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Found 415 results

  1. Dannylonglegs

    [O-G03] Walk the Line

    Tags: Land Vehicle, Science (follow-up to past "experiments", although this aspect of the story is intentionally ambiguous.) Sector: G03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~Meanwhile, in real life~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Long: "So, yeah, I will need you to file those follow-up behavioral reports by the end of the week. But it seems he's made excellent progress." Engineer: "Well yeah! He's hardly made a peep, since... you know..." Dr. Long: "Good to know. A quiet worker is a happy worker." "Log date 470, This is Dr. Danielle Long. The Subject's behavior has improved dramatically. I await a full data sheet from his handler, but I suspect that our behavioral improvement methods have finally rendered the subject a functional employee. Perhaps we can expand these methods to solve other problematic employees. I can think of a few who would potentially benefit from them... Dr. Long out, for now. Must check progress of Top Secret rescue mission." I've been experimenting (Science!) with that vertical border technique I'm seeing so often in GoH and some other expert builds. I'm actually quite pleased by even my own neophyte work here, so I will definitely try the technique again in the future. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  2. LordDan

    [M-E03] Back Where I Started

    Location: E03 Tags:land vehicle, military After being forcefully recalled several week ago by CEO Big Sal from E03, Engineer Dan took a lengthy break from duty. However it was not long before he was ordered back into action, and to his surprise he was sent right back to E03 by the new CEO! This time he is testing out a brand new mech... Although this mech is made primarily for exploration and labor and not combat it can still defend itself quite well. It has heavy armor and its claws are great for crushing and tearing. Additionally both hands are equipped with laser cutters, which can be used quite effectively in close range combat. C & C appreciated!
  3. Kodan Black

    [O - F04] - Optional Accessories

    Location: F04 Illustria Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Upon my return to the Axle I filed a detailed report about my time with the Ter Tahls and highly suggested that we collaborate with them. I also suggested to Dr. Long that Tor be invited to the Axle to meet with her. I wanted to go over my report in further detail in person, but Dr. Long said she was very busy with the issues around the time travel device. She also had a rather pressing matter that she said she needed me to take on personally. Of course I was honored that she would ask me to take on a task for her. Apparently our new CEO pombe had told her that he was giving her a new ground speeder as a way of thanking her for her dedicated service. She indicated she was nervous about such a gift given pombe's reputation as somewhat of a free spirit. I was tasked with checking over the speeder to ensure that there were no surprises. I was quite happy to be entrusted with such a task, so ED-208 and I set about reviewing the speeder thoroughly. It was being stored in a bay on the Axle while the finishing touches were added. The first thing we found was a note that read: "Hope you have some fun with this. I know you sure need some D!" I pointed out to ED-208 that clearly pombe's secretary Eshey had written it as there was a grammatical mistake, it should read: "Hope you have some fun with this. I know you sure need some, D!" ED-208 seemed to agree as he said "Yeah, that must be it." Although pombe seemed to be getting a little informal for my tastes calling Dr. Long by the first initial of her first name: Danielle. I visually inspected all of the speeder while ED-208 decrypted and analyzed the control software. It was running Octansoft and it must be that because we were aboard the Axle the decryption was so easy. I guess the encyption key was actually "password123". ED-208 said he had seen stronger encryption on vending machines, but that wouldn't make sense as all our vending machines also run Octansoft! It was good though that we found absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Dr. Long seemed very relieved to hear that the speeder was just a standard speeder. After leaving her office I ran into pombe in the hallway and mentioned that Dr. Long was looking forward to using her speeder. He said that he hadn't installed the "special accessories" yet and that he was on his way to take care of it now. Based on the vibrating box he was holding he must be installing a massage chair in it. That should certainly help Dr. Long relax a bit! Extra Pics: I tried to detail it as much as possible, note the area between the seats. You really can't see it due to lighting, but the area under the green between the seats is red for a center brake light
  4. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Mission O1E01

    Location: E01 Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle ...and the mithril solution works? Yes, perfectly. Good. Then let's put it into action. Our spies have located a processing plant for the fruit. I'm sending you to infiltrate it and use the mithril solution to turn the fruit there back to the normal fattening kind. It should only take a few batches before word gets around that the diet products don't work any more. Wait, you want me to infiltrate the plant? Me, personally? Yes. Did you get the spy suit I sent? Yes, but- It's one of the new ones with persuadomatic technology. Since you promised us it would work, you should have no qualms about testing it out in the field. I guess... but I really don't have time to be infiltrating bases! Make time. Long out. Later... Are you sure these are the right barrels? Yeah, we had a guy scope out their supply lines and this is how they transport water. The wood just seems a bit... out of place. What do you think they should be made of? Bricks? Do you realise how heavy that would be? Uh... Anyway, let's go over the plan one more time. You two will hide in these barrels with the mithril solution, while I pretend to be an Octan driver whose truck got stolen. When the next truck comes along we'll hitch a lift right into the plant. I'm wearing a wire so you'll be able to hear what I'm saying. Once we're in, and the coast is clear, I'll say the first code word, which is 'Octan'. That means you should pass the mithril solution out to me. Then... We burst out and blow the place up! YEAH! What?? No! Then you stay in the barrels until I finish sabotaging the fruit and drive us out of there. You'll only need to come out shooting if something goes wrong and I say the second code word, which is 'Kawashita.' Got it? Yeah... I guess... Good. Quick, I hear something coming, get in the barrels. Y'know, this seems like a waste of our skills. A waste of your skills? Try being a highly trained scientist on a spying mission! Now shut up! Hello down there. Need a hand? I sure do, fellow employee! Don't suppose you could give me and this water a lift to the plant? No problemo, I'm headed there anyway, and I've got room for two more barrels. What an amazing coincidence! Uh, yeah... amazing! So they ambushed you and made off with your truck, eh? I knew this would happen when corporate decided to let M.A.N.T.I.S. operate on this planet. I said at the time it was crazy! Still, I hear we have a new CEO, so maybe we'll finally get some sensible leadership. Managed to squeeze in there, fella? Just about... Alright, let's get this show on the road! To be continued! Thanks for reading I really hate taking photos at night, but they'll have to do since I'm busy all weekend. C&C welcome, especially on the truck. A bunch more pics of it in the spoiler.
  5. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H04] How to get Back to the Future

    Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Location: H04 Story and better pictures to come tomorrow morning, but the crux is this is the capsule by which Jebediah will be returned to his proper time and space. The item you see Jebediah with in his story is its "key" and a means by which Dr. Long can very generally track his temporal location. True to form, and the subject matter, the story for last week's build was sent to last week's future... the present... or, rather, the future of my present, as I am definitely writing this in your "last week" it's a bit hard to explain... I'll let the good Doctor at it: "Log date 456, This is Dr. Danielle Long, recording a top secret mission report. Octan's--and my own--most trusted special forces operative, Jebediah O'Reilly must be sent into the past to retrieve the hapless fool of a physicist, Dr. Blenjamin Blandin who seems to have inadvertently triggered the machine to activate and create a rift in time and space centered around the blue box. I have reviewed the theoretical work done by Blandin, and he seems to believe that such a rift would not be able to shut unless the majority of any materials brought back in time are returned to their original time and place... while fascinating, this news is quite... um... irritating, to say the least. Once Blandin's anachronistic exploits have been reversed... well, he's definitely fired. Dr. Long out." Dr. Long: "Ok, Jebediah, I'll be brief. Retrieve Dr. Blandin, wherever.... or, Whenever, he may be, and return by activating this capsule with your noise-emitting leverage-optimizer. Dead or alive matters little. Just the majority of his anachronistic mass must be returned. He's as good as fired to me." Jebediah: "why does the capsule look like a car?" Dr. Long: "Well, we're a bit low on funds for "Employee retrieval and extraction". Normally we don't... do... much... of that. So I could not refuse when one of our Engineers volunteered his antique car for the task. He was very insistent on it actually. What an odd fellow." Jebediah: "Ok, and what about the Blue uniform?" Dr. Long: "well, we don't exactly have Historians on the Axle... so I had this modeled after the garb of the deceased inhabitants of the Facility. We don't know very much about his location or time... other than that it seems to be linked to earth or its moon. Both of which have had breathable atmosphere for a long time... so you should be fine in that. I had you inoculated against earth diseases long since irradicated, as well. Wouldn't want you bringing back to common cold, now, would we." Jebediah: "Sounds like you thought this all out." Dr. Long: "That is my job. Haven't missed a week." Jebediah: "alright, whelp, let's send me back in time then." Dr. Long: "Excellent." "Here it is. The rift exists right around the blue box. You simply need to touch it. I will watch you through your noise-emitting Leverage-optimizer, which can be tracked with some repurposed special equipment developed for long distance space flight. Good thing you're going back in time, and not forward. Although... who knows how this will effect the present... so... Don't step on any butterflies." "Got it." "Good luck." ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  6. pombe

    [O - I06] Pain in the butt

    Location: I06 - Yetornius Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Fleet Bonus Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=116312 Currently, aboard the Axle, somewhere over Yetornius.... Eshey, reporting for assignment. What's going on here?!?! I'm administering corporal punishment to Sue for breaking protocol and offering unsolicited advice to the CEO. That's not appropriate! And why is Hombre here? I'm not sure really. He just sort of showed up so I've been spanking him, too. Less talking, more spanking!!! I'm almost done here. I'll meet you over in the hangar bay in a bit. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later, in the engineering bay.... Are we seriously going to give a space whale an anal probe? Eshey, if we want to get the freshest poop samples, we will have to travel deep inside the space whale. That's why we have these things developed by Big Z to help us. The first are exosuits equipped with pooper scoopers and poop collection buckets. Why do those poop collection buckets look like jack o' lanterns? Because it's Halloween, Eshey. Um...okay. We'll use this next generation deep exploration vessel, the O.C.S. Ramrod, to penetrate the whale sphincter and enter the whale. Once we're inside, we'll travel to the colon, where we'll land the ship and embark with the exosuits to search for fresh poop. Alright, lets head out. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ On approach to the space whale.... There it is, Eshey, right where Ishmael's coordinates said it would be. Bringing us underneath...and there it is...the butt hole! Penetrating the sphincter. Making our way towards the colon Let's hope the space whale doesn't have a bowel movement while we're in here or we'll be ejected back out into space. Quite violently, too, I think. And that's just not the normal farts and number two's. We'll be ejected if the whale sharts, as well. Quite messily, I'm afraid. Alright, here we are - in the colon. Landing the Ramrod. Eshey, prep the suits. I can't believe I'm doing this.... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In the colon.... Eshey, keep your eyes out for fresh poop that's been trapped here. How are you even breathing? I can't even imagine the smell.... Interesting, look here, Eshey - alien coccoon pods! It seems that aliens have... ...colonized the colon. Oh look! They're hatching! KILL THEM!!! KILL THEM NOW!!! USE THE POOPER SCOOPER!!! Hold on, Eshey, let's not get violent. In fact, they are trying to communicate with us. Eh eh eh ehe ehehe eh eh. Eh ehehe, ehe eh eh eh eh. Eh ehe eh. You're names are Ellen and Clive? And you've been waiting for trick or treaters all night and we're the first ones? And you have pretzel treats for us? Well then, trick or treat! Yes, please, place the pretzels in these buckets. THAT'S WHERE THE POOP GOES!!! We'll sort it out later, Eshey. Next: Additional pics under the spoiler tag, and comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  7. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Experiment L5E01

    Location: E01 Tags: Science Oh my, this is it! It all makes sense now! I have to tell Sal! ...constantly undermining me! You are, without a doubt, the most annoying, obstinate woman I've ever had the misfortune to meet! Computer, hang up! Hanging up. Sal! Sal! I've cracked it! Alright Henson, come in. I figured it out Sal! Once I saw the circular dichroism spectra it was obvious! The biomass is almost entirely D-amino acids and L-glucose! Um, right. Obvious! I, er, suspected as much, but explain your conclusions please, just so I know we're on the same page... It's the perfect diet product! There's just enough D-glucose for you to taste it, and of course the mass fills your stomach regardless, but your body doesn't recognise the enantiomers as food. It just goes straight throught you without a trace! Yes, uh, enantiomers, that's exactly what I concluded. Well done Henson, go tell the others while I, um, think this over. Righto! ... Good, she's gone. Computer, search for 'enantiomer'. Yes sir! Searching for 'anteater'! Damn it! Computer, permanently deactivate CLAPPIE, then search for 'enantiomer'. CLAPPIE temporarily disabled- Damn it! -Searching for 'enantiomer'. Hmmmm, ok, ok. Let's see... 'chemistry'... 'opposite'... 'mirror image'... Interesting... let me think... mithril makes the best mirrors... maybe, just maybe... Computer, call- no, wait. Is CLAPPIE still disabled? Yes sir. Good, I don't want a repeat of earlier. Ok computer, call 'Long'. Calling Chief Accountant Long. What is it, Sal? I already told you, no matter what the personnel promotion matrix says, we're not making you CEO again. We can't afford another CEO inauguration party a week after the last one. Wait, you threw SpacerSteve a party?? How come I didn't- You know what, never mind - I've figured out how the diet product works! It's about time. Can the effect be reversed? I think so, but I'll need some mithril. I know we don't have much and- I'll have Hawk bring you some at once. -you won't want to... wait, really? That easy? Yes. This project is very important to m... to M.A.N.T.I.S. Long out. Later... Finally! Hey, it's not our fault Hawk delivered it to the wrong lab. ...and that should do it. How is this supposed to work Sal? Well, Pritchett, as everyone knows, the best mirrors are made of mithril. By creating this suspension of mithril nanoparticles and introducing it to the fruit we should be able to mirror the amino acids and glucose back to forms that the body will recognise. Um... that doesn't make any- Here, hold the solution a minute, but be careful, it's very- -volatile! AAAAAAAAAAH! Is he going to be ok? Um... probably? The solution is mirroring him on a molecular level, ooh, there he goes! The solution was incredibly concentrated. He probably absorbed enough to be mirrored a few hundred times. So it'll stop eventually?? I think so? Let's hope he mirrors back to original the last time he flips! Hopefully this wasn't too long! Thanks for reading if you managed the whole thing! C&C welcome, and a few more pics in the spoiler.
  8. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // The Ter Tahls had been kind enough to once again lend their facilities to ED-208 and myself. This was a much larger warehouse style facility that suited our task of creating and testing drones very well. ED-208 had decided to modify one of the drones I had created and gave it some armament. He had insisted that it was needed and it also would be useful in testing the new target acquisition and tracking software I had written. As he finished up the modifications on his drone I made a few last tweaks to the largest of the drones that would be used for recon. With its sophisticated communications gear I was sure it would be useful to the Ter Tahls. My other 6 legged drone was made to explore more uneven terrain and handle smaller locations. I had shared all of the designs and specifications with the Ter Tahls for their use. Tor seemed most interested in the 6 legged drone for its ability to handle underwater exploration. I told him that if he located any Awesomnium to be sure to let Octan know as they would be very happy to buy the rights for it. I'd come to really appreciate Tor's companionship and I think even ED-208 was beginning to settle in. He hadn't suggested we sabotage or blow up their facility in quite a while! And I noticed that he no longer insisted on having a weapon in his hand. He was willing to set it down on the cart the Ter Tahls had loaned to him for working on his drone. I think ED-208 was appreciative of their warrior culture and all of their many traditions. He even said I could learn from the Ter Tahls about being more of a man. Which didn't make any sense since they were a totally alien race and not humans! All of that made our orders from Dr. Long to return to the Axle all the more difficult. I knew that with an alien fleet in a neighboring system she had great concern over our safety, especially due to our knowledge of the time travel device but we still felt like there was so much to learn from the Ter Tahls. Tor said that we would always be welcomed and that perhaps in the future he could come to the Axle and meet the revered Dr. Long. I knew that she would be excited for that possibility and that Tor would be so amazed by her. I found myself excited at the possibility and I was sure Dr. Long would be thrilled to hear my full report! Extra Pics:
  9. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Expedition E0E01

    Location: E01 Tags: None Chief Accountant Long's Office, M.A.N.T.I.S. Supply Ship, Crentium Orbit. ...and so we finally figured out where all Octan's extra money was coming from. They have a new line of diet products that's proving wildly successful back in the Milky Way. We don't know how it works, but apparently you can eat as much as you want without ever gaining any weight. Our spies have traced the supply chain back to Donwarr. Whatever's in these products, it comes from there. Ah, ok, so you want me to analyse some biomass samples and figure out how it works so we can copy the product? Eventually, yes. But first you need to go and get the biomass samples. What?? I'm CEO, I don't have time to go fruit picking! I'm the head of this company, Long, you can't just- No, you're not. -order me around. Wait, what? That's the other thing I needed to see you about. OctanSoft finally patched the bugs in the Personnel Promotion Matrix. You're no longer CEO. But... I've been so good at it recently! Yes, your recent 100% increase in efficiency didn't go unnoticed. I don't know how you did it, but it doesn't matter. We have a new CEO. Who? Don't tell me it's this clown?? Aloha! No, SpacerSteve's the new CEO. I... oh. Then who the hell is this?? This is Pombie, one of our best special operatives. She'll be accompanying you on your mission. One of our... best? Is this a joke, Long? Have you ever known me to make a joke? Your ship leaves in half an hour. But- ------------------- Later, on Donwarr: ... total misunderstanding, could've happened to anyone. Chief Accountant Long wasn't very happy about it though. I guess that's why she's sent me on this babysitting mission without my team. Yeah, she can be a real pain. And, uh, did she make you wear that ridiculous outfit as punishment or something? What? No, this is standard issue Octan employee dress. Given Octan's control of the planet, I thought it prudent to be able to impersonate them if necessary. I, uh, guess that makes sense... but, um, are you sure you've got it right? Absolutely. I wore this for my last mission infiltrating the O.C.S. Axle and it worked perfectly. The mission that completely failed and led to you being sent to pick fruit? My orders were ambiguous. The disguise worked fine. Right... I've finished picking all the biomass over here, want a hand over there? That was fast, how did you... What the hell have you been doing? Picking biomass like we were supposed to. What have you been doing? -------- Thanks for reading, and big thanks to pombe for letting me use one of his awesome characters! C&C welcome!
  10. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Suitably Hard Suits

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After our discovery of the time machine it seems Dr. Long had become quite concerned for our safety. She had sent two hard suits, one for each of us, and had asked that we keep near them in case we needed to use them. I thought it might be a bit extreme given we were also near the Ter Tahls and they could help keep us safe, but it was another reminder of how much Dr. Long cares about her employees. ED-208 was initially very annoyed though because Dr. Long had sent a hard suit for "Ed Zob". I told him that it was clear Dr. Long was protecting our identities but he insisted that she thought he was some guy with that name. I asked him which was more likely, that one of the most brilliant minds in the galaxy had mistakenly sent a suit to a robot OR that she knew given our discovery that our safety could possibly be at risk and in an overabundance of caution and concern she had sent the suits and disguised his identity. Particularly since he was an advanced robot that other corporations or aliens would love to steal and reverse engineer. His incredulous stare clearly meant that he realized the error of his logic! ED-208 did seem rather pleased with the armament on his suit though. I told him that was further proof that Dr. Long had intended the suits for us specifically as mine was more geared towards science with the hands and the communications and scanning gear. Whereas his suit was quite obviously intended as a defensive suit with the weaponry! His was designated Mobile assault.Kommando (Ma.K) and mine was known as the Mobile armor.Kommunications (Ma.K). ED-208 pointed out how confusing it was to name them in such a way that both had the same acronym, but again I pointed out Dr. Long's genius. By making the acronym the same letters the enemy would never know what they were facing! Her military acumen is second only to her scientific prowess. Tor said the suits were most impressive and that he would be happy to have them moved into the Ter Tahls' underground facility. I thanked him and said that would be ideal. ED-208 suggested that we should create some mini-drone bots to use to supplement our suits, so I believe that will be our next task. I assured Tor that we would share our developments with them since they were kindly providing the facilities. He was most appreciative. I've realized that despite my initial beliefs that they were a simple race that we would have to kindly guard, the Ter Tahls were actually a very helpful race that wasn't that inferior to us humans. Extra Pics: Thanks to Goatman for suggesting we all have a Ma.K week, I've never built anything like these suits before and it was a fun challenge!
  11. pombe

