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  1. (1)Stein

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think its a cool set! Since I'm a long time Nintendo fan and actually started with the NES it's something I'm sure I will get. But I think I might even mod it to see if I can put one of my NES or Famicom classic system inside the set and make it work... Since I use the Switch Classic NES wireless controller with my Classic NES mini this should make it a breeze!?
  2. (1)Stein

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Although i'm really happy that TLG has graced us with another great Locomotive, i'm a little sad that its not really a train.... The potential would have been there to make some european freight cars to match. But this is where Lego always falls short!? When I was growing up my favourite train was 7740 where it was also possible to buy several additional railcars to fit the set. As an adult I had High hopes when they released the Santa Fe Super Chief where if you bought two carriages you could have five add on cars! I will definitely purchase the Crok, but its not my favourite and hopefully we don't have to wait for another 7 years to get the next exclusive TRAIN!!!
  3. (1)Stein

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    Wow! That's one exceptional set... the colors used are amazing and the set is very well done! A little on the expensive side but still a set I will get! Nice one TLG!
  4. (1)Stein

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It will be a re-release of 10216 Winter Village Backery.... ? But I would finally want a candy store!
  5. "What a peace of junk!" But I will be adding it with light-speed too my collection...
  6. (1)Stein

    10259 Winter Village Station

    Really like the set! It is after all a train station for a village and not a city, so size wise it great as well! I'm glade to be able to add this too the two holiday trains I have and expand the village accordingly this will make it set #10 plus all the small stuff, I'm already working on a huge layout with will be set up in the attic...
  7. (1)Stein

    Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Thanks for the review! The set looks great and I really like the colours which where chosen... I just hope it sells well, so that Lego and the AFOL community votes on more of these types of buildings! All in all can't wait to add this to my collection.
  8. We can always have a train under the tree contest!
  9. Nice review, thank you! I will slap a 9V motor on mine since I still have about 20 MISB still in my inventory.
  10. (1)Stein

    10255 Assembly Square

    Being one of the lucky ones that started with the modular buildings right from the beginning, I'm really happy with this set and the way the whole series turned out. Sure they where always a little on the expensive side but for me they where always well worth it! The new set is again one were Jamie takes the modular's to the next level. and combines something from every past modular building. I just hope this isn't the end... although I am running out of room on my top shelf. 3 or 4 more will still fit. By the way, that's one rich babysitter with a brand new Café Corner under her arm. ?
  11. (1)Stein

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think "Assembly Square" will be a big construction site on a 64 by 64 base that will fit inside the modular building square when they are finished and placed like a big block...
  12. (1)Stein

    21306: The Beatles Yellow Submarine (LEGO Ideas)

    Looks great! will buy it November 1st. for sure. great colours and a great set! The Fab Four look good too.... although John could have had longer hair....
  13. (1)Stein

    2016 Lego trains

    My take on the matter... Just like with the release of Holiday Train 10173 exactly 10 years ago people hated it! They didn't like the colour and it didn't go with anything at the time. It also sold really slowly after the x-mas season even at half the price. Now that the set sells for +$600 a lot of people wanted a new and affordable train. So this is the correct answer from TLG and I must say I kind of like it. I will purchase a couple to complete the series and hope a new set will be released next year! But all in all, I'm quit happy with the 10254 Winter Holiday Train...