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  1. Yep as I mentioned above I have that kit. I do like it but just wish the transmitter was a bit better . Have any links for any of the inanimate reason projects for a car and/or truck?
  2. I am looking for projects that use RF and have seen the inanimatereason website but can't seem to find any projects with instructions for anything (maybe I'm just looking in th wrong place). I do own the Lego 8366 Supersonic which is a real cool car and an actual RF Transmitter which you just don't see from Lego. I love to watch the Trial's that you european guys/gals do but seeing the short distance that is acquired via Bluetooth and IR just about makes me... I am looking for projects online (preferably with instructions and such) for Items that use the 8366 or even projects that can use the items from inanimatereason that include a transmitter (like Futaba, JR, etc) and some servo modifications and maybe even a Tamiya Universal Gearbox. Can anyone help out with some links, pictures, etc?
  3. Very interesting. So maybe I will close this one out and start a new one stating a goal for 30 MPH and the will to use items from Inanimate Reason if need be? I just want something to prove by end of summer :> :. I am now very open to this and have emailed the website to see what they have to offer in this arena. I am willing to suffice at 30mph if need be :> :>
  4. I have already used the supersonic motors and such to power my Lego Nitro Muscle and it worked ok. But, it definitely was not a rocket per say. LPE. I guess I have not seen that for Lego. I would be open to that idea to help build something quick.
  5. Ok everyone I need some ideas /help and am also new to the forum. I am looking to build a 50 mph LEGO (strictly) RC Car. I was able to buy the LEGO RC Supersonic #8366 here in the US on Ebay as a starter mainly because it is truly built of Technic Lego's and is truly RC and NOT IR. I am now needing some ideas on building something that will go 50mph. If you have some good ideas and it doesn't get terribly expensive please give me some ideas. Thanks. Please keep in mind that I am in the US.