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Found 80 results

  1. Welcome! Welcome to the 2014 Eurobricks Digital Contest for Ldraw and LDD tools. This years theme is to create your LEGO dream home; build any kind of building or construction that you'd like to live in - house, cottage, bioshpere, tree house... This is the entry topic for the rendering category Please read the rules and post your model here. One entry per member per class. You may enter one MOC in each of thee three classes (free build, microscale and rendering) Entries are to be placed in the correct entry topic in this forum. Entries not in the correct entry topic are not eligible for voting. You may create a separate topic for your creation in the specific theme forum (i.e not in the Digital Design forum), but you should also place your entry in the entry topic. The entry post may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish. Entries are to consist of no more than 1 posted picture of 800x600 or smaller resolution. You may link to higher resolutions of course. A little Photoshop is allowed for the picture, but only white balance, background editing etc. The model itself should remain unchanged. You must share your digital file in the free build and micro-scale class. This is both to allow other people do judge your digital techniques when voting, but also to share in the spirit of the community. You don't have to share the file in the rendering class. On the other hand, in the rendering class, you must (if you win) share how you did the render (it doesn't have to be a detailed guide, but some tips and tricks at least). We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules. ONLY POST ENTRIES IN THIS TOPIC! COMMENTS AND OTHER POSTS WILL BE REMOVED. If you want to show your model to other users and let them comment on your moc, just make a topic in the correct subforum like any other moc.
  2. Breakthrough Army

    Custom Robocop (2014) (2)

    More detailed photo of Custom Robocop (2014) minifig Please check our flickr for more photos. flickr user: breakthrough army Thanks for watching
  3. LegendsOfNinjago

    The Adventures of the Mixels

    My name is Flain! Welcome to my Adventure! Feel free to add your own Mixel Adventures! Math Class...
  4. Hey guys i am curently working on a big brickfilm now and well, I thought I would make a topic for it. Each day, i will post my days progress until it is complete. i will do designing the set comming up with the plot ect. Feed back and comments will be much apreciated! Keep on watching and see you tommorow on, Day 1! :classic: (Mods correct me if I am doing anything wrong beacuse i'm new and still exploring )
  5. GiotarizAFOL

    REVIEW: 60048 "Rogue Hideout"

    Hello Eurobricks! First post, and first Review, hope this works ;) :classic: WARNING: lots of links. Yesterday I went to a big shopping center in Valais, Switzerland, and they had the entire 2014 line-up for City and Ninjago, so I took this set.Pics are awful because I don't have my DSLR, so I had to use my Iphone, and no white background. LET'S GET STARTED! BOX: Normal city box, we already know that one . here is the box. INSTRUCTIONS: normal city instructions, we get three of those and three numbered bags. One builds the hot rod,another the police truck and the last one the hideout. DREADED STICKER SHEET: not many stickers, only for the policeman's ride BAG ONE PARTS: nothing new, like the dark pearl engine part, love the nose part and that treasure. Only new piece is the golden tap piece (in chest in pic 2). BAG ONE BUILDS: A lovely hot rod car, very 1950s US style. Too bad it has no lights... BAG TWO BUILDS: The police SUV or dog carrying truck. Nice, but very standard. Very similar to the dirt bike transporter set, still nice looking, and the new police colors are OK. WIP shot, veeeery standard build the finished truck, once again veeery standard. not sure about it being nice. BAG THREE BUILDS: a nice hideout, with a lovely side trapdoor and a submarine sight (hm... submarine homes? ) The house could also be used in war mocs or as an abandoned house. The parts. LOTS of very cool brick-bricks, including new 4 studs long bricks! Details of the lovely brick wall, with a very pet shop-ish trapdoor MINIFIGS: 3 normal figs, nothing special or fancy. 2 dogs, and one of the new policemen, which can't go together with the old ones, thay're too different (sorry for the minifig-racism, LOL) OVERALL LOOKS: a nice set, mainly for the hotrod and the hideout. In the pic the first burglar has left the other one and ran away with the hot rod... MINIFIGS: 7/10: normal ones, nice new police guy and normal burglars. BUILDS: 7.5/10: nice for hotrod and for hideout, boring for the truck. PARTS: 8/10: new brick bricks!! yayyyyy PLAYABILITY: 8,5/10: very high playability, three vehicles. DESIGN: 7.5/10: lovely hotrod pickup, nice building, police truck is veeery repetitive. Gio's ratings: 7.5 out of 10, good but a bit expensive. Got it for 40 swiss francs, or CHF. The truck is nothing new, but the other two things are worth it, really.
  6. There is no doubt that 2014 will go down in history as one of the biggest years for LEGO ever. You may totally disagree or completely agree with me. There are many reasons why this is the case. Let's face the facts, shall we? -The most obvious reason is The LEGO Movie, the first ever theatrical film for LEGO, the first not to be direct-to-DVD. The movie is currently making more than $300 million dollars at the worldwide box office, and Australia and a few other countries don't even have it released there yet! Plans for a sequel have already been announced, with a release date of May 26, 2017. Clearly one big win, at least in my book. -After originally being thought to be long gone, LEGO announced their vague plans to return Ninjago in 2014 at the end of the 2012 year. "We will be back." read the first teaser poster we received. The sets have finally released, and the TV series is back with more new episodes later this year. Many happy fans, more money for LEGO. -Mixels, LEGO's first big collaboration with another company, makes its debut. While Cartoon Network produces the Mixels cartoon shorts, LEGO has made their first ever collectible building theme, with nine in each series, allowing you to mix and match your own little monsters. Mixels also introduced a brand new system of balljoints, compatible with Technic towball pieces and the like. More possibilities for MOCs and a whole new way to build means more fun! -Of course, all of the other themes I missed other than the major points will go here. Chima was popular enough to go into its second year, with new episodes of the cartoon later this month. Super Heroes enters it's third year, with more Batman and Spider-Man, as always. Friends is still going strong with little girls, which brought the debut of Disney Princess, the first licensed theme to utilize the minidoll. Star Wars is still going strong, celebrating fifteen years of sets, and rehashing the same old vehicles and scenes. Fan wishes came true when LEGO announced the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, based on the 80's film and the CUUSOO project. Hero Factory had innovation when it released minifig-sized heroes in battle machines. The biggest shock was the company's decision to produce sets based on the sitcom The Simpsons, with a house set out and a minifig series to be released in May, as well as a LEGO themed episode to air in the same month. As you can see, this year already has a ton to offer us, and will hopefully be remembered. Do you agree or disagree with my points? Let me know below.
  7. Well, this is my dream home. Its made out of (mostly) White, grey and blue bricks, and has a 48x48 baseplate. It has a nice(ish) garden and a BEAUTIFUL interior. Pics! LDD File:
  8. Those who wait for something good...had to wait a long time it seems. But FINALLY, after a lot of planning and preparations we can reveal the 2014 Eurobricks Digital Design Contest. Three categories are available: 1) Free build, 2) Microscale and 3) Rendering - something to suit every taste.The theme this time is Build your dream home! So use your imagination and find your angle on this topic Sounds like fun? Ready to trim up your skills in LDD or Ldraw? C'mon and join us in the Digital Design Forum. We offer a great contest with plenty of good prizes.
  9. I welcome all forumites! Happy New Year!!! I continue reviews of novelties 2014 of the City series. Now I submit to your attention the review of a set of 60056 Tow Truck. General information: Theme - City Year released - 2014 Pieces - 227 Minifigs - 1 RRP - £17.99 / US$19.99 Price per piece - 7.925p / 8.806c Age range - 5 - 12 Box of the standard size for price category in US$20. On the face the set, the article and an age category is represented. Also in the bottom right corner it is possible to see as it is necessary to evacuate trucks correctly. On the back party of a box schematical assembly, game and functional features of a set, and also all sets of the first half of the year of the City 2014 series is shown. Face parties of a box: Box contents: - two numbered packages - two parts of the instruction - stickers Instruction: Minifig - a standard minifigure of the worker in overalls. I don't understand why again use this minifig if there is a remarkable minifig of the mechanic from the 6th series of collection minifigs? ! In my opinion but it here approaches best of all! Wrecker assembly. Assembly is happy the interesting! Assembly is finished! After assembly there were some extra-details: We will consider model: Though the wrecker also has doors but to put a minifig, all the same it is necessary to remove a roof. We will consider tow truck in all its aspects: Functionality of an arrow of the wrecker: Game function of the wrecker on the example of evacuation of 60018 Cement Mixer and 60043 Prisoner Transporter. - Cement Mixer - thanks to quite big gleam at cement mixer, the wrecker can lift it quite highly. When transporting the wrecker can maneuver very well as the arrow of the wrecker is quite mobile! - Prisoner Transporter - as a van has very low road gleam, at van transportation the wrecker can't strongly lift an arrow, differently the rear bumper of a van will rest against a surface, having raised back wheels! Well and at the end, we will replace a minifig of the worker with a collection minifig of the mechanic: Result: In my opinion this set - the best in price category to US$20 from sets of the first half of the year 2014! It is obligatory to acquisition! PS:Excuse for my bad English! PPS:Other my reviews of novelties of 2014: - REVIEW - 2014 LEGO City Set 60043 Prisoner Transporter - REVIEW - 2014 LEGO City Set 60053 Race Car I wait for your comments!
  10. inquisitor88

    [MOC] Christmas miracle

    Hi there! I want to introduce my first Christmas MOC, which was made special for "New Year Contest" in our Russian Lego community. My MOC took only 4th place (only two votes and it can took 3rd), but there was many strong competitors. This is illustration of a typical contrast between two kids from families with big difference of the level of wealth (and their demeanor). Alena is a obedient, kind and careful girl. She is from poor family, it so happened that she has only her grandfather. Their flat is not in good condition, and Alena do not get expensive gifts, but she is not discouraged and rejoices in small things. Jana is very harmful, selfish and used to getting everything she wants. She is from prosperous family and lives with her parents in luxurious flat. Every Christmas and B Day Jana is accustomed to get super presents just because she is a doughter of rich parents. Alena was a very good girl whole year and she wrote the letter to Santa, in which she asked about her main dream - the puppy. And what do You think? Santa Claus has got her letter, came into her flat in Christmas Eve and gave to Alena her present - a little puppy, which immediately was named Foxy (Alena has long been thought up a name for her dream). Now this is the best Christmas for Alena. Yana was a naughty girl all year and when she heard about the new iPhone, she asked her parents to buy it to her, because she did not believe in Santa. Unfortunately, Jana's father did not got a Christmas bonus in this year and he had to buy a gift for less money. Jana got HTC smartphone instead of gold iPhone 5s. Jana's Christmas is ruined. Happy Alena with her grandfather and Santa. Dissatisfied Jana and her parents. The moral of this story is in on the surface and I hope I do not need to explain anything :) Thanks for watching! The whole set is here
  11. lightningtiger

    Aussie Town (New Mannum) 2014

    Well it's a new year and everything New Mannum will now go here so now........ Well, I have started the hardware store proper now.......I must start work on the walls......keep watching !
  12. Day 1: Thursday. I got there at about 7:30 PM and set up my moc. After that i just had a look around and met up with Ben (SandMirror38) then continued looking until it closed at 9:30 Day 2: Friday. I went around 8:30 AM and checked up on my Moc then at 9:00 AM we had the introduction. When that finished the build in the bag contest began and then Jack (Jacka) sat behind me so we tried to finished the speed build in time but failed. After that Jack set up his Moc and i met with my friend James who i was displaying next too.Then it was time for Glenn Abell from Lego Australia to give his presentation. When he was talking about Chima i had a smirk on my face and he pointed me out, Lol. Afterwards i went and brought some stuff from Minifig World and made some figures with Jack, one of which was a photo bomber name Jihad Joe and the photo bombing began! There was one time where i was photo bombing a train track and didn't see the train coming around the corner and i derailed it.... Jack said he will not ever let me forget that. So i after that i met Lachlan (Refy L.S) and i hung with him, Jack and James until the Auction. So after the Auction it was dinner time so i went home for dinner. Day 3: Saturday: The Public was let in and the line was massive! I met up with Ben Cossy and saw his awesome Moc. After that Jack, Lachlan and i did some fig-barfing and talked to some more people. Then after the crowd died down i met Ryan Mcnaught who is the only Lego Certified professional in the South Hemisphere (Who also grew up in the same region and went to the same school as me, Lol) And got a photo with him and his moc the Sydney Opera House. he is such a nice guy he even asked see my moc so he came over with Richard (gasdoc_oz) and gave some feedback. Such a top bloke. That was a main highlight of the whole event for me. Day 4: Sunday. So i walked in, meet Jack & James in time to see everyone get in. Then the power box in my moc fried so i had to take in out and change batteries in front of everyone :( And that still didn't work. Its a shame because the kids loved the spinning Batmobile. After that i meet up with Shannon Ocean who brought his awesome Rivendell Moc and his Cloud City moc from last year (Now Rob's). Later i talked a lot with Nick who tells me is getting Flickr so thats good, his also a part of my LUG group too so thats more good news. then i walked around with Jack & Ben some more, Then sat down and had a chat with Gabriel (qi_tah) Who made a awesome Fabuland Hobbition then walked around with Jack some more. Then i got a picture with Peter Helliar, his a comedian and does some things on Channel 10. Then the convention ended. Overall i recommend anyone that can make it to come. its an awesome experience
  13. Hi, everybody. I submit to your attention the photoreview of a novelty of 2014 - 60053 Race Car from the City series. General information: Theme - City Year released - 2014 Pieces - 100 Minifigs - 1 RRP - £7.99 / US$9.99 Price per piece - 7.990p / 9.990c Age range - 5 - 12 The box from the face has a square form. On it, except the article and the age qualification, the set is represented. On back part of a box design features of the car are represented. Also, in the lower part it is possible to see some more sets from this series. Box sizes not the big. That scale was clear, I made some photo with a minifig. Face parties of a box: We open a box and inside we find: - three packages with details - detail without package and a sticker - instruction The instruction surprisingly chubby - in it already 36 pages! In a set there are a little enough interesting details: And also new wheels: New wheels turned out double - on the one hand they approach to automobile cars, as tires with small protectors and interesting disks better. On the other hand they have the same diameter as well as at "old", only they became slightly thinner. And therefore, in my opinion, not really approach to old arches. Comparison of new wheels with a minifig: Comparison of old and new wheels: The minifigure from this set already met in a set of 2013 - 60025 Grand Prix Truck so new we here won't see anything. As I have all minifigs of corporal color, alteration of this too didn't become an exception! We pass to assembly of a racing car. Assembly not difficult therefore I will strongly not focus on it attention - some stages of assembly more than enough. After assembly there are enough many spare details! The set is built: To put a minifig in a car cabin, it is necessary to remove a roof "in the old manner": We will consider a racing car in all its aspects: Now we will compare this racing car to a car from a set of 60007 High Speed Chase: Now again it is a little about new wheels. Because they are a little thinner old, they turn out drowned in a wheel arch that looks not really harmoniously. But if to put wheels of old type, the model turns out more finished: And now on red sports of carat we will put wheels of new type - looks awfully: Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that these wheels are suitable for models without use of standard arches, or arches of new type that wheels so strongly weren't drowned in inside are necessary. The conclusion on a set - the car turned out quite nice and stylish, it is a lot of interesting and necessary details. PS:Excuse for my bad English!
  14. The Bat-Bunker is a secret headquarters underneath Wayne Tower established during the tenure of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin. It's intended as a counterpart to the Batcave, but personalised to Grayson's crime-fighting approach and located in the heart of Gotham City. Alfred Pennyworth helped Grayson build the bunker and also runs maintenance. Although the Batcave was originally left functional, Grayson and Pennyworth eventually moved everything into the bunker when a security breach was made by Two-Face. So this was my first time building something comic book based (Besides Scenes) as a full Minifigure scale sized moc. And to be honest i think it turned out ok, When i choose to make this Moc i was reading all the Comics from Grant Morrison's run on Batman and the Bat-Bunker made its first appearance in a Comic i was reading so i took a lot of inspiration and references not only from that title but multiple. As with all comic book locations it looks different in all the multiple titles so i have taken many scenes and location and tried to fit them together. But most of this Moc has come from my own imagination with inspiration from multiple sources Tv, Movie, Comic etc. Wideshot Exterior shots Interior shots Promotional Poster for the Moc This Moc was displayed at Brickvention 2014, Melbourne Australia. Thanks For Visiting!
  15. Please join my Lego Pistol Contest! link removed
  16. As you may already know, the new 2014 Invasion from Below sets aren't getting released until March 3rd in North America. This is a real disappointment, since I was planning on going to the LEGO store this week to get the new sets. Anyone know why we are getting them so late? I think that it has to do with sales or something related to demographics. It is possible the other themes will cannibalize the HF sales, so LEGO is planning on releasing the new sets later.
  17. Every two or three years, the CITY range gets a spread of new civilian sets, and 2014 is such a year. They tend mostly to be vehicles, since CREATOR seems to have stolen the houses; but there have been some great offerings of late and this year's sets look to be continuing the standard. I was very impressed by 2012's 4433 Dirt Bike Transporter - a set with an attractive design and bursting with play features - so I'm looking forward to seeing how this latest similar offering compares. Review: 60058 SUV with Watercraft Set Information Name: SUV with Watercraft Number: 60058 Theme: CITY Release: January 2014 Parts: 219 Figures: 2 Price: GB £17.99 | US $19.99 | EUR 19.99 - 21.99 | AU $29.99 | CA $24.99 | DKK 179.95 Links ... Shop@Home ... Brickset ... Bricklink The Box Click for a large full-frontal image I like the sandy shoreline the vehicle is perched on, which fades into dunes and scrubland, with the ever-present CITY silhouette beyond. It is similar to the scene occupied by the Camper, though bereft of trees; and here the landscape seems less hemmed in. Indeed, 60058 continues the semi-aquatic theme of the 60057 Camper set, though we are warned that in this case the Watercraft Do Not Float. Customary set highlights adorn the rear, above the panorama of this year's attractive spread of vehicles: Click for a larger image I love the stunning oblique shot of the SUV and trailer in the centre-right. I would have used something similar for the cover image except it doesn't show off the whole set so well. Chase me! The two dudes play on their craft on the box top ... ... a mere stone's throw away from the bustling CITY-scape. The box is, of course, an identical size to that of the Camper set, and indeed to any set at this price range over the past few years: for a comparison, click here. The Instructions Two papery-covered manuals are identical except for the module number. Interestingly, the second dude and his watercraft are absent from the picture. There are acres of space on the inside pages. Despite some parts of similar colour (eg. 1x6 plates in black and dark bluish-grey), colour differentiation isn't a problem. The build is simple, with piece callouts often demanding only one or two parts per step; I built the SUV in about five minutes. The customary inventory is spread over two pages at the rear of Book 2. Sticker Sheet Several decals are crammed into a small area (for a sense of scale, see the Box Contents). Their mostly-rectangular design makes applying them refreshingly straight-forward. Note the two dashboard stickers displaying different speeds, and the green narrow pair declaring '160 HP'. My car is only 122 horsepower! Interestingly, the instructions indicate to place the '48' dashboard sticker onto the green boat; I dread to think what the power output of the orange boat must be. Assuming that 'HP' does stand for horsepower - maybe it's Hit Points. The Parts Module 1 builds the SUV. Some useful SNOT brackets brighten up an otherwise unremarkable selection, though I won't complain about the trans-black windows (especially the 4-wide Classic Town windscreen ). I hate those modified bricks with wing ends, a white example of which is lurking on the left of the picture. This one will thankfully lurk invisibly on the finished model, where it is used purely as filler. One of the far more useful 2x4 black tiles is similarly invisible on the finished car, from where it can be pilfered without breaking the set. The highlight of Module 2, for me at least, are the four new wheels and tyres. I say new - two came last year in the Cargo Terminal plane set - but they're new to me, and potentially useful - we'll look at them again in situ later. Otherwise, a number of large and chunky parts will likely be confined to the 'useless parts' bin later, but some more SNOT brackets are most welcome. The two 2x4 curved slopes are new in orange and lime green, but as these are in my opinion two of the most useless colours in the entire LEGO palette, I'm not going to get over-excited by them. The Minifigures The wetsuit-guy simply had to be Johnny (even though he's not actually surfing), which I guess makes the sunglasses-dude Bodhi. Ten bonus points if you get the reference! Bodhi does at least have a surfer on his torso, without which he'd look like he was wearing a bloodstained string vest. His torso could be found previously only in three sets; his face is in need of some stubble. Johnny's wetsuit is new to me, but appeared in a couple of sets last year; it's rather nice. Both torsos have back printing; I love the wetsuit's zip! Two narrow lifejackets accompany the figures, much like in the Camper set. The LEGO Group clearly have safety in mind! I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing a wetsuit and a lifejacket, but I'm no expert in watersports. Again, these narrow life vests leave a nasty gap in the neck area, but I prefer them to their oversized predecessors. The Complete Set First let's look at the SUV. The car has a simple yet smart design; the increased rake of the newer windscreen piece makes it look suitable sporty. There are no doors; whilst the 1x3 bley brick might allow the placement of doors, the windscreen would make them useless, so Bodhi will have to use a Dukes of Hazzard manoeuvre to get in. The 'gap' between dark bley and black plates between the wheel arches is deliberate; it mimics a footplate, though not entirely successfully. I think I'd rather some of these had been used. The rear end will be familiar to anyone who has 2009's 4x4 from the 7635 Horse Trailer set. I quite like the SNOT-mounted cheese wedges, though to my eyes they sit a little to proud of the rear. I'd also much rather separate orange and red lights had been used; however, the 1x2 trans-red plates are attached only via one stud (either end of a 1x4 SNOT brick), so this wouldn't have been possible without a redesign. I think simplicity of build has triumphed over attractiveness of design here. The protruding rear cheeses are all the more noticeable from the side: Absent from this rendition of the 4x4 vehicle is any attempt at a roof rack, which is a shame. I like the newer-style wide wheel arches, which can accommodate larger wheels; I do wonder however if these wheels are a little too large. The roof comes off easily in sections (and perhaps this explains why there isn't a roof rack), allowing Bodhi and Johnny to sit inside in relative comfort. Bodhi: 'Don't get my seat all wet!' Trailer and Watercraft The two jetskis sit side-by-side on the trailer. They have to touch: they can be mounted a little further back than this, but there is no ambiguity as to their lateral placement. In front is an Octan fuel cylinder (the lever is apparently a pump), and a green slope/tap thingy which according to the Shop@Home blurb is a 'gas can'. I wasn't sure what it was for; it can be used to store the lifejackets with a bit of fiddling. Without the jetskis, the trailer is rather plain, but the pattern of tiles and grilles is smart. There is no rear ramp; I guess the watercraft can be lifted onto the trailer. Now it's time to look again at the newish wheels. They are perhaps a little too snazzy for a simple trailer, but they are the same diameter as the 'standard' CITY wheels, allowing a multitude of uses ... ... a single example of which is here: I've replaced the standard wheels of the car from the 4432 Car & Caravan set with these new wheels. They look rather nice: sporty, with low-profile tyres, and they aren't as wide thus eliminating the 'protruding tyre' problem of many CITY vehicles. I like them! The jetskis themselves are identical aside from the colour and stickers; the design is simple but pleasingly realistic. The SNOT plate at the rear mimics the jet nozzles; the handlebars are attached via a robot arm on a 1x2 plate with vertical pole, allowing a degree of rotation. Johnny and Bodhi can grip the handlebars with ease, allowing them to pose as they wish (a random trans-clear cheese is helping here): Comparison to Similar Sets This is the third six-wide four-wheel drive vehicle LEGO has produced in recent years. Here's the latest with 2009's 4WD from the 7635 Horse Trailer set and 2012's 4435 Dirt Bike Transporter: I still love 7635's Range Rover look; 4435's vehicle looks more like a Land Rover Discovery, but its front end, free of the usual bonnet piece, is fresh and interesting. Compared to them, 60058's SUV looks more like the typical oversized shopping trolley we have to suffer today; it kinda reminds me of a Toyota RAV4. The "Toyota"'s rear window configuration is similar to that of the "Range Rover"'s; though it's tail lights can't compete. Bonus points for the rear registration plate, though, seen here devoid of sticker for fair comparison. The "Discovery"'s rear end has the added advantage of an opening tailgate, at the expense of inadequate tail lights. The lack of roof rack is apparent here, and for me those wheels are simply too large - we're straying into Monster Wheels territory here; they may appeal to the kids, but I'd prefer something that would be happy on a CITY street. I think the medium wheels on the "Discovery" represent a decent compromise. It's interesting that both 60058 and 4425 employ orange and lime green vehicles. Of the two trailers, the latest set's is simpler, but arguably neater; the new wheels look a little on the large side, but I think that's preferable to 4435's 1990s Town wheels which provide rather pitiable ground clearance. However, 4435 wins over in the accessories: two removable toolboxes (replete with tools) are included, along with two flagposts for marking a course, motorcycle helmets with clearly intentional storage mounting points, and mustard dispensers fire extinguishers. 60058's trailer has only the two jetskis and means of refuelling. Seen side-by-side, the two sets complement each other well, and that perhaps explains the choice of orange and lime for the watercraft. 60058's SUV has neater lines, but I miss the interesting front end of 4435, and the opening rear. Mostly, there are far fewer play functions on this latest set when compared to its immediate predecessor, which was a super set in every respect - and consequently very hard to beat. Conclusion This is a fun set. The SUV is attractive, and roomy, seating the two figures with ease; the trailer is detachable and with the two realistic jetskis provides lots of play options. It has its drawbacks - apart from the watercraft, the colour scheme is decidedly drab; and the oversized wheels of the SUV unfortunately give it a <insert that tiresome argument> look. Owners of 4435 are likely to be somewhat disappointed - many of that set's myriad play functions are absent - but 4435 was an awesome set. They do make a good matching pair, so don't let the pared-down functions put you off if you're considering buying 60058; it also makes an excellent companion to this year's 60057 Camper if you're into watersports! Design & Build 7 The build feels simpler than many recent similar sets; if this was intentional to increase appeal to the target audience, I'd say it's a success. Nevertheless, the resulting model is smart and realistic; spoilt for me mainly by the silly wheels, but some brighter colours wouldn't go amiss. Parts 6 There's not a huge number of parts that you can't get elsewhere, but there are a handful of useful SNOT brackets, and I like the newer low-profile tyres. Figures 7 I love Johnny's wetsuit! Shame it's available more cheaply elsewhere, but it isn't a common part. Bodhi's body is also not common, but far less appealing to me. Playability 8 It might not be a patch on 4435, but there is still copious play potential with this set, and it'll fit in reasonably well to your CITY. A few pedestrians might get squished by those wheels, but it'll give the Emergency Services something to do. Value 8 Part for penny this is a good value set, and the play options only increase the score. Overall 72% My Score 7/10 This is a solid set: fun for kids; for adults, it's ok, but if you're expecting another 4435 you may be a trifle disappointed. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the review. Please let us know what you think! Rufus Resources My 60057 Camper review My flickr Set If you like my reviews, and would like to learn how it's done, please consider joining the Reviewers Academy:
  18. AdrianB2014

    REVIEW: 21019 Eiffel Tower

    Set Name: Eiffel Tower Set #: 21019 Theme: Architecture Pieces: 321 + 3 spares = 324 pieces (more on that later) Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: EUR 45/USD ??? INTRODUCTION Today i received my brand new 2014 21019 Eiffel Tower, and i decided to do a review of it.s This brings my LEGO Architecture collection to 20 sets, the only one that i am missing is the 21001 Hancock Center. I was fortunate enough to be in the US at the time of the 21050 Architecture Studio launch so i snatched it instantly. Maybe i will do a review of that also. Anyway, on to the review: THE BOX FRONT: _DSC0827 by adrian.baias, on Flickr BACK: _DSC0829 by adrian.baias, on Flickr SIDE: _DSC0828 by adrian.baias, on Flickr UNBOXING: Enjoy your building experience! (I did): _DSC0830 by adrian.baias, on Flickr Contents: _DSC0831 by adrian.baias, on Flickr The Booklet: _DSC0832 by adrian.baias, on Flickr Being printed in portrait mode, it is a little bit hard to keep open without some help. BUILD: The parts... _DSC0835 by adrian.baias, on Flickr Closeup of the more unusual parts... _DSC0836 by adrian.baias, on Flickr Coincidentally or not, this set has exactly 324 pieces (including the french name plate and the spares), which is the exact height in meters of the real tower. So the construction begins... The base is ready. _DSC0838 by adrian.baias, on Flickr The build is structured into three parts: The base, the median part, and the top: The base and the median part... _DSC0840 by adrian.baias, on Flickr Connected,., _DSC0842 by adrian.baias, on Flickr The top completed... _DSC0843 by adrian.baias, on Flickr And is done. COMPLETED MODEL: _DSC0844 by adrian.baias, on Flickr The completed model looks stunning. Closeup of the base and the nameplate: _DSC0846 by adrian.baias, on Flickr "Aerial" view: _DSC0847 by adrian.baias, on Flickr Another angle: _DSC0848 by adrian.baias, on Flickr And another... _DSC0850 by adrian.baias, on Flickr From the top: _DSC0852 by adrian.baias, on Flickr MODEL ACCURACY: I haven't seen the real thing in person but to me it looks pretty spot on at this size. CONCLUSIONS AND SCORE: Design: 10/10 It couldn't get any closer to the real thing at this size. Build: 9/10 A little repetition, but overall nice building techniques. Parts: 7/10 Good grey/dark grey assortment, but nothing too special aside from a few pieces. Value: I could not give it a value as i'm collecting all of them even if i pay a little more. But at 45 Euros, i think this is in the standard price range for an Architecture set. Overall: 10/10 I'm a little bit subjective here, but i believe is one of the best Architecture sets. Definitely top three for me. It looks great as a display piece and it has the perfect size and proportions. I recommend it heavily. Thank you for reading and i hope i didn't bore you with my first review. Adrian.
  19. I bring to your attention the next review of a novelty 2014 of the City series - 60058 SUV with Watercraft. You can see the previous reviews of novelties of City 2014: REVIEW - 2014 LEGO City Set 60056 Tow Truck - REVIEW - 2014 LEGO City Set 60043 Prisoner Transporter - REVIEW - 2014 LEGO City Set 60053 Race Car General information: Theme - City Year released - 2014 Pieces - 219 Minifigs - 2 RRP - £17.99 / US$19.99 Price per piece - 8.215p / 9.128c Age range - 5 - 12 On the box face standard information - the article a set, an age rating and the image of the set. On the back party of a box only the game moments of a set since no functional features in this set are present are represented. Face parties of a box: Box contents: - two packages with details - two parts of the instruction - stickers The instruction - by the first part we build SUV, and on the second - the trailer with Watercraft: From interesting details of a set I want to note only wheels of new type: Minifigures - anything new here we won't find, all this already was: - minifig in beachwear - minifig in a diving suit To each minifig in a set the life jacket of new type is applied: We pass to assembly. At first we build SUV. In general SUV turned out very huge, even it is more than in the same 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer, because of the established wheels. And places in it similarly 7635. And in general, in my opinion, SUV turned out clumsy. After SUV assembly, we pass to assembly of the trailer and hydrocycles. Here to carp there is nothing. The trailer looks pretty well, especially with new wheels. And hydrocycles - the best of all that were in Lego sets earlier! Both hydrocycles have an identical design - difference only in color and speedometer indications. The details which have remained after assembly: Assembly is finished: In SUV both minifigs - one for another are located. That to put them, it is necessary to remove a roof: SUV - as I already wrote above, it has very huge wheels. Because of what it looks clumsily and not in proportion. Though for games by the small child most that. Also it seems to me the windshield form isn't really successfully chosen. The trailer with hydrocycles. Both the trailer, and hydrocycles turned out very successful. Hydrocycles - in general the awesome! Result: the set turned out the weakest in category to US$20. The disproportionate jeep doesn't rescue even the excellent trailer. The only plus of a set are hydrocycles. PS:Excuse for my bad English!
  20. So what are your thoughts on the upcoming 2014 sets? I'm looking forward to the TMNT sets and I got the Lion Legend beast earlier and it's pretty cool. Also I am doing a 365 days of Lego project on Flickr, inspired by a similar project from a few years back. The first picture will be uploaded tomorrow. Thanks, -Godtshep (Pronounced Go-Shep.) P.S. Those of you from Cuusoo and Brickset will know me as Nightwing20.
  21. Hello everyone! I just recieved my 2014 set 21019 Eiffel Tower. I will try do to a review of it in the following days. If not, i will still post some photos of the box, booklet and set as soon as i have the opportunity. I'll be back with either the photos or the full review.
  22. From the 2013 thread. Let's just hope that this wasn't a trick like last year's list. -Sci
  23. Yet Again I sadly only have the name! I might get the set # and price soon! So let the discussion begin!.....................
  24. Seeing that Lego Legends Of Chima sets have started hitting the shelves (and my Aunty has picked up Razcal's Glider which I should get December 27th/28th), and the preliminary names for the summer wave have been released I have already started thinking about sets past that. Here are my thoughts: Longtooth's Lion Bike, 120-150 pieces . Includes Longtooth and a new crocodile. . A Lion Bike. Wolf Striker, 230-250 pieces . Includes a new wolf and a new eagle. . Includes The wolf striker. The Croc's Royal Quad, 300-340 pieces . Includes Crominus, The Crocodile Queen and a new lion. . The Quad and a Lion speeder. Gorilla Tree Top Fort, 360-400 pieces . Includes Gorzan, a gorilla and a new raven. . Includes a treetop base with a turret, a watch tower and two sections. Raven Nest Base, 360-400 pieces . Includes Rawzom, Razar and a gorilla. . Includes the nest base, a small raven vehicle and two storeys. Eagle's aerial assaulter, 600-650 pieces . Includes Eagle Queen, Eris, Ewar, a new eagle, Wilhurt and a new wolf. . Includes a big aerial ship with missiles, flick fire missiles, escape pods and a big interior space. What do you think? Also tell me your thoughts and your wishes.
  25. Lego Mixels were unveiled at SDCC recently. They appear to be based on a Carton Network program called Mixels. Each set will contain a buildable character. Lego Mixels by TheDevorathShow, on Flickr What are your thoughts?