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  1. I am wanting to add power functions to several 6-wide engine designs I have put together. However, with the battery box and the receiver unit being 4 wide, most of the diesel engine designs i have found, do not have the room to modify to add them. Unlike most of the modern European engines, there is not enough room. Can anyone offer any help?
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    Trying to build more

    That piece comes with the new passenger train set.
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    Train Couplers

    I was thinking along the lines of somehow attaching the couplers from an O-Gauge train to Lego Trains to replace the magnets. Then using something along the line of the O-gauge decouplers. However I am thinking maybe a mechanical one down in the track. Hmmmmmm. . . . . .
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    Train Couplers

    I was thinking along the lines of non-lego model railroads where the couplers can be uncoupled using a special uncoupling track section for switching cars. Any ideas? With the magnets you have to uncouple the train cars by hand.
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    Train Couplers

    Has anyone tried using comething other than the magnets for the train couplers? Say something along the lines of O-Gauge couplers? That way you can set up to uncouple the cars without touching them?
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    Putting Power Functions into Lego Trains

    OK that helps. Do these come with instructions on how to use them? And for the IR receiver what part or section does the receiving of the signal?
  7. Alright, having finally found this site and done some looking, I have some questions. 1) Just how do you go about using the power function motors M and XL in the trains? 2) What gears are needed? 3) How do you put in the IR receiver for power functions not the mindstorm one? What part is the actual receiver on the IR receiver unit? 4) Any other good tips? I have looked but not found any clear answers to these questions. None of the websites I have seen give me any clear pictures or diagrams.