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  1. leag

    [MOC] Wayne Manor

    On a base of the last Arkham, Asylum... The Wayne Manor !
  2. My version of Mr Freeze (Victor Fries) on "Brickheads" [ LXF dispo ici ]
  3. leag

    [MOC] Vehicles from the Asylum

    Really Nice, whao !! Do you have a ldd files :)
  4. leag

    [MOC] LeaG Bat-Wall-e

    My Wall-e become a fan of Batman !!!!!
  5. leag


    Really Nice !
  6. leag

    [MOC] [WIP] Back To The Future: Hill Valley 1885

    Really Nice picture.! I love it !
  7. > Here the sticker HD
  8. Yes i waiting the Mutant Leader fig :) I went from Killer Croc's bat-tank set... > other pictures here But a friend told me to put bigger caterpillars :) For the Carrie Kelley's Fig (thanks to Lego for the resemblance) ;)
  9. For this third table I wanted to take a moment I've always found fascinating ... the place where it all switch to Young Bruce Wayne ... where his life took a decisive turn ... Some will find it uninteresting, see glaucosity), but I still wanted to share it with you ... All on a basis of Lego PALACE (10232) taking inspiration modeled on the cinemas of the game "Batman Arkham City" For the occasion, new sticker will be available ... _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ HD pictures on flickr
  10. leag

    MOC: The Dynamic Duo vs. Two-Face

    I Love it !!!!
  11. leag

    [MOC] BatCave by LeaG

    I am very happy to finally post my first real MOC ... I wanted to make it much larger, but my window DETOLF IKEA does not allow me ... You will find other inspirations batcave (including that of DarthKy on Cusoo). > Bat-Grappin Made in Padawancity ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BONUS : Mini-Batmobile UMC LDD - Mini-Batmobile ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ stickers