    [O - I06] Moby Butt

    Location: I06 - Yetornius Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, Fleet Bonus Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=116119 Somewhere over Yetornius.... Betsy May, come in. This is Cobra Leader. Cobra Leader, this is Betsy May. We are receiving you loud and clear. How goes the CAP? Any Zoid sightings? Negative, Betsy May. Though...I think I've found something that our Octan friend would be interested in. Copy that, Cobra Leader; patching you through to him now, please hold. ... Pombe here. I hear you have something for me Ms. Haverly? Call me Ishmael. Alright, Ishmael. What is it you see? I think I've found the source of the poop asteroids you and your colleague are both so interested in. I have no interest in poop asteroids! Sure you do. Now, what might be the source of the poop asteroids? I'm not sure, actually. But it looks like a giant space whale, sir. Just one? It's not a pod of space whales? Just one, sir. It must be a lone bull. If you say so, sir. Ishmael, could you send me the coordinates of the space whale? Eshey, get ready, we're heading out. The coordinates have been sent, along with it's current speed and vector. Why are we heading out to the space whale? Instead of collecting frozen poop from poop asteroids, this is our chance to get a fresh poop sample. We're going to give the whale an... ...anal probe. Next: Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  12. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H09] A Hard Exterior

    Tags: Vehicle (pick one, I really don't care either way. ), Science Location: H09 IMG_20151018_174252 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Log date 454, this is Dr. Danielle Long. The tropic regions of Planet Wastyria in Sector H09 are host to the greatest biodiversity on this otherwise frigid planet. Here temperatures rarely sink below 0 degrees Celsius, allowing for a myriad of temperature sensitive creatures to thrive. I have stumbled upon an organism roughly analogous to earth coral here. Presently I am utilizing an Aquatic Hardsuit to get a closer look at this biome." IMG_20151018_174040 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr IMG_20151018_174358 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr IMG_20151018_174518 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr IMG_20151018_174607 by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr No story this week. Dr. Long is finally doing some innocent Scientific research. She finds out that Kodan has a time machine later! I'd like as much feedback (be harsh! I can take it!) on the coral as I possibly can, as a coral reef not too dissimilar to this will feature as part of a contest entry for something else... ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  13. pombe

    [O - H08] Everyone Poops

    Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=115721 Currently, somewhere in Sinden's Run.... These are the suits we'll be using for our next assignment. Why do they look like giant walking trash cans? Because they're based on Japanese designs, Eshey. We stole these from Kawashita?, we didn't steal these designs from Kawashita. I don't get it. That's alright, Eshey. Anyways, get inside your suit. We'll be dropping onto an asteroid in Sinden's Run soon for our assignment. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later, on the asteroid.... This asteroid is green! That's because this is a poop asteroid, a phenomenon recently discovered by our CEO John Hannibal (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=115640). WE'RE STANDING IN POOP?!?! AND THAT STILL DOESN'T EXPLAIN WHY IT'S GREEN!!! And how are you even breathing with your suit open? What are you talking about, Eshey? All my poops are a healthy green. MINE AREN'T!!! Well...they mostly aren't.... Once we get back to the Axle, I'll be sure to put you in for another vet visit to have your stool examined. Now, use your collection flask to get some poop asteroid samples. The poop asteroids here in Sinden's Run are especially rich in awesomnium, which make them likely to harbor bacteria that have the Metal Eater property, which is something that Dr. Long is interested in (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=115149). We'll bring them back to the Axle for proper screening. I can't believe I'm on an asteroid collecting poop. Remember, over 60% of the dry mass of feces is bacteria. Why do you know these poop facts? you feel that rumbling? AHHHH!!! A GIANT EYEBALL ALIEN POPPED OUT OF THE POOP CRATER!!! WAIT, WE HAVE NO WEAPONS!!! That's normal, Eshey. I see that all the time in my poop. THAT'S NOT NORMAL!!! Here, use this stick I found sticking out of the poop. KILL IT, KILL IT!!! No need for deadly force, Eshey. Just poke it in the eye and it will go back inside. I do it all the time. Here, take the stick and practice on this alien. Comments and criticisms are all welcome! Next:
  14. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Credit Where It Is Due

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Long had sent me something to investigate urgently. The Ter Tahls were kind enough to allow me to use one of their research labs to do my scientific inquiry into the blue box I had been sent. As it turns out the blue box was just a container for what was inside. What it was that was inside turned out to be a bit trickier to figure out. I wasn't sure if it was some arcade dancing game, medical scanner, or some sort of sex thing (sadly pombe wasn't here to ask about that one). I had spent an hour looking it over when Tor stopped in to check on things. He offered his assistance or the assistance of any of the Ter Tahls scientists if they could be of help. I thanked him for his kind offer but told him that this was very advanced scientific stuff and that I wasn't sure they could be of help right now. I mentioned that once I knew what I was dealing with I may need further assistance. Then Tor said: "You mean with your time machine?" WHHHHAAAAA?!?!?! So I guess Tor and the Ter Tahls had seen this thing before and it was a time machine. The Ter Tahls themselves had a moral objection to using it, but they had helped some early humans in Andromeda and prevented the time machine from falling into Zoid hands. Tor expressed surprise that we humans had seemingly forgotten about such a powerful device, but I assured him that it was not the case at all. I told him that I was sure Dr. Long had sent it to me knowing that the Ter Tahls would know about it and help me to keep it safe. I decided that given the profound power of the device I had better contact Dr. Long immediately. I had a holo-call with her and explained that I had managed to use my considerable skill and thorough data analysis to figure out that it was a time travel device. She was quite shocked and insisted that I send the device back to her immediately for her to properly handle it. She ended the call quickly likely due to her shock, but I suspect once she has time to process all of this that she will realize just how valuable I am and give me the recognition I have earned. Extra Pics:
  15. Big Sal

