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  1. Cerlin

    Which set should I buy?

    A local toy shop in my area has three big, discontinued sets on sale and I don't have the budget to buy all three of them.They are: 7066: Earth Defense HQ for €50 7985: City of Atlantis for €50 4194: Whitecap Bay also for €50 I like all three themes, as I like most fantasy/science fiction themes and I already own some sets of those themes. I am aware that the price-per-piece ratio is best with 7066 and worst with 7985, but still, every one of those sets has a certain appeal. Which set should I buy? oh, and: I would buy the LOTR set. The Superman set has a car, and I don't have any use for more car pieces, the Lone Ranger one is quite nice for the minifigs and the horse, but there is very little to build. If it's important to you that the finished set looks good, go for LOTR.
  2. Cerlin

    Austrian toy stores

    I'm from the western part of Austria (we're talking about Austria, not Australia, right?) and there are no toy shops that I know of, that have modulars. Toys r Us has Star Wars UCS models and usually many hard-to-get sets, like 8404, they even had town plan for a time. If I want to buy other exclusives, I drive to the Lego Store in Munich, it's not that far from the most parts of Austria. I'd like to know about toy stores in Vienna too, though. Are there any stores that sell vintage Lego sets in Austria?
  3. Fantastic MOC, I really like your LEGO version of the Nebulon B! It looks totally feasible as an official UCS set. I'd love to see LEGO make this set for real, it would be a lot of fun to build, with no repetitions and lots of possible techniques. However, there are two problems, which might have to do with why LEGO hasn't released a UCS Nebulon B yet: It is quite unswooshable, and due to the design of the Nebulon B, I imagine the model would be fragile as well. Pick it up without supporting the right parts with your hands, and it would fall apart. Is your MOC stable enough to be picked up? Does it have to be held a certain way? I still hope they get around to making one. Edit: I just realized, it's an LDD MOC, stupid me So we wouldn't know how fragile it is, right?
  4. Cerlin

    MOC - Don't look the other way!

    Thank you for your nice comments! And yes, my sister liked it and her lecturer and fellow students, too. Bringing a Lego MOC to a presentation added some bonus points for creativity .
  5. B-V-19F Hello there! My sister is a student of social pedagogy, and she asked me if I could make something out of LEGO about civil courage for a presentation of hers. So I came up with this two-sided vignette. One half shows the pedestrians walking by, pretending they don't see, as a young man is being bullied. The other half shows people trying to intervene and calling for help. The side with the people looking the other way: The side where civil courage is shown: Same scene, from another angle: side view: the other side view: c&c welcome Happy bricking everyone! Greets, Cerlin Edit: Of course, more photos on flickr.
  6. Cerlin

    MOC: Sauna

    thanks lightningtiger. right, i could have added some with cotton or photoshop thanks, next time i'll try that. the picture link flickr provides didn't do the trick, but i didn't use "copy image location" thank you, the two sweaty faces from the collectible minifigs series 2 and 3 just cried out to me: "make something where you can use us!"
  7. Cerlin

    MOC: Sauna

    A little MOC I made a while ago. I thought I'd take a picture of it, before all my Lego gets disassembled and stored in the attic over the summer. Link to flickr c&c welcome! edit: The forum doesn't seem to allow image links from flickr, what am I doing wrong? edit 2: now the embed should have worked
  8. Again many minifigs in series 5 i like and few that i don't care much for. I'm going to buy all of them anyway and try to get multiples of some. The Only thing I'm disappointed about is that there's no japanese minifig in series 5 and not a single sci-fi minifig in either series 4 or 5. Hazmat suit guy from series 4 is useful for space, but he's not necessarily sci-fi. Series two also didn't have sci-fi figs, but the rest of the figures made up for it for me.
  9. Cerlin

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    It's still the same prelim pictures with "stand-ins" for the final minifigures. Cannibal Island for example looks like it's made in LDD, the minifigs there look very CG. Nothing about these pictures final yet.
  10. Cerlin

    Review: 3838 Lava Dragon Game

    Nice review and fantastic pictures! They're so crystal clear, I can see your fingerprint on one of the Lego pieces I played this once with my nephews, but yeah, even they (aged 9) found it rather dull after one or two games. From the back of the box it seems they are in italian, (canadian) french and (american) english. On european boxes the four languages you mentioned are on the back of the box too, so that may just be the same in the U.S.
  11. I'm 29, and it's exactly a year since I came out of my dark age. I first stashed the sets out of sight when my girlfriend came over, but after a couple of months all the Lego became impossible to hide, so I told her I was totally into Lego. Turns out she was fine with it, she even brought me a PoP set from her vacation. My family and friends now all know and no one (except my mother, who thinks I should "grow up") has a problem with it. I don't exactly get Lego for christmas or birthdays, but I did get a glass display cabinet from my sisters, which I will obiously use to display my favourite sets. My girlfriends best friends now play Creationary with us sometimes, I guess everyone is getting used to seeing Lego around when visiting us At stores I get asked all the time (not only before christmas) if it should be giftwrapped, and usually I just say "no", sometimes "no, it's for me", but I don't get strange looks for that. I seem to be the only AFoL in a 100km radius, as there's a lot of older and rare set in toy stores all around me, but that's ok for me. The community is mostly online anyway and I still can buy Batman and Exo-Force sets, which I missed due to my dark age
  12. Cerlin

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I don't know if this is a part of the upcoming POtC sets as there are eight sets in a row with similar set numbers, all of which are unnamed yet: http://www.bricklink.co.za/LEGOShop/category.php?id_category=1024 who knows? there are also sets listed with a relation to sea themes: Marina Lighthouse island Harbour maybe there's a new city harbour theme coming, too?
  13. Cerlin

    MOC: Nebulon-B frigate

    I think the shape is quite accurate, but the multitude of colors hurt my eyes You certainly put all your pieces to good use Maybe if you photograph it in (or photoshop it to) black&white it would look more impressive?
  14. Propably because CaptainRex (the reviewer) removed them from his flickr account, from where they were deeplinked. Why he removed them, I cannot say. This happens sometimes with older reviews. I wish there was a way the pictures in the reviews could stay permanently, but with all the deeplinking, there's never a guarantee.
  15. So that's why the gorilla looks funny... it's actually a guy in a gorilla suit, did'nt think of that. Get two of them and you can make a "Pink Panther" MOC!