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  1. Brickfit26 Yup. I mentioned it in my assessment of the new series a few pages ago.
  2. Woot! I have opinions and I'm sharing them! Wolfman- Is that a new head mold? If it is, I'll buy one if I feel it while looking for the ones I'm more interested in. I have too many wolfmen to buy one if its the old head mold. I think that's the lumberjack's shirt, so what? He got attacked while working in the forest? Poor lumberjack! Zombie Pirate Captain- As I am not a fan of zombies, and have plenty of pirate parts already, I'll be skipping this one. Very well done, though. The torso and beard are a nice touch. Mad Scientist- Are the head and goggles one piece, or can you take the goggles and hair off? If so, that'd be awesome. I still want him for his torso/legs printing. Oh, and the two-color arms! Witch- Kinda reminds me of the witch from Looney Tunes that Bugs Bunny alway came across. While I like the hat/hair piece, I'm skipping the minifig. I just don't have a use for it. Plant Costume Guy- Our first non-animal costume, right? Okay, maybe he's being eaten by a real plant monster. Who eats people feet first? I just don't undertand plants... I might replace the head with a pink head and make him a bona-fide plant monster. Nice printing. Have we seen the back of the head? The Human Fly- The biggest surprise to me so far! Great head, but the torso/leg printing looks cool, too! As somone else already mentioned, getting two to have two claw hands is a must! Do we know if the antennae are removable like the insect aliens from the space line? If so, I have an idea for those antennae... Phantom- I know the head has taken some heat, but i think it would be useful in a Casper MOC or some cute ghost or another. Gray hood and tattered cloak- good to have. I'm assuming the torso is blank. The biggest piece here is the ethereal leg piece. We're getting it twice in this wave and I thnk that's just fine considering the theme. Looks like a different color than the Banshee's. Zombie Cheerleader- Again, not into zombies, but I have to have that hair! Cat Lady- Soooo different from the cat lady a couple of waves ago! Meow! LOL! She's usable in my superhero universe as is, so that's a plus. Love the whip. The printing is par with the best the whole line has to offer. Does anyone else think it would be even better without the belt? Gargoyle- I'm all over this one! The wings, the face, the horns... they hit it out of the park with this one. I'm not a fan of the short legs, so those will be replaced, but even so, huge fan of this one. Skeleton Costume Guy- When this guy isn't getting beaten up by Mr. Miyagi, he make for a nice minifig! The bones almost have a robotic/machine man look to them. I might go in that direction. The head reminds me of Marvel's Crossbones. Nice jack o'lantern bucket. Monster Rocker- I was really worried when it looked like this one may have been dropped after prelims, but now that it's official, I really dig it. The head (minus the forehead piece), the torso, and the legs are all useful. And two-color arms! Is anyone thinking Rogue from the X-Men? Her 90's costume had black sleeves and green gloves. Zombie Businessman- Sigh, another zombie. In this theme, I guess it's to be expected. I know there are alot of zombie fans on Eurobricks, so they'll get bought. Great hair piece. the head print is solid. Lego does zombie prints well. I don't know of a zombie they've done that I didn't think was well-done (huge fan of the Moster Fighter coffin driver torso). Banshee- I can understand why the Human Fly and Gargoyle don't get accessories; they have so much working for them in new parts. The Banshee just has the trans hair and the new leg piece. Then again, what would she be carrying anyway? I hope they do that trans hair in neon yellow one day. The torso is generic enough but well done enough to have a variety of uses. Someone asked if the Banshee and Phantom where smaller judging by the picture, but I think the opposite. They are taken from farther away to get them in the shot since the leg piece is actually taller than a leg assembly. Bigfoot- It can get away with being basic with the color scheme and head piece! Cute to have a camera, but who doesn't have a handful of those? The toes are too cute! Spider Lady- Alot of effort went into this one. I have an idea for the cape that I'm keeping secret until I can get my hands on one. Shhh! Cool hair and head (can never have too many lady vampires)! Not a fan of slope dresses as they make the minifig too tall, but the torso and slope piece are well printed! What does everyone else think?
  3. Lego_Hero

    Design Question/Reflexion

    I agree! Belts belong on the hip part of the leg assembly b/c putting them on the torsos make it look like the guy has his pants up too high. Great for grandpa; not so great for heroes. Also, the belt on the torso limits customization in alot of cases.
  4. Lego_Hero

    Chima early concept work

    I could spend the day drooling over these! I think my favorite parts/concepts are: The paws and claws! so many great designs! The eagle! Is that close to the Lords of the Ring eagles? The insects!!! The insects!!!
  5. Lego_Hero

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hey GallardoLU, pretty sure those are Tyco per BirdOPrey5. I've seen them before and have been tempted to use them as well. I try to be a purist when making MOCs to post here, but sometimes, especially when working with minifigs, I stray just a little. I think they are for changing stud direction, for example, in an instance when you need studs to face each other. And RogerSmtih, those badges make pretty cool decor. If they were a smidge smaller, I'd cut the pegs and glue one to a torso for a cool super hero design (I know, blasphemy)!
  6. Lego_Hero

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Love the Pyro! I used the same backwards torso for a fire hero. Good grouping of purist characters!
  7. If it's a hat and not a helmet, wrap a piece of cloth around the head and use pliers to grip the head. Plug it into a torso so the pliers don't warp the head. While holding the pliers firmly, twist the hat. Maybe you can break the bond.
  8. Lego_Hero

    Your kids and YOUR Lego

    My son is almost three and mostly just pull drawers out of my Lego cabinet and digs through them. I've built him a few robots out of Hero Factory/Bionicle parts and he's big into playing with those. My daughter, on the other hand, has her own growing collection of Lego/Mega Blocks. We build the sets together and tear them down later. They also share a large DUPLO bin.
  9. Some people just use baseplates for structural strength and end up covering them up with the MOC anyway, so grey wouldn't be that big of a deal. Now in Castle I could see someone dropping some different shaped darker grey tiles to make a cobblestone street effect inside a castle. For Pirate though, even the navy's flooring would need to be a different color. I'm working on a MOC right now that is huge but needs one baseplate because of structural issues and I'm using a giant red DUPLO baseplate. I'll have to cover it with green bricks, but at least the structure will hold.
  10. I wish we could see the remaining minifigs. I'm only loooking at picking up half of the other so far.
  11. Lego_Hero

    Pick-A-Brick & Pick-A-Model

    That's right, but the Lego store in Grapevine has a larger selection. Just a few minutes out of the way and better set selection too since it's part of a Lego Discovery place. I only go to the Dalla store b/c they've had good discounts in the past.
  12. Lego_Hero

    Microscale - Mountaintop Observatory

    Took me a second to realize you were using the rock monster! Very creative!!!
  13. Lego_Hero

    Lego Room Build

    Very well done! Quite professional. I keep mine in a work cabinet, but my current project has half my collection strung around the garage! I'd love to have a spare room like that.
  14. Lego_Hero

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Really nice torso work for Wonder Girl. My only complaint would be how thin her waist is in contrast to the hips.
  15. Lego_Hero

    Thread kill count

    I used to be paranoid about it. I'd killed a few in a row and thought maybe I was coming off rude or something. Threads have a way of dying off, and if you post enough, it's likely you are the last star fighter once in a while.
  16. I'm super tempted to just take the ship from the new pirates theme and just add a brickbuilt blimp and some gribbles. I don't have any large hulls and I've built and rebuilt the hull of my monsterpiece three times. The front is great (I'll show it off next time I have it out on the table), but getting the curve right on the sides have been a challenge. Whisperer's link was interesting. Had I that much brown, I might try it.
  17. Lego_Hero

    So - who will admit to using the Kragle?

    The only time I super-glue is when I'm working on a custom minifig and I need a connection that normally isn't there (wings and such before shoulder harnesses were common). When I do, I use super-glue GEL. It goes where you put it without running and melting your plastic.
  18. Right B-Lister, while there are a few snobbish (no offence to the hard-liners) purists, most people just prefer that you give credit where credit is due and make a nice clean custom. I've seen some great non-purist customs and that happens to be how I roll. Non-pursit, not great, haha. I work almost exclusively with minifigs, and I rarely post my work due to time constraints and self confidence. Still, the great thing about this site is that there are so many differing opinions that you'll find support on either side of the fence.
  19. Lego_Hero

    LEGO shouldn't make new parts for a year?

    There was a thread about "one-trick ponies" a while back. Not sure that there is such a thing to the creative builder. As for a hiatus on new parts, please feel free to not buy any of your own accord. I'd rather have the option of buying a set with new parts, especially in the minifig realm.
  20. Lego_Hero

    Sacrilegious! Blasphemy! Walmart rant

    The local TRU here has a better selection than the surrounding wal-marts, but yeah, the prices on what they do have is way better. The one wal-mart in my town actually mixes all the other brands in and among the Lego isle, probably to confuse grandparents.
  21. Toys R Us in Tyler Texas had a box. I got a complete set this afternoon.
  22. Series 9 is now in Tyler, Texas at TRU. I picked up what I wanted and helped a few kids find what they were looking for. This is the first series I will not buy a complete set. The plumber doesn't have anything I want and I'm cutting back on the old lego budget. I did pick up an extra cyclopes and space alien. Very happy overall with this series.
  23. Lego_Hero

    USA Today Video/Article on LEGO investing

    LOL, as a comicbook collector in the 80's and 90's, I can identify with the sentiment. My brother and I bought thousands of comics, part out of hobby and part out of hopes we would get rich off of it in the future. My collection is worth thousands, but hardly retirement level. Not one to learn my lesson, I bought one each of the Star Wars Phantom Menace action figures when they came out in'98. Big waste. None of it amounted to anything because I didn't understand the scarcity aspect of speculating. I worry about these guys because they are at the mercy of Lego's own desire to make profits. It's just a matter of time before many of those sets are re released. Luke's landspeeder, different versions of the Melinneum Falcon, minifigs from CMC series and even vintage minfigs being released as promotional pieces; all examples of Lego going back to the well. This means their investments drop everytime their sets become a little less rare. Still, more power to them for doing what they love.
  24. Lego_Hero

    MOC: Infinity Gauntlet

    Wow, that's spot-on! I knew exactly what you were going for. Awesome use of gold pieces. I didn't know they made technic parts in gold. Maybe this should go in the license section since that's where super hero stuff lands these days?
  25. Thoughts and comments... Alien Trooper- since this one has been leaked already, we have an idea what we're getting. I like the space marine's helmet and armor in a different color. Battle Mech- we know it has the Galaxy Squad Mech armor and head. I'll be interested to see what the torso print looks like. Caesar- really digging the hair, but I'm wondering about the torso. I expected a toga, but the torso is red so I'm thinking a ceremonial armor print. Chicken Suit Guy- do you think the arms have hands? Doesn't look like it from here. Cyclops- a light colored club is cool, but I'm trying to wrap my head around his head. Those must be ears on the side, but what is on top in front? A single upraised eye brow? Downtown Cop- a new hat and radio and I'm still not interested. I think "cop" is the most used minifig type by lego. Doctor Splitz- as much of a fan as I am of this minifig, I'll be hard pressed to use it. Fortune Teller- neat hair piece and are those tarrot cards or playing cards? Heroic Knight- nothing new from this angle. Hollywood Starlet- cool hair Judge- looking forward to the wig. Lady Marion- I'm short on lady hair so there's that. I know the torso print will be nice. Mermaid- it comes with a starfish from the looks of it. Plumber- my first plunger. Roller Skate Girl- printed elbow pads! Waiter- new silver disc of some sort.