    [M - A08] Read Only Memories

    Location: A08 Tags: None Identifier: Chief Accountant Long Date: 11 Oktobrinali 3915 Location: M.A.N.T.I.S. Fleet, Crentium. Log No: A675A08 Log type: Personal Another evening of paperwork ahead of me. I’m still not caught up on all the extra work generated by Sal’s disappearance in that asteroid… Damn him! I’ve told him so many times that he can’t keep running off all over the place doing science when he’s supposed to be running the company. Or at least… looking like he’s running it. Ugh, I can’t concentrate… all these late nights are taking their toll… maybe I could… rest my eyes… just for a second… zzzzzz… …and I must say Miss Long, with these grades you’ll be able to take your pick of companies. They’re all desperate for brilliant young accountants like yourself. Thanks Professor! Have you had any thoughts about which company you’d like to work for? Oh yes Professor, Explorien Science. You mean Octan Corporation, Miss Long? What?? Of course not! Oh, but… you haven’t heard? I suppose you must have been on your way here when it was announced? When what was announced? Explorien has been bought out by Octan. WHAT?! About time too if you ask me, they’ve been struggling for- I have to go, sorry Professor! But… I wish you’d stay a little longer Abigail. With your mother gone too it’s going to be very lonely here. I know Dad. But I have to go live my life! I can't just end up as some cog in the machine. That's not what I want any more. Not after all that's happened with Mom and... Well, promise you’ll stay in touch, at least. Of course I will. Don’t worry, I won’t be like her. Not ever. Hey sweetheart, what’s a beautiful little thing like you doing in a place like this? Mostly getting hit on by Octan slime like you. Hey now… Is this how you deal with the fact you work for the worst corporation in the galaxy? You drink yourself stupid until you can forget you’re just a drone in a soulless machine, hoping you can sleep with someone who still has a spark of life since yours was drained into the Octan cesspit years ago. Wha…? You don’t… I… Best run off home now drone. Bye bye! Heh heh heh, nicely done. Yeah? You want the same treatment? Easy there. Just wanted to let you know that we’re currently looking for people with your kind of spirit in M.A.N.T.I.S. And if you hate Octan as much you seem to, there’s no better company to work for. I’m listening… Thanks for reading! Something a little different this week. C&C welcome!
  16. LordDan

    [M-E03] MANTIS hovertank

    Location: E03 Tags: land vehicle, military, building Once again Dan is on E03, acting to overturn Octan's control there, and hiding out from his MANTIS bosses. This week he has constructed a remote control hover tank, equipped with a heavy missile launcher and 2 dual laser cannons. The tank has heavy armor and is kept in the air by 4 next generation hover engines. Dan is currently testing it on some a Octan mini speeder. Dan controls the hover tank from a communications base. ( The base is an old weekly build and should not be judged) Unfortunately for Dan, MANTIS does not officially condone his actions and has labeled him a rouge agent after he ignored a direct order from the CEO to move his operation to a different planet. After it became clear that Dan had no intention to comply with their orders MANTIS command sent out an Assault team to locate him and "escort" him back to MANTIS space. Once he had returned to MANTIS HQ, Dan was then sent to CEO Big Sal's office , to account for his rouge actions... ( and yes, Big Sal seems to be having a bad hair day) Extra pics: The Octan mini Speeder The hover tank Sal's office C & C appreciated
  17. pombe

