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  1. Skalldyr

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Brand Store! LEGO is pushing release dates in their Brand Stores to offer something special and to deduct from normal retail channels.
  2. Skalldyr

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    The Store-Manager told me they will sell the LEGO Simpson House on the 17. of January. He told me he was surprised because he expected it near Easter. I know nothing of any other LEGO Simpson House. So I guess he means this one!
  3. Skalldyr

    Expand the Winter Village Contest IV - Voting

    Every entry is so lovely! 53. Cara - 1 42. CarsonBrick - 1 30. Emma - 1 28. Simon_S - 1 21. Darkblane - 1
  4. Skalldyr

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I have been told release date is the 17. of January! At least for VIPs.
  5. Skalldyr

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    I finished PR yesterday and it looks really nice together with MS. What bothers me is that the two terraces are offset from each other. MS is a bit further to the street. But I'll probably put a couple of chairs on it and build the MS terrace a little further back. Pictures:
  6. Skalldyr

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    I thought that it would look good. Therefore, I built Market Street with pieces only using my collection. I had to replace some parts, but it looks very nice and I'm happy with it. The Parisian Restaurant I have not yet finished, but I can take pictures of both buildings today.
  7. Skalldyr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013: Now on!

    That's super nice of you CopMike! I'm sooo happy right now! Vad en trevlig julklapp! Du är Fantastisk!
  8. It's my favorite movie of all times and I really love how it's done! Simply amazing! Including all the bonus videos.
  9. Skalldyr

    Review: 10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Today I asked in my local LEGO-Store and they told me they have the strict directive to not sell it before January 1.!
  10. Skalldyr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Here is my entry: The LEGO-Friends-Christmas-Angel-GoGo-Dancer I hope you like it!
  11. Skalldyr

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    It looks like we'll get the armada helmet in brown. Nice!
  12. Skalldyr

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I found a cape too and it didn't count. But I think they sometimes throw in some old parts and I know they can order flesh heads for the BAM. So this would be considered licensed, right? I found some dark orange slopes from TMNT too. I think they came from the building section for kids. And the manager told me last time he is very excited because he ordered Zombie Heads for the BAM section.
  13. Skalldyr

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    11. Need for Speed by eurotrash -- 1 Point 64. T1 Gondola by techniclego55 -- 1 Point 83. Jabba the Van by Brick Laboratory -- 2 Points 99. Vammoth by Brick Laboratory -- 1 Point 106. 50c Joy Ride by midi -- 1 Point 113. Hover Campercraft by moctown -- 1 Point 134. Van Full of Memories by Galatek -- 1 Point 156. Sebulba`s PodCamper by ultron32 -- 1 Point
  14. Skalldyr

    [WIP] Tintin Minifigures

    I made some of the characters some time ago. I just used some rubber bands and no decals but maybe you find some inspiration! The Brickself Gallery:
  15. Cool, but what is the difference between Creature's Lair and Monster Bash?
  16. Skalldyr

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    That is how I would arrange them. Maybe throw GG out. Or put it beside the TH. I just realised how ridiculously high it is!
  17. Thank you for all the work Bonaparte! I am happy, even if a german chalet would be cool shifting around when we are all there shouldn't be a big problem I think.
  18. Skalldyr

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    That is my birthday!!! I'm crying right now. I love this set soooo much. And yes, it will be an awesome set. Maybe I try to build up my GG while I'm waiting form the 16.12....
  19. I present you my second entry for the contest. The VW T1 Camping Van Blade Runner Edition I hope you like it! ~Skalldyr
  20. Thank you very much! I am feeling honored now!
  21. I present you my first entry for the contest. The VW T1 Cooking Van Breaking Bad Edition I hope you like it! ~Skalldyr
  22. I'm in too! Most likely alone.
  23. Skalldyr

    LEGO Scooter - Hairdryer

    Hi all! I build this little scooter inspired by Hairdryer from the LEGO City Undercover game. I build 4 versions and don't really know which one I like the best. But the one on the upper left is closest to the game. Because I am missing one part it became one of these Bike-Car things with two wheels in front. Hairdryer von Skalldyr auf Flickr I hope you liked it. C&C welcome. Skalldyr
  24. Skalldyr

    LEGO Pirates Music Video

    Great Video! So much action, drama and fun in it. Your animations are very smooth that's a plus! And of course I love lobsters!!!