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    a place without titles!
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    LEGO bet you didn't see that coming!<br />counting all my set's as of March 2010<br />I have 171 set's 31527 peices and 321 minifigs!<br />My favourite builder is Jordan schwartz!<br />My favourite english football team is liverpool FC!<br />I'm Irish!<br />I actually kinda like Jedward!


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  1. awesomebrick

    Twi'lek encounter.

    I can think of alot of very wrong MOC's that could be built with that fig... shudder awesomebrick
  2. awesomebrick

    LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

    You forgot CW padme, I can't wait to see how they pull off female human minifigs in CW style awesomebrick
  3. 1) I don't buy them as I can't afford them but I'm planning on getting my hands on a few modulars. 2) I usually try to collect the whole line but I often see other great sets and start collecting them instead. 3) The leaning tower of Pizza would make a beutiful set, I would surely buy it if it was released. 4) We need a LEGO store (CITY) for all those LEGO sets from the new yellow truck, another set I would not hesitate to buy. 5) We need some revamps of old ''Classic'' LEGO themes such as Adventures, western and a new ''SteamPunk'' theme would be great! Thank you for this opportunity for us to share our thoughts with you
  4. awesomebrick

    Those who stole the photos...

    I agree with Bojan Pavsic, I hate it when poeple steal images of MOCs and stuff but I don't see whats so wrong about taking pictures of a LEGO set that he doesn't even own so he can make a wishlist, Thats like accusing BrickSet of stealing images from S@H But of course thats just my opinion and I don't mean to start a flame war. awesomebrick
  5. awesomebrick

    2011 themes and sets?

    I say we'll probably get a LEGO store, Because of the LEGO truck and the container from the new cargo train! I will keep my fingures crossed awesomebrick
  6. OMG tose prizes are amazing! I migt onsider entering.... awesomebrik P.S. sorry about te bad spelling te H and C arent working in lower ase for some reason
  7. awesomebrick

    Summer sets in Ireland?

    thank you soooooo brickzone! I'm in Dublin (24) so I'll check out ark and hobby,smyths (Tallaght),Argos and Tesco as soon as possible! awesomebrick
  8. awesomebrick

    Summer sets in Ireland?

    Thanks Dluders! But I was wondering if there are any of the sets in shops? Thanks anyway. awesomebrick
  9. Hello EB! I was wondering if any of you know if the 2010 summer sets are available in Ireland? I know the collectable minifigs are available in argos and smyths but I was wondering about the proper sets if anyone has any information on the availability of these sets in Ireland please reply. Thanks awesomebrick
  10. awesomebrick

    How long are sets available in stores?

    I beleive different sets get different amounts of time on sale depending on how well the set is selling. If a set is selling well LEGO will keep produceing it,on the other hand if a set is not selling well LEGO will not sell it for long. awesomebrick
  11. awesomebrick

    Bumping List of Shame

    In my opinion instead of posting a new post when something goes off their list they should just edit the first post, that would makes much more sense since poeple will be able to see the new updates straight away instead of having to browse the whole thread! awesomebrick
  12. awesomebrick

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    May 12... Thanks for the welcomes guys! Being away from the site has just made me realise how much I love it awesomebrick
  13. awesomebrick

    LEGO Store WIP

    Once again very nice reminds me of a star destroyer in a building I forgot in my last comment that I love the unusual shape! Once this is finished and if your a millionaire and can afford tom build this in real life than you should definatly get frontpaged! Also may I ask how many storeys it will have? awesomebrick
  14. awesomebrick

    Eurovision Song Contest 2010

    I didn't really think us Irish had a chance... Anyway Lena did a great job and she deserved to win! The Turkish band maNga were also very good! awesomebrick
  15. awesomebrick

    LEGO Store WIP

    Looks great so far! I can't wait to see the finished product Are you planning on building it in real life? If not I suggest using LEGO universe mode if you don't already have it so you can get all the pieces in the right colour. Good luck! awesomebrick