    [O - E11] Jungle Fever

    Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle, Spaceship Dramatis Personae (because because): Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=115447 Currently, somewhere in the Fascini Cluster.... There she is! The Betsy May! My home sweet home! We're glad we could help you fly home, Bruce. My thanks again. Drinks are on me once we settle aboard. Fly?!?! He didn't fly!!! He drove off and crashed into over a dozen asteroids that he used as way points to make it all the way back to the Betsy May!!! Of course he flew, Eshey. A famous author once described flight as having the knack of throwing yourself at the ground and missing. What part of "missing" did he accomplish on the way here?!?! Eshey, are you suggesting that you are a better pilot than one who is actually a pilot by profession? Alright, taking off from this last asteroid to make my approach to the Betsy May. Holy avocados. He's going to hit the Betsy May, isn't he? I really can't watch. Octan C.L.A.W., this is the Betsy May. Thank you for recovering our missing pilot. Don't worry, we'll take it from here. We got Tabman and the T.U.M.B.L.E.R.. See, Eshey, there's nothing to worry about. They activated their tractor beam to bring him in. WHY DO THEY LET HIM FLY IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Aboard the Betsy May.... Urgent message from CEO John Hannibal, sir! Good job on returning Mr. Vayne back to the Merchant Confederacy, you two. Thank you, sir. It was our pleasure. Unfortunately, a new situation has occurred. Three Merchant Confederation awesomnium mining prospectors have been captured by the Zoid and are being held on an asteroid. You need to find them quickly and rescue them. Right away, sir. Any description on how they are dressed? They are dressed in orange mining space suits. I've already had the mechs you requested earlier delivered to the Betsy May. Interesting choice of paint job, I must admit. You already had mechs sent here in case we would need them? Of course, Eshey. I'm always thinking ahead. Anyways, they are ready to be loaded into drop pods. Best of luck and be careful. Hannibal out. There they are. Aren't they something? Why are they painted in jungle pattern camouflage?! I'm surprised you don't know the purpose of camouflage, Eshey. It's to help us sneak up on the Zoid undetected. THERE ARE NO JUNGLES ON THE ASTEROIDS!!! Tsk, tsk, Eshey. What did I say about thinking ahead? Of course there are no jungles on the asteroids. That's why we're bringing our own. Hi kLIk, hONey! Bqllr! They will drop with us and help us blend in while we sneak up on the Zoid. HOW WILL THEY EVEN BREATH ON THE ASTEROID?!?!?! Don't you know basic biology? Plants produce oxygen that we can breath, and we produce carbon dioxide for the plants to breath. Any elementary school student knows this. They will be able to breath just fine on the asteroid. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later, in the Fascini Cluster.... There they are. We've found the captured prospectors and their captors. Prepare to drop, team. There we go. They don't seem to have noticed us. Now let's sneak up on them. How is this even working? Wait...A GIANT SHARK ALIEN HAS JUST APPEARED FROM A CREVASSE BETWEEN US AND THE HOSTAGES!!! KILL KILL KILL!!! Rawr! How did the hostages and the Zoid even cross that crevasse? Powering up weapons, targetting the shark.... Stand down, Eshey. Firing your weapons will give us away and endanger the prospectors. It seems like we don't have a choice. We have to... ...jump the shark. WE JUMPED THE SHARK MONTHS AGO!!! You never make any sense, Eshey. I've never jumped a shark before. Anyways, here I go! Rawr? It's official. He jumped the shark. My brain just broke again.... Ha ha! Got you by surprise didn't I, you Zoid slavers! Take that, and that, and that! Thank you, for saving us! I thought I was going to die! I can't thank you enough! My hero! How will I ever repay you? That's easy! Buy Octan! YES, SIR! Rawr! Pombe to Betsy May: we've located and rescued your missing prospectors. Please send a shuttle to these coordinates. Copy that, Pombe. Thanks again for saving our crew. Tabman has ordered extra rounds for you. Team, we'll stay here until the prospectors are safely away on the shuttle. Rawr! Your name is Sherman and you're a dentist? Nice to meet you, I'm Pombe and this is my team. Do you take Octan dental insurance? Next: More pics under the spoiler tag. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  18. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Tor wanted me to see some of the military technology they had. He said their military force was called the Marines, which ED-208 said "That would make sense." but I'm not sure what he meant. Maybe because they reminded him of the human Marines. Though Tor said they generally refer to themselves as Leatherbacks instead of Marines when among their own. Not sure why ED-208 found that amusing, must be a weird robot thing. I actually had a very productive discussion on gyroscopic stabilization with one of their scientists. Dr. Long had sent me a message about some issues our robots had been having and she asked me to look into it. I didn't want to submit a full report yet because I was still learning so much from the Ter Tahls, so I only sent back info regarding the gyro upgrades I would suggest. I think partially Dr. Long just wanted to check in on me and make sure things were alright since she hadn't heard from me in a while. Her reply of "OK, great." was also so typically her. She had taught me the importance of time, especially in science. This one time I had been talking to her for about 45 minutes when she stopped me and said that in science if you leave something for 1 minute too long during an experiment it can radically change things. So she told me that I had 1 minute to talk to her before the experiment was over. It really made me think about needing to keep things brief and to the point. She has such a brilliant mind and a fantastic way of looking at things and getting other people to understand them. Tor took me into one of their research and development labs where they had a new autonomous tank they were working on. It was a mobile defense tank with 4 multipurpose missiles. ED-208 seemed very interested in it and asked if it could be remote controlled by robots. Tor said that it couldn't currently but that was a very good suggestion. ED-208 said he would be happy to assist with trying it out if they needed. It was really great to see him becoming a bit less worried about aliens and so willing to help. The Ter Tahls seemed to have very advanced technology, at least as advanced as our own. Hard to believe these aliens could be as advanced as humans, but in some ways their technology even exceeded ours! I was really excited for the prospects of learning from them and showing my new findings to Dr. Long. As a woman of science and knowledge she would be ecstatic to hear all about this! Extra Pics: (Easter eggs for some upcoming story direction can be spotted) Tank's launcher raises and lowers and there is even a blast shield panel that is integrated
  19. Location: B08 - Greater Direstan Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle Klaus and I have been dispatched to a large grassy plain, known as Section F12, on Greater Direstan. We've been told to expect Kawashita resistance, but so far have seen nothing but a small outcropping of rocks.... All of the grasses have a strange...."sweet, skunky" smell to them.....they burn on the exhaust and release a sweet herbal smoke... We both feel much better now than when we landed.....what an enjoyable drive! Of course, the Vespa / Lotus GX4 makes navigating uneven terrain a breeze... It's powered by a battery of Wankel Engines, allowing us to burn most native petrols and solvents as a fuel source. Klaus loves the Twin Anti-proton cannons.... "Klaus, perhaps we should burn some more of these grasses before heading back to the ship...?"
  20. Big Sal

    [M - C10] Experiment B1C10

    Location: C10 Tags: Science, Vehicle, Land Vehicle Stop here Schmidt! Those are the plants we're after, I'm sure of it! Yes sir! Don't mind the birds. Shoo! These are the ones! I'll start adding them to the laser, you go pick some more. Just one more pair Schmidt! Excellent. Yes sir! But, uh, what is it? What?? I explained this to you on the way! This is the next generation of laser technology: Legume-Amplified Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Or, as I like to call it, the Laser Bean! Get it? Uh, yes sir? *Sigh* Come help me set up the target so we can test it. Here we go, this pineapple I brought will be the perfect target. Uh, it looks familiar somehow sir... did you sculpt the leaves or something? Nonsense! I don't know what you're talking about... Now, Schmidt, prepare to witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational... HEY! GET AWAY FROM THERE! SHOO! Damn things have eaten half the beans! Still, let's go ahead and see if it works. Ready Schmidt? Yes sir! FIRE! HAHA! DIE LONG! What was that sir? Uh, I said, 'that didn't take long'. But we need more beans to make this a viable weapon. Let's pick some more and take it to full... HEY! Don't worry sir, I'll get them! No, Schimdt, wait! FOR SCIENCE! YOU IDIOT! Oh no! Damn it Schmidt! You're walking home! Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  21. LordDan

