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  2. Admiral William

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    Again, a ton of great/funny/interesing entries! 14) Tribal Hunter, Mexican & Tribal Chief Entry (Build by George G.) - 2 points I just fell in love with it. Enough said. 18) Wrestler, Karate Master & Sumo Wrestler Entry (Build by gabe) - 1 point Good luck everybody!
  3. Admiral William

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    Wow! There are really a lot of great entries, it takes a bit of time to choose! 16) Snowboarder Entry (Build by Dreamweb) - 2 points I fell in love with the idea immediately! 30) Pilot Entry (Build by brickcitydepot) - 1 point How couldn't you love the little plane? Good luck to everyone!
  4. Admiral William

    Container Raffle Build

    Here's my entry! Living on wheels with style!
  5. Admiral William

    REVIEW: 10194 Emerald Night

    Awsome review! I still cannot belive I actually own one - it sure wasn't easy to find! (Read on if you want to know how I've gotten mine ) There is no Shop@home or LEGO shops here, which basically means that exclusive sets are nowhere to be found in the whole country. On the summer of 2009. I went to Munich, Germany. Of course, we visited LEGOLAND. After a nice day of fun, we went to the store, located near the enternace. I looked around a bit, but the Emerald Night was nowhere to be seen! I was forced to visit the LEGO shop in the city. Since this was my first visit to an actual "official" LEGO store, I was suprised with all the sets on the shelves. I was completely shocked when an employee informed me they had NONE left. It was kind of heartbraking (especially because they had a model built for people to see), since I wanted this set so bad. Sure, it was a shame I couldn't get it at a "lower" price in Germany, but I wasn't about to quit. I found a little store which wasn't even in my country - but that didn't really matter, after they said they've got...only 1 left. It was about 20 euros more expensive, but at that point, it didn't really matter to me.
  6. Admiral William

    Brickbeards Newest Bounty WIP

    Very nice, you can tell it came from the BB - but then again, it's different. I like it so far, keep on building!
  7. Admiral William

    Battle of Austerlitz 1805

    Amazing MOC! I just love those green uniforms...
  8. Admiral William

    HMS Ambuscade vs. Bayonnaise, 14th Dec. 1798

  9. Admiral William

    HMS Ambuscade vs. Bayonnaise, 14th Dec. 1798

    Very nice, I just love all the detail.
  10. Admiral William

    Lexington & Concord WIP

    I love that bridge! That's some very nice progress, keep on going.
  11. Admiral William

    my Latest LDD ship

    That's a very nice ship! As some already said, the masts are a bit too long, but otherwise, very nice indeed.
  12. Admiral William

    MOD: 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty gets a deck

    That is amazing! It looks completely different! I love it!
  13. Admiral William

    HMS Unicorn Teaser! In a good way of course!
  14. Admiral William

    Review: 6296 Shipwreck Island

    Nice review! I will probably buy this set soon, looking foward to it!
  15. Admiral William

    All quiet on the Western Front

    That is amazing! I love the heavy cannon and the small "watch tower".