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    LEGO Prince of Persia MOC Scorpion Fort

    Oh, wow! It seems you invested some money in a few prince of persia colors..... I really like all you Pop-stuff. Now I really, really, really want to build some Mocs my own.
  2. Haha, JopieK your The Palace of the Flying Fakir is great. But I have to say that somehow the musik, is just to cool: Da da da daaa da da quäk quäk, Da da da daaa da da quäk quäk
  3. Skalldyr

    MOC: PoP 7571 Fight for the Dagger minor mod

    Agreed on that! Especially the camel.
  4. Skalldyr

    MOC: PoP 7571 Fight for the Dagger minor mod

    Really nice! I especially like the stairs. oh and the tree is also amazing.
  5. Hey all, Great entries so far. Btw; I added my last entry, enjoy! Oh and (to avoid double posts)....lisgr's The Ostrich Race Game is absolutely amazing!
  6. Hi all, Here is my second and last entry. I call it Morgenland (German for Orient), enjoy: It is market day in a large Arab city and life is already in full swing. The first caravans arrive. The muezzin calls the faithful to the mosque, and the dealers have already set up their stalls. There is a carpet dealer Hassan, who offers the best in the city and Ahmed who has everything, from vegetables over frying pans to fish. Jahaangir spreads its dates to dry out and Ali sells beautiful Arab oil lamps. The women carry water, and a few crusaders go with her Priest through the city. But beware, one is being attacked ..... Flickr Gallery السلام عليكم 247 pcs
  7. I went to cologne last friday and visit the Lego-Store. And to my surprise they had boxes full of Collectable Minifigs and....the new Pop-sets. So I couldn't resist to buy 2 pop sets and 4 minifig bags. I wanted the Cowboy, Forestman, Magician and Zombie. Because I was to lazy to load the barcodes on my mobile phone, I had to feel what could probably be in the bags ..... While I stand there, staring in the air and just feeling, Some boys arrived and asked me what I was doing. After I explained, they were so kindly and helped me searching the cowboy, which was the last one I needed. 20 minutes later, one of them find one and I have to say, these where really pleasant children, helping me for about 20 minutes. I later checked my bags and all 4 were absolutely right.
  8. Woho, the Persian Grocer is simply amazing! I couldn't belive my eyes!
  9. Skalldyr

    Prince of Persia World Premiere

    Lucky one!
  10. Woho what a narrow victory and what a beautiful tag! Thank you Shadows for running such an amazing and refreshing contest. And of course thank you all who voted for my avatar, I doesn't thought of winning with a hookah smoking .
  11. Skalldyr

    Any Formula 1 racing fans out there?

    Yea, Michael's 4th!!! Woho and Vettle 3rd. Really nice, even if it was only by the failure of Hamilton.
  12. Skalldyr

    Death Star Modules

    Absolutely spectacular!
  13. Well aimed, at the last shot. Really impressive Work!
  14. You have used an amazing baseplate! Good job.
  15. Skalldyr

    The "Kalabalik" at Bender

    Amazing really really amazing, I love all those details. oh and btw are these all Fezes you used!?!
  16. I vote for: Penguin But it was very close between Penguin and Dunjohn (because of his cool film-picture presentation which makes me laugh)
  17. Skalldyr

    MOC: Lionheart Villa

    I like the roof, but also the color scheme, and the Dark tan accents are very beautiful.
  18. Skalldyr

    7955 Magician

    I really like, it but the torso should be printed.
  19. Skalldyr

    Project Waterloo 1815: 45ème de ligne

    These are amazing, but the flag is epic.
  20. Skalldyr


    Oh wow, these are "great"! I love all of them.
  21. Skalldyr

    Who are you in The Prince of Persia?

    Like Oky said.... Indeed! I also have to say, great entries so far! I love Pop.
  22. Hi all. I've also put together a little something. Because I thought that the category number one, does not have enough contributions.... السلام عليكم
  23. The Oasis of Little Birds Welcome to the oasis of Zerzura (زرزورة) also called "The Oasis of Little Birds". It is a mythical oasis in the middle of the desert. Only the wisest Beduins know of their existence. When they arrive in the evening to take rest, they prepare the dinner. > Includes 4 minifigures: King Sharaman, Sheik Amar and 2 Servants! > Serve the tea, fry the meat, and feed the horse of the King! > It consists of three parts that you can arrange as desired! > The tent is 20 cm high and the entire set 40 cm wide! السلام عليكم
  24. Skalldyr

    Who are you in The Prince of Persia?

    Here is mine: little bit I know.... But that's me!
  25. Skalldyr

    Lego Tintin

    Well done!