    [M-E03] Speeder Chase

    Location:E03 Tags: Land vehicles, military After his initial assault on Octan forces last week, Dan has been laying low on E03, hiding from both Octan forces and his MANTIS superiors, who claim he has "gone rouge" ( apparently trashing expensive Octan equipment on a random planet is not considered an acceptable use of MANTIS resources). Today Dan decided to go for a spin on his new speeder... Unfortunately he ran into an Octan patrol, and apparently they were still mad at him for destroying their mech last week... More pics: Front view Back of the Octan speeder C & C appreciated
  22. Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle, Spaceship Dramatis Personae (because people forget stuff): Previously: http://www.eurobrick...pic=115126/url] Currently, aboard the Axle.... I suppose this is farewell for now, sis. Thanks again for dropping by to clean up my mess and take care of me. What are sisters for? Besides, it was nice to see you again, if only briefly. And I'm glad my team was able to help your employee, Eshey, get over her issues. She still has to work on her ability to not interrupt others while they are watching their favorite animes. Yes, thanks for helping Eshey. Not a problem! Anyways, we'll be off then. Keep in touch, brother. Now then, Eshey, let's go meet with Andromeda CEO, John Hannibal. I believe he had an assignment for the two of us. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Moments later in a conference aboard the Axle.... Thanks Eshey, Pombe, for meeting with me. I have a new assignment for you. Recently, I've made contact with a group known as the Merchant Confederacy out here in Andromeda (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=114305, http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=114599, http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=114876). They appear to be a potential ally and partner here, and they have asked us for help. Eshey and I would be glad to help. How do they dress, by the way? Who cares how they dress?! They They don't have a dress code like the corporations do. They are a loose organization of merchants with few formal regulations, if any, and are looking to Octan to provide them with resources and assistance with certain problems. What type of problems, sir? All sorts, actually. But your assignment is to locate a pilot who has gone missing in the Fascini Cluster. Wouldn't Sue have been a better person for this assignment, given her experience as a fighter pilot? We're already taking advantage of her combat experience. She's currently taking part in an assignment to deal with aliens known as the Zoid who are operating in the area. They attack Merchant Confederation ships to enslave their crews. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I hope you choke on your testicles and die, slaver scum!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I see. Where you and Pombe will be assigned should be far away from where the Zoid slavers are operating, given where his signal was last detected. Note that this is odd, considering he was flying on a mission to help deal with the Zoid, so something likely went wrong with his ship to send him so far away. They don't have any ships to spare at the moment to search for him. That is why I'm assigning you. No problems, sir, we'll find their missing pilot and bring him home. Excellent. I've already informed Big Z of the situation, and he should have something ready for you. Best of luck, Eshey, Pombe. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later in an engineering bay aboard the Axle.... For you two, I've got the perfect thing for a search and rescue. Let's see it. Meet the C.L.A.W.. Nice. She's a rugged maintenance and repair starship. She's highly manuverable and has three very strong and dexterous claw arms to help you manipulate objects. Her huge twin engines are powerful, and should you need to, you can pull just about anything from any where with those claws. What does the C.L.A.W. stand for? I have no idea, actually. Our CEO commissioned the design and, apparently, he likes acronyms. Alright, let's head out, Eshey. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later, in the Fascini Cluster.... We're arriving at the last known signal location of the missing Merchant Confederation ship. There's lots of asteroids here, sir. Is it possible that he crashed into one? Silly Eshey, what sort of pilot crashes a spaceship into an asteroid? about that one? And it looks like he's being attacked by alien duck creatures! Wait...I swear I've read reports about alien ducks operating here in Andromeda! We must kill them!!! KILL THEM!!! Those aliens are harmless. They're armed with knives!!! KILL THEM!!! Eshey, your silliness knows no bounds. Those are just knives. Besides, this ship isn't equipped with weapons. I knew I forgot to check for something! We'll just fly in close. That will scare the aliens away. There, see how they ran away? They're still out there somewhere! Now, prepare to use the claw arms to recover the starfighter. Phew. Thanks for that. I owe you a drink. Oh, you're alive! Thank goodness! I'm Eshey, and this is my supervisor, Pombe. We're from the Octan corporation and we've been sent to rescue you on behalf of the Merchant Confederation. It's nice to meet the both of you. I'm Vayne, Bruce Vayne. And this is my T.U.M.B.L.E.R., short for Takeoff Ultra Missile Ballistic Laser Emergency Roustabout. Wait. I thought we were here to rescue a pilot who flew his starfighter out on a mission against the Zoid slavers, but lost contact here in the Fascini Cluser. Those damn Zoid! I'll get them, yet! And yes, I am that pilot. seems the crash damaged my transponder signal. Um. How do I put this? Your T.U.M.B.L.E.R. is a missile tank. It's not a starfighter. Nonsense, Eshey. The T.U.M.B.L.E.R. is clearly a starfighter. It has tank treads and no visible means of thrust!!! Mr. Vayne, on behalf of the Octan corporation, I apologize for my colleague's behavior. One would think that we would have trained our employees to tell the difference between a starfighter and a missile tank. No apologies needed, Mr. Pombe. I appreciate the both of you and your rescue. How did you get into this predicament, Mr. Vayne? Maybe we can help you troubleshoot what happened. There's nothing to troubleshoot! It's a tank! I was on a mission to patrol against the Zoid slavers. I went over my preflight checklist. Everything was nominal. Then I flew the T.U.M.B.L.E.R. out of the hangar of the Betsy May, the carrier ship I'm currently staying aboard. You drove the tank out of the hangar of a capital ship?! And no one tried to stop you?!?! Then I noticed that I had difficulty with the thrusters, they weren't responding to my controls. And the navigation computer wouldn't set course for where the Zoid are currently operating. What sort of tank has thrusters and a nav computer?!?! So then I was adrift in space, until I crashed on this asteroid here. Apparently there are native duck like aliens who make these asteroids their home. It's a good thing you showed up when you did. Well, I think what happened was a fluke. Maybe if you restart your starfighter, everything will work as intended, and you can get back to your patrol That was exactly what I was thinking! Wait. You are both serious, aren't you? So if you angle the T.U.M.B.L.E.R. along this clearing, you should be able to take off and resume your mission. Makes sense to me. Engaging engines. He's going to drive his tank off the asteroid back into space?!?! Here I go! Increasing throttle for take off. You took off! Great! I'm glad we were able to help. Yes! Thanks again, both you! He drove his tank off an asteroid! And now he's heading for another one! Tell me this isn't happening! Alright, punching in the coordinates into the navigation computer. I'll see you both aboard the Betsy May. Drinks are always on me. For I am... Tabman. Next: More pics under the spoiler tag. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  23. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Science, Land Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // So as it turns out the turtles were actually the infant state of some aliens that inhabited Arium Major. The babies had made a distress call which just so happened to mess with human brains in a weird way. I guess they were nervous because from the signal intercepts they had gotten one corporation seemed to eat anything they could get their hands on, another corporation was of a warrior culture and therefore a threat, and as for our own corporation they feared we would take them as pets. Which I feigned surprise at and explained that as a scientist I was simply attempting to better observe them. It turns out that these aliens, they called themselves "Ter Tahls", lived underground on Arium Major because they liked to keep a humid environment. They also hoped it would keep our corporations from bothering them. Surprisingly they let ED-208 keep his gun as they took us into their subterranean living space. I guess the fact that we were massively outnumbered meant they were pretty secure in allowing him that bit of security. Once underground one of their elders, "Tor Tuss", came to guide us around. He explained that they had learned our language while studying us and from the signals they had intercepted. I was excited to tell him all about Dr. Long and how great she was and how he had to meet her because I was sure she would be so happy to help his species. He nodded and said there would be time for such things later. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to show her all of this and tell her right away so she would know and be impressed with what I had discovered. I would off course leave off the psychotic episode I had where I imagined her with flames shooting out of her hand. And the panda. The Ter Tahls had a very advanced setup underground, it was quite impressive. I was sure that Dr. Long would love to learn more for our own scientific knowledge. Maybe we could even leverage their knowledge for the betterment of our own species! We headed out onto a landing platform and awaited a supply skiff that would take us to another part where Tor wanted to show us more of their incredible facility. Though we were vastly outnumbered and quite alone with an alien species, having ED-208 with me was reassuring. It was good to have a companion on this journey. And I knew just how excited Dr. Long would be and how valuable she would find me after I reported all of this to her! Extra Pics:
  24. Location: D10 - the Hamilton Belt Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship Our next stop appears to be The *Hamilton Belt* .....sounds like a real winner...."Computer, what are we here for anyway?" "Oooooh, A challenge!" [[Awesomnium]] appears in Gold on the display, along with a rotating purple rock... "Oh, boy....purple rocks...." "So, our mission, is to find some rocks with purple Awesome bits.....How hard can it be?" Just a bunch of junk here...let's adjust course for that Small rock.... Our craft today is the MANTIS GK-143 GFMS. The "GFMS" stands for "Gravity Free Mech Suit" as it does most of the functions of a normal Mech suit.....but with thrusters instead of legs.... And a mighty "sensor package" up front for sniffing out valuable rocks.... She's got a grappling arm on the port side.... And a light and gun arm on the starboard.... The Real Thrill is the 8-pack of Ghirhil V-77 Ion thrusters......"POWER!!!!!!!!!" ....And, Even though I have to wear a space suit to stay alive....the cockpit is suprisingly comfortable and refined, although the Display on the floor ahead of the foot pedals seems very Citroen-like, like it was designed by a french madman......... Overall, a Very satisfying ride....Very "Swooshable indeed......" Oh......., and we found a rock..... ....and on that note, back to the studio.....
  25. Location: H07 - Quantus III Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle, Spaceship Dramatis Personae (because people may need a refresher): In the last episode: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=114862 In this episode, our heroes are still on Onix.... And here they are, sausages with my secret sauce! YouR sAUsagE kliK iS ABsoLUtElY KlIk delICIouS, sIr! Bqllr! I admire your enthusiasm, Ethel. Your hands are full eating two sausages at once. Bqllr! I can't disagree. Your sausage is delicious, sir. But why is the alien who tried to eat me here, too?!?! HWARRRR! HWWWWWWWARRRRRRRRRR! HHHHWRRWRAAAAAAAAARRRRR! HWARARRAAHWHARHARHAHARARRARRRRRRR!!! HWAR! He says his name is Spencer and that he's a hedgefund manager. He wasn't trying to eat you, Eshey. He just wanted to look at your investment portfolio and see if you could use his services. He was trying to eat me! Now, now, Eshey. First he's trying to eat you, and now he's eating my sausage. Which is it? Why can't he do both?!?! You've got a point there, Eshey. What point?!?! EEEEEEEEE! EEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Your name is Shelley and you want to grow up to be a taxidermist? You don't say? You came from an animal tree, isn't that creepy?!?! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meanwhile, aboard the Axle.... According to the scans, my brother's quarters should be this way. Here we are. No life signs present inside, so we are clear. Mephistopheles, open the door. Yes, sir. Mistress, look out! There's someone on the bed! appears to be just a life sized doll of President Business. No need for alarm. Hee hee hee, your brother is a freeeeeeeeeeak, hee hee hee.... When you are born as impossibly beautiful like my brother and I have been, you attract a lot of attention and are drawn to a certain lifestyle. I don't find this surprising in the least. In fact, I may just borrow this doll from my brother. Be prepared, Cassandra. I look forward to it, mistress. Your brother has the most "interesting" magazine and book collection...I to take the time to go through them...for research purposes, of course. After we are done, Scooter. Now team, let's do what we came to do. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Back to our heroes.... We are on approach to the Axle, prepare for landing procedures. Home sweet home. Alright team, great job on the last assignment. Now go get some rest. I'll be in my quarters if you need me. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Moments later.... What's going on here?!?! Brother! Sis? What are you doing here? I was given an assignment to clean up your mess and take good care of you. Oh, how nice! Well, I've missed you, sis. I really admire the way your team dresses, by the way. I've missed you, too! Anyway, team, report! I'm just about done vacuuming the carpet, hee hee hee~. All of the stains have been removed, mistress. I've cleared his computer of an excessive amount of malware, spyware, viruses, worms, and trojans, sir. I've also cleared his browsing history and I've tunneled his connection through 50 different locations to help hide his online identity. I've just finished folding his laundry and putting away his clothes, sir. There you go, brother. Excellent, thank you very much, sis! that you're here, I'd like to ask you a favor. I have one problem employee.... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later, in a conference room aboard the Axle.... So you're saying that she suffers from extreme paranoia and situational unawareness? Indeed. I think I have just the solution. I'll have her meet with Scooter. Scooter knows how to deal with this. I really appreciate this, sis. Oh, here she is now. WHY ARE THERE TWO OF YOU?!?!?!?!?! Eshey, I'd like you meet.... Perhaps there was too much beautiful in this room for her to handle? It's possible. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later, in an engineering bay aboard the Axle.... So you're Eshey. I'm Scooter, I'll be taking you on assignment today. You're wearing a panda suit. You know you're wearing a panda suit, right? Why are you wearing a panda suit? Of course I know I'm wearing a panda suit. Didn't you know that pandas are the current hot theme in Andromeda? (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=115042, http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=115058) And besides, my other outfits wouldn't fit in the cockpit of the Double D (not to be confused with M.A.N.T.I.S. agent Dave Daring). Double D? It's short for Double Dragon. It looks well armed. Yes, it is. Not that you will get to see that firepower in action. What? Sorry, I didn't catch that last part. Oh, it was nothing important. How did you even get this aboard the Axle? Don't ask silly questions. Now, let's get going. My anime is about to start live streaming. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Back in the conference room aboard the Axle.... I hope this works, sis. It will work. That, or it will irrepairably damage her further. Oh, there they go. It's a good thing the ship is black, so no one can see it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later, on Quantus III... There's one. It's an alien! KILL KILL KILL!!! Wait...why aren't the weapons responding to my controls? That's because I've locked you out of all the controls in your cockpit. Now be quiet, my anime is starting. What?! Why would you do that?!?! The alien is right there, we have to kill it!!! Don't be silly. It's harmless. It has horns and giant teeth!!! You are sitting inside an armored vehicle. SHHHH!!! O-M-G!!! Naoki and Ryo both just confessed to Haruka at the same time! THERE'S A DANGEROUS ALIEN OUTSIDE AND YOU ARE WATCHING CARTOONS?!?!?! Personally, if I were Haruka, I'd choose both.... <drool> Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.