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  1. do you reckon you could weigh them for the golden bricks? Im tempted to do that with mine, ive managed to pick up 10 of each set.
  2. squiz

    10182 Cafe corner

    Well if thats what you think then wait until you find a cafe corner at that price to buy. You wont find one because people are willing to pay lots more for them. Its a supply and demand thing, supply is greatly reduced now they are discontinued and people still want them. If people are crazy enough to pay double for a set that isnt round anymore then fair play to the sellers.
  3. squiz

    UK Sales

    Just tried to buy a load of stuff but it only applied the discount to the first lot of stuff in my basket. Doesnt seem to want to let me get a discount on everything!
  4. squiz

    UK Sales

    They werent in the Southampton centre WHSmiths when i checked yesterday unfortunately.
  5. squiz

    UK Sales

    Sounds good but TRU is pricey anyway, cant see much difference between 20% off there and amazon/play normal prices. Might get another endor though.
  6. squiz

    eBay and Lego's

    No one is forcing anyone to pay that though. He can charge what he likes.
  7. squiz

    More exclusive set info

    that v dub is amazing. Will definitely be getting one of those!!
  8. squiz

    UK Sales

    knew i hadn't drempt it up ! Enjoy ! http://www.brickset.com/news/article/?ID=1330
  9. squiz

    UK Sales

    is there free shipping this week at the official lego site? I remember hearing about it but cant find anything on it !
  10. squiz

    Category A and Category B winners

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that voted for my entry, i am overwhelmed by the number of people that liked it! Really enjoyed participating in this contest, there were loads of great entries!
  11. squiz

    REVIEW: 10182 Cafe Corner

    Sorry to drag this old thread up. I wanted to ask this a while ago but i couldnt bump it because of the minifig treasure hunt Im after one of these for myself. It looks great and i have already picked up the GG, FS and GE so would like a cafe corner to go alongside it. However the prices for this set on ebay and elsewhere are crazy. I was wondering if anyone has tried just ordering the parts off bricklink, and whether this would work out cheaper than just paying for the whole set?
  12. Great entries again, really enjoyed participating. My points go to: 1pt: 3) Spaceman & Pharaoh Entry (Build by Optimus) 1pt: 10) Robot & Jungle Explorer Entry (Build by Darkblane) 1pt: 20) Cheerleader & Surfer Entry (Build by mookage)
  13. Some great entries, i really enjoyed participating and looking at everyone else's entries. Could have given out alot of points but these are my 3 favourites: 1pt: 45) Surfer Entry (Build by Stegoceras) - Nice entry, i really liked the sandcastle and snot sea. 1 pt: 9) Skier Entry (Build by Rufus) Unusual shape and i liked the snot tracks under the powder! 1pt: 22) Vampire Entry (Build by lisqr)- lots fit in to the scene, the night sky is great!
  14. squiz

    "The Office" Cast

    Already commented on your figs but i think they are worth another! They are all spot on, im impressed with them. All instantly recognisable. Only nit pick is the stubble on Jim, he doesnt have stubble in the show. You should send this into the shows writers, i bet they would love it.
  15. squiz

    UK Sales

    Will there be discounted sets at the great western show ? Also i saw loads of series 1 minifigs in asda for £1.50 which is pretty cheap. Just in the toy bins too so you can root out the ones your missing.