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  1. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    thanks for the comments the biggest challenge however, is the turns of the tracks how I built these slopes
  2. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Meanwhile, with a lot of trial and error, I have one of the railway sloping sides planted I found that very difficult.. To make it look realistic . If better ideas to work even nicer and more realistic I would like to hear it.. Thanks patje end result more on:
  3. NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    very nice train very nice finish of the interior
  4. Adding a change in elevation to a layout

    I may be a little too late with answers but on this link you can see how I started building of landscape between tracks it starts with the raising of the tracks then build the landscapes between the tracks I hope I could help you
  5. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    have the link re-posted now he works weird has 2x the same pictures on previous post thanks for the replay
  6. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    I built a bit further 2018 the bridge next to the wall and above the river is ready ... There is also lighting placed under the bridge ... (yellow) It is made with a brick technique Marakoeschtra wall technique see: 4th technique on page below: inspiration from a marklin layout: Gemischter Verkehr, Mixed Traffic Märklin Modelleisenbahn Anlage, Marklin Modeltrain layout the bridge can be seen from 3.15 minutes ...
  7. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    update Meanwhile, the wall is also finished the street is there,the green is there and the street lights burn
  8. nice I've been following you for a while now and have to say you make cool creations It's always nice if someone placing. a ldd file with it.. So you can see the way of building ... thanks...patje
  9. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Thanks for the replay Always nice to hear others update I built a bit further Now the front upward part of the track gets the attention ... the first part of a wall is ready ... based on photos of the train miniature world ... construction: finished: meer foto's op: html :D
  10. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Thanks for the replay always nice to read, what the people think of the layout update continued to work and the grass replaced by plants and trees .. immediately looks a bit more beautiful ... more on:
  11. Layout: plan fo new layout

    I enjoy such nice layout There are always things that other people build What you must say waauw ..... really beautiful Congratulations
  12. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Something else Meanwhile, 4 old wagons of the Belgian type Eaos will be Transformed ... they are too wide to be used on the Layout 9 wide is too much, hapering everywhere ..... They still date from 2013 .... One has now been transformed into 7 studs More of the layout: I would like your response Always be open for improvements On layout ;-)
  13. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Meanwhile all the tiles have been laid And new lighting I tried new lights Orange street lighting Night shots engine shed First the usual light lighting Head masts burning New lighting burns Headmasts and new lights burn: Lamps in close up Environment meer op:
  14. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    As promised the engine's night pictures more//meer:
  15. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    update All plates 1x4, 2x2,1x2, 1x1 in the brown lie on the tracks I've also done some further work on the layout Meanwhile I have also placed lighting in the engineshed evening photos follow