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Found 5 results

  1. Compared to the San Francisco cable car in set 10308 - Holiday Main Street, my model of a classic Birney Safety Car (link to wikipedia article on the type of streetcar) has a different, more accurate roof, complete with a trolley pole at each end. The word "Hogsmeade" is on the destination boards at either end, as I'm pretending that's the name of a street in my town. (I have a ton of those printed 1x4 tiles from nearly 20 years back and I couldn't think of another use for them.) All the changes to the car body mean most of the interior was scrapped as it was too cramped for figures to sit, with only the motorman controls remaining. (Note to the Moderator's: I know I have older, second thread for this model type. However, that one is structured in a way for the LDD file to be given away, whereas this one is just for the real model only. Please DON'T combine them, as it will only be confusing. Thank you for understanding!) Thoughts?
  2. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 10308 Holiday Main Street

    Here is my review on 10308 Holiday Main Street: THE GOOD: The Tram is stunning. Some cool interior details in both shops and I like the bed build. THE NOT SO GOOD: The 2 buildings are straight from typical LEGO City sets with a tough of winter. Power function compatibility is good but take away most of the interior space of the tram. Christmas Tree build not as refreshing as previous Winter Village series. This is a set I was pretty much sold when I saw the tram, in the end I do think it's a good lego set but just not a good winter village set. It's a surprising move to not include the light brick. The Tram is definitely the highlight of this set, looks great, fun to build and can fit quite a few minifigures. The 2 buildings though, while it looks good and some cool building techniques involved, it just a bit too thin and not enough depth in my opinion. Despite some cool furniture and lovely exterior designs, this is what I think took away some winter village magic. The Christmas tree also a bit boring if you have bought previous winter village set too. Having said that, I like the minifigures selection and I did have fun building this set. The price also is reasonable given it is priced the same as last year one. Now is this a set I would recommend? That will be depended on your expectation whether it's a winter village set or a regular lego set.
  3. I've remade the rest of set 10308 - Holiday Man Street, so I tried my hand at the cable car. I turned it into a more common streetcar - specifically a Birney safety Car. (link to wiki article on the streetcar type) I have recolored a second copy blue in addition to red, as there is trolley line in St. Louis, Missouri that uses replica Birney's in blue and red for a modern trolley line in an historic area called the Delmar Loop as a line called the "Loop Trolley". (Granted, the new replicas used by the Loop Trolley use a single modern pantograph and not trolley poles, and have two two-axle trucks and not two fixed axles alone. But I digress!) My model of a classic Birney Safety Car has a different, more accurate roof, complete with two trolley poles along with full-length sides. Sadly, this means most of the interior was scrapped as it was too cramped for figures to sit. The blue one features a 9v train motor, while the red one is unpowered. NOTE: The four (per trolley) black lattice window panes used in the door spaces as gates are missing in the LDD file. You can find this part on Bricklink under part number 38320. The free LDD file for both models together can be found at this Bricksafe page. Thoughts?
  4. This model was partially inspired by the both buildings in set 10308 - Holiday Main Street from the Winter Village collection. I added a back to it, changed the color scheme around and fixed some areas. I also replaced the original toys with clothing items for sale to make it into a shop for fashion designer Edna Mode from the Incredibles film franchise. (Apparently she has branched off from superhero costumes into the regular fashion market.) The rear has a delivery entrance and a simple porch light on the first floor, while the second has the chimney. On the inside, the lower floor has the shop full of items for sale - from tiaras to top hats, pants to suits. Upstairs is Edna's workshop, complete with sewing machine and long folds of different-colored cloth. I also have a heater / cooker, and a bunch of drawers full of patterned cloth pieces and clothing designs. The vintage sewing machine was from free instructions seen on Rebrickable by user @Scarlet_Patronus. (The lower floor's display cases were also based on items from this talented builder.) This fabulous 1951 Hudson Hornet was originally a @hachiroku design of a Hudson Hornet that I modified quite a bit to be Edna Mode's car. The reason for this specific design is I was struggling to come up with a good 8-wide 1950's / 60's car design for her for use with the tailor shop. Then I remembered I had this design of a blue Hudson Hornet, (extremely similar to the one in CARS) and it just clicked. The car fit the era nicely, and it was high-end enough for Mode to drive without it seeming too odd. You can find the original builder's version here. The rear of the vehicle. The roof is removable and can seat a single mini-figure. Thoughts? EDIT 11/17/22: finished real world pictures added. Sorry for the long wait!
  5. So I woke up the morning of Sept. 22nd to the news Winter Village set 10308 - Holiday Main Street had been revealed. I like some of it (Trolley FTW!) but the buildings were lacking "something". So, I tried to recreate the music store in LDD to fix what I thought I needed to fix. That quickly turned into full-blown MOC only slightly inspired by the set with a back wall and different interior. More recently, I revisited it to add in a bay window and revise the troublesome roof. I have turned this building from a music store into a post office as I still need a post office on my town! NOTE: The ten drain pipe parts and a couple printed pieces are still missing. The rear of the building has a service door to give access to big trucks for delivery / pickup of cross-country mail. The lower floor has got a sales desk with old fashioned cash register, a scale for weighing packages, and a couple safety deposit boxes. The poster on the wall above the boxes will be a "most wanted" mugshot, for a true post office feel. Moving on, the upper floor is the sorting room, with bunches of drawers for route maps / address change requests / etc., cubbyholes for outgoing mail, and trashcans for dead letters. The table is for where the postal employees do the sorting. Finally, the attic is empty, but I'm tempted to put the lawbreaker mentioned on the poster up there hiding out! I have a mail delivery vehicle built already (technically it's been built since 2018) just waiting for a place to pick up mail from. Sadly, I seem to have never taken pictures of it in real life. So until I find the real model and take pictures, a few older digital screenshots will have to do: This model was modified from @ScotNick's red British Morris Mail Van. (see it here on Flickr) The yellow van MOD features a brighter paint scheme and a sign on the side signifying it's job as a letter carrier. I added backwards-opening doors, a different rear hatch, a new front end for a 20's look and bigger tires. Not much of the original model remains intact, to be honest. This vehicle can seat one figure in the drivers seat and can hold a lot of cargo in the back compartment. Thoughts, anyone? EDIT 11/20/22: Revised model, added new pictures. For comparison, here is the original MOC: