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  1. I also collect some Creator-Stuff like the VW-Bus or the Mini or the bigger Creator-Planes and Trucks. I also would love to have all the 90's Modelteam-Sets but so far i only could afford the 5571, the best looking LEGO-Set ever...
  2. legotexnix

    SBrick General Discussion

    What i meant is: Are the pledgers getting back their money?
  3. legotexnix

    SBrick General Discussion

    I think you didn't answer this question (which i also have) yet?
  4. legotexnix

    [WIP] Lancia Stratos

    Looking great so far, as every model of yours. One question: Where do you get the springs you use in the front suspension (and you also used for the panda, i think)? Are these original Lego?
  5. legotexnix

    Piagio Ape

    So i changed the colour of the cargo area and i like the result much more :)
  6. legotexnix

    Piagio Ape

    Hey guys! Today i want to present you my first MOC: A Piaggio Ape It has two motors: 1x L for drive and 1x M for steering I do not like the colour very much, but yellow is the only colour i have enough panels. Edit: So i changed the colour of the cargo area and i like the result much more :) The model uses the big battery box, hidden in "chassis": It is an integral part of the chassis which is good for the look but bad for playibilaty. The batteries only can be changed by dismounting the whole front including the steering.
  7. In my eyes there can be only one answer: 8265 It is the best looking Technic-Set of all times in my eyes.
  8. legotexnix

    Fiat Panda 4x4

    Yeha! Can't wait to get my hands on the instructions! i love the little Panda, reminds me of vacation in the tuscan mountains :D
  9. What about Sariel's superb creations? Nearly too many to count :)
  10. legotexnix

    Land Rover Defender 110 - Sheepos what a pity!
  11. legotexnix

    8482 Cyber Master

    I bought this as a child as i couldn't afford the mindstorms kit. You can control the unit via your computer, but you need a small parallelport for this. The software which also includes the building instructions is a real pain in the a**. It is extremley slow and you have to go through tons of animations before you can do anything. Also it only runs under Windows 98. The two main modells included are fun. One is a tracked vehicle with three different functions you can attach to the front: A blade, a forklift and a grabber. The second model is like the cyber slam stuff. You have one "monster" with 3 targets which is contorlled by the computer or another player and one smaller "monster" which you use to aim for the targets and to strike them. Also there are instructions for some "base-modells" and to possiblity to program them, but the memory of the unit is really small. You can combine the kit with 8480 "The Mission" to build a transporter for explosive stuff. Then you have to navigate through a pacour without too much commotion. If you fail, the vehicle "explodes". This model is the most fun in my opinion. Overall the Cybermaster is okay i think, but not worth huge expenses or long searches.
  12. Yeaha....found it on youtube :) My wallet likes the models as i do not like any of the models that much. Maybe the plane grows on me, but the rest looks boring/unfinished...
  13. Damn. Missed the pictures by just some minutes... I just would really love to see them. The containertruck looks okay for me but i dont like the styling of the cabin. can't wait to see pictures of the others