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  1. Retrocity

    Question on Pirate Sail from Enchanted Island

    Thanks for the confirmation! I'm determined to remember where I got it, but for now, I'll think of a good use for it.
  2. I found that I have two of the thin triangular black and white striped sail that came with Enchanted Island.{"iconly":0} Did this come in any other set at all? Per Bricklink, it doesn't look like it did, and I don't see any similar sail that is a different part number. This is from a childhood set and none of my friends/family had it, so it didn't come from someone else. Almost 100% positive I didn't get a second one from a mixed lot as my childhood (and newer complete sets) are stored separately at this time. They were in separate containers, so I haven't thought anything of it over the past few years. The only thing I could possibly think is that I requested a replacement one from LEGO in a letter I mailed for some parts as one has a ripped hole at the top (I'm also pretty sure that I did not; I'd have to find a computer with a floppy disk drive to find that letter that I wrote in elementary school haha). Any thoughts or did it clone itself after all those years lol.
  3. Retrocity

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Series 4 Finalists announced. 1. Merchant Boat 2. Wild West Train 3. Medieval Seaside Market 4. Siege Encampment 5. The Riverside Scholars Nice sets overall though none of the sets I really liked made the cut. I also got a lot more selective in my voting compared to the first/second round (tried to limit how many per theme/style I voted for). I’d consider the train or market depending on the final design and price. I had really liked the western train set that had the town with it as well.
  4. Retrocity

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Not sure about other parts, but it looks like a lot of animals that were on the list from November to be discontinued from PAB (and were still showing up as just out of stock) are now back in stock. Animals like the sheep, some of the baby animals, ect...
  5. Retrocity

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Big price drop on the cow? I want to say it was previously something like $9.52 and I'm seeing $6.86 now.
  6. Retrocity

    Which island type do you like the most?

    I like the Slopes Curved best followed by Slopes (PoBB) , but I have a soft spot for the Vintage/Classic looks as well.
  7. Retrocity

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    I recently started playing D&D in the past several years after some friends invited us to join their group, so this is cool to see. I actually am playing a green Dragonborn Paladin currently and use a Lego figure as my mini (uses the CMF Green dragon head and BAM green wizard torso/skirt as the main parts; have some upgrades to armor/weapons sitting in my PAB cart currently). Also built a dice tower, but have some parts waiting in my PAB cart to get everything aligned from a color perspective. It definitely sounds like there will be a lot of good parts included that should work for a lot of builds even if not interested in the license. I probably would've been interested in at least some regardless of if I actually played. As someone more recently exposed to D&D, but not having much prior knowledge, I was surprised to see there are LOTS of products being made tying into the theme, some being more upscale as well (liquor and candles were two that I read about recently). Add in all the customized items people buy for their game night (dice, minis, ect...) and the success that Baldur's Gate 3 has been having, I would think that Lego expects these should be very popular.
  8. After seeing the higher resolution pictures, I think the minifigure selection is great. Some great torso prints and those are a lot harder to come by compared to adding in some extra animals/trees. While I really would've liked a few more animals like the cow, I'm sure the price of the set would've went up accordingly. I do think the reduced amount of animals/minifigures makes the outdoor market portion look a little sparse compared to the original leaked photo. I might have to build another small merchant stand to add in along with any additional animals. I'm glad a snagged a few more sheep in the fall on PAB. I too, debated on getting the Mountain Fortress today, but ended up not getting it (the site being down at 11 and then having a dentist appointment and work to catch up on after made me think about it too much). I really liked the look and it was probably my favorite build out of all the BDP sets so far, maybe I'll end up parting it out down the road since most pieces should be easily available.
  9. The buildings look good, some differences from the leaked photo. It feels less busy, maybe because it looks like we lost a tree or two and there's some rearranged items. I'm ok with less animals than the leak, but they really cut them out. I figure the goat won't be that expensive on PAB eventually to get more, but really would've liked another cow or to at least gotten two goats in a set this size. Surely the budget could've given even one horse. Waiting to see the details inside and the torsos. What is on the crook's torso?? Probably just trying to visualize a Wolfpack logo from the blurry photo, but maybe?
  10. Retrocity

