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Found 11 results

  1. MOC: Chinatown Residential Buildings As soon as I saw the Sand Green Elves Fences I knew I had to use them in a building for Chinatown. I wanted some place that looked ram-shackled and lived in, but that also had a sense that Hipsters had started to infiltrate and renovate the area. So I ended up with one side of the building looking a bit seedy and rundown with washing hanging from one of the balcony's. And the other side with the original ground floor (complete with window AC) and a hipster-gentrified upper floor. The rear of the building is somewhat plain and unassuming. Hope you like it. As usual comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome.
  2. eurotrash

    MOC: 24-Carat Urban Vertical Farm

    MOC: 24-Carat Urban Vertical Farm I managed to snag a bunch of freebie 2x2 Gold round tiles, a bunch of orange windscreens and orange 4x4 wedges. So it was obvious (to me, at least) what I was going to build - an upscale Urban Vertical Farm for my Chinatown 2035 series of Modulars. So here it is. Here's a view from the rear The roof detail. I imagined that the owners had access to a 3-d Printer and just produced a huge amount of these awesome shapes. And finally because it was set in the near future I had to include the owner watering the plants with Brawndo - it's got electrolytes. It's what plants crave. Hope you like it. As usual comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome!
  3. eurotrash

    MOC: Brewery and Bottling Plant

    MOC: Brewery and Bottling Plant When I first emerged from my Dark Ages my first modular MOC was a brewery shoe-horned into a modded structure that had been built from instructions from brickcitydepot. I always knew I was going to rebuild it at some point and I finally got around to completing it. I extended the depth and completely rebuilt it. I wanted a see through facade so that the interior details could be seen at shows. And the front is removable as one piece if I want to show more. The Ground floor has the fermenting tanks, a small office (with wall mounted fan), a bathroom, a fridge (stolen from the Fire Station) a loading dock and a hand operated Freight elevator. Here's a link to a quick video of the Freight elevator. There's enough brick friction to keep it in place (most of the time) The rear of the building has a loading dock, security cameras and a beat up dumpster The top floor has the Bottling plant where (from left to right empty bottles) are placed on the conveyor belt, filled with beer and then they go through the packaging area where they stuffed into boxes ready for distribution. One final shot of the Sign on the top of the building Thanks for reading and there's more pictures on Flickr Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome.
  4. eurotrash

    MOC: Noodle Shop & Downtown Museum

    Noodle Shop and Downtown Museum As my Oriental district expands in my city I decided I need to build a Noodle Shop, but a 32-wide version seemed to be too large and what I really wanted was a narrow hole-in-the-wall kind of place that looked like it had been there forever so to fill in the rest of the baseplate I added a Downtown Museum. Here's a shot of the facade. And a close up of the sign - complete with two chop sticks and a scrumptious piece of Tofu (Yummy!) There are wall mounted cooking utensils and pots, a single stove, sink, fridge and food containers together with standing tables along both walls. In the Museum there is an eclectic mix of artifacts from a number of eras and Lego themes. And one of the display cabinet contains an "Evolution of the Hand" exhibit One final interior shot Thanks for reading! Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome!
  5. eurotrash

    MOC: Architectural Salvage Co.

    Architectural Salvage Company I had been looking at the Town Hall and decided to rework it into something more useful and appropriate for my town. So I imagined that it been demolished mysteriously overnight and the former Mayor had launched an Architectural Salvage Company that was old selling bits and pieces from the old building. I only used parts from the original set (with the exception of a handful of 2 x 2 Dark Grey Tiles and the Roof elements) and although the Town Hall was a parts rich set it's quite limited for pieces to do an interesting facade. There's not enough jumper plates to inset the windows so I ended up using the 1 x 6 rail plates as window footings. And there were insufficient 2 x 3 Windows to complete the facade so I built a window mounted AC unit to hide the missing piece. I changed the SNOT Date to read 1931 which I thought was more appropriate to this design. Here's a shot of the rear Inside the former Mayor is being interviewed by the local press and is being asked why so much of the original facade and interior detailing of the Town Hall is now being sold for salvage. He claims he has receipts for everything. Upstairs we have a fine collection of windows and doors Despite the large size and the high piece count of the original Town Hall it was actually quite difficult coming up with an interesting alternate design. Thanks for reading. Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome!
  6. eurotrash

    MOC: Chu Nail Salon

    Chu Nail Salon I had been building a single level Oriental Restaurant and was close to finishing when Toorayay posted his Octopus Restaurant Mine wasn't to that high level so I quickly had to come up with an alternative. So, I made some minor changes to the facade, added an additional level, changed the SNOT Lettering, ditched the interior in its entirety and came up with... Chu Nails! Here's details of the SNOT lettering. I wanted something that looked signage on a cheap hotel. There's a combination of right way up and upside down vertical and horizontal connections clipped onto the cattle grid background. Details of the front entrance. I was looking for an abstract Nail display and one of the earlier iterations had nail brushes moving via technic gears and axles and although it functioned it looked too Heath Robinson to remain. The interior. This shows the foot-bath, nail table, overhead lighting and a couple of mirrored tables (stolen from a Friends set) And a view from the other angle showing the waiting room - complete with L shaped sectional sofa, fish tank and potted plant and restroom. And a final shot of Chu Nail's during Chinese New Year Thanks for reading. Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome!
  7. Palace Carpets I really liked the 10232 Palace Theatre, but it's faux-orientalism and old-timey roaring twenties glittery feel didn't look right in my economically distressed town. So, after years of neglect it's reopened as a Carpet and Flooring showroom. The original decorative facade had been covered in stucco and years of dirt, many of the wrought iron features had been sold for scrap. The roof had had a fire, but the new owner's are renovating. It's undergoing some last touch-ups here and there... And the roof looks like it's had some fire damage. And there's still a lot of the crumbling facade to fix and there's a bunch of burned out lights to replace but the doors are open and customers are shopping. Carpet rolls on the walls, circular rugs to one side, and a fine collection of area rugs. The window display. And on the second floor even more carpets - although clearly these are the designs and colors that are not selling well. One final shot! Remember for all your carpeting and flooring needs come and see us at Palace Carpets! Comments, criticism and ridicule welcome!
  8. eurotrash

    MOC: Traditional Bus Station

    Traditional Bus Station I've been on a rampage building Chicken Bus after Chicken Bus and I've finally got around to building a Bus Depot/Station for them. The building has been through several iterations and styles but I've finally got to a point where it had enough of a run down feel to it so that it would fit in with my economically depressed Lego City. Here's the main facade and of course it has broken windows, cracked stucco and exposed brickwork. There's a display on the roof - with another small scale Chicken Bus - just in case no-one realizes that it's a Bus Depot and I used some SNOT to build the circles in the facade. The view from the rear of the building. As I built the glass-curved roof structure it turned into something that looked like it came from a British Rail circa early-1990s design manual. And although it invoked painful memories of too many years commuting into London I decided to keep it. Loading time! And there's an interior with a waiting room, departure board and luggage lockers And a Bathroom area behind the wall with the arrow pointing the way. And a final image with yet another Chicken Bus I hope you enjoyed it! Comments, criticisms, and ridicule most welcome - now excuse me I have a bus to catch!
  9. The Soup Kitchen/Flop house I posted yesterday had a terrible incident in the early hours of the morning. Reports are still coming in, but at daybreak the locals were shocked to see their home destroyed. Police are investigating and foul play is not being ruled out. The fire appears to have started in the entrance lobby and the damage on the ground floor appears extensive. But it's good to see those ceiling joists - although burnt - are still supporting the upper floor. And the roof had minor damage It has been noted by several locals that the recent discussions with Phantom Brick Projects Ltd. over redevelopment plans for the area had stalled and this has police interested. I sense a rebuilding in the near future!
  10. eurotrash

    MOC: Soup Kitchen/Flop House

    My Lego Town is continuing it's economically downward trajectory with this addition of a Soup Kitchen/Flop House. It's in a run down part of town and it helps the locals who rely on it being open 24/7. Cheap wholesome food served hot! The facade is crumbling and there's some masonary in the sidewalk, the bricks are discolored (Yay for second hand bricks!), the drainpipes don't join in the middle, and the signwriters printer hasn't yet created a suitable sign ( ) From the rear Rickety steps leading up to the Flophouse entrance, the dumpster, and some graffiti artist admiring their work. Yep! It's a Banksy! Here's the ground floor Soda machine, bathroom, microwave, entrance lobby, bench seating, fully fitted kitchen - complete with big freezer, fridge, 6-ring burner, sink and storage. Wall mounted, large old-school TV tuned to a local station. Twin cup holders. Friendly service. The soda machine Upstairs the Flop House/Cheap Hotel Three bedrooms, one wash room, check in desk (complete with a dead rubber plant on top of some shelves). Here's the Soup Kitchen/Flop House next to my rundown Bar ( / Taco Truck ( I hope you like it and criticisms/suggestions/comments are welcome!
  11. eurotrash

    MOC: Car Repair Shop

    My town is definitely going down-hill. I've got Bars and Pubs and a Brewery and they're all a bit seedy and run-down. So when I decided to build something with a car-theme I knew it wasn't going to be an antiseptic showroom stuffed full of expensive cars. What my town needed was a Repair Shop where for a cheap price the unqualified mechanics will do their best to get you back on the road. It's based very loosely on a real building here in Missouri that burnt down in mysterious circumstances a couple of years ago. Who knows maybe with this MOC I've solved the mystery. There's a tumble-down old fence and a junk yard dog. The facade of the main building is crumbling and there's discolored brickwork all over the place. Inside there's a finger operated car lift, a red-swing door (courtesy of the Apple Tree House), and shelves full of cans and tools. If I had an expensive, Italian looking sports car I wouldn't be taking it here. The adjacent lot is full of spare parts scattered across the broken concrete, some wheel hubs, some fenders and a Snap-on tool box. But it does have an interior complete with Coffee Machine, Toilet and Sink - it's a bit grubby in there... The mechanics appear to be swapping out a perfectly good Blue door for a junky Yellow one - and I'm concerned about the number of spare parts they've got left.... Here's a shot from the side, but I think they should be paying more attention to the rear of the building... ...where someone has carelessly discarded a cigarette into a trash-can full of oily rags. This isn't going to end well! I hope you enjoyed it! Comments and criticisms and suggestions are most welcome.