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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. This forum is about classic car MOC builds and custom classic car MOC builds. Basically any car from the 90's and below can be on this forum. You can put your classic or custom classic car MOCs here on this forum too. And you can talk about classic cars. This forum is made to inspire classic car fans all around the LEGO space. And here are the things I would like to ask you to do. Do not bully or use profanity. And please do not be hesitant to report profanity. Please be nice to beginner builders who put there builds here. This is my first time creating a forum so if I mess something up or if you have any suggestions on what can improve this forum just let me know.
  2. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] Vintage Flatbed

    My first mundane not-sci-fi-or-fantasy MOC, an old-fashioned flatbed truck of nonspecific make, year and model. Initial concept for it was somewhat more specific—something along the lines of a 50s Chevy—but the design quickly mutated wherever available parts (and building inexperience) necessitated, into the odd copyright-dodging Frankenstein's Monster you see before you. For instance, trucks of the era didn't typically have such prominent bambi-bashers. Okay, this bit wasn't really necessary, I just felt like it needed a bit of ruggedness. Still managed some decently evocative shaping, I thought. (also the mirrors can of course be adjusted, as per my moving joints rule) It's generally good practice to tie things down, though. Oh well, Garry is usually a careful driver. Now it's actually flat, sans railings and cargo. (but the most important railing remains: the guard that keeps Garry's perilously unsecured cargo from crashing through the rear window and into his head. If you've ever wondered what those were for on real trucks, now you know) Underside, not much to see here. Interior, with an old printed piece for dashboard/instruments. The most LEGO kind, really. Garry's buddies relax after a long day of... hauling crates full of random grey machine-looking parts to the mill, or whatever it is you use flatbed trucks for. I'm not much of a Town person. That's all for now! Full gallery can be found here.
  3. Axle


    I have here a few pictures of my Lego town (Everyone has to have some sort of Lego city ). It's not the best, and is certainly a WIP, as you'll see. It's based off of a fictional version of the town of Paderbourne, where my Graphic novel and films are set in. I built the main locations of the films, plus some town essentials. Let's get started with an overview! It is fairly packed in the center, but the 'outskirts' of the town are sparse for now. I'll give a quick zoom in onto each building, and provide a screenshot of the 'real thing' too, if there is one. First is the blue house, General Vogel's. In the film, it appears very different, but this is what it'll look like in the novel, I based it off of what images I could find of German buildings, like these ones: When I get a chance, i'll post some more interesting photos of the interior and the small party going on. Next is a typical Lego house, white and red roofed: I really like the design of the creator houses, and I tried to copy a basic version of their designs. Sadly, I didn't make the house very accessible and i'll have to dismantle it to get inside In the darkness brought on by the shelves at the back is a nice, simple garden. It even has a fountain, made by three bricks, including a flick-fire missile. I'm going to build a fire station just opposite this house, and maybe a café on the other side of the road, but space is tight. Next is the star building of the films/novel, the Clinic! It 'belongs' to Edward, who is the main character, a low-budget doctor who's trying to get by in the war. He never finished medical school, but does his best to earn money in the town. He's the one in the foreground on the white motorcycle. If I had that Ron Weasley hair, it'd be much better for him! Anyways, here is a shot of the 'real' clinic. I only included the main part of the Clinic, which is where the building title is in that picture. I think I reproduced the general look of the building pretty well, and the interior will be closely matched too, but it's not made at the moment. Please don't ask me why it's called that, because I myself no longer remember why . Moving swiftly along to the upper part of town, which is in progress, 'Black Market way'. What a mess.. the building on the right will be a wooden shed, the Black Market. I could only find this bad picture: The building further up is the Taverne Fur Betrukene, which will have a brown base, and grey top for the windows. I'll also use either skeleton legs or those white 1x4 fences for the fence, i'm not sure which would look better. Finally, for the moment, is where the train station will be: I haven't really done too much with this yet, but there will be a train station, and on the side of the tracks on the right, there will be a Poker club, the base of the Resistance. I'll post more pictures once i make more progress on the town! Please leave me some CC on what to do, and what things the town could use to improve it, i'd really appreciate it. Are there any sets under €45 that would make a good addition? I'm thinking of a creator set maybe with birthday money.. Axle
  4. bootz

    MOD: 10232 Palace Cinema Limo

    So we all know the car that comes with PC is rubbish as it stands. IMO the only positive aspects of the design are the hood and trunk, the rest being oddly proportioned. So being the car nut that I am, my first thought upon seeing it was to modify it to look like an actual car and not a giant skateboard. If I'm not mistaken, I'm the first to post a modded version of it here. I added larger doors, added height to the rear fenders, and swapped out those awful bumpers. Original Mod And finally here it is with my lightly modified fire truck from Fire Brigade.
  5. This is pretty self-explanatory. This thread is like the one where you suggest ideas for new Licensed themes. So... what would you like to see?