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  1. I've chosen it for my win in the Halloween Avatar Contest, but I do absolutely not know why he was awarded as a prize in a Halloween Contest. I just thought it's funny!

  2. I don't know if I will be there on Saturday but if I'll come on Saturday, I'll tell you.

  3. Oh you little rat, of course we miss him!

  4. Wow, nice avatar....very horrible!

  5. There are always these beautiful avatar-changing-Competitions. And I have to think up something cool again, but that isn't that easy at all with my 1-part Avatar. But so better they become HAHA.

  6. Ahh, let's see what my Mentor does,.....ohh, he is viewing my Profil...HAHA

  7. HAHAHA....HAHA....What will make you really sick, is the SKELETON-CRAB.....HAHAHA....HAHA

  8. Hmmm, all the trouble for nothing! Rum Rum Rum

  9. Ahh very good to know. --cold steel--HEHE

  10. What's up with your new name.....only thing I know is: (Bauxite deposits near Mazaugues/Var, Southern France occur on "karsted" Lower Cretaceous Carbonaceous rocks in two neighbouring stratigraphic sections.)

  11. HAHA, nice observation :-)

  12. Writing articles, I think.

  13. Precies! ;-) And in german we say "Schalentier"....not so different.

  14. I do not know myself, it's just that my internet synonym means shellfish in Norwegian. One of my friends ( .... who is half Norwegian...) called me skalldyr once on a new years night ....and so it all began.

  15. Nice Signature! Yea!

  16. Yea, I want to know that too!

  17. A lot of crabby things going on here! ;-)

  18. Death to Rats!!

    (you little provoking Rat! ;-) )

  19. hmmm.... hi deleted one! ;-)

  20. Bon App├ętit!

  21. Ohh I prefer being served as:

    Salmon tartare with seaweed, crabs and oysters in vodka cream