    [POLL] Eldorado Fortress Assessment

    I finally was able to build my copy today. I enjoyed most of the building process. There’s a lot of rock work building up the base, but I didn’t find it all that repetitive. It was an enjoyable build on a cold Saturday. I’ve slowly been acquiring some extra pieces for a long standing project to make a modernized Rock Island Refuge (my first pirate set). While I have already started on the base (currently on hold while getting more pieces), I did find some techniques from the Eldorado build helpful for visualizing since the base from the original set is the same one (though my build will likely be slightly bigger). I can see the criticism that a lot of the pieces for the set went to building the old baseplate and better allocation of parts could’ve allowed some additional changes/details to the fort. If you were to ask me my main dislikes before building, just from looking at photos, I think most stemmed from little things like potentially swapping out some white bricks for yellow or making the dock brown. I voted for the docks in the poll before building. Other critiques would be things like more detail though I like to add things to most sets. After building, I would say my main criticism would be the size of the governor’s office. When put together like the original Eldorado, I think simply moving the cannon elsewhere and enclosing the newly open space might do the trick (along with some additional details). When displayed in the more modular form, it would need heavier modification which would make switching between the two displays more difficult. I am happy that an updated ship from Imperial Trading Post was included. I don’t have that set (maybe one day) and I always liked the boat from it. I do wish we had gotten a merchant figure. I would definitely buy more sails if they ever go on PAB to make another small ship in similar style. I do like the modular design with the idea that someone can build additional sections and add on to the fort. I’ve noticed criticism when compared to sets like PoBB. For me, it’s hard to directly compare to sets like PoBB since it was an IDEAS set and based on a fan design rather than completely designed in house. While it can turn into a modern BSB, the island version is a completely original design rather than a modernization/remake of an old Pirate base. That said, both are still official sets from the same theme. I think with likely different in house designers (And PoBB having a fan designer) and different goals leads to different styles. One thing I miss not being reused is the palm trees from PoBB. I’m fine with the ones used, but I enjoy the look of the newer ones a lot. One other thought, where’s the shark? Just feels wrong to not get a shark in a large pirate set. Overall, I was happy with the build and am happy to have the set. I always wanted the original Eldorado Fortress as a kid, but it was out of production before I could really have a chance to get it. I haven't put it next to PoBB yet to see it side by side for additional thoughts. I do have the LKC to eventually build as well, so maybe I’ll have some other thoughts after building that.
  11. Scanned the box DataMatrix codes using an app with 100% success rate today. The info was linked on another post here but came from the Lego Reddit (which has all the unique codes listed). I seemed to have some trouble scanning the smaller codes, but I wasn’t too concerned about getting any of those today and focused on finding a Batlord, Goat Herder, and Barbarian.
  12. Both models are great, but I really like the second build making it an inn. I ended up with two copies of the Workshop, and I may just have to make that inn with one of them (I am thinking of first making a larger set combining both to see what I can come up with).
  13. Retrocity

    2023 Majisto GWP

    The interior details of that MOC are what I was hoping we would get a little of in the remake. I wouldn't have expected it all, but even a table and some vials to give Majisto some equipment. It would have been easy to throw in a few current parts and not greatly add to the piece count or the perceived value of the set. I think that would have slightly made up for the lack of a shield and proper helmet. I get that they kept the build close to the original with slight updates, but additional detail would have been nice. Regardless, it's all customizable, I'll probably add some details over time. When I got sets as a kid in the 90s, I always wanted to add additional things to the builds. The big difference was that it wasn't easy to get extra parts back then. I actually wrote a letter to LEGO with a list of parts I wanted one time as part of a school project. The bulk of the letter was me suggesting new themes and asking other questions lol. I couldn't imagine if there was access to PAB, Bricklink, eBay, ect... then. Anyway, a while back I had seen green and gold colored dragon plumes and had been putting off ordering some. I added some blue ones as well and hopefully they will come about the same time as the set.
  14. There is a Merlok figure from a Nexo Knights book that has a resemblance to Majisto as well. I didn't know this figure existed and randomly found the book with it last year in a buyout store and scooped it up for like $5.
  15. Retrocity

    2023 Majisto GWP

    I was hoping for a shield, that’s the disappointment for me. I understand the disappointment with Majisto receiving an unprinted torso and legs again. At the least, there are alternatives like the BAM parts that shouldn’t be expensive to obtain if it is a big deal. I guess to me, if the choice was a new printed torso for Majisto or a new printed Dragon knight torso for the knight(s), I’m picking the Dragon torso (saying this before we actually see what it looks like). I look at it from the perspective that the beard will cover a fair amount of the torso anyway. I hope the helmet is in black, I’ll probably swap it out for one if it isn’t. I did that for the Castle in the Forest Black Falcons that had the silver helmets. I’ll wait for the official unveil for any other thoughts, I still plan to pick it up with Eldorado Fortress.