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    Creator, Pirates, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Harry Potter, Medieval Magic, Myth stuff, MOCs, making brick films, reading


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  1. legoben8

    The Skull Eye Schooner

    The captains cabin is the best
  2. legoben8

    I believe it's this way

    good attempt
  3. legoben8

    Port Royal • Modular version

    it is the pirate MOC
  4. Hi legoben, have you read our rules and guidelines? If not, please do so. Please don't use too many emoticons and please also don't make too many short comments. Thank you :)

  5. legoben8

    More ships for the fleet!

    I am amazed
  6. legoben8

    Small Harbour Fortress

    I am a fan of yours
  7. legoben8

    Huuuuge Imperial Sculpture!!!

  8. legoben8

    The Skull Eye Schooner

    the black sea barracuda and the skull eye schooner are my favorite
  9. legoben8

    Beware the Tikis !

    I love the tikis too
  10. legoben8

    Port Royal • Modular version

    I like to use lego digital designer too
  11. legoben8

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    I think that black, red, yellow, and brown go well together and I like your coordination of those colors in layers together.
  12. legoben8

    British Bomb Vessels

    tiny is awesome
  13. legoben8

    Port Callao Invasion

    awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. legoben8

    Governor's house

    Like the design and color scheme and the horse in the stable! Too bad it's not for sale.