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  1. Yea, it looks as if my tags copulate... They are becoming more and more! :D

    1. Skalldyr


      Indeed you're right!

  2. HA pffffffff......

  3. Well, thank you very much. I'm glad you like it!

  4. Congrats, you are the man!

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! .........Have fun! :D

  6. What's up with your new name.....only thing I know is: (Bauxite deposits near Mazaugues/Var, Southern France occur on "karsted" Lower Cretaceous Carbonaceous rocks in two neighbouring stratigraphic sections.)

  7. To match my new Title: "Toasted Pirate"

  8. Ahh very good to know. --cold steel--HEHE

  9. Hmmm, all the trouble for nothing! Rum Rum Rum

  10. Death to Rats!!

    (you little provoking Rat! ;-) )

  11. Well, Thank you!

  12. A lot of crabby things going on here! ;-)

  13. @Dan: You can have everything you want, but you have to make it yourself.

    @Carlegoboy: :D Awesome conincidence! Indeed!

  14. :) Haha, Thank you! :)

  15. How does the trap work?

  16. Don't Worry, Be Crabby

  17. I can't write in your Profile, so I write it here: It's from Belville -->

  18. Yea, I want to know that too!

  19. Ohh I prefer being served as:

    Salmon tartare with seaweed, crabs and oysters in vodka cream

  20. Nice Signature! Yea!

  21. HAHAHA....HAHA....What will make you really sick, is the SKELETON-CRAB.....HAHAHA....HAHA

  22. Ahh, let's see what my Mentor does,.....ohh, he is viewing my Profil...HAHA