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  1. Bricktrix

    GR9 Harrier ii

    Just finished this so thought I'd share here: Features working "just about everything", it has a micro motor to power the intake fan rotor, delayed flashing engine lights and constant lit fuselage and wing tips lights. Power is supplied via a 9v battery box housed inside the ground support vehicle. This has 2 switches on it, one to power up the lights, the second to power up the intake fan along with a red led on the support vehicle. Full details / explanations can be seen in my Flickr album, along with some videos and many more pics:
  2. Bricktrix

    Caterham 7's project

    As an update to these, I've just added another: R300 lightweight racing spec, just to inspire ideas of what could be! Link to full album on Flickr: Thanks again for the support so far, it wouldnt be where it is without them
  3. Bricktrix

    Caterham 7's project

    Very cool, thank you for jumping through the required hoops they put in place Again thank you very much, every single vote counts. I'm with you on the R500 fav, far,..... I'm working on a couple more updates, so watch this space Thanks for the confidence You initially confused me as to what you were reffering to, but I think your talking about the bonnet catches (the thin minifig neck brackets). Yep, I'm also with you on the prefference, I'm just concepting design options into the mix, so some of the models will have different methods used to replicate the same thing, one may be stronger than the other, so trying to cover bases.
  4. Bricktrix

    Caterham 7's project

    Another update: You want a kit of a kit car, well here you are: Redesigned to be built in modular easily removable sections, I would recommend looking through the complete Flickr album to see all the possibilites: An example pic below:
  5. Bricktrix

    Caterham 7's project

    Thank you A pic update of another version on its way:
  6. Bricktrix

    Caterham 7's project

    UPDATE: Project now hit half way point for required votes :) Huge thanks to all concerend to get it this far. Every single vote counts so please keep them coming in and lets see if we can make this a reality for all who want it.
  7. Bricktrix

    Caterham 7's project

    Thanks for the comments and support , its all very much appreciated and all helps too!
  8. Bricktrix

    Caterham 7's project

    Happy New Year to all I thought this may warrant a new thread for this project / update. Some may remember last year I posted these first version models up here: http://www.eurobrick...929&hl=caterham To cut a long story short I got overwhelmed with requests at shows of how "can I get one?", "put it on ideas", etc so after many months I finally did 4 weeks ago, with a view to making them completely "set friendly" and legitimate builds. So, I'm showing these new versions which are completely legit build wise now as ideas to throw into the mix for the project. I hope you like them and if you do, please help support the project by voting and or spreading the word. It is on its way to the half way stage after 4 weeks of being live and Caterham themselves are also "routing" for it to happen, so all good news so far R500 620R and R500 Both models feature a rolling chassis, positionable front steering, removable nose cone, bonnet / hood , tonneau cover and wheels to reveal more detail. The blue 620R version has a removable engine, whilst the white R500 has a working piston engine and linked steering. These are not the final versions, just more ideas to throw into "what could possibly be" and a variety of colour options are available. Links to full "break down" galleries: R500: 620R: Original models: Full Flickr stream: Twitter feed for project updates:
  9. Supported and good luck with it from a fellow trainhead. I notice you mentioned my name a few posts above, feel free to contact me if ever needed and I'll help out where-ever possible / if possible with time, etc. I tend to not put my own trains on Ideas as I always feel they are too "niche" a market, i.e. U.K, and they would have to be dumbed down to be legit which isnt a problem, I just dont get the time ;) I would be all over a collaborative venture if it were mustered up, IF I could find the time to dedicate to it, which would be a big IF at the moment. Good luck with the project James, you certainly deserved your first with LEGO, that put you in the history books, I see a good appeal to this idea :)
  10. Bricktrix

    Caterham Super 7's

    I'm afraid not, HOWEVER, these were submitted onto LEGO Ideas a few days ago, so if you would like to see them get a chance of being made as official sets then please support it:
  11. Bricktrix

    Lancia Delta S4 versus Audi 4S-S1

    2 of my favourite cars and you've captured them both pretty dam well
  12. Bricktrix

    2 x Phantom F4's

    Thank you all for the great comments, its appreciated :) These will be on display at the STEAM show in Swindon,U.K on Oct 4th and 5th, along with the F1 cars I did, Caterham 7 and of course my complete running train display. Yeah, the grey one got blogged by a few sites before I managed to get the camo version out there! I'm not totally sure what stickers your reffering to for how they are produced? Some are just scaled and printed onto labels and cut out by hand, some are PC cut vinyl decals (things like the logos and any lettering larger than 2.5mm high), using a sign making friend of mine, and the main STAMP stuff is sheets of sign making self adhesive vinyl, applied and cut by hand. Its a winner to me, as the stuff can be easily peeled off some 10 years later leaving the LEGO bricks unharmed. The down side is trying to obtain the vinyl in spot on colour matches to LEGO. For instance, the dark green I use is almost spot on to one of the 6 or so very slightly different shades of TLG dark green. The lighting in my photos tends to throw things off and make it more noticable, but "in the brick" to the naked eye its a good match. However, the green I use for TLG standard green is slightly off, which IS noticable to the naked eye. Its okay if you have a 90 degree transition from say the side of a plate to the top of a plate, you can get away with only covering the top side and you dont notice the difference in colours. But on a camo model like one of these, where I'm using vinyl for a more natural transition between 2 tiles stepped to each other, where one small corner of a different coloured tile would have to have the green vinyl, it was too noticable, so I had to cover all the standard green with the green vinyl. Not something I like to do, but in this case, I think it was worth doing. Its a shame I never got pics of it before the stickers went on, as even the blockiness of the standard build looked pretty kewl, but I was covering black bricks in coloured vinyl to save me ordering the green or dark green legit versions to try and keep the cost down a little with bricks I already had.....I still had to order a load of stuff though, even with being able to build it to 60% correct colours / parts,so this hasnt been cheap
  13. Bricktrix

    2 x Phantom F4's

    Away from the norm for me again, but finally completed both of these now. Links to both albums with more pics, hope you enjoy :)
  14. Bricktrix

    [MOC] Citroen DS

    Very, very nice
  15. Bricktrix

    Model Team scale 70's F1 cars

    If you click the links to the album for each car, you will see many pics of the break downs. This is an example with nose cone removed and top body pannel off: