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  1. Hi all!
    Ishizuki is a style in which the tree is rooted wholly within (atop or on the sides of) a large rock. Most of the time the roots are exposed and visible.



    When I saw all the different bonsai trees that are visible in the background of the Lego designer video of the new bonsai tree set I wanted to build my own bonsai tree. At the beginning of this project I was thinking of the right pot to "plant" the tree in. By chance I found this large Belville swimming pool that was perfect for a bonsai pot. It has a very striking color and a special form that gives a nice contrast to the brown and earthy tones of the bench and tree.

    While going through my Belville collection I realised that the legs and arms of the figures are pretty nice to form tree branches. Sadly, they are not that easy to connect to anything in the Lego system. But I tried out a lot of connections and in the end found connection points for all different joints.

    The result is this bonsai tree.

    Build for the "Build a Bonsai" competition at Brickset

    I think I need to keep on experimenting with these Belville joints. They are fun to mess around with :grin:


  2. Yes indeed, a common room would be very good and especially beacuse in Billund we are always a lot of people!

    On 1/26/2020 at 10:52 PM, Redhead1982 said:

    Lalandia advertises some corporate, group or school events. Its worth asking if a meeting room for a number of people is available. How many will be there?

    Btw: Did you ask for that room? It could indeed be an option. Also because I remember last year we could not get the nice room in the Legoland Village main building anymore and had to stay at the "open for everyone" common room...

  3. Wow, that is heavy news! Even if I never bought a single part via Bricklink. I can simply not immagine that this can have a great outcome in the future. Of course there would be a lot of great new opportunities that I could imagine out of this new ownership. Buuuut I can also think about far too many not so nice things happening which would not make it worth it.

    But also, I mean I can totally understand why they see the need to get better connection with Afols.

    Right now there is a bigger and bigger growing pool of other, mostly Asian, Lego-like manufacturers. And what they do is simple but effective: They produce the stuff that Afols want. Sets that have 6.000+ or whatever pieces and look like Mocs. They are often beautiful, even tho the quality seems to be rather not so up to Lego standards. 

    Buuut people buy them because they love the looks of these and because they are often the stuff that Lego does not produce. And even tho a lot of these are stolen designs and shit quality. People rather buy 10 of these then 1 Legoset. Because the prices allow to do so. 

    Sooo to keep up with the wishes of more and more Afols that love beautiful Sets rather then stuff like a Hoth UCS or whatever, they see the need to get into the core of the Afol community and with Bricklink they probably see a way of making it possible to even sell Afols Mocs without loosing out on profits and competing with the Asian Manufacturers.

    Still I see a lot of downsides (some of them allready posted by other people above) and I now can only hope, that somehow non of these will become reality...

  4. On 5/2/2019 at 12:06 AM, Peppermint_M said:

    I think we managed to prove that the cab was working correctly. :laugh:

    Of course I miss all of you who were at the event too!

    Hahaha we have proven that indeed! I think no one was ever that fast. Next time we should sat a timer for an all time record keeping :grin:

    It was awesome and I miss you all too :wub:

  5. Great pictures Holodoc! It was so much fun with you all and I am already looking forward to the next years event :grin:

    Here are the pictures I took:


    Indeed we are in Bavaria :laugh:


    Animals with crazy hair!










    Is someone able to read LEGO?





    Some are pumping...


    ...some are filming...


    ...and some are searching for more LEGO? :grin:



    16 hours for that tower??? :def_shrug:



    It was a looong day!


    Confused in Munich

  6. Done! I only posted the general pics and not the individual ones. I would say it would be nice if everyone can post their own little presentation in the new topic. That way we can also have a little information - that most of us already had prepared anyway (the ones without could just write a few words) - and not only the pictures.

    Btw: Great pictures Holodoc! I love the escalator one :laugh: (Should we not do a picture topic in the Event forum rather then posting them here? Then we can all post our pictures there and it is all nice in one place?)

  7. This years Building Contest for the 15th Eurobricks-Event in Günzburg was: Build your own town in style of the LEGO Architecture Skyline Series.

    The idea behind it was to learn even more about each other.

    The rules were easy and as following:

    Use LEGO to build a skyline in style of the LEGO Architecture Skylines.
    Use some nice buildings or interesting sight seeing spots of the 
    town you live in
    (If it would be suuuper small and there is a bigger town near by I guess it would be fine to use that town. But e.g. don't build the skyline of Copenhagen if you would live in Billund)
    Keep it in roughly the 
    same size as the models form LEGO.
    A nice paper print out with some informations about the skyline would be nice too.

    Have fun!


    Here are all the amazing Skylines together in one Picture and some impressions of the presentation :wub:
    Special thanks to CopMike for supplying us all with beautiful printed 1x8 tiles with the city names. :thumbup:








    And now here we go for all the individual entries:

    Ravensburg, Germany "The City of Games" (by Skalldyr)

    for more detailed pictures and some behind the scenes building techniques just click here!


  8. So many great sets mentioned for 2018 but still I did not get any of them... Even tho I have Downtown Diner I don't really like it and had to mod it to fit my liking. But I think I will buy the Aston Martin DB5 one day. Maybe next year in Billund :wink: and then I definitely need that Microscale Hogwarts Castle. :wub:

  9. 2days to the event

    2 years ago we had 2017!

    That year we also had our Eurobricks-Event in Günzburg. And it was also the year of the celebration of 10 years modular buildings with 10255: Assembly Square. The special 1 & 1/2 baseplates long modular they came up with was a true beauty even tho I think overall the three buildings look rather small next to the other modulars. And so it came that that years modular is not my favorit set for 2017.



    It was also a great year in terms of Lego IDEAS sets. 21309: NASA Apollo Saturn V with its crazy building techniques and the 21310: Old Fishing Store in its overall beauty are both amazing and real treats for us as fans and I am very happy to own them.




    But then there was an other set. A true masterpiece in deatil and size. A set that I never ever could anticipate and that I am in love with ever since I saw it for the first time...
    Of course I am talking about 70620: NINJAGO City!



    What a beauty! There is so much going on and it is such a wonderful mix of cyber punk and classical japan.

    It had to be my pick for 2017. :wub_drool:

    Even more runner ups are:
    70618: Destiny's Bounty
    70911: The Penguin Arctic Roller
    71042: Silent Mary (As an unexpected one shot PotC Return :purrr:)
    10256: Taj Mahal (As a totally unexpected return :oh:)
    75192: Millennium Falcon (As an other unexpected crazy return *huh*)

    What a year... I am totally exhausted by now just from going back in time via Brickset :grin:

  10. I really love the look and parts of this castle but I did not have the space nor money for it. There is just so much nice other stuff out there... :innocent: But really a very good choice for the 2016 set! (Now I need to start thinking what set I will choose for 2017...)