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Found 33 results

  1. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] Octan racing 4x4

    It's been a while since I last posted, but here's something I built some time ago. It's a 4x4 for desert races like Dakar, to me it reminds a Schlesser-Renault buggy. It is painted in traditional Octan colors and fits (just barely - no hairpieces or hats) a minifig. Here's an .lxf and here are the pictures:
  2. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] Black Sedan

    Today I wanted to show you a car I designed just yesterday. Originally I just wanted to try and use this part as rear lights in a car MOC, even though I suspect I am not the first one to do that. I managed to design a descent looking car rear so I went for the whole car. The front of the car is stolen from inspired by Narym from LEGO City Undercover video game. It can actually fit a minifigure, but it will look as if the driver is either a child or (if you try to sit him a bit higher) asleep. Anyway, here it is: As usual here is a link to the .lxf file
  3. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] R&B Muscle car

    Fresh of the press, a red and black (that's what R&B in the title stands for, sorry about any confusion ) muscle car. Once again, I started simply trying out my idea with those air intakes under the headlights, but ended up building a whole car: I don't have a separate .lxf for it because it is in another file along with a bunch of other city cars, which I've posted here quite some time ago Update: I've finally figured out how to make 3D renders, so here's the rendered image of the updated model. It has a slightly different hood and a shorter rear end, which, in my opinion, made it look better:
  4. Henchmen4Hire

    Noble M15

    Not that many people seem to like the supercars I made up, so here's a real one, a Noble M15. Noble M15 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Noble M15 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Noble M15 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Noble M15 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  5. Henchmen4Hire

    Super Cavallo

    Here's another imaginary supercar, this one is beefier like a muscle car. A massive engine, big wing, and canopy windshield make it go faster! More pictures at my flickr Super Cavallo by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Super Cavallo & Vipergini by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  6. Henchmen4Hire

    Macchina Experimenti

    Last one because I lost interest. Enjoy. Meh. Macchina Experimenti by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Macchina Experimenti by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Macchina Experimenti by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  7. Here I am again, sharing my LDD designs. Today I wanted to show you the following three. 1. American-style semi with a trailer: 2. Stunt car. It started as a copy of the incredible Ford Mustang MOC by 'Carbohydrates' (awesome name, by the way) that I came across here at Eurobricks. But I already had a lot of "borrowed" MOCs in my LDD Creations folder and decided to change it a little bit. The end result looks a lot like a smaller version of 8227 Dragon dueler, and that's because I really like that bottom curve. So here it is: 3. Racing truck. The front wouldn't be very sturdy if actually built, but I really like the way it looks with the winch and additional lamps. And unlike the stunt car, it can fit a minfigure: I would really like to hear your opinions) EDIT: links to the .lxf files - semi & stunt car and racing truck
  8. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] City cars

    Hello again, I'm back with some more of my LDD creations, and quite a lot of them. Let's get right to it! 1. What I've got here are a station wagon and a hatchback versions of the car from the set 4435. Not much creativity was involved, but I thought it would be nice to give LEGO citizens some choice) If you have a big family, it's nice to be able to buy something with more room in the back, like a station wagon. And if you don't need a car that big, a hatchback is the best option) 2. But those are just your average cars, what if you have some extra money and want others to know that? Then you will definitely love this one, a huge executive sedan: 3. What's that? You have some extra extra money? You should look no further, as we have just the thing you need - a limousine! 4. But what if you don't even live in a city and those shiny modern cars, let alone the limos, are too fancy for you? Don't worry, we've got you covered. These are cars from the good old days of big engines and cars made of steel, not plastic) And if the roads are too bad even for this truck, just raise it a bit and put bigger tires on: 5. Now let's not forget that young people want to have cars, too. But more often than not it's speed not practicality that they look for. I say, let them have what they want: (A little sidenote: I've built these two 6-wides a few month before the 60007 appeared and it's just unbelievable, how similar they are) 6. Obviously, you can't have people driving around like madmen all the time, so - a police car (another sidenote - this one wouldn't fit a minfigure, but the scale seems to be OK) 7. Police aren't enough? How about the military, more specifically, a guy from the miltary? He's not just "a guy", though, he's a green beret, so he can handle a bunch of speeding kids: 8. And finally, something for the businesses - commercial cars: (Yes, another car to not fit a minfigure. The scale is pretty good, though, and I just wanted to test my SNOT skills) That's all! Let's hope everyone's happy and got what he needed) And remember - speed limits are there for a reason and a green beret is not someone you want to mess with EDIT: uploaded the .lxf files to Brikshelf, so here are the links. All of the 4-wides and both muscle cars are in this file, 4-wide 4x4s are here. Here are the hot rod, 6-wide truck, 7-wide truck, 6-wide 4x4 and police cruiser