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    Red Door Knop Tavern

    The red door knop is a tavern in the Port of London. It is known for its rough character. It is not uncommon for disputes. Knop instead of Knob is a play on words, because the pirates can't write. For the April Seed Part Challenge at Flickr enjoy Valentin
  2. Skalldyr

    Red Door Knop Tavern

    Thanks, it was: Plate, Modified 3 x 2 with Hole
  3. Oh wow, Nice Contest! I absolutely need to buy some PoP sets! And it is nice to see that the biggest price is in the coolest category!
  4. Ohh, that's just perfect. I think the model is about as big as the models that were used in the film set.
  5. Skalldyr

    REVIEW: 6394 Metro Park & Service Tower

    Now that I have read your review, I want this set right on my floor, so I can play with it.
  6. Skalldyr

    MOC: '86 Ford Bronco w/Dirtbike and Trailer

    Yea, really nice little set! The bike is so simple but absolutly amazing!
  7. Skalldyr


    The roof beams are so outstanding.
  8. Skalldyr

    MOC: Japan from me

    Beautiful gallery. I particularly like the brook crosses the wall and of course the roofing.
  9. Skalldyr

    Welcome to Muppet Labs!

    The custom figures are amazing. Really good job.
  10. Skalldyr

    MOC: Oldtimer

    Amazing! The fenders are the best.
  11. Skalldyr

    MOC: Art Deco period 20/30's office and Bar

    The big desk lamp is very clever!
  12. Skalldyr

    Boba Fett’s Speeder Bike

    This fits so perfect! Well done Rook.
  13. Skalldyr

    Funny Anagrams!

    Try "Eurobricks" --> "I rob sucker!" or "I suck borer!" gives some nice stuff.... Or try "" --> "Our Bricks come!"
  14. Skalldyr

    Wellington and the British squares

    "Ich wollte, es wäre Nacht oder die Preußen kämen" “Either night or the Prussians will come.” Nice big Army!
  15. Skalldyr

    MOC: Le "Manoir de la terreur"

    This is an outstanding Moc. But beside all the details, my favorit is the sinister butler.
  16. Skalldyr

    LEGO Store Grab Bags

    In Germany they have really poor quality, I do not remember how much they cost but there are only a few parts in there and only standart bricks like 1x2 or 2x4 ...
  17. Skalldyr

    Endor Ewok Celebration

    Such a great Moc. I really like the hanging bridges, the Cremation of Darth Vader and other details such as the jedi masters and the helmet-drums.
  18. Skalldyr

    LEGO Prince of Persia MOC - Alamut Gate

    Now I must get me a couple of Prince of Persia models. This is really inspiring. I'm looking forward to a new Arabic modular houses Moc series.
  19. Skalldyr

    Happy Easter

    The Easter bunny is helping me. Happy Easter. Link Valentin
  20. Skalldyr

    Happy Easter

    Thank you all again. I never expected this Table-scrap gaining so much interest! I "borrowed" it from my sisters Belville Thanks for pointing that out.
  21. Skalldyr

    Colour Schemes

    I think in the dawn of Lego there were only two colours! Red and White. And there are actually sets without black: 626-2 I do not like White and Pink very much, combined together.
  22. Skalldyr

    MOC: Hong Kong Police Force---Saxon

    Exelent really exelent! Especially the Mercedes Star.
  23. Skalldyr

    MOC: Oslo police station

    Juhu, that's what I'm talking about.
  24. Skalldyr

    MOC: Fallingwater

    This is just amazing, especially because it is set in a winter scene.