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  1. Hi guys,

    understand that the bigger the tacks for 9v trains, the voltage will drop at the far end of the track.

    how to over come this problem? please advice!!


    because I have a large layout

    with 3 different tracks

    I have 4 transformers installed.

    not as an ordinary railroad (lego)

    but in pieces

    see colors on plan

    the pieces are close to the transo's

    and each piece can be arranged at the same speed

    with a standard railroad

    trains go slow an the end

    and just beyond the transformer

    then the speed go's better

    here is that not the case ..

    even more trains on the layout

    and on the three tracks.

    since they are usually ride on a different transformer

    on the same layout and on the same time

    insulate the tracks between the various transformers

    with paper (polarity)




  2. good luck in your new home

    sometimes it is sad to have to break your layout

    one of the advantages is that when you make any mistake

    on the old layout,

    or thinks dat not good fit in it,

    it can build much better in the new layout now ....

    my old layout (2004 - 2011)

    is almost completely dismantled

    and the errors I've seen of my old layout,

    will be able to be eliminated in the new layout

    you continue to learn from mistakes of the past

    and the following layout is much nicer

    good luck

  3. at last the trains drive back


    the dedectie run now perfectly

    with dedectie plates under the layout and the leds for the controlle on layout

    1led is a piece track (sector)

    when the led light up, the train driving on that part of the track

    when the train has passed the led extinction;

    the train is already on another sector

    that's why the leds jumping





    examine the result

    here a film concerning the dedectie on layout

    (takes little time for uploud)


    more explanation:


    gladly your opinion


  4. Nice to see your updates Patrick, I'm currently working on Dutch style signals with PF possibility. Your signals look nice! And of course your layout too, but that is no news in your case ;)

    Gr. Johan

    Thanks Johan for the replay.

    I hope to update pictures today

    of the working dedection, when trains running

    on tracks..


  5. verry nice work

    i love it..

    enormously much small details in the layout

    now my whole layout of 9 volt demolished entirely in the beginning of this year,

    I wants to build also in that direction

    of miniature construction


  6. The first test programme changes all signals in 1 time of colour.

    (test phase)

    With update of the new programme

    I can give a colour one 1 signal only or to several signals

    Every signal must get a address, the pc. recognises the signal…

    and can change that…

    every signal gets a serial number in the next step….



  7. these are ordinary 9 volt tracks

    that become divided in pieces of approximately 1m30

    this is a sector. every sector still have a piece of 4 pieces straight rails…

    this part will stop the train … by means of a relay (more later)

    (a second small sector in the large sector)

    with 4 little papers you make a sector

    2 along both sides,

    his part is no more conected to the other rails

    and you have a sector.




    complete sector (in the middle)with stop part of 4 straight rails: