must consider her currently MIA and likely lost: Report: Delta-Bravo-38.Jenny -- I know we have long wondered about Octan's seeming lack of ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) vessels. The numbers have never added up that a corporation of that size would have virtually no ELINT assets, and I believe I've discovered why. We all know Octan loves robots and acquiring new companies. It seems that both of those things factor into their supposed lack of ELINT ships because they actually may have vastly more ELINT capability than we could have ever feared. I've discovered that they are hiding these ships in plain sight! After Octan bought out Universal Package Syndicate (UPS) and their entirely robotic delivery service it seems they took a portion of those vessels and refitted them. The outward appearance is mostly unchanged from the normal delivery vessels and they still are autonomous, but now the cargo area is used for 4 ELINT analysts and a Senior Analyst. This is likely the case for other companies they have absorbed as well. The modifications are significant enough that the vessel is almost factory new, but still appears to be of the same vintage as the other "regular" ships from the outside. The ships are able to blend into the background as everyone simply takes them as robotic cargo delivery ships and no one suspects they secretly contain some of the most advanced data gathering and analysis systems available. I was unable to get an upclose look due to security, but I believe I even saw an APGAR-97 "Cyclops" installed which would confirm that it exists! My work here continues to go unnoticed and I've even been promoted recently to have more responsibilities - they have told me I will have up to 4 robots working for me. I will continue to attempt to gather further info and try for more details on how widespread their ELINT fleet is. At a minimum I've seen 3 different UPS ships and now that I know what to look for I will try to determine what other ships may have been modified. Jenny Confirmation:: 993.Victor.Charlie Extra Pics: Doors that open! The interior is meant to be cramped kinda like a submarine I'm surprisingly smug to be in such a tight space Doors open... Doors closed... Overall view
  21. Big Sal

    [Challenge 2][Cat C] The Core

    Note: This post continues directly from here. Well, it all makes sense now. You were a pilot, then you fell in love. I've heard this story a thousand times. Well, maybe not exactly like this... You see, it wasn't Sue I feel in love with. The Squadron Leader then? I've heard that one before too. Nope. So it was the guy, Rex? Yup. And? And what..? Is that supposed to be the interesting part? It's 3815 AD friend, and that would barely have counted as interesting in 2015. Let me finish! It was against the rules for any squad mates to be romantically involved, obviously, so we had to meet in the power core of our carrier ship, where there was way too much interference for any cameras to work. It was all going fine until one time I brought up the subject of our future together. What happened? He didn't think we had one. Said we were bomber pilots and one or both of us would bite it soon enough that there wasn't any point planning for the future. Said we were both too blind to risk to even think about raising kids, or anything like that. Ouch. Yeah, I got upset and ran off. But looking back, he was right: we just didn't think about risks back then. I mean, there were danger signs all over the entrance to the power core, but we went in there without a second thought. Who knows what all the radiation blasting about in there did to us? So he said you didn't have a future and you stormed off? Then what? To be continued! --- Thanks for reading! I didn't do any editing on those photos, I just used some angled lamps for the lighting. Evenly lit photos below, C&C welcome as always
  22. On board The Hornet, one of Kawashita's new battle cruisers, Ender meets up with Kirk to talk to the red-shirt who has been repairing the hull. They had had a run in with a small asteroid which has caused some loss on the hull integrity outside the airlock. The red-shirt was almost done repair the damage and would soon be returning inside to report on whether The Hornet was ready for any firefights. The safety features that could keep the most mischievous of children from making a mistake, The Hornet's airlock was designed to only open the inner doors when the decompression chamber was full of oxygen. And to only open the outer door when the chamber was fully sealed to prevent any unwanted loss of oxygen from the main ship.
  23. Tags: AG, Octan Aboard the Axle... [steady bass through the walls] What is love? Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more I don't know why you're not fair I give you my love, but you don't care So what is right and what is wrong? Gimme a sign What is love? Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more What is love? Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more Oh, I don't know, what can I do? What else can I say, it's up to you I know we're one, just me and you I can't go on What is love? Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more Next: More pics under the spoiler.
  24. Commander Beltar

    [Challenge 2] [Cat C] Prelude to Paradise

    ============================================================================================================================ Kawashita Medical Ship: Rebirth (Deck 4) Begin Experiment, Attempt 42, Project Paradise Prelude: Doctor Mar V. In: Are you sure you want to proceed with the operation General? Kawashita General Taage: Yes. Mr. J: Ah just in time. aPauLo-13, this will be your brand new partner. PauL: Yes sir. But in his current state, I may not like it. Mr. J: Yes yes, Paradise might give him the chance he needs though. Dr. Mar V. In: It won’t hurt a bit Mr. Beltar…I can assur- Beltar: But…YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND…I GOT AN ALIEN FREAKIN PARASITE CHEWING AT MY INTERNAL ORGANS! Dr. M: Yes I’m aware of that…And it’s making your condition unstable. I’m attempting to set you up for Project Paradise attempt 42. Beltar: Project Paradise…ITS FAILED OVER 40 TIM— Dr. M: Better. General Taage: Are you going to start the procedure yet Doctor? Dr. M: It’s not ready sir! General Taage: I DON’T CARE! We can always drop you back onto that street we found you in… Dr. M: Perhaps Beltar is not the one we should be operating on… General Taage: Just do it. Push the button. Dr. M: Fine. Dr. M: As you wish… Dr: M: Ready Mr. Beltar? Beltar: NOOOOooo Dr. M: I THINK ITS WORKING! AMAZ- Dr. M: Yeaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhh General Taage: Doctor. Did it work? … General Taage: Respond. … General Taage: More Doctors where that came from. Cleanup in Lab 42. PauL: Wait sir. General Taage: Why? Mr. J: Excuse Pau- PauL: I believe the process worked sir. Beltar now only has a steady heartbeat, and his brain activity has calmed down from fighting an infection. We must move him to the rest of Paradise immediately. General Taage: Okay. Mr. J: But- General Taage: NO Buts. Trooper 1: There goes another Doctor. Trooper 2: I know right? T1: Shut Up man. T2: Argh, at least this one worked…. General Taage: That is all I needed to see. Get him moved ASAP. And re-outfit PauL with some…monitoring tech. Dr. J: Monitoring?...Sir Yes sir. End Experiment 42 ===================== More Pictures in the spoiler! As always... Thanks for reading this…flashback! Beltar’s story! This build is supposed to happen shortly before Project Paradise took place…Also...I may have to change how this part of the story 'happened' later to fit in the convoluted continuity of Beltar's life, and I plan to one day revisit this build and make a better one. Hope you enjoyed, and as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  25. Challenge 2: Category C // PERSONAL DIARY // In addition to flying a Mosquito, Dr. Long had requested that I go with ED-208 on one of our heavy hauler vessels during a trip near the core of Andromeda as we continue to monitor the situation. Understandably, she wished to have a top tier scientist available should the crew of the ship encounter anything out of the ordinary that required study. Upon my arrival the crew was surprised to learn that I would be going with them. I informed them that Dr. Long must have told them about my mission, but they insisted they were unaware. Clearly not all of our crews are performing up to the typical top notch Octan standards. They tried to explain that there simply wasn't room on board for extra people (I didn't correct them to say person and robot), that this was a cargo ship and not some luxury cruiser, but I informed them that if Dr. Long wanted me on this ship that I would be on this ship. The captain clearly didn't want to talk to Dr. Long, knowing she would chide him for his poor performance and failure to read his messages. I happily suggested that they address their failure to adhere to Octan regulations so that these sorts of problems wouldn't present themselves in the future. The crew had a brief meeting on the other side of the room to try and figure out a solution. After a couple minutes the captain informed me that they had come up with a berthing as per required by Octan corporate specifications and that a junior officer would show it to me. I told him that would do and that I was glad he was able to resolve the matter. Upon being shown to my "berthing" I was quite ... aghast. The junior officer who showed us to it left quickly and wouldn't even look at me. ED-208 said he would stay outside during our journey, but I told him that no one had studied the effect of gate travel on robots outside the confines of a ship. He said he'd risk it. I told him that I couldn't lose him and that he was to report to the bridge and alert me immediately of any anomalies. I'm not sure, given that he is a robot, but he seemed happy that I'd ordered him to stay on the bridge. As I lay on my cot and listened to all the various machinery noises around me I wondered what we would find when we reached the disturbances in the core. I hoped it would prove scientifically interesting and that perhaps it would present an opportunity for me to collaborate in person with Dr. Long. What an exciting possibility! Extra pics: